LUCKY MM2 (Roblox)


  1. Cassandra Folmer

    Cassandra Folmer5 時間 前

    I love you'er videos ant plzzzzz do more btw I subed

  2. Carl Hickling

    Carl Hickling日 前

    Bearofboys and it’s because you are the best

  3. Luka Mitrović

    Luka Mitrović日 前


  4. AxelDark18 002

    AxelDark18 0022 日 前


  5. AxelDark18 002

    AxelDark18 0022 日 前


  6. AxelDark18 002

    AxelDark18 0022 日 前


  7. AxelDark18 002

    AxelDark18 0022 日 前


  8. Katie Truong

    Katie Truong2 日 前

    Katiekam6 b could I didn’t b in your Videos

  9. Shayne Briggs

    Shayne Briggs2 日 前


  10. Basic Nicole

    Basic Nicole3 日 前

    How do you get godly guns and kniffs

  11. Basic Nicole

    Basic Nicole3 日 前

    Nice t-shirt

  12. joanne donnelly

    joanne donnelly4 日 前


  13. Hetal Jadav

    Hetal Jadav4 日 前

    gokurudra my roblox user name

  14. Joseph Zhang

    Joseph Zhang5 日 前

    Azure_Darknessxxxxxx is my user and i realy wanted to be added beause ive never met u in game and another thing is i am bullied every day at school and it would help to see sombody that is nice sombody this i can look up to. Please Ant i have suscribed and wish i didn't waste all my robux and random stuff i would buy ur new merch the black wun if i could get more robux but the second i do i will get it. :(

  15. keta_gaming keta_gaming

    keta_gaming keta_gaming5 日 前

    2k robux

  16. keta_gaming keta_gaming

    keta_gaming keta_gaming5 日 前

    1. keta_nerj 2.keta_gaming

  17. Feedesk /_\

    Feedesk /_\6 日 前

    I have 3% luck

  18. Marcey Strickland

    Marcey Strickland8 日 前

    Harald_george133 I want to be Friended cuz I subed and liked all our vids

  19. Henry Lopez

    Henry Lopez8 日 前


  20. victor riestra

    victor riestra8 日 前

    UWFan2 . I want to be your friend because you are awesome

  21. junior Caba

    junior Caba8 日 前

    It's because I want to 1 vs 1 you are awsome

  22. giovanni flores

    giovanni flores8 日 前

    Cats_FURLifeROBLOX dat my username and I always get sheriff every first round which is cool.

  23. Debbie Barrow

    Debbie Barrow8 日 前


  24. Diane Montgomery

    Diane Montgomery8 日 前

    cookiepaigem2012 I want to cause I don't ever get to play with a youtuber

  25. Kevin Pizano

    Kevin Pizano8 日 前

    Hi ant cool vide 😍i kevin pizanotorre😘 that my roblox name friend my sister kimberly her roblox name patito1d🍨🍭

  26. Joey Andersson

    Joey Andersson9 日 前


  27. Tiffany ohl

    Tiffany ohl9 日 前

    Watermelon_836 I think you should add me because I have been watching your vids since day one and I’m really nice also I ❤️ you your the best

  28. Luis Soto

    Luis Soto9 日 前

    My Roblox speedy198925

  29. Jarqueryis Jenkins

    Jarqueryis Jenkins9 日 前


  30. Jarqueryis Jenkins

    Jarqueryis Jenkins9 日 前

    People don't want to trade me

  31. Jarqueryis Jenkins

    Jarqueryis Jenkins9 日 前

    And I don't have a knife

  32. Jarqueryis Jenkins

    Jarqueryis Jenkins9 日 前

    Because I love all of you vids

  33. MacKenzie Leonard

    MacKenzie Leonard10 日 前

    more jai

  34. Remote The Band

    Remote The Band10 日 前

    Asome I mean

  35. Remote The Band

    Remote The Band10 日 前

    Bucketllamer I want to be it because you are alone

  36. Xx_Lilyline_xX It’s funnehfan

    Xx_Lilyline_xX It’s funnehfan10 日 前

    I did to

  37. Midnight Puppy

    Midnight Puppy11 日 前

    Oof unexpected new intro

  38. zahir videos

    zahir videos11 日 前

    My user is 537514zahi I think because it will make me the happiest kid in the world because I've never seen a youtubers playing and never had a youtubers as friends

  39. Jesper LIAUW

    Jesper LIAUW11 日 前

    Pls friend me Ant

  40. Tomu lol

    Tomu lol12 日 前

    Wilmapro2009 for u are the best i am love u more than my mom

  41. Presley and Olivia TV 4

    Presley and Olivia TV 412 日 前

    Frist why

  42. Laura Restrepo

    Laura Restrepo12 日 前

    Ena hu109 is my username

  43. Janece Hamilton

    Janece Hamilton13 日 前

    My nane is LazyFun08 upper case the L and F

  44. Mia A

    Mia A13 日 前

    Minttta11 is my username I want to be on your friends list because I’ve always wanted to be you friend since I first subscribed .

  45. Daniel Lindsay

    Daniel Lindsay13 日 前

    Ben119910 that is my name

  46. Desiree Herrera

    Desiree Herrera14 日 前

    MJBaker05 is my user name and I’m even deleting friends for u and other youtubers


    LUKEHERALDO 09814 日 前

    Ant i luv ur vids ur so cool 😎😎

  48. everday superNOVA

    everday superNOVA15 日 前

    Sdoperdopn0va and i never can i get in ur games cauesam 7

  49. Super_joolz and The gang

    Super_joolz and The gang15 日 前

    User name: super_joolz I subed I liked and turned on the notification 🔔

  50. Sheri Harris

    Sheri Harris15 日 前


  51. Pedro Ramirez

    Pedro Ramirez15 日 前

    ninjajr123470 I what u to be my friend so I whot be bullyed

  52. Amel Avdic

    Amel Avdic16 日 前

    My nami is Roblox is Amel2012

  53. Derrick Walker

    Derrick Walker16 日 前

    Can I be your friend because I never had to be friends with a JPreporterr 😎😃😄🐵🍉🎆🎹

  54. Valerie Briones

    Valerie Briones16 日 前

    And i subcribed and out notafications bell and i liked

  55. Valerie Briones

    Valerie Briones16 日 前

    I really really love ur vids and i love u too as the BEST JPreporterR IN THE WORLD:) and i know it says Valerie but im her son:username:JacobTheFoxAwsome_mi

  56. Jayla Scott

    Jayla Scott16 日 前


  57. Jayla Scott

    Jayla Scott16 日 前


  58. Oralia Saucedo

    Oralia Saucedo16 日 前

    Want wat no fair I wish I was one

  59. izmeh cOokiE :3

    izmeh cOokiE :316 日 前

    I kept being sheriff XD

  60. M Gamer

    M Gamer16 日 前

    My name is mollybaseytrabbit and I wanna friend u cuz I love ur vids and I’m subbed and I really wanna be ur friend and I need robux

  61. Assasin FAN

    Assasin FAN17 日 前

    If anybody replies to this comment and subs I give u a ant merch just sub I know it’s a scam

  62. Anna Pleskacz

    Anna Pleskacz20 日 前

    jakub05_05 I want to be added because I'm a big fan

  63. Maxis Plays Roblox

    Maxis Plays Roblox21 日 前

    Hi. The usernames Labinscho. JPreporterr too.