1. Sophia DelReal

    Sophia DelReal7 時間 前

    He did not looted

  2. Demitrival

    Demitrival11 時間 前

    Lmao that’s a stunt

  3. Lee Lema

    Lee Lema14 時間 前

    Jakes probably going to loose LOTS of subscribers

  4. Declan MCCormack

    Declan MCCormack日 前

    Y would he loot he’s worth like 20 million

  5. Generic friend #256

    Generic friend #256日 前

    Made my day when I heard he was arrested

  6. fifilaroux

    fifilaroux日 前

    I wonder what Pam said..

  7. Star Fighter

    Star Fighter2 日 前

    Logan Paul seems so sad 😞

  8. Dinh Nguyen

    Dinh Nguyen5 日 前

    Wait so he’s calling all of us morons for believing he looted?

  9. Xander Mangham

    Xander Mangham5 日 前

    Hes an absolute idiot

  10. Official KX

    Official KX6 日 前

    Logan Paul is someone i hated but now i dont since he has learned from his mistakes unlike Jake Paul

  11. ninjacookie 3512

    ninjacookie 35126 日 前

    I’m agreeing with Logan. Did I just say that?

  12. Xavier Holguin

    Xavier Holguin6 日 前

    Mike is annoying

  13. JerkyBruh _

    JerkyBruh _7 日 前

    Don’t be high and mighty now after you BOTH made a mockery of Japanese culture

  14. angel cowan

    angel cowan8 日 前

    He looted there’s a video of him looting on Instagram by my friend who posted it cuz she was following him and saw him in the mall taking clothes and shoving them in his friends bag

  15. Dean Petillo

    Dean Petillo9 日 前

    lmao a nice restaurant what was the name of the restaurant no proof of him doing anything, they sent him to jail for his name bull shit

  16. Dave 27 ob

    Dave 27 ob9 日 前

    Of course he looted that’s a fact by being there recording it and getting the attention for it! He’s gaining views and attention by just being there which means he looted

  17. sasuke the naruto

    sasuke the naruto10 日 前

    I John Paul is the best paul

  18. Daria Morgendorffer

    Daria Morgendorffer10 日 前

    Logan, how do you expect your brother to learn and grow from his mistakes if you keep on picking up his battles for him? Rough seas make stronger sailors. Tough times build greater people. You're not helping him if you keep fighting his battles for him.

  19. E

    E10 日 前

    Was there not there give me a break he’s a idiot

  20. Pranshu Suman

    Pranshu Suman10 日 前

    I will gladly be a f**king moron if it means jake getting accused and arrested.

  21. Wake FC

    Wake FC11 日 前

    Logan was at the suicide forest lol

  22. bostonredpats

    bostonredpats12 日 前

    Was never a Paul fan, but this and what you said about BLM...I'm now a Logan Paul fan

  23. Never Broke Again

    Never Broke Again12 日 前

    Aye man that’s the same shit I said when I seen my brotha out their

  24. Wack as Crap

    Wack as Crap13 日 前

    I want to say this, Whether he looted or not It’s Wrong. It’s not Right And If you Hear something like the Looting Don’t Be part of it. Because don’t think you won’t get in trouble. Logan Paul is very Mature and I appreciate Logan Paul Not Being very soft in this video. Does not mean if he was not stealing or breaking the stuff he is still part of the situation. In My Opinion He deserves to Go To Jail. He has Done Some Other Things In His JPreporter Career that is Illegal or not allowed somewhere. I Think It’s kind of A Good Idea He did it Because He did do other things too (Not In The Looting Situation). He was not charged for the other things because it was in the past. He usually does something not allowed and then a Cop or anybody who is Patrolling The area Just Give Him A Warning. Like how has he not got like a Fine or license suspended? All In All He Deserved it and I am proud of what Logan Paul Had To day!

  25. m m

    m m13 日 前

    U are a idiot if u believe anything he says

  26. m m

    m m13 日 前

    Bunch of soul sellers people like them would throw anyone under the bus as long as thay get money and fame out of it

  27. Rhys Case

    Rhys Case13 日 前

    The only one I like is the guy In the hat next to Logan other than that they’re dicks

  28. Jilly Mar

    Jilly Mar14 日 前

    well its on his record so....



