LUCKY MM2 (Roblox)


  1. juliana swearingen

    juliana swearingen7 時間 前

    Sweardeshell6 That is my username!!!

  2. Nasaermxs Ingson

    Nasaermxs Ingson8 時間 前


  3. Topgamer Awesome

    Topgamer Awesome9 時間 前

    my username is Eli4yrs

  4. Toby Emerson

    Toby Emerson14 時間 前

    I want to be friend in roblox I have none please friend me my name is ryesanta

  5. Pengu Plays

    Pengu Plays日 前

    My roblox user is pengububba

  6. Pengu Plays

    Pengu Plays日 前

    Can u pls friend me

  7. Hector Cabre

    Hector Cabre日 前

    Username: robloxfurryboy123 (copy exactly this)

  8. Hector Cabre

    Hector Cabre日 前

    RU REC?

  9. SnazzyCat

    SnazzyCat日 前

    “I’m sitting here walking around like a popsicle, bro!” - Ant 2019

  10. Rhonda Peva

    Rhonda Peva日 前

    Is wolf cat dog with a little s on the end

  11. Princess Davis

    Princess Davis2 日 前

    Lovep196 because I want to join you in have fun with you

  12. Jaiden Flores

    Jaiden Flores2 日 前

    Jaidenpoop21 is mine name

  13. mandy hoitt

    mandy hoitt2 日 前

    My username is thetitanic2010xx. And the reason is you are my favorite youtuber

  14. Tommy Co

    Tommy Co2 日 前

    Ant I would like to be in a video with you plz add me as a friend in roblox and as I am about to say my Name in roblox I would like you all to subscribed to ant and anyways my name in roblox is Urbies

  15. Matt Peters

    Matt Peters3 日 前

    My user name is Johnnyplayz_roblox3 I want you on my friends list because idk

  16. Hiba Hachem

    Hiba Hachem3 日 前


  17. Luisa Salas

    Luisa Salas3 日 前

    Purple17rainbow cuz I'm your BIGGEST FAN♡

  18. Nick Atkinson

    Nick Atkinson3 日 前


  19. Rhonda Brioux

    Rhonda Brioux3 日 前


  20. Jessica Lainson

    Jessica Lainson3 日 前

    Pick me please

  21. CR7footballer CR

    CR7footballer CR3 日 前

    superheroboy12340 because i love you vides

  22. Ace Tumamao

    Ace Tumamao4 日 前

    Hello my name is 1702wolfie and im young and i already buy your murch and i use it when its friday

  23. Ari :3

    Ari :35 日 前

    Add me ant i never get a reqest

  24. Ari :3

    Ari :35 日 前

    Bobbythecuf is my ocount

  25. olive capuno

    olive capuno5 日 前

    brother_zlox123453 because i am your biggest fan and i love your vids

  26. Mariela Morales

    Mariela Morales5 日 前

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ant!

  27. Wade Thompson

    Wade Thompson5 日 前


  28. Wade Thompson

    Wade Thompson5 日 前


  29. gust Nevaeh haveing fun

    gust Nevaeh haveing fun6 日 前

    Add me pls am raindropomg and I have a JPreporter channel and I what u to be in it I gust got it :D

  30. Frank Choinsky

    Frank Choinsky7 日 前

    Mu user name is fchoinsky 122 I should be picked because I want to be in your videos and I'm your biggest fan I like all your videos I subscribed please add me

  31. Antonio Oliva

    Antonio Oliva7 日 前

    Thelittlesavagewitch"because ur the best u tuber and i star code u ANT ADD ME

  32. Amina Fideli

    Amina Fideli7 日 前

    minamolovesdogs u are amazing and I want to play with you

  33. Angel Antonio

    Angel Antonio8 日 前

    Robloxesteban 0815

  34. Jerrie Williams

    Jerrie Williams8 日 前




    Adriantylerbasalo19 roblox accauont

  36. Rylan Sim

    Rylan Sim9 日 前

    My username is mynameisraindeer I want to be ur friend I luv u video

  37. Christal Owens

    Christal Owens10 日 前

    My name is niemiah23

  38. Fuzhou Lin

    Fuzhou Lin12 日 前

    Sophielin084 because I immediately love this channel when I watch a video of yours so I think u should hit 10 million subscribers!

  39. Cassidy Costigan

    Cassidy Costigan14 日 前

    I want a FRIEND and the reason I want u as a friend is all of my friends be mean to me :(

  40. soo chung kian

    soo chung kian14 日 前

    My user name is Cookiejam54ii

  41. soo chung kian

    soo chung kian14 日 前


  42. JR Mondoñedo

    JR Mondoñedo14 日 前

    samanthamaxene cause I'm a huge fan

  43. Strawb3rii_M00nlight

    Strawb3rii_M00nlight16 日 前

    I want to 1v1 you username:Crystal_QUEEN1361

  44. KiKi

    KiKi16 日 前

    Me user name is Snuppeluppa11 pleas be Friends i love you chanal you are best

  45. Patel Priti

    Patel Priti17 日 前


  46. thien nguyen

    thien nguyen17 日 前

    Ant friend me my username is sirobby777

  47. Kevin Soto

    Kevin Soto17 日 前

    My username is Queenmia4577

  48. Holly Shrum

    Holly Shrum18 日 前

    Username:Jbsggggggggggggggg I will not be a annoying friend I subbed and liked

  49. Mako Rocket Show

    Mako Rocket Show18 日 前


  50. Reda Nekari

    Reda Nekari20 日 前


  51. Karen Wang

    Karen Wang20 日 前

    cuteninjak I want to 1v1 in mm2

  52. Isse Osman

    Isse Osman21 日 前

    My username is Isseiscool62

  53. Christopher Blanchard

    Christopher Blanchard21 日 前


  54. Christopher Blanchard

    Christopher Blanchard21 日 前


  55. C i n n a m o n S w i r l s.

    C i n n a m o n S w i r l s.22 日 前


  56. Nathan King

    Nathan King22 日 前

    I want your videos and ant do you want my roblox name is vikings-fan66

  57. Master Ninja

    Master Ninja22 日 前

    My user name is lild22savagebob so can u plz add me because im ur biggest FAN SRSLY

  58. kathmd08

    kathmd0823 日 前

    Ur the best yet ever plz friend me

  59. Jack Ashley

    Jack Ashley24 日 前

    lololololololo00002Great video by the way

  60. LeahAshesannafannn Yt

    LeahAshesannafannn Yt25 日 前

    Ant: BROOOO