LIVE: House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing


  1. J H

    J H時間 前

    These Republicans are TRASH... how does one sleep at night? I'll never know!

  2. Pætrïck Lėő Dåvīd

    Pætrïck Lėő Dåvīd時間 前

    Giuliani's a mad man. He is an unhinged bologna head and a phony. Just a thought.

  3. selrod55

    selrod55時間 前

    Adam Schiff's SCHIFF SHOW !!!!! Schiff is a total CLOWN !!!

  4. avalon449

    avalon4492 時間 前

    Two dick heads testified today about what rumors they heard. Lol!!!

  5. Tuck Contreras

    Tuck Contreras2 時間 前

    Jordan’s ou are a lying sack of shit! I have watch your lies and your behavior to the point of nausea! Meanwhile this planet is dying! Republicans have always been pro big business. And you in your behavior sacrifice this planet for your greed. All humans and all life will die because of your greed and your indifference and all others like you!

  6. sharon olsen

    sharon olsen2 時間 前

    I listened to / watched as much of the hearing as possible today. I had an appointment an hour away from home, so I listened in the car on NPR. The republicans, and especially Janky Jim Jordan made utter fools of themselves ! The democrats, on the other hand had serious questions, on point with the matter at hand.. and the witnesses handled themselves professionally and above reproach. This is history .. no matter your political party affiliation .. the proceedings will be rebroadcast so all who were working or otherwise engaged can witness the entire hearing .. I urge EVERY American to listen .. closely.. and with open minds ... We as citizens have as much responsibility for this outcome as those in congress. It is the duty of EVERY citizen to protect and defend the constitution... the benefits of which we do enjoy every day.

  7. Vivian Robinson

    Vivian Robinson時間 前

    So true!!!!

  8. electriklady06

    electriklady062 時間 前

    Takeaway 1: Why aren't re-usable water bottles mandatory in Congress???

  9. Thomas Whiteowl

    Thomas Whiteowl2 時間 前

    "Everyone has their own impression of what truth is." EXCUSE ME? Truth is truth, facts are fact... no opinions, just facts. The ASK is the crime, he asked a foreign power to interfere in a United States Election. Period, Full Stop. He committed a high crime.

  10. Sonny Dee

    Sonny Dee時間 前

    @Thomas Whiteowl Funny how you say fact is fact, truth is truth.. yet you give the witnesses testimony of subjective interpretation of 2nd 3rd 4th hand information opinions as credible fact and truth, when the actual transcript proves otherwise. lol Thank you for proving your inane stupidity for what it is If you can't electorally defeat Republican Pres Trump, just impeach him. lol This is why this whole Democrat Stalinist Political Circus Tribunal show will go down in history as the worst govt abuse of Congressional Constitutional Powers against a sitting US President in US history.

  11. Justagameweplay

    Justagameweplay時間 前

    @Magic In The Matrix Place yourself in the position that Zelensky was in. You need that and future aid to fight for the survival of your country and another person holds the keys to that aid and whether or not you receive it. You know that you were pressured and or feeling pressured into doing their bidding. When you are asked, knowing that you will anger this person and that it's likely that you'll have to deal with this person and the consequences of your answer for another five years if you tell the truth, what would your answer to the question of whether or not you were pressured be? I'm not saying that's what happened, I'm posing a realistic question. If it were me, I know that calling Trump a liar or doing what I needed to do to protect my country would weigh heavily on my answer and my conscience. Everyone in the world knows that Trump is a vendictive person, he's admitted to being so publicly.

  12. Adan Castillo

    Adan Castillo時間 前

    I'd imagine Trump wouldn't be too happy if he said that he did feel pressured. Also, even if the Ukrainian president said he didn't feel pressured, that doesn't change what Trump did

  13. Magic In The Matrix

    Magic In The Matrix2 時間 前

    Must have missed the entire day the Ukrainian president had with the world media as he said that he never felt pressure to do anything. I imagine that president is considered first hand information vs second hand or he said she said🤷‍♂️. Also I wonder why no one jumped at the opportunity to show any evidence that contradicts what the Ukrainian President has stated since the beginning. There was a chance for several people to bring his account into question. Low and behold though, this will do nothing but cement a 2020 win for Trump. The Democratic Party will have no one to blame but themselves.

