Live: Protests Continue In Twin Cities After Death Of George Floyd | NBC News


  1. AJ Sweet

    AJ Sweet7 時間 前

    Global warming who?

  2. rey.jazzy

    rey.jazzy7 時間 前

    Martin Luther King Jr. is crying inside his grave right now.

  3. Summer Melody

    Summer Melody7 時間 前

    Fight fire with fire.

  4. Leo Fowler

    Leo Fowler7 時間 前

    You mean riots right?

  5. rey.jazzy

    rey.jazzy7 時間 前

    when do you think they'll realize that protesting like this during a pandemic (well, pandemic or not protesting violently doesn't help) doesn't make things better?

  6. Warren G.

    Warren G.7 時間 前

    Mainstream media fanning the flames of chaos as usual .


    TRUTH HUNTER7 時間 前

    Minneapolis vs Black Wall street. What’s the difference?

  8. Alessandra Wahl

    Alessandra Wahl7 時間 前

    this is insane. I'm scared

  9. loganunruh2

    loganunruh27 時間 前

    Can’t wait to see what next month holds for 2020🤦‍♂️

  10. Keen

    Keen7 時間 前

    Once the police are charged this will stop

  11. James Lance

    James Lance7 時間 前

    I'm Waiting for the SPOOKY FAKE ALIEN INVASION........Watch-out URANUS HERE THEY COME!!!!!!!!!!

  12. jack mike

    jack mike7 時間 前

    too beautiful,Good job

  13. thermin mermin

    thermin mermin7 時間 前

    Uh don’t you mean riot?

  14. Damien_bfg

    Damien_bfg7 時間 前

    what are these people doing? hope these "protesters" get corona

  15. king kendrew

    king kendrew7 時間 前

  16. Dontthreadonme

    Dontthreadonme7 時間 前

    These are acts of terrorism. Time for military. You thought the police wear bad, wait until you meet a fu 11B sergeant. Search and destroy.

  17. Jeff Baker

    Jeff Baker7 時間 前

    A lot of thugs in protester's clothing. Some of these people are enjoying this too much. It's not supposed to be a party.

  18. Can't Beat The BAY!

    Can't Beat The BAY!7 時間 前

    Thugs vs Civilians.... y'all wanted "The Purge"

  19. Chase Nixon

    Chase Nixon7 時間 前

    I personally thinks Alcohol has played it part in emboldening some of these looters? A lot of this looting started happening after all the liquor stores were looted. I also would not be surprised if a few of these failing businesses have been set afire by its owners too.

  20. lorieann hardesty

    lorieann hardesty7 時間 前

    My Son In-law is a Firefighter.. This is putting All Those Innocent Firefighters At Risk... This is More Than IGNORANT . This Not Honor Mr. Floyd. Praying for His Family.. And All These Innocent People being Attacked .. How is This Right.. A Man is Murdered. And Now you Harm Others. All Police Officers Involve Will go to Prison and There is Will be Handled..


    SAMAL TECH7 時間 前

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  22. i SRS280491

    i SRS2804917 時間 前

    Sad is that I just seen some news where it was stated that there are some things on video that (proves )the officer in case might not be charged with murder after all ...but that they keep it from the people ...I really hope im wrong and what I have seen it’s just fake news...

  23. lilyvibess

    lilyvibess7 時間 前

    the amount of dislikes this has is kinda just wrong.......

  24. Anonymous Post

    Anonymous Post7 時間 前

    CAn you imagine the white's doing this?

  25. enrique Santana

    enrique Santana7 時間 前


  26. kira ismydog

    kira ismydog7 時間 前

    It's like being right next to a school fight

  27. John Croom

    John Croom7 時間 前

    Why don't they start shooting them?? You can see that their education level is not what it is supposed to be.. they are all on public assistance.. why not save the taxpayers some money?? All they will do is go home and reproduce more of them?? We don't need that.. take care of business..

  28. Bigfoot Jr.

    Bigfoot Jr.7 時間 前

    ☝️Pin this.

  29. 关羽

    关羽7 時間 前


  30. Haidar Sayyidina

    Haidar Sayyidina7 時間 前

    What kind of purge movies is this???

  31. Michael MacDonald

    Michael MacDonald7 時間 前

    Antifa is domestic terrorism as is their sponsor George Soros

  32. P-C Grygiel

    P-C Grygiel7 時間 前

    This looks like a scene in an end of days movie where everyone just freaks out and doesn't give a crap anymore.

