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  3. Hackurman .G2

    Hackurman .G212 日 前

    Very accurate I unsubscribed from your channel cuz of even mentioning that piece of shit

  4. A B I

    A B Iヶ月 前

    Some people are so ridiculous 🤦🏻‍♀️ some of you guys need to chill 🤣

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  6. Titan Hyperion

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    Definitely 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 lmao

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    Can you live with mrbeast

  8. iMammoth

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    Ngl The thumbnail is gay

  9. irondasgr

    irondasgr3 日 前

    I thought I missed something because of the language barrier that held me back throughout the whole video. After having read the comments, I saw that double vomiting from the eyes was the one sentiment alive in this seeking of discomfort.

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  11. úr mum • 57 years ago

    úr mum • 57 years ago4 日 前

    Yeah uh he really thinks hes cool breaking stuff

  12. Ave Mio

    Ave Mio4 日 前

    Probably u all are schizophrenic now

  13. Riftz

    Riftz7 日 前

    Rip kong

  14. Freakin Xbox

    Freakin Xbox8 日 前

    I seeked discomfort by watching this video

  15. Halil Ganiev

    Halil Ganiev9 日 前

    Why does the thumbnail look like some gay threesome

  16. Siddharth Dhruva

    Siddharth Dhruva10 日 前

    Logan Paul sucksssss

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    Logan Pool

  18. Gang Violence

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    Rip doggo

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    Y’all deserve more subs than Logan paul

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    My only question is... why is Zak from the ZakandJay show there? 7:30

  21. Fusion Vision

    Fusion Vision12 日 前

    Make a new Version of this video. this could be really interesting

  22. Shakeel Kullen

    Shakeel Kullen13 日 前

    Who's watching this and seeing kong

  23. Steve Hamilton

    Steve Hamilton13 日 前

    Fuck Logan Paul!

  24. Victor Bramming

    Victor Bramming16 日 前

    Do it with KSI next time

  25. A town down

    A town down17 日 前

    They Look like Pokemon Trainers.

  26. MountainPlaysz

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    Anyone here after Kai beat Logan Paul ....

  27. Luke

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    he has ADHD for sure.

  28. Lalay Licayan

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    Next is mrbeast

  29. Geeta Thapa

    Geeta Thapa22 日 前

    I’m Logan Paul fan and this is cringe 😂 he’s for sure very different now

  30. Astatic Media

    Astatic Media23 日 前

    Doing a collab with Logan Paul is a really low move Yes Theory.


    ULTRAWIDE25 日 前

    What happens when a man child has too much money

  32. Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ

    Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ28 日 前

    Now make another and titled “what’s he ACTUALLY like”

  33. lilpinkbunny

    lilpinkbunnyヶ月 前

    I'm so sorry

  34. Brandon Johnston

    Brandon Johnstonヶ月 前

    Fuck Logan Paul

  35. Takieddin Balti

    Takieddin Baltiヶ月 前

    Alright, you sought discomfort and you finally found it. Time to close the channel.

  36. Cecelia Rimong

    Cecelia Rimongヶ月 前

    I prefer yes theory channel.

  37. Cynathan Fortuin

    Cynathan Fortuinヶ月 前

    that chick looks Max's crush in A Goofy Movie.

  38. max novak

    max novakヶ月 前

    I could do better with donuts

  39. Erin Abdulahi

    Erin Abdulahiヶ月 前

    You made a video from a man who lost against KSI.

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  41. Parisa Peters

    Parisa Petersヶ月 前

    Kinda sad cause I think yes theory is so much better than Logan’s channel.

  42. Shanell Peterson

    Shanell Petersonヶ月 前

    Ammar is the sweetest 💗 He actually made Logan stop and be human for a second with his genuine thank you at the end.

  43. Robert Bachmann

    Robert Bachmannヶ月 前

    The studs in that wall are pre cut. 8:22

  44. Golden baldy

    Golden baldyヶ月 前

    not gonna lie ... Logan is living „the life“

  45. Tanima Jain

    Tanima Jainヶ月 前

    I just want to say I freaking love you guys

  46. Mustafa Khdeer

    Mustafa Khdeerヶ月 前

    What did I do in my life to deserve watching this in 2020?! 😓

  47. Charlotte Van Brug

    Charlotte Van Brugヶ月 前

    This is just... . . . . . . *Bad*

  48. Sitting Bull Sitting Bull

    Sitting Bull Sitting Bullヶ月 前

    I wanna see his pond

  49. AndrewFerrer3d

    AndrewFerrer3dヶ月 前

    Logan Paul seems so closed off. Like there doesn't seem to be even a second of sincerety in his presence, like he's constantly playing a character and the real self is just deeply buried in some insecurity. I don't say this because I have anything against the guy, I say it because I see it, and I know that it's something that sucks to deal with if you're like that.