  14. Roma Lawal

    Roma Lawal2 時間 前

    Democrat President always make money for the next Republican President to spend like a prodigal son

  15. Vivian Robinson

    Vivian Robinson時間 前


  16. Quinn Miller

    Quinn Miller2 時間 前

    angry little ratcliffe can barely get his words out. lindsey jr? lmfao. republicans are a full blown joke. what a sad time to be a republican.

  17. Ben Herreid

    Ben Herreid2 時間 前

    That Goldman guy does a really good Adam Schiff impression.

  18. Mark Allen

    Mark Allen2 時間 前

    all i can think is Taylor sounds like John Lithgow

  19. Lorraine Kessler

    Lorraine Kessler2 時間 前

    Hearsay ... is not evidence, however true it may be. Rule of Law. Hope evidence comes or this will be a farce for which average Americans will pay a very high price.

  20. David Schwab

    David Schwab2 時間 前

    It's not hearsay if others were in the room during the call. Or if there's recorded evidence of it. Also, there are exceptions where hearsay is admissible.

  21. Avenger

    Avenger2 時間 前

    We already have.

  22. James Ginn

    James Ginn2 時間 前

    Theres no business like show business.

  23. Ken Jones

    Ken Jones2 時間 前

    This is a distraction! While EPSTEIN blacklist pedophile swamp CREATURES scurry to avoid the light! God is going to reveal them all ! #MAGA #AMERICAFIRST #BLEXIT #BuildTheWall #fakenews #walkaway #DRAINTHESWAMP #WHEREISTHESERVER #KAG #KAG2020

  24. Sallys Fields

    Sallys Fields2 時間 前

    This is all just one big distraction from the fact that Obama used government tools [NSA] to spy on an opposing party's campaign and then even after duly-elected into office. Indictments are coming. Turn this off.

  25. kohl cooke

    kohl cooke2 時間 前

    Again, Sallys, get your act together. Is there any real evidence supporting your claim? If you have some, I'd like to see it. What do you mean by turn this off? Are you talking about just the coverage of the hearings or sonething else? Please be less confusing in the future. Thanks, Elijah.

  26. Travis Johnson

    Travis Johnson2 時間 前

    Nice attempt to deflect there Sally. Do you habitually answer questions by accusing others of your crimes?

  27. Ray Candy

    Ray Candy2 時間 前

    Republicans are sick just like their leader! Lock him up!

  28. Kanav Kohli

    Kanav Kohli時間 前

    @T-bug ridge what the hell are you talking about?? Investigations into Russian meddling have been going on constantly. Also there have been sanctions placed on Russia for this....what the uneducated hell are you on about?? As for collusion that hoax ended some time ago. We are in the low rent ukranian sequel now 🤣

  29. T-bug ridge

    T-bug ridge時間 前

    Kanav Kohli when The FBI and the CIA and other foreign countries knew that our elections was hacked and 2016 and Trump refuse to listen to our all intelligence that in itself is and impeachable offense.

  30. Kanav Kohli

    Kanav Kohli2 時間 前

    You need proof to Impeach someone. You can't just impeach someone just because you don't like him. This looks to me to be the biggest abuse of power from the democrats till date. Suddenly everyone has forgotten about Russia, seems like it was planned enough. This is how they operate. On to the next Hoax.

  31. nicolasraage

    nicolasraage2 時間 前

    3:11:20 sums this entire thing up. 3:13.50 - 3:15:25 if you can't listen for those extra 2.5 minutes..

  32. nicolasraage

    nicolasraage時間 前

    @Rado Rafiringa Nothing to do with Obama, they will not allow the "wistleblower" to testify. only Hearsay.

  33. Rado Rafiringa

    Rado Rafiringa2 時間 前

    Sounds like hearsay about Trump, Ukraine meddling, etc..., don't you think? And mostly criticism of Obama's approach to Ukraine security. Except this ain't about Obama. Nunes did not even bother to question the witnesses. As a matter of fact his attempts to discredit the witnesses fell rather flat.