    Logan say I love the kid

  30. Sky_Arsh ATA

    Sky_Arsh ATA14 日 前

    Logan: racism is bad jake: watch me loot

  31. scarlett and kim plays_roblox

    scarlett and kim plays_roblox14 日 前

    He was protesting and then he said that its bad to loot

  32. Patrick Rapan

    Patrick Rapan14 日 前


  33. Kittengirl6000

    Kittengirl600015 日 前

    Logan learns from his mistakes, Jake doesn’t

  34. kalum thomson

    kalum thomson15 日 前


  35. [ STAGE ]

    [ STAGE ]15 日 前

    From suicide forest to matured man.

  36. Yoshi and Toad

    Yoshi and Toad16 日 前

    See ksi beat Logan and then Logan became mature and changed after that and I hope ksi does that to jake too

  37. Agev2019

    Agev201916 日 前

    While I don't think Jake himself was looting, his camera man was essentially telling people get get him free cologne, and Jake was saying that him and his group were not looting. If you and your group were not looting, then why was your camera man telling others to get him "free" cologne from a store they were breaking into? 2ndly, Jake Paul took another guys BLM fundraiser and passed it off as his own, saying he rose 32k in 2 hours, when it was already at like 28k+ before Jake Paul put it on his video. I know you guys don't want say Jake Paul is a bad guy, but he is making really stupid decisions and putting himself in a place/position where he can be blamed for this stuff.

  38. Sharon Barnes

    Sharon Barnes17 日 前

    I actually respect Logan now. He's changed alot

  39. Zur Apa

    Zur Apa17 日 前

    I got respect for Logan after George Floyd and Racism shit

  40. Elizabeth Martin

    Elizabeth Martin17 日 前

    I've never been a fan of the Paul's and what not. But Logan? You've paid well for the sins of you and your brothers past. You've matured, and I now respect you. You've done very good, and I am glad that you are willing to keep to your morals rather than defend someone rightfully convicted.

  41. sonny dlight

    sonny dlight17 日 前

    I here you bro I'm the oldest

  42. John Powell

    John Powell17 日 前

    Haha logan Paul in denial. Jake Paul is like an over entitled little child. Thinks he's the best, high ego and dumb there's no doubt, he was there to loot because he's that type of person. Even Logan Paul openly admitted Jake does stupid shit and he doesn't like it.

  43. Karen Karington

    Karen Karington17 日 前

    Calling anyone a moron for thinking your brother did something that was so quintessentially a Paul brother thing to do...is pretty stupid

  44. William Hilson

    William Hilson17 日 前

    For a moment I thought the guy on the left was jake the Viking

  45. Charlie Wilkinson

    Charlie Wilkinson17 日 前

    Mike knows the truth

  46. Kizzie •Pop

    Kizzie •Pop18 日 前

    I honestly feel like Logan has matured extremely, unlike his brother.

  47. Dead_Sorcery is my gamertag

    Dead_Sorcery is my gamertag19 日 前

    I love that they give their honest opinions



    -I love him but i dont always like Him- dang your brother said tht about u xP

  49. Mithesh Hettiarachchi

    Mithesh Hettiarachchi19 日 前

    I mean like- some people learn their mistakes and some stubborn bitches dont, this is the case here, logan has changed his life completely after that japan incident but jake doesnt seem to want to change, hopefully him in jail can make him understand how he has to change.

  50. He He

    He He19 日 前

    He mixed up the story he said he said he was just their for a dinner and then everything had changed jake said he went to go protest bc he heard abt a protest taking part their

  51. Xteral -

    Xteral -19 日 前

    There not even protesting they're just looting bc they're broke asf and they're lazy also very racist

  52. alex dingwall

    alex dingwall17 日 前

    How are they racist

  53. Mo Shahadat

    Mo Shahadat19 日 前

    People are like “Logan learns from his mistakes but Jake never does does”. I have nothing against both of them but let’s all agree than Jake never did what Logan did

  54. Bethany barbie

    Bethany barbie14 日 前

    I think Logan done worse

  55. drtronne

    drtronne20 日 前

    cover up srtatio non genuine station, enablers fake crap, that guy needs to be arrested for looting. he is what we say a bad example of white people that care about the movement, a man lost his life and you guys are making jokes, discussing and trying to confuse the internet, we see through your crap. ARREST HIM, i WILL BE REPORTING THIS TO THE FBI AND AUTHORITIES

  56. Zax

    Zax20 日 前

    He made an explanation and the news made it twisted and exploited

  57. Gregory Campbell

    Gregory Campbell20 日 前

    The alt-left eat their own. Nobody's safe. Just ask Ellen and Harvey. Being "allies" will protect you but not for very long. It's why social revolutions always flounder. Like metoo.



