Looters strike luxury shops around NYC before curfew sets in


  1. Zorro 123

    Zorro 1235 時間 前

    Looting? This is straight up theft, under the BS veil of protesting against whatever. This isn’t standing up for a cause, for George Floyd, this is criminal activity and total crap

  2. Saibal Ghosh

    Saibal Ghosh14 時間 前

    only time people require to wear mask when you attend trump rally. but for looting or shooting you dont need to wear mask.

  3. 大日本ばんざい

    大日本ばんざい日 前

    Uga Uga Uga Uga Uga Uga Uga Uga Uga Uga Uga Uga~

  4. Тимофей

    Тимофей3 日 前

    Fellas, ratchets and BT-1000s = the usual suspects.

  5. MrYfz45005

    MrYfz450054 日 前


  6. 9Frankenstein *

    9Frankenstein *4 日 前

    Its like watching Tom Clancy's The Division but in real life

  7. Tony Nguyen

    Tony Nguyen4 日 前


  8. tp

    tp5 日 前


  9. Peacock Moonlight

    Peacock Moonlight5 日 前

    Once again, lazy loudmouth Cuomo wants to yap about everything except doing his own job.

  10. Mike Marsh

    Mike Marsh5 日 前

    Imagine what it’s gonna be like if they defund the police.

  11. Japanese Samurai

    Japanese Samurai6 日 前

    Poor people. They are like children. Always complain about life and do nothing. Do not spread the protest to another country. I’m exhausted.

  12. jordan g

    jordan g6 日 前

    fake love

  13. Guy Ko

    Guy Ko6 日 前

    Those were "PEACEFUL" looters and arsonists

  14. jeff s

    jeff s7 日 前

    Give reparations for a 1 way ticket back to their motherland-no matter what this country does to work with these people, it won't matter-deportations and 1 way ticket so they can live with their own people far away from white people which is what they want so let's help them get out of America then we and they will be happier ...Racist no, realist yes...

  15. Daniel Monaghan

    Daniel Monaghan7 日 前

    cop shot awesome song @ @t

  16. Jim Wahl

    Jim Wahl8 日 前

    CNN reports that these are right wing white nationalist

  17. artur levin

    artur levin8 日 前

    Ша дичь

  18. Greg Weir

    Greg Weir9 日 前

    The problem in NY is De Blasio (who doesn't support the NYPD), other clowns like AOC, and lawless, morally-bankrupt, opportunistic LOOTERS.

  19. Mkhululi Mxolisi

    Mkhululi Mxolisi9 日 前

    LA 92

  20. ɴᴏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ

    ɴᴏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ9 日 前

    No wonder it’s called BLACK Friday

  21. Пел Рап

    Пел Рап10 日 前

    Ah yes, BREAKING news

  22. George T.

    George T.10 日 前


  23. Arnold Zamudio

    Arnold Zamudio10 日 前

    What do you mean 50 Cent song window shopping

  24. Mr E

    Mr E10 日 前

    BL DON'T M.

  25. Brian Healey

    Brian Healey11 日 前

    This is why billionaires are funding planned parenthood and other abortion clinics. All over the world. I used to resent them for it, but now I'm starting to agree with it.

  26. Kinnish

    Kinnish11 日 前

    I think I just became a republican

  27. Brian Healey

    Brian Healey11 日 前

    Welcome to the bright side. The democrats think this will help them for some reason.

  28. Gordon Thomas BAILEY

    Gordon Thomas BAILEY11 日 前

    Amazing raised in welfare dollars Housed on welfare dollars Schooled on taxpayer dollars All for what? A Government that rewards the insanity of rewarding more money to single mothers and welfare families more money for breeding what they expect others to be feeding until they old enough to be stealing.

  29. UwULuvMeWaifu00

    UwULuvMeWaifu0012 日 前

    Lol just wait till trump press the purge button but the police go TDM

  30. Ja MeS

    Ja MeS12 日 前

    They should be looting and trashing business that use automated machines instead of humans

  31. Bobby B

    Bobby B12 日 前

    These Idiots thought they wouldn't get Charged or Caught LOL..Dummies 500 Are online right now Wanted for Rewards.. FBI and Local Police List

  32. SKYRULE-49

    SKYRULE-4912 日 前

    Moral of the story is, Own a Bookstore.

  33. Brian Healey

    Brian Healey11 日 前

    Good idea. Everyone says they're chanting "I cant breathe". But really I think there chanting "I cant read".

  34. Ivringgg

    Ivringgg12 日 前

    I got an idea, get ESU, Homeland National Secruity and NY National Guard all in juggernauts. And then the problem would be solved.

  35. HmbV15

    HmbV1513 日 前

    At this point, I don't even care about watching the protesters anymore.. NOTHING GOING TO CHANGE..now I'm here to watch the looters

  36. Bluebird44

    Bluebird4413 日 前

    Mass lawsuits against BLM. BLM has hundreds of millions of dollars after causing billions in damages.

  37. Don Tang

    Don Tang13 日 前

    No gooders at his finest.

  38. poptillidrop

    poptillidrop13 日 前

    BLM Blacks Looting Manhattan now I understand!!!

  39. scarmander n

    scarmander n13 日 前

    Black Friday to a new level

  40. Friend Enthusiasm

    Friend Enthusiasm14 日 前

    could you imagine being a cop and risking your life to defend..... LULULEMON leggings???

  41. Alan Kuo

    Alan Kuo15 日 前

    This is the perfect time that military troops are to be deployed and get the situation undercontrolled. This ain't about black lives matter anymore, it's self destruction

  42. Zombee King

    Zombee King15 日 前

    Sometimes violence meets violence...

