Living on my Own


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    I got New Merch in the merch store if you wanna check it out. You can also find it above under the video! Best way to support the channel besides just watching so i appreciate the heck out of everyone who gets something

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    500th reply.

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    This is good

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    Ok Boomer :D

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    Beamy Dummy752 時間 前

    You can buy pizza!

  8. Nikhil Hiatt

    Nikhil Hiatt6 時間 前

    he protecct he attack but most importantly.... chochy milk his favoriye snacc

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    Black Kittens YT10 時間 前

    9:40 tho-

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    Live on your own they said. It will be fun they said.

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    somethingelseyt: if you're a kid (which you probably are) then.... also somethingelseyt: *cusses in every video*

  13. Marietjie Zietsman

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    Grocery list •Chocky milk •Coffee or Tea bags •Potatoes •Frozen pizza •Apples •BANANAS •Milk •Sugar •Salt •Bread •2 min noodles •Spread (like vegemite and shiz) •Gatorade

  14. pxstel rose

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    1:55 deaw adawm

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    Plot twist!! His mom and moved out because Adam drink all of the god dam choky milk!!!!

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    Maria CBC14 時間 前

    Adam can I be your best freaking friend who you respect and appreciate, LIT!😃

  18. Maria CBC

    Maria CBC14 時間 前

    Adam can I be your best freaking friend who you respect and appreciate, LIT!😃

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    Has you got your GOD DAMN CHOCCIE MILK yet ? ? ?

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    Try hello fresher u can’t grocery shop.

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    Kill. Me. Now. 😂😂😂😂😂.

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    I'm like that except with food I'm SO GOSH DARN PICKY with food

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    It is not real story right?

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    did someone saw bakugo :3

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    Can you make a video with only the chockie malk in it? I wanna make a meme °vv°

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    Why I am excited to get my own home: 1: I GET TO BUY ALL THE STEVEN UNIVERSE STUFF I WANT 2: Thats all

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    Heres a tip for grocery shopping pick out meals you like and know how to make then go buy the ingredients then just buy like cereal and the main things like bread, cheese, milk etc.

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    grocery list 1:chocky milk 2:hotdogs 3:water 4:cerial 5:milk 6:meat 7:bread 8:eggs 9:salt 10:sugar 11:vegetable oil 12:and did i say chocky milk

  30. Aaron Watanabe

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    I love how he said "Let's read some fanmail" but only read one by Terrance the BFFWIRAAL who he respects and appreciates.

  31. Twitchy Llama

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    Wow Adam sure is salty that his mum stole his chocy milk

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    Your the fastest rapper

  33. Lee Ian

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    "Who could it be knocking at my door??"🎶

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    A Girl Scout what the yo this bi*ch better have Samoa’s haha all y- hmmmmm wbwbbwbwbwbwbw

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    No Terrence I am his number one fan

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    Who else wich is theod1sowt

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    Adam is that the SCP sound track in there? 3:08

  39. Collin Sellers

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    I cant relate to this video. Moving out and living on my own was easier than living with my parents.

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    pin me for no reson

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    My apartment came with furniture. That's how I got my filming station.



    1 like = 1 chocy milk for Adam

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    Did anyone see bakugo in his poster no? Only me

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    Anyone else saw the Bakugo poster?

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    Maaaaaaaarrrrrrrriiiiiiiioooooo where ms chock milk

  47. Hudson Hu

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    whats that scar on ur hand

  48. Nikki Hanson

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    Can I get an F in the chat for Terrance

  49. Icky

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    lol look at the ratting's next time xD

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    1:03 literally I thought someone was knocking at my door

  52. Ashley Lam

    Ashley Lam2 日 前

    Get this man some damn choccy milk

  53. Sana Mazhar

    Sana Mazhar2 日 前

    1:18 the power of bills compel you!

  54. Muna Yako

    Muna Yako2 日 前

    This is great and all but, WHeRe Is tHe GoDaMM ChOClAte MilK

  55. Caleb Barrett

    Caleb Barrett2 日 前

    Dude me and u have the same rug

  56. Vicente Shailer

    Vicente Shailer2 日 前

    I like the way you laugh at the end

  57. Jake The Minecraft Player

    Jake The Minecraft Player2 日 前

    At 2:29 he just roasted that kid I feel bad 😂

  58. nora garcia

    nora garcia2 日 前

    Not a lie when the phone ring at 0:50 the phone in my house ring

  59. Lucca Faria

    Lucca Faria2 日 前

    Adam - "Apartments, do not come with furniture". Just get an apartment with furniture or rent one. MORE EASY PEASY LEMON THAN ACTUALLY BUYING FURNITURE.

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    Do a house tour

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    I thought the nock was real

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    Ashur Nora2 日 前

    Where the FUCK is that goddamn chocie milk?! 😞

  64. Ashur Nora

    Ashur Nora2 日 前

    Can you get chocie milk with your JPreporter sword?

  65. RybreadTheBeancan2

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    ur kind of an idiot not going to see ur apartment first

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    Yes I gethink so mad when someone steels my chocolate milky

  68. Bnhafan UwU

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    The moment you see Bakugou on his wall:😱🥳🤩

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    I saw the fame is lame graffiti Adam

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    everyone did

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    Choc milk

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    Don't touch my chokky milk...

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    Iny Meany my Nemo which will be my new freaking home

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    1:04 I looked at my front door

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    ): ):): what the fuck man

  78. Abraham Perez

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    WHY DO YOU GO NAKED KIDS watch you For Heaven's Sake I know it's a joke but still that is disgusting

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    i feel you with that GOD DANG CHALKY MALK...Ahem..i feel you adam

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    I'm sorry

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    i did not go to sleep at all.

  83. miss gacha gamer

    miss gacha gamer2 日 前

    Your laughs at the end made me feel like you were dying in lava in hell

  84. Francisco Ibarra

    Francisco Ibarra3 日 前

    3:10 Me when my mom eats all my ice cream 😶

  85. PyroSilver Antkeeping

    PyroSilver Antkeeping3 日 前

    I'm 13, and this made me feel anxious about when I move out. lol OwO, a furry who doesn't suffer from anxiety? Not here!

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    Frdfgggbbfgfgf was hrere

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    I think I know how you look like in real life. Brown hair? Hmmm hmm... 🤫😏

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    6:46 adam is shook