Living In My Brothers Pool For 24 Hours


  1. Morgan Adams

    Morgan Adams10 ヶ月 前

    Okay PSA it’s not fall but starbucks sent out an email that it was their first day of fall and we went with it 😂😭

  2. Luke Carpenter

    Luke Carpenter4 日 前

    @Ren ok

  3. Robertg909

    Robertg90913 日 前

    Daniela Rodriguez bbq

  4. Kay Love

    Kay Love19 日 前

    @LincIsAware holiday?

  5. ShelNeverTell 27

    ShelNeverTell 2729 日 前

    Lilly was

  6. ShelNeverTell 27

    ShelNeverTell 2729 日 前

    Lilly was a great

  7. Lil Mount

    Lil Mount6 時間 前

    She's literally living my dream 😍 I LOVE water so much and if I could just live in a pool and surrounding pool area for the rest of my life I would! She's so beautiful too

  8. Deirdre Hartsfield

    Deirdre Hartsfield8 時間 前


  9. Audrey-ann Baird

    Audrey-ann Baird15 時間 前

    I have the same desk bell!!!!!! 🛎

  10. Megg D

    Megg D23 時間 前

    Morgan you are amazing 👏 ❤

  11. caoimhe mcmanus

    caoimhe mcmanus3 日 前

    the people who dislike dont know how to have fun

  12. Michael Singletary

    Michael Singletary3 日 前

    I'll be your team lift...

  13. Danny Doty

    Danny Doty4 日 前

    21:15 THAT ASS🤤😍

  14. Ashley Patt

    Ashley Patt4 日 前

    22:54 DUDE, plz tell me that that isn't actually Margot Robbie.

  15. hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha lol

    hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha lol5 日 前

    0:03 tana who?

  16. Ochaco Uraraka

    Ochaco Uraraka5 日 前

    Morgan:”next season” Me:it’s summer so are you going to do it this summer

  17. Amber Giddy

    Amber Giddy5 日 前

    I wanna freaking do this now! Morgan fyi you are freaking goals, you have courage damnnn

  18. LiaSilia Helu

    LiaSilia Helu7 日 前

    mooooorgan you sexythiccc girl!!! your invited to the cookout lol!!! love you lots !! xoxox

  19. Grace Hartung

    Grace Hartung7 日 前

    that looks comfy!

  20. Madison Oldaker

    Madison Oldaker7 日 前

    Shane's best quote "wait- this is everything"

  21. turtle sweets

    turtle sweets7 日 前

    I am so dumb... I just learned that they're siblings this week.... Wtf.

  22. Anthony Beebe

    Anthony Beebe7 日 前

    Those are rosters lol

  23. Muskan Iqbal

    Muskan Iqbal8 日 前

    ok but no ones talking about the Margot robbie text 22:54

  24. cadence d.o.d chandler

    cadence d.o.d chandler8 日 前

    Flamingos only have one leg* 😂

  25. Spyman

    Spyman9 日 前

    that flamingo is huge compared to the pool itself

  26. LucyM

    LucyM9 日 前

    morgan flexing that sexy ass tho reply if u get it

  27. Aaron Valeska

    Aaron Valeska9 日 前

    15:23 ...does no one else notice that...

  28. jinshandsomeface

    jinshandsomeface10 日 前

    Is it just me but at 12:20 when uno dropped the ball in the pool was so cute Just me... Okie

  29. mac laplante

    mac laplante11 日 前

    I really wann do this

  30. Alister Shisheesh

    Alister Shisheesh11 日 前

    23:07 ngl she thicccc tho

  31. abi

    abi12 日 前

    did she do her skincare in the pool ... 💀

  32. Ava Wrenne

    Ava Wrenne12 日 前

    Ryland:Honeys like I'm not interested Me:Wow thats what every boy says to me

  33. Mikayla J

    Mikayla J12 日 前

    Honey is like Shane and Uno is like Ryland personality-wise

  34. Zzz Aaa

    Zzz Aaa12 日 前


  35. Melissa Nunoyabuzness

    Melissa Nunoyabuzness13 日 前

    20:06 chickens???? Or roosters

  36. Sanithu Samaranayaka

    Sanithu Samaranayaka13 日 前

    21:46 Kylie Jenner who.

  37. Zuri Mayorga

    Zuri Mayorga13 日 前

    the fact that she didnt play mermaids w ryland 😔



    You looked extremely comfortable sleeping on the mattress in the flamingo. 😴🛌💖🧡💜

  39. Faze sway On mobile

    Faze sway On mobile14 日 前


  40. Faze sway On mobile

    Faze sway On mobile14 日 前

    17:32Can you imagine if I died

  41. Alika Tara Nelson

    Alika Tara Nelson14 日 前

    Morgan is really really pretty and she doesn't give herself enough credit and it's endearingly sweet!!! ❤️♥️❤️♥️💋♥️❤️💖💕❤️

  42. rjkbuny

    rjkbuny14 日 前

    Morgan, I stan a 68 degree summer disliking queen

  43. Ruby Templeton

    Ruby Templeton14 日 前

    i thought that girl with the green hair was shane dressing up as shrek :)

  44. Patience George

    Patience George15 日 前

    Who’s watching this is 2020 and is like yep this sounds like something I would do

  45. Little • Flower

    Little • Flower15 日 前

    22:25 aw she looks so adorable 🥺💕

  46. Deacon Dave Larrabee

    Deacon Dave Larrabee16 日 前

    She's so adorably crazily perfectly scrupulously MODEST for today's world! Whzt a straightlaced young lady ! It's NUTS !

