1. KateAesthetics

    KateAesthetics48 分 前

    *starts raining*

  2. Danny Iteka

    Danny Iteka54 分 前

    You should react to kpop next video

  3. amara cercone

    amara cercone2 時間 前

    i love emma because i relate to her so much lmfao.

  4. Lilyana Moore

    Lilyana Moore5 時間 前

    lol she farted and she said she was traumatized by it lmao

  5. Ruby Saige

    Ruby Saige7 時間 前

    We need a Holy Trinity camping video

  6. Selena Grixti

    Selena Grixti9 時間 前

    no one; emma: sUiTcAsE

  7. Naomi Toner

    Naomi Toner12 時間 前

    i love the bun


    MARIA MACIEL13 時間 前

    she looks like balloony

  9. Hali Renae

    Hali Renae14 時間 前

    i’m investing in a sleeping bag now. thank you.

  10. Lyla Etheridge

    Lyla Etheridge14 時間 前

    Emma:hates the word quirky Also Emma:Acts quirky

  11. Payton Meyer

    Payton Meyer15 時間 前

    what is the furniture behind her and why didnt she use it to help herself? lmaoo and shw said she just has a short couch she still couldbe taken off the cushions and stuff and used that to sleep

  12. Table Fn

    Table Fn15 時間 前

    No offence to Emma but she has some really boring ideas but she has the ability to make it interesting and keeps me hooked. Props to her ❤️

  13. Delicious Pineapple

    Delicious Pineapple19 時間 前


  14. Delicious Pineapple

    Delicious Pineapple19 時間 前

    Was that a PLASTIC STRAW

  15. keana T

    keana T20 時間 前

    now imma open my suitcase woah this suitcase is i wish i had my suitcase

  16. keana T

    keana T20 時間 前

    the alien lowkey looked like ethan😂😂

  17. yazi noor

    yazi noor21 時間 前

    Emma: I’m so prepared *2 seconds later* Emma: I didn’t plan

  18. Kami Banks

    Kami Banks23 時間 前

    I want her to do 24 hours without coffee!! Anyone agree?!

  19. Timmy Turner

    Timmy Turner日 前

    Stay in the Dolan twins house without them knowing overnight! That sounds fun I guess😂🤷‍♀️

  20. Madelene Nilsen

    Madelene Nilsen日 前

    Emma in the beginning: I´m so prepared, I have everything I need Emma later: I forgot to bring a blanket, and I didn´t plan the food that well

  21. Sophie Kakihara

    Sophie Kakihara日 前

    24h without coffeeeeeee

  22. Sophie Kakihara

    Sophie Kakihara日 前

    i just noticed u have a nose piercing 😂

  23. Eminka RC

    Eminka RC日 前


  24. Eminka RC

    Eminka RC日 前


  25. Annamarie Short

    Annamarie Short日 前

    I have that sleeping bag

  26. Umm mmm

    Umm mmm日 前

    2:40 guys guys *ITS MAD BOI HOUR*

  27. Lewis Jackson

    Lewis Jackson日 前

    U should do a balcony makeover?

  28. Kat H

    Kat H日 前

    Is this girl trying to be like Jenna Marbles?

  29. Buddha Bopp Bopp

    Buddha Bopp Bopp日 前

    16:05 It Looks Like Inside

  30. Buddha Bopp Bopp

    Buddha Bopp Bopp日 前

    It's nice here hasn't been a helicopter in a few minutes😂😂😂.SO NICE

  31. Buddha Bopp Bopp

    Buddha Bopp Bopp日 前

    Poor suitcase um tent!!!!😂

  32. Buddha Bopp Bopp

    Buddha Bopp Bopp日 前

    Your se!f portrait is beautiful

  33. Autumn Ketchersid

    Autumn Ketchersid日 前

    You know it’s funny my next-door neighbors are actually outside in tents in their backyard............. so yeah

  34. Scarlett Karma

    Scarlett Karma日 前

    Emma u cant put the tent pole down into anything so it wont work anyway 🤣😂 ur rlly funny u make me smileee

  35. Alyssa Rodriguez

    Alyssa Rodriguez日 前

    lol when she farted!!!!!

  36. Judi Grosland

    Judi Grosland日 前

    Emma trying to put that tent together is literally my life!! 😂😂😂

  37. Hallie Moore

    Hallie Moore日 前

    "I'm sweating cause it's 80 degrees outside." what

  38. Melina Lynn

    Melina Lynn日 前

    Call Ethan , he will help you 😂❤️luv u Emma

  39. La Cabaña De Berenice

    La Cabaña De Berenice日 前

    😂😂😂OMG, THE WHOLE SUITCASE THING..I'm dying of laughter, I'm really bursting in tears, my abs hurt and my laugh is so uncontrollably exaggerated that my mother came knocking on my door to see if I'm okay, so THANKS EMMA ❤ I know it wasn´t your highest moment but YOU MAKE ME LAUGH!!!!

  40. Decaf_Sakura

    Decaf_Sakura日 前

    Lmaoo I used to. Always say suit case instead of sleeping bag & when she said it I didn't even realize the problem lol.

  41. Ella-Rose Saunders

    Ella-Rose Saunders日 前

    why are you so pritty

  42. Camila Cuadros

    Camila Cuadros日 前

    When Emma farted I lost it💀

  43. Sorids Hehe

    Sorids Hehe日 前

    and people say girls don’t fart

  44. Sorids Hehe

    Sorids Hehe日 前

    “There hasn’t been a helicopter in..a couple minutes.” ~Emma Chamberlain

  45. Valeria Rios

    Valeria Rios日 前

    doug after phil, alan, and stu left him on the roof

  46. Isabelle Arguelles

    Isabelle Arguelles日 前

    the “suitcase” really lifted her spirits

  47. Isabelle Arguelles

    Isabelle Arguelles日 前

    10:45 deadddd

  48. Alex Ruiz

    Alex Ruiz日 前

    video: 24% on her balcony 1%fart *75%* *suit case*

  49. Livagator Galaxy

    Livagator Galaxy日 前

    Why is she low key good at drawing

  50. Jordan Mankin

    Jordan Mankin日 前

    I wanna be your friend so badly