1. mariam bouhouche

    mariam bouhouche3 時間 前

    Day two until Emma notices me💖💖🥺

  2. Spencer Williams

    Spencer Williams21 時間 前

    11:23 her voice dissapeirs

  3. Christopher Adams

    Christopher Adams2 日 前


  4. Jamuel Lonei

    Jamuel Lonei8 日 前

    d i the arpleie can by heung la oneduley si wil heuepo viedoly katteule Sho paitie do kile pouelgerid Shegerido kay me cuaviao h epliscug all esmgdidsald 49:00 taula the weplein from Cancpliuag s' hengledo weil o aplainda heeculg kay s- the weilog Cnetuelg if how... may

  5. Pumpkin Lover

    Pumpkin Lover9 日 前

    Emma:”Omg I didn’t bring a blanket” *also Emma *Brings out a sleeping bag Me:🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. Olivia

    Olivia11 日 前

    Says suitcase three times...doesn't mean it once HAHHA

  7. Olivia

    Olivia11 日 前

    " let me not be negative... i love this" LMAO

  8. Claire The Bear

    Claire The Bear11 日 前

    plzz do a decorating ur balcony

  9. Niyah Blackmon

    Niyah Blackmon12 日 前


  10. kiki Love

    kiki Love13 日 前

    Lmao that fart tho.

  11. Eden Meijler

    Eden Meijler14 日 前

    Girl 80 degrees is cold where I live

  12. Isabelle W

    Isabelle W15 日 前

    Time to go outside! *goes to balcony* *edit* We haev the same "suitcase" emma heehee

  13. Amanda Wallace

    Amanda Wallace16 日 前

    Your a better drawer than I am. Girl have faith in yourself. Your better than you think you are

  14. Samantha Bowers

    Samantha Bowers16 日 前


  15. soul sisters

    soul sisters16 日 前


  16. Grace O'Brien

    Grace O'Brien17 日 前

    There's something about this video that I just keep coming back to. I've seriously watched this video what seems like 50 times 😅 love your videos emma❤️

  17. Katia Bacha

    Katia Bacha18 日 前

    She actually did a good job when she drew lol

  18. beetch

    beetch20 日 前

    Aesthetic Kween.

  19. Sugar Scrubs

    Sugar Scrubs20 日 前


  20. Hey Kobe

    Hey Kobe21 日 前

    “I’ve just been sleeping for 24 hours.” Underrated, Emma. Underrated, because you literally slept the whole day 😂

  21. Delaney Garcia

    Delaney Garcia21 日 前

    Why was that self portrait kinda good??

  22. Natalie Marte

    Natalie Marte21 日 前

    I fucking lost it when she kicked the tent 😂😂😂😂

  23. Yoflows Vlogs

    Yoflows Vlogs21 日 前

    SHES A VSCO GIRL 3:12 😂

  24. Teniyah Lanell

    Teniyah Lanell21 日 前

    Word of the day: suitcase 😂😂

  25. SnowyFox2112

    SnowyFox211221 日 前

    Ok first off lets just say she was out there the whole time even tho she probably wasn't. 1. She didn't plan well 2. She could have brought more things to do 3. that balcony is huge and it had potential 4. If I was up there I would feel blessed. I need to do something like this but for like 8 hours since Im a " child" so my parents would get mad.

  26. Faith McCann

    Faith McCann21 日 前

    You should get a mini projector and a seating area

  27. Layla Norman

    Layla Norman21 日 前

    I call it a suitcase lol

  28. Peyton c

    Peyton c21 日 前

    Can we talk about how she has a Hydro flask😂

  29. Mystery Foxy cat

    Mystery Foxy cat21 日 前

    Emma : I brought 1 thing out to do Emma 5 seconds later: let me bring THESE things out

  30. Vanessa

    Vanessa22 日 前

    Fuck my weight goal is your body but I love food and never exercise FML

  31. Alisha Jane

    Alisha Jane22 日 前

    I should’ve left when you couldn’t set up the tent 😂 jk

  32. Alisha Jane

    Alisha Jane22 日 前

    I know who you are now. You’re Helga Pataki

  33. Kevin Moore

    Kevin Moore23 日 前

    Ok low key Emma's kind of a great drawer

  34. Lucie Black

    Lucie Black23 日 前

    What about Emma’s cat ?????

  35. giff baskit

    giff baskit24 日 前

    Youre 18 and incredibly privileged yet you complain about being uncomfortable. That's what being spoiled is.

  36. HaYi

    HaYi26 日 前

    Hey emma, thankyou for making & sharing your video on youtube.

  37. Shanley Gibbs

    Shanley Gibbs26 日 前

    should use the alien drawing to put on Merch

  38. Scarlett Harris

    Scarlett Harris27 日 前

    I have that sleeping bag in pink

  39. April Burke

    April Burke29 日 前

    Do a vid where your try aussie foods, meat pies with tomato sauce, vegemite on toast.....

  40. GymnasticsGianna World

    GymnasticsGianna World29 日 前

    i just had a spanish ad. i-

  41. Jojos Kanall

    Jojos Kanallヶ月 前

    The Alien looks like Ethan

  42. sofia sandberg

    sofia sandbergヶ月 前

    holy fuck i cant believe she was on the concrete all night

  43. hate myself

    hate myselfヶ月 前

    Emma stardet vsco

  44. Namirah Jamal

    Namirah Jamalヶ月 前


  45. Sophia Votrain

    Sophia Votrainヶ月 前


  46. Literally. Lucy

    Literally. Lucyヶ月 前

    Emma: if I try hard enough, I. can do anything Me: WhAt AbOuT dAt TeNt!?!?

  47. Katie Marie

    Katie Marieヶ月 前

    Did y’all see the hydro flask

  48. z l

    z lヶ月 前

    the only thing that’s screaming through my head is "RELATABLE"

  49. Nathan Johnson

    Nathan Johnsonヶ月 前

    She’s actually a rlly good drawer better than me

  50. Arianna Guillen

    Arianna Guillenヶ月 前

    Y didn’t u just look up on yt how to put up a tent😂

  51. Abigail Kemp

    Abigail Kempヶ月 前

    How did she pee and poop

  52. Ocean Blue

    Ocean Blueヶ月 前

    i laughed so hard img

  53. Khayra Valdivia

    Khayra Valdiviaヶ月 前

    Emma is like " I'm so prepared I have everything" and I'm like what if she has to pee

  54. I’mnot Human

    I’mnot Humanヶ月 前

    15:37 omg that made me laugh so hard

  55. Angel Patterson

    Angel Pattersonヶ月 前

    OMG.. Emma is so crazy and awesome at the same time lol.. Like who passes gas on camera and says I hope you guys heard that... 😄😅 What.. who says that..

  56. Idk what my name is

    Idk what my name isヶ月 前

    Mann she didn't go to pee once

  57. Mallika Mathew

    Mallika Mathewヶ月 前

    Emma has the most random but still the most fun to watch videos ever

  58. Ghadeer Deer

    Ghadeer Deerヶ月 前

    16:29 me after getting back from high school (I woke up at 5:30)😭😭😭😭like this

  59. Barney Rubble

    Barney Rubbleヶ月 前

    It would have been nice if she Paned her camera aound and showed us the view from her balcony.. maybe I blinked but I thought I watched the whole thing!

  60. Barney Rubble

    Barney Rubbleヶ月 前

    Seriously you locked yourself out for 24 hours even to use the. Porta potty?