  47. Deacon Dave Larrabee

    Deacon Dave Larrabee16 日 前

    11:56 "OMG. This is how old people Exercise " This made me Giddy 👊😁🤣😅💓🤸‍♂️😛🤙🙌

  48. Deacon Dave Larrabee

    Deacon Dave Larrabee16 日 前

    The dog is so cute !!! 🤣😅🥰😘😍😁🤟😛

  49. After all it’s not like I Cared

    After all it’s not like I Cared16 日 前


  50. Paige Matar

    Paige Matar16 日 前

    20 hours in 😒

  51. Erin Hogg

    Erin Hogg17 日 前

    You are a mooddddd❤️💞💞

  52. Ashleeb Whittlesey

    Ashleeb Whittlesey17 日 前

    The dog swimming 🤩😍😍

  53. Klara Grant

    Klara Grant18 日 前

    Omg these are the best siblings on JPreporter 😂

  54. Isobel Bu

    Isobel Bu18 日 前

    Who else likes the video before watching it

  55. Shoto Pop

    Shoto Pop18 日 前

    “It’s midnight and she is out-“ Me watching this at 4am and isn’t tired: can’t relate 😌✨

  56. Anahi Bonilla

    Anahi Bonilla18 日 前

    I just love when Morgan laughs and talks at the same time

  57. Lilpapi Angie

    Lilpapi Angie18 日 前

    I’m wondering what happens in Morgan’s brain if she thinks flamingos only have one leg 😂

  58. Thor Odinson

    Thor Odinson19 日 前

    I think this was just an excuse for Ryland to have fun summer times with his sister. I stan.

  59. Animal Lovers8989534

    Animal Lovers898953419 日 前

    Is this what they do in ohiooooo no Morgan it’s really not most people don’t have pools but I do and also we don’t have a really long drive way

  60. Adamaris Guzman

    Adamaris Guzman19 日 前

    Shane: “That’s one of the saddest thing I’ve seen”. Proceeds to laugh for a few secs. 😂

  61. Lovely //

    Lovely //19 日 前

    Flamingo means Flaming-O

  62. K Tru

    K Tru19 日 前

    That was a rooster

  63. ew a gross rat

    ew a gross rat20 日 前

    5:26 "THIS IS WHAT THEY DO IN OHIO-" -Morgan. I'm from Ohio lmao this is depressing.

  64. Roselynn Smith

    Roselynn Smith20 日 前

    You look like a mom-Morgan Adams 2020.

  65. Red Queen of ALDC

    Red Queen of ALDC20 日 前

    *eLOn mUsK iS ShOOk*

  66. Amber Wood

    Amber Wood20 日 前

    Morgan I will send u more goldfish if you like my comment

  67. Ellery Griffeth

    Ellery Griffeth21 日 前

    OMG `did no one hear that? 25:00

  68. Madelyn Schlechter

    Madelyn Schlechter21 日 前

    Ahhhhhh back in 2019 when the world was good

  69. bethany schaaf

    bethany schaaf21 日 前

    Is no one else going to mention MARGOT ROBBIE texting Ryland at 22:56??

  70. Noah Shelley

    Noah Shelley21 日 前

    That blonde is sooooo hot and her blue eyes are sooooooooo beautiful

  71. Noelle Osbahr

    Noelle Osbahr21 日 前

    “flamingos only have one leg”

  72. caitlin

    caitlin22 日 前


  73. Julia Buchta

    Julia Buchta22 日 前

    ryland's gucci straw hat lmao

  74. Kennedy McCabe

    Kennedy McCabe22 日 前

    Where did she get the flamingo

  75. midenightsparkle3

    midenightsparkle322 日 前

    I wish my dog was so cool with going in pools but he hates them.

  76. Nurul Ihsan Nazim

    Nurul Ihsan Nazim22 日 前


  77. Nurul Ihsan Nazim

    Nurul Ihsan Nazim22 日 前

    the video only got weirder when i saw emilia farts like wtf HAAHAHHAHAH

  78. Gucci Queen

    Gucci Queen23 日 前

    No offense, I love you but you are a little dumb😂

  79. JohnnyMacabre

    JohnnyMacabre23 日 前

    10:45 rylands naked It’s a joke jeez

  80. emely rodriguez

    emely rodriguez23 日 前

    “ it’s 4:30 am and apparently the neighbors have chickens “ LMAOAOAO

  81. LeeLa H

    LeeLa H24 日 前

    Loved this

  82. Loli Senpai

    Loli Senpai24 日 前

    In the beginning she says summer isnt “appetizing” is it supposed to be and im not with the program.

  83. Lyric Jump-Chilicas

    Lyric Jump-Chilicas25 日 前

    Where is Shane never-mind he’s probably eating in the kitchen

  84. yourstrulystann

    yourstrulystann26 日 前

    nobody: morgan: we now have a *suprise* guest she meant surprise lmao

  85. McKenna Allen

    McKenna Allen26 日 前

    Morgan let me tell u, if I was in the area and u asked me to do this with you i would no doubt. Like can I please be ur friend.