  33. Attitude Indicator

    Attitude Indicator7 時間 前

    Please send the NL to "clean them" because this is not a protest, they are looting properties, these people are literal looters and thieves.

  34. Not Evan

    Not Evan7 時間 前

    Keep making jokes while families are losing there jobs

  35. USMC0331

    USMC03317 時間 前

    Sorry for my ignorance but can someone explain to me the difference between protesting and rioting?

  36. TaurenTLT

    TaurenTLT7 時間 前

    *Everyone gangsta till Trump sends multiple M1 Abrams to spin the block* 🤦🏻😳😳😳

  37. Hexapplan

    Hexapplan7 時間 前

    I wonder if NBC News monetized their channel.

  38. Ian Thompson

    Ian Thompson7 時間 前

    There isn't a reason to steal from a store and burn it down, it was four police officers not the city and not the whole police force. This is foolish.

  39. Yerf Hdjs

    Yerf Hdjs7 時間 前

    Lmao. They were literally walking on the street and throwing rocks at the building while saying “ I CAN’T BREATHE.”

  40. numberof thedevil

    numberof thedevil7 時間 前

    Who else seen that at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="844">14:04</a>??

  41. Amy Swanson

    Amy Swanson7 時間 前

    Now it just makes Minnesota look bad trust me it's great here this is such a disappointment this should not have happend

  42. Mandell Hawkins

    Mandell Hawkins7 時間 前

    Let’s be honest they don’t care about Floyd they just want to loot. And the media loves it, but all they do is discredit them selfs. Black people need to learn to discipline themselves people In general for that matter.

  43. Elios Jones

    Elios Jones7 時間 前

    People are getting tired of bad cops getting away with murder

  44. Qian Chen

    Qian Chen7 時間 前

    Fight for freedom, Stand with (Hong Kong)Minneapolis!!!

  45. Howard Lovecraft

    Howard Lovecraft7 時間 前

    Funny how they will loot, riot, and burn down their city, but not one will open a book and learn how to read Dr. MLKJ. It’s almost like they are just having fun and found a perfect excuse to do it.

  46. Adam Qureshi

    Adam Qureshi7 時間 前

    feeling bad for african americans aka humans 😔😭😭 . This evil trump is extremly dangarous to humans he just promated gun voilance to shoot humans . Trump needs to be removed .

  47. Zack Moore

    Zack Moore7 時間 前

    And the cop needs to be arrested

  48. Robert Lembo

    Robert Lembo7 時間 前

    It's nice to know that people haven't become complete sheep yet, when such a grave injustice as this occurs, it's somewhat nice to know that some people will stand up for you and not sit idly by. If this had happened like 200 years ago though, I imagine they'd be going around slaughtering the police and bombing their houses rather than just burning them

  49. superjerk225

    superjerk2257 時間 前

    A cop started the looting

  50. superjerk225

    superjerk2257 時間 前

    Jeff Baker the eyes are exactly the same

  51. Jeff Baker

    Jeff Baker7 時間 前

    I don't know if it's actually been proven. I've seen the screen shots etc. Maybe, maybe not.

  52. David Lee

    David Lee7 時間 前

    Classless animals.. I'm talking about the rioters. And they'll be the ones crying for the police when all law enforcement is gone and society loses structure lmao

  53. Zack Moore

    Zack Moore7 時間 前

    This needs to happen everywhere

  54. Bigfoot Jr.

    Bigfoot Jr.7 時間 前

    Ok. Let's set your house on fire first then.

  55. Jeff Baker

    Jeff Baker7 時間 前

    You are dumb and in mom's basement.

  56. numberof thedevil

    numberof thedevil7 時間 前

    I'm mad too I want to go rob stores and ruin business!!!

  57. Hack To Scratch Golf

    Hack To Scratch Golf7 時間 前

    Anyone who thinks setting fire and destroying innocent people’s houses/businesses is ok needs help

  58. Tico Lay

    Tico Lay7 時間 前


  59. i love larry & brady

    i love larry & brady7 時間 前

    it's terrible that people still argue that it wasn't racially charged. the officer deserves jail time.

  60. G_J_C 95

    G_J_C 957 時間 前

    This is what injustice causes.

  61. Hunky Dory

    Hunky Dory7 時間 前

    The USA has turned into a 'toilet'..