  34. Kimberly Bussey

    Kimberly Bussey2 時間 前

    I'm listening to Nunes. Did he forget that nobody would be taking about the Ukraine if Trump wasn't so obsessed with discrediting the Mueller investigation that he asked the Ukraine president to publically investigate his political opponents.

  35. Magic In The Matrix

    Magic In The Matrix2 時間 前

    Which part of that is a crime?

  36. Johnny B. Goode

    Johnny B. Goode2 時間 前

    Alright, after 6 and a a half down.

  37. Sallys Fields

    Sallys Fields2 時間 前

    I honestly don't think the Dems realize what's going on. How sad is that? I mean, they're like lemmings jumping off a cliff that they don't know is there.

  38. Lisa P

    Lisa P2 時間 前

    Kamala would have done well too. She's a good asking the right questions.

  39. worm food

    worm food2 時間 前

    3:39:00 all you need to know

  40. kate wong

    kate wong2 時間 前

    Dems is communist! Lynching only apply to Communist. Fishing for info when there is no there there!

  41. The Condescending Goomba

    The Condescending Goomba2 時間 前

    You have no idea what communism is you fucking moron.

  42. kate wong

    kate wong2 時間 前

    Corrupt Dems are freaking funny and stupid. Fishing for info. Dems is operating like Communist! where is the impeachment of Obama with Uranium One!

  43. Susan Stanton

    Susan Stanton2 時間 前

    Nunes thinks it's ok for Giuliani to conduct foreign policy??! and it's okay for Trump to manipulate foreign policy for his own political ends. boo hoo hoo

  44. Susan Stanton

    Susan Stanton2 時間 前

    "America's mayor" -- more like America's consigliere

  45. Boban1611

    Boban16112 時間 前

    Republicans use the time to make statements.... what kind of questioning is this? This not even funny!

  46. Vivian Robinson

    Vivian Robinson時間 前

    The Reps know they have no defense and that they are losers!! And the majority of Americans know the truth and want Trump gone!!

  47. Danna Fox

    Danna Fox2 時間 前

    06:16:33 lol dude did a couple squats to keep the ol blood movin

  48. Miss Chievous

    Miss Chievous2 時間 前

    Lol. Trumps not going anywhere. 😅

  49. Miss Chievous

    Miss Chievous時間 前

    Now, say, "Baaaaa" Sheep.

  50. Ray Candy

    Ray Candy2 時間 前

    Miss Chievous yes he’s not going anywhere but to hell. He’s a murderer, liar, adulterer,racist,dummy,bald headed mf’r who was mire than unfit to be president. Point blank!

  51. Michael B.

    Michael B.2 時間 前

    Even if you hate Trump...A five year can see this a witch hunt..This will get Trump re-elected for sure ! The Dem.Party is a anti-American, socialist mess !.. They know they can't beat Trump, they look so sad and desperate... There is no Democrat that can win a Presidential election.... Let it go, liberals..shoot for 2024..That's long shot too, but don't give up !!

  52. Michael B.

    Michael B.時間 前

    @Purple Ever notice that crybaby liberals can never make a point, or win a debate, so they have to resort to grammar mistakes, or the tired, worn out race card..It's all they have LOL..Nice try...Try making a point next time...........LOL.........LOL....LOL....

  53. Purple

    Purple時間 前

    only people...who are geriatric patients.... or in hospice...type like this!....

  54. Travis Johnson

    Travis Johnson2 時間 前're saying Trump is a witch? Burn him! Or weigh him against a duck!

  55. J-Man

    J-Man2 時間 前

    A five year can see... this a witch hunt...Why are you talking?

  56. Mr. Dee

    Mr. Dee2 時間 前

    your a brainwashed idiot and actully believe in fox news!

  57. Dan Vercruysse

    Dan Vercruysse2 時間 前

    I doubt this will fall to impeachment but I hope it does for justice sack. Thought having Pence as president could be a even worse nightmare.

