Lizzo - Good As Hell (Official Music Video)


  1. Tahtahme Xero

    Tahtahme Xero日 前

    The more people talk shit on you, the more I want to be your fan Lizzo! 💜😘

  2. Froggy

    Froggy日 前

    this made me go up to my boss and fire him

  3. e2dd

    e2dd日 前

    She looks disgusting. Its awesome we not only accept, but applaud obesity. Makes the fat girls feel good. Which is the majority of women in 2020.

  4. Auriane Keulieu

    Auriane Keulieu日 前

    I like very much this song !!!

  5. Babylon

    Babylon日 前

    I’ve never seen any band kid be in more sections than lizzo

  6. Georgette Buckhalter

    Georgette Buckhalter日 前

    She brings out my happy

  7. Humberta Felicio

    Humberta Felicio日 前


  8. Bruno REDONDO

    Bruno REDONDO日 前

    Tu chantes super bien

  9. Bruno REDONDO

    Bruno REDONDO日 前

    Tu me comprends peut-être pas parce que je suis française

  10. Bruno REDONDO

    Bruno REDONDO日 前

    J'adore cette chanson là c'est ma préférée de tous merci de l'avoir fait

  11. Steve H

    Steve H日 前

    2:39 Who is that guy on the bleachers wearing a blue Nike jacket? He looks familiar.

  12. Ignorant

    Ignorant日 前

    Go Lizzo!!

  13. NZ Gamer_111

    NZ Gamer_111日 前


  14. TrundleMcDingus

    TrundleMcDingus日 前

    Its not okay to be this fat and it should not be celebrated.

  15. Michel Bolivar Mena

    Michel Bolivar Mena日 前

    Vine aquí después de ver la pasarela de Miss universo en traje de baño!! Buena canción ❤️

  16. Liath Bahjat

    Liath Bahjat日 前

    This the most annoying song I hear on the radio, and I got it in suggestions. TF!

  17. Samarjyoti Deka

    Samarjyoti Deka日 前

    I cant compete that 11k comment of the asian man 😂

  18. T

    T日 前

    If black men can say homophobic shit, I can say racist shit. And lizzo you're fucking fat not beautiful

  19. R҉a҉y҉

    R҉a҉y҉日 前


  20. Jacquie Wisha

    Jacquie Wisha日 前

    This line "I got a bottle of tequila I'm saving for." Damn right, come party.. life's short :)

  21. jaydeebee69

    jaydeebee69日 前

    19K Grambling alumni 😬



    @UCqTxXxlcnJJfRjLg7_84xBg 16 million view and love it!

  23. jaydeebee69

    jaydeebee69日 前

    @THGWYCTB Fixed. And I deserved that ^___^



    You must be a hater and can't spell Grambling! Did you graduate?

  25. Meag Nuff

    Meag Nuff日 前

    🌟This screams"You GO Girl!" And shes goin strait to the top!🌟

  26. Ahmed Alshmrani

    Ahmed Alshmrani日 前


  27. Terrence Myers

    Terrence Myers日 前

    The band is awesome too!

  28. Janiya Coleman

    Janiya Coleman日 前

    My sister in law look like this. She get when i say this

  29. R

    R日 前

    This the type of song you eat 10lbs of Alaskan snow crab to

  30. Ella Grace

    Ella Grace2 日 前

    This is my hype song

  31. carlo gambino

    carlo gambino2 日 前

    Overweight, obese with zero talent. You sum up everything wrong with society. Such a bad example for young girls.

  32. Dominique Gordeau

    Dominique Gordeau2 日 前

    I was looking for today's bad pop music for a joke and came across this and love it instantly obviously not joke material but glad I found it I love this older style it reminds me of Motown music we should have more of this ♡ it's real music

  33. j3zzuhkah

    j3zzuhkah2 日 前

    Who are these thumbs downers? They don’t like an empowering anthem about self love? Fvck ‘em. Baby how YOU feelin’?

