Luffy And Zoro Vs Kaido Pirates (Gifters) - One Piece Ep 900


  1. Boomer Buster

    Boomer Buster20 日 前

    even Luffy and Zoro can not beat BATMAN!! wooooowwww

  2. Eric Hansen

    Eric Hansen21 日 前

    This was like a panel in the manga, they really like stretching things out

  3. Makenna Vida

    Makenna Vida21 日 前

    Is this real? What happend to the animation!!!? It looks cartoonish unlike before!!? Why? Can anybody tell me what happend to one piece??

  4. Free fire AB_สุดหล่อ*

    Free fire AB_สุดหล่อ*21 日 前

  5. ゆっちぐうぞう

    ゆっちぐうぞう22 日 前

    ここ最近アニメがじっくり見せるスタイルになるのと反比例してジャンプ連載は1話にメッチャギッシリ詰まってる。 この演出ならジャンプの1話でアニメの1ヶ月持ちそう。

  6. Minami Nanami

    Minami Nanami22 日 前


  7. dmuzikkkx x

    dmuzikkkx x22 日 前

    I can’t wait till zoro fights that samurai that’s with the orochi will be a good one.

  8. Setha David

    Setha David23 日 前

    Wow Just a weak Soilder Luffy wasted time

  9. konami komando

    konami komando24 日 前

    sabo is dead/captured , bigmom and kaido is now alliance again shichibukai has been abolished. xdrake talking with coby is a secret marine all this time named "sword"

  10. konami komando

    konami komando18 日 前

    @S 171 bounties 4b shanks 4.3b bigmom 4.6b kaido 5b whitebeard 5.5b gol d roger

  11. konami komando

    konami komando23 日 前

    Zoro will return shusui and get new sword called enma the only thing can cut kaido

  12. konami komando

    konami komando23 日 前

    @S 171 Kaido is a dragon, will one shot g4 Luffy, will capture Luffy

  13. S 171

    S 17124 日 前

    Karma will get to you

  14. Yoh

    Yoh26 日 前


  15. Glom Kcorn

    Glom Kcorn27 日 前

    Луффи тут хоть серьезно выглядит. А то как всегда выглядит дурак-дураком

  16. Blockhain Investor

    Blockhain Investor27 日 前

    How the hell sonar can controlling those arrow

  17. ジ・エンドアユニ

    ジ・エンドアユニ27 日 前


  18. sparky 357

    sparky 35727 日 前

    Shooting arrows at them is like throwing them in a hurricane, they can barely feel it.

  19. Eric Huang

    Eric Huang27 日 前

    ask for last bgm thx

  20. Rubén Campa

    Rubén Campa28 日 前

    i love the animation and all but they've been using the same fucking sound effects for 20 fucking years? XDD

  21. tR

    tR28 日 前


  22. ¡ CELINA ¡

    ¡ CELINA ¡28 日 前

    저 눈은 그냥 안떠지는건가..

  23. pjecki

    pjecki29 日 前

    whats the music at the end called?

  24. sean lim

    sean lim29 日 前

    Can't wait for zoro to unstitch his eye

  25. The Monotheist

    The Monotheist29 日 前

    This Bat-Man guy is really something heh? Interesting guy. Kaidou should rank him high.

  26. Mightyknife

    Mightyknife29 日 前

    Name of outro please.


    REDOUANE29 日 前

    The animation is weird

  28. Mephil

    Mephilヶ月 前

    Animation quality for this season is off the charts

  29. 山田ジェイソン

    山田ジェイソンヶ月 前


  30. andrea Beretta

    andrea Berettaヶ月 前

    Song outro?



    oh, great video man!!!

  32. Don Solo

    Don Soloヶ月 前

    Zoro vs batman. Easiest clickbait ever

  33. Don Solo

    Don Soloヶ月 前

    WANO LOOKS AMAZINGGGGG. They might not fuck this up

  34. I am ur FATHER

    I am ur FATHERヶ月 前

    Zoro uses his left eye @0:50

  35. Wade Fuller

    Wade Fullerヶ月 前

    Watch that again...

  36. Elf. Claritas

    Elf. Claritasヶ月 前

    Man imagine Luffy vs Katakuri or Zoro vs Pica with this animation type

  37. AllMight

    AllMightヶ月 前

    Lol main character vs dumb enemy also got million views, LOL WTF?!