  58. THEEND123321

    THEEND1233212 時間 前

    not as worst as all ways getting away from jail Hillary Rodham Clinton,..

  59. Hope Moody

    Hope Moody2 時間 前

    I say we fire all these politicians and put in new blood. Who actually care about us the American people. They are just wasting our money we pay the goverenment!!! Nothing is being done for us!!! I'm So sick of ALL these politicians!!!!

  60. codyluke63

    codyluke632 時間 前

    Trump is not a politician. When he's done being president I hope he starts a media corporation that tells the truth. I trust him, even tho he says the wrong thing and does the wrong thing. Hey democrats, if he had to coerce Ukraine to get to the bottom of Hunter Bidens doings, is that as bad as Hilary paying for a report on Trump on 2016? Or destroying emails and servers against a court order? If you want a civil war your not going to have trouble getting it with Trump supporters, and I'll be on their side if it comes to that. I'm a libertarian.

  61. Travis Johnson

    Travis Johnson2 時間 前

    And your "both sides" bullshit is why people were okay with electing an obviously corrupt conman like Trump. So...thank you for that.

  62. Sallys Fields

    Sallys Fields2 時間 前

    LOL, that IS TRUMP!!!

  63. Hope Moody

    Hope Moody2 時間 前

    And we would not allow any lawyers in office cause lawyers are just professional liers!!!

  64. Susan Stanton

    Susan Stanton2 時間 前

    Mark Meadows - what a lying sack

  65. stanley jean

    stanley jean2 時間 前

    If it was Obama impeachment would have been in a minute . trump has been use to show the color of America

  66. J-Man

    J-Man2 時間 前

    Obama did nothing impeachable.

  67. HindiRapGuru

    HindiRapGuru2 時間 前

    Everything is a joke here, a freaking circus, waste of time and money, nothing came out of this! Impeachment of a President based on what, on just because you feel something, your views and opinion based on someone's act? Get the F out of here! That is not how the judgment is done! There are no solid reason or actual evidence to prove anything here, this is just a matter of he said and she said bullshit. So how does this work? Democrats can spy and ask questions about Trump's actions every now and then but Trump cannot do the same thing for once. When Democrats do it, it is law and under constitution but when Trump does it, it is dictatorship and against constitution. What the F!!! My logical mind just baffles me! Even the voting result is not great for impeachment, though Dems are in majority in the House. Even some Democrats are not for impeachment. Jim Jordan is a force to reckon with, he killed it here, there was no coming back from that. Whether you like it or not impeachment will never happen, will stop at the Senate for sure because Republican majority will vote against it (they already decided that), and this circus most likely will go against the Democrats in the 2020 election! A piece of advise to all the people in the room, work together and make the country better, do your job what you are elected for and stop wasting our money!

  68. Karen Qaiser

    Karen Qaiser2 時間 前

    I'd believe Taylor over that fat orange coward who knows zero about the Constitution.

  69. Travis Johnson

    Travis Johnson2 時間 前

    "Well I feel like Trump has done nothing wrong. So you're hurting my feelings by impeaching him. So there."

  70. Hope Moody

    Hope Moody2 時間 前

    There are no facts and Daniel Goldman is leading the witness this is a kangaroo court. And I'm a democrat but I'm switching to republican! This is wasting my taxes that I pay!!! I'm sick of all this crapp!!!

  71. Z - A

    Z - A2 時間 前

    Concerned troll. You are obviously lying. Your language and chosen words gave you away, like kangaroo court, and no facts (black and white thinking).

  72. Travis Johnson

    Travis Johnson2 時間 前

    You're about as Democratic as Trump's toupe.

  73. Dr. Trixie CP

    Dr. Trixie CP2 時間 前

    Hope Moody you’re switching to repukelican? What are you? Mentally ill?