  34. memes for life

    memes for life2 日 前

    We got this fatty for ww3

  35. jhlord 2

    jhlord 22 日 前

    here from microsoft news

  36. Akira Azuos

    Akira Azuos2 日 前

    Beautiful! sz

  37. Bret Cunningham

    Bret Cunningham2 日 前

    so fat and unhealthy

  38. Fat Abbott

    Fat Abbott2 日 前

    I was flipping thru channels the other day an came across her jumping up and down on stage at some awards show, I swear to God she knocked my goddamn tv right off it's stand! That's one big lady!

  39. adam cz

    adam cz2 日 前


  40. Vitoria Bufoni

    Vitoria Bufoni2 日 前


  41. Alfred

    Alfred2 日 前

    Lizzo: baby how you feeling? Me a straight male : feeling good as hell

  42. 480JD

    480JD2 日 前

    Diabetes and heart disease doesn't care how positive you feel about your body image.

  43. Raymond Aranda 210sideshow

    Raymond Aranda 210sideshow2 日 前

    I'm not crying... You are

  44. Data Entry

    Data Entry2 日 前

    Yeah... Jillian Michaels can go flute herself.

  45. Daniella Pawl

    Daniella Pawl2 日 前

    I love this.

  46. Army Peruvian 7 Wings

    Army Peruvian 7 Wings2 日 前


  47. lba dft

    lba dft2 日 前

    this is song is trash. She’s fat and annoying

  48. not OK 안괜찮아 Korea YouTube star 안괜찮아

    not OK 안괜찮아 Korea YouTube star 안괜찮아2 日 前

    still great, i like you, peace

  49. sup me

    sup me2 日 前

    She looks ridiculous in those outfits standing around with all those skinny girls around her in the whole point of this song is ridiculous your man don't love you anymore Who cares you feel good as hell livin denial completely 100% denial in your whole life?

  50. mxrley

    mxrley2 日 前

    Ur not making sense sis fix that entire comment

  51. sup me

    sup me2 日 前

    No just no

  52. Yumi Tokushige

    Yumi Tokushige2 日 前

    A daughter of my friend in Oklahoma is or used to be in a marching band like that. I've heard that the band has to travel often.

  53. Janaína Lima

    Janaína Lima2 日 前


  54. bobby Gordon

    bobby Gordon2 日 前

    She picked the right band because Southern love to show out👍👏♥️

  55. Alan Araujo

    Alan Araujo2 日 前


  56. Chief Onahoe

    Chief Onahoe2 日 前


  57. Layne Martin

    Layne Martin2 日 前

    Anyone else watching this and just going but how do you play the flute with those nails? I can't do a damn thing with half that length

  58. Alan Araujo

    Alan Araujo2 日 前

    Salve ve se quem puder #novoSucessodaGlobo

  59. Vixinaful

    Vixinaful2 日 前

    What did I just witness? A girl so fat her stomach's hanging in a bag under her and people think this is great.. WOW. This world is depraved.

  60. mxrley

    mxrley2 日 前

    It’s supposed to show confidence I guess

  61. 김jaeunforeal

    김jaeunforeal2 日 前

    I loveeeee ur confident sisss😍

  62. Michael Ahsin

    Michael Ahsin2 日 前

    I’m here cause I’m sick of the impeachment 😐😐😐

  63. Martínez Brasil

    Martínez Brasil2 日 前


  64. Martínez Brasil

    Martínez Brasil日 前

    @Hi hi 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇩🇪🇩🇪

  65. Hi hi

    Hi hi日 前

    Germanyyyyyyy❤ 🇩🇪❤🇩🇪❤🇩🇪❤🇩🇪❤

  66. Melilta Gillett

    Melilta Gillett2 日 前


  67. Nancy B

    Nancy B2 日 前

    It’s been 30 years since I danced on a football field, but I feel this so much! ❤️