  43. tabby A

    tabby A15 日 前

    nothing but sick freeks

  44. Voltrono

    Voltrono15 日 前

    this is why blacks don't want police stations?!?!!!?


    THE LEGEND15 日 前

    Tbh This isn’t for George Floyd anymore, it’s an excuse to act this way🤦🏽‍♂️

  46. Δημήτρης Λυγίρης

    Δημήτρης Λυγίρης16 日 前

    hahaha this is so american!

  47. Happy푸름이

    Happy푸름이16 日 前


  48. eli luke

    eli luke16 日 前

    Looters are just criminals who try to justify their crimes by saying it’s for George Floyd as if it makes it better.

  49. cindy rogers

    cindy rogers16 日 前

    This what people want , a black Friday across America. 😄

  50. DemZ

    DemZ16 日 前

    That seems fun i wanna join

  51. Starry - P

    Starry - P17 日 前

    Can we throw these people out of America?

  52. Thodoris Natsios

    Thodoris Natsios17 日 前

    burn Usa

  53. Lexy Mayo

    Lexy Mayo17 日 前

    Russia and China are laughing at this country, what a joke.

  54. makeaday13

    makeaday1317 日 前

    These are some tough times 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏

  55. trial

    trial17 日 前

    Looks like a scene out of Africa.

  56. Scott1Lori2

    Scott1Lori218 日 前

    Everytime a black man won't just behave these cities will be trashed. Every election year a republican is in office anyway. Useful sheep for the Leftist.

  57. The Random King

    The Random King18 日 前

    Use promo code "GEORGE FLOYD" for 100% off on everything.

  58. vh2

    vh218 日 前

    There are good people of all colors and then there are the evil, soulless ones that are just not worth the space they take up.

  59. Lil smackaroo

    Lil smackaroo18 日 前

    You know whats ironic, that the local family businesses probably attended the protests whilst the looters mainly either came to riot once and then just loot everything,. im not against it but something without a plan is something thats not supposed to happen in the first place. youre supposed to loot government owned businesses and companies, honestly AT LEAST one of them. but guess what not even one single person did that. idk im not american buti guess its an american thing

  60. SchmidtE

    SchmidtE18 日 前

    The looters look like EP Christy's Ethiopian Serenaders

  61. Mr Jason

    Mr Jason19 日 前

    Black Loots Matter

  62. Alain Portant

    Alain Portant19 日 前

    Floyd was a disgusting human being, I'm so glad he's dead. Now we have to terminate the others.

  63. Alain Portant

    Alain Portant15 日 前

    @Thodoris Natsios Just look at his rap sheet, it's available on the internet, but I can't find it. He was the worse of the worse. And we probably don't even know the half of it.

  64. Thodoris Natsios

    Thodoris Natsios17 日 前

    Why do you think he was disgusting though ?

  65. Scott McKinney

    Scott McKinney19 日 前

    Don’t worry, the white volunteers will come and clean up behind them.

  66. Chazaq Israel

    Chazaq Israel12 日 前

    Don't worry. 2/3 of them will get destroyed along with you when the real threat comes.

  67. Ashish Ashish

    Ashish Ashish14 日 前


  68. Apollo leo

    Apollo leo19 日 前

    Corona Virus : wow so many new houses Ruuuu

  69. dumbo7429

    dumbo742919 日 前

    Curfew ...sunset ...sunrise...NO exceptions stuff them all in a buses or trucks take them somewhere unpleasant.....leave them there a month.

  70. Davis Marrero

    Davis Marrero19 日 前

    Hey I respect police not all cops are bad get those looters out of here

  71. John Spinelli

    John Spinelli19 日 前

    When you cant tell if its the news or scenes from the Joker

  72. Cliff E

    Cliff E19 日 前

    Make America Great Again

  73. ray1983able

    ray1983able19 日 前

    Neither Chris Cuomo or Trevor Noah will go to these neighborhoods and explain face to face with the business owners that what happened to them is actually ok and justified.

  74. WickedHandzz

    WickedHandzz19 日 前

    Democrat or Republican, if you think that all of this is not because of Trump, you're basically brain dead. This clown fucked our country up and divided us.

  75. Grass san

    Grass san20 日 前

    where are roof koreans when you need them

  76. Dinø_ Dinø

    Dinø_ Dinø20 日 前

    Is this even a protest?

  77. Frank Blangeard

    Frank Blangeard20 日 前

    Keep electing Democrats. See what comes next.

  78. Петя Петров

    Петя Петров20 日 前

    All blacks

  79. Петя Петров

    Петя Петров12 日 前

    @Chazaq Israel don't cry

  80. Chazaq Israel

    Chazaq Israel12 日 前

    Oh look, it's Mr. Keyboard warrior

  81. Goldclaw837

    Goldclaw83720 日 前

    Escape from New York, Snake Pliskin,we need you!

  82. Goldclaw837

    Goldclaw83720 日 前

    Escape from New York, Snake Pliskin,we need you!

  83. Malschaun

    Malschaun20 日 前

    Bruce Willis is NYPD Chief ?


    ♛ FREE HOUSE MUSIC ♛21 日 前

    This is why Trump will get re-elected.

  85. 洪見智

    洪見智17 日 前


  86. leecooper9911

    leecooper991121 日 前

    Martin Looter King

  87. stolzer Germane vom Stamm der Sachsen

    stolzer Germane vom Stamm der Sachsen21 日 前

    One should finally think back to American values: Winchester & Colt. ;-)

  88. Quade_TTv

    Quade_TTv21 日 前

    Mafia with 4 stars on shoulder u can see his fear and then talk big

  89. n adams

    n adams21 日 前

    They're gonna be stylin' while they loot!