    After Logan fought ksi it humbled him a lot. Learning what he did and the damage he caused during his JPreporter time. Atleast when it comes to this movement he knows how to show a proper message for the oppressed black people and mistreated immigrants

  59. Timber Wolf

    Timber Wolf20 日 前

    Looting.....filming and laughing at dead people in the suicide forest your both scum bags

  60. UntamedWisdom

    UntamedWisdom21 日 前

    I think you mean "yes, my brother was actively looting for fun and for no reason

  61. King Louis 69

    King Louis 6921 日 前

    I not a moron but he is !! Don’t matter what he was doing there He KNOWS he shouldn’t be there He is as bad !! WHAT A PLUM !!!!

  62. Angra

    Angra21 日 前

    So here’s why I feel like he wasn’t looting. Riots and loots are quick and fast. He didn’t plan to be here. He is also an attention seeker, which we know. He probably thought he was “in crowd” which is a disease many kids suffer from. He’s an actual millionaire. He didn’t need anything from that store when he could just buy the store at any given moment. If he wasn’t famous, we wouldn’t be here.

  63. ale falcon

    ale falcon21 日 前

    “I love him but I don’t always like him”.Is a line that perfectly sums up a relationship with siblings.

  64. Giannis Karag

    Giannis Karag21 日 前

    I mean, he could be acting like participating just for some ducking video. so he can make it something that stpd children look up to

  65. AriannHonovi

    AriannHonovi21 日 前

    What Jake needs is a freaking reality check. Maybe jail would do that

  66. Kegan-leigh Jones

    Kegan-leigh Jones21 日 前

    The Pauls have strange tendencies to film things that they shouldn't

  67. rixx 2

    rixx 221 日 前

    I live in az

  68. Joshua Ancheta

    Joshua Ancheta21 日 前

    I don't like the paul brothers but Logan was so reasonable and have a point!, kudos to logan.

  69. JustAChannel

    JustAChannel22 日 前

    Thing is even if he wasn't looting he still didn't decide to leave the building while it was being looted and used the whole situation just for fuckin content. The guy is still stupid whether he did loot or not

  70. Sherrie Barfield

    Sherrie Barfield22 日 前

    I'm glad I live in tucson AZ

  71. muffinproskiilz _

    muffinproskiilz _22 日 前

    He’s done dumb shit and I can’t forgive him for recording the dead body. It was fucked up and that’s not sum I can jus forget. But I’ll give him his props for learning from his mistakes unlike his brother and trying to be better. Just stupid it took THAT BIG of a mistake for him to realize EDIT: "You're a moron if you think he was looting" Considering everything Jake's done in the past it's really not that hard to believe buddy

  72. Abdirahman katun

    Abdirahman katun22 日 前

    The reason why I think he did not loot was because he has a lot of money to do that and he isn’t as dumb as you might think so keep this in mind

  73. Michele Watson

    Michele Watson22 日 前

    Jake is dumb

  74. Robert Pham

    Robert Pham22 日 前

    No one is born dumb but you can become dumb AHAHA

  75. Yusuph Busari

    Yusuph Busari22 日 前

    Do you think Ksi should be on impaulsive

  76. Lucy Ryan

    Lucy Ryan23 日 前

    Hmmmm go to jakes channel and watch his video

  77. Daily Views of Abbi Adele!

    Daily Views of Abbi Adele!23 日 前

    “I will always love him, but I don’t always LIKE him.” **The story of me and my family**

  78. nicktube HD

    nicktube HD23 日 前

    Maybe he just wants a Xbox

  79. UzzY_ BMT

    UzzY_ BMT23 日 前

    Well Jake is an idiot anyway we expected this from him,Logan used to be an idiot but Ksi knocked sense into him,normally I’d say Paul’s r idiots but Logan is more sensible

  80. OnlyFatSnapz

    OnlyFatSnapz23 日 前

    C'mon you talking about the younger brother of a dude that filmed and joked about death. Obviously the questionable decisions runs in the family.

  81. Edward Courtright

    Edward Courtright23 日 前


  82. MHGR MJD

    MHGR MJD23 日 前

    jake is idiot but will billioner steel 1 vodka