  74. T-bug ridge

    T-bug ridge2 時間 前

    The Republicans keep making it about Obama Obama did not withhold money from a foreign country if he did the Republicans would have been all over him

  75. T-bug ridge

    T-bug ridge時間 前

    TheLifeInside please don’t call me names I don’t call you anything I don’t mind when people disagree with me cuz that’s your right have a nice whatever

  76. T-bug ridge

    T-bug ridge時間 前

    TheLifeInside no I hate what Trump has done to this Country he is a racist he is ignorant my five-year-old behaves better than he . You are ill informed stop watching Fox cuz we all know Fox is not news . Trump cheated to get into the White House and he’s trying to do it again wake up😒

  77. Vivian Robinson

    Vivian Robinson時間 前

    Thats because no matter how great Obama was for America, the Reps are jealous that the Dems had the best President ever and whatd they got....Chump hhaahha. It must suck to be a Republican, how embarrsing for them!! Yay Democrats for being intellgent, kind, and for wanting to help Americans while Chump and his Admin just dont give a shit about us.

  78. TheLifeInside

    TheLifeInside時間 前

    @T-bug ridge Your definition of crazy sounds more like being well informed but hey I know you don't like trump and it really doesn't matter at this point, but he will be impeached likely and still be the 2020 candidate and probably president. Hope your cupcake ass is ready for that reality.

  79. T-bug ridge

    T-bug ridge2 時間 前

    TheLifeInside nah I don’t do crazy but thank you anyway

  80. Geoffrey McCorbin

    Geoffrey McCorbin2 時間 前

    Nothing to see here folks... what a waste of time and money.

  81. Kevin Hynes

    Kevin Hynes2 時間 前

    Did anyone else notice the paper clip in Jackie Speier’s Hair

  82. Kevin Hynes

    Kevin Hynes時間 前

    Boban1611 just shows what a joke this whole thing is

  83. Boban1611

    Boban1611時間 前

    Paper clips shouldn't be at the center of our focus. Don't you think? ;)

  84. Michael B.

    Michael B.2 時間 前

    YAWN !!!..Can the Dem.Party be any worse ?..What a freak show ! Adam Schiff is hated more than Trump is...I can't wait to see Trump win re-election with ease.. The crybaby liberals will be breaking windows 24/

  85. Michael B.

    Michael B.2 時間 前

    @Jester's Sketchbook You're a weak,feminine, crybaby liberal, that hates America, and thinks socialism works.....That's weirder !

  86. Michael B.

    Michael B.2 時間 前

    @Ricky de la Riva LOL NO WAY..The MSM kissed Obama's ass 24/7 They would hide it from us...The Iran deal was the worst deal ever made in the history of deals.. Fast and Furious, with America's biggest racist Eric Holder ?..Bengazi ?...All impeachable things that they said to ignore.. Obama was a pampered bitch by the media..Everybody knows that !

  87. Michael B.

    Michael B.2 時間 前

    @Jester's Sketchbook Why ?...Because I'm not a crybaby liberal ?.. You're weird...See how simple and easy that was ?.. Deep reply..Jester is a good name for you.

  88. James Baker

    James Baker2 時間 前

    Motion to come to order starts at 34:03.

  89. commentator

    commentator2 時間 前

    Lol, America ...the only country where people put a Democrat in charge of impeaching a Republican and still expect a fair trial. :D

  90. commentator

    commentator2 時間 前

    @Chris Jacobsen Actually says an Englishman.

  91. Chris Jacobsen

    Chris Jacobsen2 時間 前

    Says a Russian.

  92. Alyshia Morehouse

    Alyshia Morehouse2 時間 前

    Democrats have done what to help the American people these last 3 years, Nothing, they have spent all their time trying to undo the election. Schiff is paying Taylor to spread hearsay and lies.

  93. mr e

    mr e3 時間 前

    Emily d in the comments is actually naval cyber intelligence warfare psyop influencer

  94. Faith Virtue

    Faith Virtue3 時間 前

    What a pathetic spectacle. These hearings seem like a desperate attempt to continue the Deranged Russophobic Psyop against the American people. Any and all government officials advocating for conflict with Russia need to be removed from their positions ASAP. You are a danger to the country and the world. Take your rabid Cold War lunacy and seek professional help.