  50. Nigga-Big-Penis

    Nigga-Big-Penis28 日 前

    AndrewFerrer3d no worries man, I 100% agree must have been so tiring for him

  51. AndrewFerrer3d

    AndrewFerrer3d28 日 前

    @Nigga-Big-Penis Oh ok. I'm sorry about that then I suppose I was wrong. I guess it was just a phase for him in that case. I'm glad that he's become more genuine, it must be horrible to feel you have to play a character that's far off from your real self just to feel accepted by others, when in reality people like you the most when you're true. A nightmare.

  52. Nigga-Big-Penis

    Nigga-Big-Penis28 日 前

    AndrewFerrer3d well first of all just to clarify, I don’t like this dude, second of all, I know that nowadays he has a better team around him and is a lot more open and is himself nowadays, not as you described him in your original comment.

  53. AndrewFerrer3d

    AndrewFerrer3d28 日 前

    @Nigga-Big-Penis I don't see how that has any relevance to his person. As far as I know he's the same today.

  54. Nigga-Big-Penis

    Nigga-Big-Penis28 日 前

    AndrewFerrer3d you realise this was 2 years ago?

  55. DarkWolfJV

    DarkWolfJVヶ月 前

    Hey, I love the fact that you still uploaded this video! No hate or anything I love you guys and all but... KongDaSavage died couple months ago, brandon left the maverick house couple years ago, lydia doesn't work there no-mo. Still I love you guys but I am mad because that Kong was still in the video

  56. Nigga-Big-Penis

    Nigga-Big-Penis28 日 前

    DarkWolfJV the video is 2 years old

  57. Une Girafe!

    Une Girafe!ヶ月 前

    “ New life, who dis?”

  58. incorrect_word

    incorrect_wordヶ月 前

    lol gay

  59. Young_Thug 31

    Young_Thug 31ヶ月 前

    Surprised you didn’t film a dead body

  60. Omar Farouk

    Omar Faroukヶ月 前

    This is so uncomfortable to watch

  61. Minecraft Gameplay Minecraft Gameplay

    Minecraft Gameplay Minecraft Gameplayヶ月 前

    WHO Else is watching after Logan Sucked dic*

  62. Nikil Kumar

    Nikil Kumarヶ月 前

    you want discomfort huh

  63. NyDat CoolGuy

    NyDat CoolGuyヶ月 前

    I don't like Logan either but can y'all stop commenting that you hate him. We get the point and it's annoying. I wanna see actual funny comments. Not stupid comment like "This is seeking discomfort.," because as you can see they don't hate Logan. Anyways, just stop so I can see regular comments.

  64. Shaheryar Khan

    Shaheryar Khanヶ月 前

    Logan is a dick....that also a very short one.

  65. Malay Khatri

    Malay Khatriヶ月 前

    Thats what too much cocaine does to you kids

  66. JustMe W

    JustMe Wヶ月 前

    You guys honestly looked uncomfortable here and the vibe in the Logan house was off (kind of dark, heavy, stressful and chaotic) I felt relief when you all left. Don't go back please lol.

  67. Muhammad Irsyad

    Muhammad Irsyadヶ月 前

    guys please don't make a video with logan paul anymore hahahaah try mr beast or casey neistat

  68. A A

    A Aヶ月 前

    Lmaoo to all the people who just hate on Logan. He’s changed and isn’t a bad guy. Plus, this before the Japan incident. Almost 2 years already. People change & move forward, get over yourselves

  69. Nigga-Big-Penis

    Nigga-Big-Penis28 日 前

    A A Jj destroyed him

  70. Owen Blumenstock

    Owen Blumenstockヶ月 前

    @Logan Paul. Rip kong

  71. Mariposa axy

    Mariposa axyヶ月 前

    Paul family....sorry thumbs down 👎👎 Thought you were classier then that trash.

  72. Lfc nation

    Lfc nation2 ヶ月 前

    Whos here after Logan got L ?