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    Don't miss season 9 of Seek Discomfort. Out now for 72hrs!

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    You are so AMAIZING!

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    You guys are epic...

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    Samuel Felix4 ヶ月 前

    I live there just started watching your videos. Love them all.

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    Lueween •36 分 前

    i'm on a yes theory marathon right now and i can't stop crying on every video like wtf is wrong with me

  7. Zaheer Adam

    Zaheer Adam3 時間 前

    I've never met you, but i fucking love you Ammar ❤

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    Itz_Apollo20 時間 前

    I didn’t know Ammar could solo skydive

  9. Jakob Achten

    Jakob Achten21 時間 前

    WOW! I only got emotional twice in my life. The first time being when a good friend passed away at the age of 17 and when my uncle died, this video was close to making it three.

  10. Eye opener

    Eye opener日 前

    U didn't call me

  11. Im Mar10

    Im Mar10日 前

    Can't believe this big smile on my face watching ya'll jump! If you knew my fear of heights... This was awesome watching ya'll.

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    Y'ou're just amazing guys



    why ammar is so Cute😍

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    This is by far my favorite video on this channel. Love you Amaar❤️

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    Right so how did you afford 40k? Oh yeah through great contents! Right!

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    Ammar you beauty. love from India

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    rip yes theory

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    I miss that missing

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    I love you guys wow, every video, no, every story is breath taking and I have never cried with a youtube video but you guys are so powerful and im so happy I found you guys, I try say yes to one thing everyday that I wouldn't normally and so far so good, you guys really are my best and I WILL meet you guys one day, Shout out from sunny South Africa :D

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    You all should get a skydiving license and all go jumping with Armmar

  21. Nathan Hull

    Nathan Hull7 日 前

    good shit yes theory. omar your the man. My best friend had a huge falling out with his family. His family are witnesses and they had to disown him because he had worldy views. His dad died recenty his tire blew and he passed away. Your dad will come around bro. All dads are asses honestly. They just want what is best for us in "their" minds. Your doing great shit keep it up

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    Gurey A Jama8 日 前

    Great channel. *thumps-up*

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    Marleen Janssen8 日 前

    i cried. amazing people you are!

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    this was uploaded on the day of my car accident. i've lost everything since that day. i can't stop crying.

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    This is beautiful

  26. Dirty Dog

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    Allen, Ryan, Dave, Tony, Mike, and David. Man, that'd be a blast. This shit is goals.

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    Hey Ammar and associates love you guys whatever u guys are trying to achieve in your life individually love you all.But guys i need your help at this point I had a job in a Bank for three yrs its no with me anymore. I have a daughter who's just over a yr. old and a great wife to be beside me. I just wanna be in your team just bring out from that dark tunnel. I cant sleep my drain is exhausted talking to this and that.I just wanna be you guys #HELPME +8801612345606

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    Thank you. 💖

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    Bless your beautiful soul🤙🏽

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    I didn't know Ammar is a pro skydiver... Do more videos from him jumping!

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    Yamin Aziz Ul Mulk13 日 前

    I am always ready to say yes for skydiving

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    Tokyo Ghoul15 日 前

    Wow... Dis channels so much inspiring and love every bit of challenge and acception to the community despite the pain and works... Love the team and especially Mark your the pillar to the group stay strong.. big times✨✨👏👏

  33. Mateo López Mogollón

    Mateo López Mogollón15 日 前

    I was feeling very emotional through all the video, but when he talked with his mom I cried instantaneously. Thanks a lot for sharing everything you guys do with the world. Keep going.

  34. Alex Hope-Bailie

    Alex Hope-Bailie15 日 前

    You are amazing, and you are so blessed to have the friends you have! Many happy years to you, your friends & your family x

  35. Chirag Das

    Chirag Das15 日 前

    Please do Matt's last day pleaseeeeeeeee

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    I wish I could like the video 1000 times and subscribe the channel for unlimited times love this channel....

  38. catherine donoghue

    catherine donoghue18 日 前

    Haaaaa, I always assumed the Irish guy was called column ,I taught typical..... Now I’m thinking I need to stop making assumptions.. about everything

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  40. lil alexus

    lil alexus19 日 前

    I followed my dreams to Oregon like you said to be with a guy who didn't bother to kiss me goodbye at the airport. Hookups are cool too I guess...

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    wow, just wow

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    Anny Isabely20 日 前

    I love him so much, oh my god. He has such a beautiful soul!!! 💛 Thank YOU for existing, Ammar

  44. Aghiles RAMDANI

    Aghiles RAMDANI20 日 前

    Making his mom proud & Happy made me cry like a baby

  45. AB FABE

    AB FABE21 日 前

    So this all was recorded by thomas

  46. Mohamedsaid Mohamed

    Mohamedsaid Mohamed21 日 前

    I thought i wasn't going to tear up until the end when i saw Ammar's mother cry thanks to him paying off the money for hajj for her. Such a great video.

  47. khalid ahmad

    khalid ahmad22 日 前

    You guys are fucking rich in Positive energy. Keep it up

  48. JASON

    JASON22 日 前

    You guys are amazing. After watching several of your videos....I now look in the mirror differently. Thank you.

  49. Hassan Lsan

    Hassan Lsan22 日 前

    Why Ammar is still alive

  50. kasey boyle

    kasey boyle23 日 前

    This video made me tear up multiple times. Ammar is so genuine and real. I struggle with some mental health issues myself and I never thought for a second anyone in yes theory could also have these struggles. The last message Ammar sent out was so eye opening and reassuring for me. Thank you

  51. Lulwa

    Lulwa23 日 前

    this is wholesome

  52. Jeffrey Eatley

    Jeffrey Eatley23 日 前

    Through the worst year of my life, I am awaking to start something of my own. I’ve been a photographer for over 10 years, creator and now I’m going to make a ripple with the dream of becoming the largest wave ever! To change my life, others around me and with any luck, some of the world. I have no clue where it will take me but I plan to document it all. I’ll tell my complete story along the way. You guys inspired me to create the ripple effect!!!

  53. Gittel Funk Rusowsky

    Gittel Funk Rusowsky23 日 前

    It's so cute too se how happy ammar is when he sees all of his friends!

  54. Raquel D.

    Raquel D.23 日 前

    This is so beautiful and the meaning of life!! To connect, to love and to pass it on!! Many blessings to you guys! :)

  55. Raquel D.

    Raquel D.23 日 前

    I can't even imagine just jumping out of a plane like that lol

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    I fried omg... this video fill my heart warmly

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    I swear im always smiling when watching yall videos!

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    Good vibes

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    You guys deserve all the love. Keep spreading love

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    Just liking the video will not even be close to what I really felt about this video. I want to appreciate it even more like I just loved it so much I'm not even sure if I can put it in words. All of the emotions, the sentiments and the whole experience really made an impact on me. I'm new on this channel, and I love it so much already. I hope to see you guys dropping great content like this in the future and having this much fun. I know I am way too late but, happy birthday Ammar.

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    I would love to spend my last 24h with Panda bears. How awesome would that be!

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    ammar pls marry me

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    Only me to notice that awkward 'let's not hug' moment at 12:41?

  64. Valeria Matamoros

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    this was one of the most wholesome videos I’ve seen in my life