  62. Jeff Baker

    Jeff Baker7 時間 前

    It's not an all or nothing thing. Be sensible.

  63. Azul

    Azul7 時間 前

    Thats a bit more than 10 people

  64. Eve Clap

    Eve Clap7 時間 前

    All this quarantine, and social distance, making people poorer and frustrated, then the police killing on top of that. That is y u see all that Rioting and looting going on, surprise it didn't speed further.

  65. carlos campos

    carlos campos7 時間 前

    When Adele said “set fire” ✨🧚‍♂️💕 she didn’t mean this

  66. Clement Bordet

    Clement Bordet7 時間 前

    thats hat happens when you MURDER someone

  67. Trump Da Stoner

    Trump Da Stoner7 時間 前

    No it’s not. It’s what happens take advantage of someone’s death

  68. chieh chris

    chieh chris7 時間 前

    stupid people burning other shop.break in to shop.this is not the way.

  69. Jeff Baker

    Jeff Baker7 時間 前

    Thugs in protester's clothing.

  70. ChrisDaKing

    ChrisDaKing7 時間 前

    Why are they setting buildings on fire?

  71. Gir Doodie

    Gir Doodie7 時間 前

    Guys instead of destroying people’s homes and businesses why don’t you attack the police stations just a thought

  72. dungeon master

    dungeon master7 時間 前

    Ну всё F ёпта

  73. Alex Anderson

    Alex Anderson7 時間 前

    As a white man my opinions have seriously changed regarding kneeling at a football event. This is an understatement and we all need to take a stance,black or white. I am sorry this has happened.

  74. Mr Dr Prof Patrick

    Mr Dr Prof Patrick7 時間 前

    These people aren’t rioting for George. They’re rioting for change. This isn’t getting their message across though. The murder of one person by a few cops justifies the destruction of all other police departments in the area. Right? These people are self-righteous and mentally ill.

  75. Si Tai Anjing

    Si Tai Anjing7 時間 前

    f**k off white people !!!

  76. Ramen Noodles

    Ramen Noodles7 時間 前

    I hope you know there are tons of white people at that protest/riot fighting in support of George Floyd. How about you think before commenting.

  77. Trump Da Stoner

    Trump Da Stoner7 時間 前

    Or what?

  78. Google User 10

    Google User 107 時間 前

    These are not protests, they are riots.

  79. Robert Lembo

    Robert Lembo7 時間 前

    Well at least some of the protesters had the decency to wear masks, since they ARE shoulder to shoulder...

  80. Ethan Lott

    Ethan Lott7 時間 前

    Rioting isn’t protesting

  81. OoXx Xx oO

    OoXx Xx oO7 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="690">11:30</a> wht is this

  82. Calisthenics Believer

    Calisthenics Believer7 時間 前

    Violence doesn’t fix violence.

  83. Brandonutz

    Brandonutz7 時間 前

    When the looting starts so does the shooting

  84. Blayze Lancaster

    Blayze Lancaster7 時間 前

    Rip George Floyd 🕊

  85. The Legendary Critique

    The Legendary Critique7 時間 前

    Why dont we go to the government about this take it a step further since going to the police wont do anything.. Enforce a law that could effect all police officers on the same caliber as a military soldier that dont follow the rules! That way its more effective than just destroying stores and police cars..

  86. DippingWithThe RevolvingShotty

    DippingWithThe RevolvingShotty7 時間 前

    Tomi lahren and her fellow chihuahua followers - " 🐕🗣KNEE JERK REACTION, ARF! ARF! ARF ! BARK ! BARK! BARK! "

  87. ChrisDaKing

    ChrisDaKing7 時間 前

    Looks like a new map for COD

  88. Natalie Maroney

    Natalie Maroney7 時間 前

    The reason Martin Luther King Jr. Had his dream come true Is because He supported the Fact that being Peaceful Would resolve The problem of segregation. Tearing down Targets is in my opinion, is not gonna solve this. There needs to be a change for 2020. #BlacklivesMatter 🖐🏾🖐🏿🖐🏽

  89. Adnan Husain Hakeem

    Adnan Husain Hakeem7 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="104">1:44</a>:43

  90. Master Chief

    Master Chief7 時間 前

    It really shows that the citizens of Minnesota have more sense then the governor of Minnesota by knowing what murder is.