  95. Rochean Spencer

    Rochean Spencer3 時間 前

    Why are these crooked Republicans so angry and yelling jezzzz calm down guys 😠😡🤣😂

  96. Elena Nash

    Elena Nash3 時間 前

    I THINK;I THINK; MAYBE; PERHAPS; What, in YOUR OPINION, it LOOKS LIKE as though, PERHAPS IT MAY HAVE occurred, this is MY ASSESSMENT; what other conclusion COULD I MAKE; This is what I HEARD; I could only ASSUME,.... ...BUT NOT ONE SINGLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE; NO Documents, NO recorded conversations, NO video, NO pictures; NO Letters, etc... Where is this Hugh Body Of EVIDENCE? THEY'VE GOT NOTHING!

  97. Z - A

    Z - A2 時間 前

    To what extend you will think that they are lying under oath?

  98. Travis Johnson

    Travis Johnson2 時間 前

    It's almost like...witnesses are a

  99. Z - A

    Z - A2 時間 前

    The justice department haven’t released the evidence. Release the full transcript.

  100. Mr. Dee

    Mr. Dee2 時間 前

    just another brainwashed idiot!!!!!!!

  101. Jill Overhuls

    Jill Overhuls2 時間 前

    Hugh? There is a huge body of evidence

  102. jeff berson

    jeff berson3 時間 前

    Trump needs to be impeach now god

  103. jeff berson

    jeff berson2 時間 前

    @Josi Philp why don't you tell me ?

  104. Josi Philp

    Josi Philp2 時間 前

    Lol is that English?

  105. jeff berson

    jeff berson2 時間 前

    @Michael B. i know why you mad pussy

  106. Michael B.

    Michael B.2 時間 前

    You need to say why , or shut up....You sound like a weak follower with no clue !

  107. Volkfire

    Volkfire2 時間 前

    You're not even American stfu

  108. Ernesto cordero

    Ernesto cordero3 時間 前

    Ambition for power is making the hight people Crissy , the american population is paying for ,non sense legal prosecute . The criminals have the right to say something ,but that criminal are too many .

  109. Linda Galway

    Linda Galway時間 前

    Ernesto cordero ??

  110. DrMrSavagehenry

    DrMrSavagehenry3 時間 前

    Peter @ 3:16:00 - And you shall dunketh upon Jordan with the white hot fire of the hell he will one day rightfully and justly inhabit, and he shall knoweth the Truth of the Lord. Thanks be to Congressman Welch

  111. TheLifeInside

    TheLifeInside2 時間 前

    You mean the guy that made the inside joke to the deep state members that got a little hardy har. Yeah I'm sure the American public that elected him and also the people of Ukraine who elected their president wish they knew what inside joke he is referring to.

  112. Mr💪POWER-Hulk💯🌊

    Mr💪POWER-Hulk💯🌊3 時間 前

    If there's anyone stupid enough to BELIEVE what DEMS ARE PUSHING!!! You deserve a Hillary Whitehouse in 2020!!! Biden is recorded addmiting to BRIBING UKRAINE OFFCIALS, Wether for curuption or for looking into his Son and his CURUPT company it doesn't matter!!! Its the exact same thing DEMS are accusing the President of... But the Preseident is being harassed for a Phone call asking for FAVOR, a favor is not a demand, a favor can be denied... The PRESIDENT is looking into those involved in trying to blame him for something that has been proven, that he did not do ((RUSSIAN CULLUSION...)) I do not support this PRESIDENT... But from the outside looking in I can tell DNC is CURUPT and using this Russian narrative, to cover up DNC INVOLVEMENT IN the MURDER OF SETH RICH, who was the one who LEAKED to wiki.. Who was killed mysteriously shortly after the leak went live....

  113. Emily D!

    Emily D!3 時間 前

    ALL that matters, for the first count of the impeachment of Donald J. Trump is that he ASKED, he ASKED, he A S K E D for help from a foreign leader that would benefit him politically. THAT IS SO ILLEGAL that the founders put it right into the United States Constitution. Corruption in Ukraine, withholding their military aid, anything Rudy Giuliani did, anything any of the witnesses did, anything Hunter or Joe Biden did, anything that anyone else did doesn't matter...Donald J. Trump, as president of the United States, broke the emoluments clause by ASKING for a political favor from a foreigner. Republicans can distract, squirm, twist, lie, obstruct, confuse, attack, or whatever other tactic they will stoop to but nothing will change the fact that Donald J. Trump broke the constitution and must be held accountable! "no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign State." -Article 1, section 9 Source:

  114. nicolasraage

    nicolasraage時間 前

    @Beautiful Brown perhaps you can tell me which part of that bill is relevant.