  38. zjn890

    zjn890ヶ月 前

    @AllMight animation was good, that's why

  39. AllMight

    AllMightヶ月 前

    Really guys wtf u guys?

  40. Diotato Brandomato

    Diotato Brandomatoヶ月 前

    1:08 that's some movie tier animation for armament there o.o

  41. The ELiteGL

    The ELiteGLヶ月 前

    Guys check best amv

  42. sanansoldier

    sanansoldierヶ月 前

    Soundtrack in the end?

  43. Adams Esquillo

    Adams Esquilloヶ月 前

    they didn't aim for the man who's throwing that arrow? sorry man I still haven't watch any of whole cake or wano arc

  44. Chelsea Ibe

    Chelsea Ibeヶ月 前

    The future pirate king and the world's greatest swordsman. What a combination 😍❤

  45. Eisoptrophobia

    Eisoptrophobiaヶ月 前

    anime looks like shit

  46. zjn890

    zjn890ヶ月 前


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    Universal Animesヶ月 前

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  48. Alldy

    Alldyヶ月 前

    This is gotta be the first time I watch Luffy fight against enemy who's much weaker than him

  49. Kaito Shura

    Kaito Shuraヶ月 前

    seeing Luffy with a sword is so oddly satisfying even though he doesn't unsheathe it

  50. Lekok

    Lekokヶ月 前

    Wow aside from the animation improvement, haki seems to have been improved as well

  51. もんちん

    もんちんヶ月 前


  52. floberlol

    floberlolヶ月 前

    It's time to drop the manga.

  53. Jokkun 0731

    Jokkun 0731ヶ月 前


  54. Jibzy Luigi

    Jibzy Luigiヶ月 前

    Since when Haki becomes metal arm?

  55. Jibzy Luigi

    Jibzy Luigiヶ月 前

    Geez, Luffy can't seem to take a break

  56. A A

    A Aヶ月 前

    1m in 1 week That is 1 piece

  57. ƘƲƦƬ

    ƘƲƦƬヶ月 前

    Imagine when the views for when Sanji uses his raid suit for the first time.

  58. Rahul Haikal

    Rahul Haikalヶ月 前

    video ini kena copyright ya admin??

  59. ヨウマイナス

    ヨウマイナスヶ月 前


  60. Mohammad Al-Kazak

    Mohammad Al-Kazakヶ月 前

    I wish they stop naming attacks in animes like this, it feels so epic like real fight, less screaming and shouting stupid names more action and epicness

  61. Lady Idoun

    Lady Idounヶ月 前

    Waiting for the episode where kaido one shots luffy lol

  62. Gemini Flame King

    Gemini Flame Kingヶ月 前

    its gonna be so epic hey btw, im a beginner at making manga, do u wanna check out my new manga on my channel?

  63. I Dubreezus I

    I Dubreezus Iヶ月 前

    So let me get this straight Luffy's a damn Samurai now shit he should've started like that lmao! GUMO GUMO SLASH

  64. R

    Rヶ月 前

    1:48 上比下貧

  65. サクラユイ

    サクラユイヶ月 前


  66. キタロー

    キタローヶ月 前


  67. Aland Faraidun

    Aland Faraidunヶ月 前

    Zoro has the color of the observayion haki too

  68. キングラマちゃんねる

    キングラマちゃんねるヶ月 前


  69. Apoptosis Duellinks

    Apoptosis Duellinksヶ月 前

    i am not caught up with the anime/anime because i am saving up episodes. (i have read until end of reverie) ok, this video title doesn't contain any big spoilers. please do be careful with putting in major spoilers in your video titles. i am trying to avoid spoilers by covering up the thumbnails of recommended videos with my hand and clicking them away but i can't protect myself if even the titles have spoilers pleaase allow one piece fans who are not caught up to enjoy One Piece without big spoilers by being considerate with your video titles you can do that by being more vague in your video descriptions: like: our main protagonist clash with the villains forces' or 'battle heavy and intense episode' or 'i loved the animation of this battle heavey episode!' or just 'reaction to One Piece episode x'

  70. Cezr Zepeda

    Cezr Zepedaヶ月 前

    Outro music?

  71. royalrod _

    royalrod _ヶ月 前

    Feels like a breath of fresh air seeing Luffy & his first mate Zoro teaming up like old times.. It's amazing to witness how much they've endured & experienced throughout their wild, crazy adventure so far.. Only to end up drippin PURE badassery! Very much ejoyable I got to admit