  115. THEEND123321

    THEEND1233212 時間 前

    Kalya So how is it personal gain when he asking for a crime from another that's not a personal gain,.. its more about finding a criminal actively, You see served in this nation Military 21 years retired from it also serve in NYPD 25 years so I have a understand of the law,. both federal and city so let me ask what do you do for a living?

  116. THEEND123321

    THEEND1233212 時間 前

    Kayla no you been Googling it, that the point google is not a court room or a site to get real facts from, maybe if you ever walked into a court you understand that. But keep up with CNN and thanks for Keeping President Trump in office again sweetheart, now you can google that.

  117. Beautiful Brown

    Beautiful Brown2 時間 前

    @nicolasraage And again...We have a specific corruption investigation with Ukraine. Bill Clinton signed it into law in 1998 -

  118. nicolasraage

    nicolasraage2 時間 前

    @KaylaT G Yes, trump can ask another country to look into corruption. He absolutely CAN!!! Why do people keep saying this? Are you high???? Do you realize our justice department works all around the world with other countries??? There is no evidence that he held the money unless it was done. There is actually evidence to the opposite. You realize there is video of Joe Biden doing what you say they can not do? He actually brags about withholding money unless someone gets fired.

  119. MyNameISJeff JEEFF

    MyNameISJeff JEEFF3 時間 前

    Wow, so the Republicans are the jokes I've heard they are

  120. kohl cooke

    kohl cooke2 時間 前

    So I see that not only are you trumpers ignorant and largely racist, you are also even more sexist than I previously thought (and that's a pretty high bar, congrats). Using feminine as an insult is very reflective of your party. Also, pirate flag guy, please just put a space between dem and party, it's a little bit irritating.

  121. MyNameISJeff JEEFF

    MyNameISJeff JEEFF2 時間 前

    Lmao just stick your heads in the sand, fine by me There is no republican party, just the trump party of traitors

  122. Mr. Dee

    Mr. Dee2 時間 前

    @Michael B. your a racist and a dumb Ass!!!

  123. Michael B.

    Michael B.2 時間 前

    @Sallys Fields Bumbling Joe Biden is about 6 months away from full blown dementia..Hillary is dirty, rotten and unlikable ...Lying Pocahontas ? LOL.. Bernie, the Grumpy old socialist ?..LOL...The rest are anti-American, crybabies that actually think socialism works LOL...WHAT A MESS !!!!!! TRUMP SKATES TO AN EASY WIN IN 2020 !!

  124. Michael B.

    Michael B.2 時間 前

    @Sallys Fields The Dem.Party is so far left, it may never get any serious power ever again...''You're a racist''.. ''America sucks'' and ''Socialism is cool'' are terrible messages, that only fool kids...The rational people are on the right..That's why Trump wins easily in 2020 !!

  125. Adan Castillo

    Adan Castillo3 時間 前

    Gee, I wonder which group gave all those dislikes.

  126. THEEND123321

    THEEND123321時間 前

    Dr Trixe Cp yes they are NYC LA and Detroit are jus cites not a states and more people are happy and will vote again in 2020 for President Trump. Electoral vote ring a bell?

  127. Dr. Trixie CP

    Dr. Trixie CP2 時間 前

    Miss Chievous hardly!

  128. Miss Chievous

    Miss Chievous2 時間 前

    Dems are losing......😅🤷

  129. THEEND123321

    THEEND1233212 時間 前

    Ge I wonder why so many thumb up believe that President Trump going to be impeached and removed?, but thanks for keeping him in sonny,...

  130. Jewels

    Jewels3 時間 前

    Time to vote on Impeaching President Trump. Let the Demonrats Impeach him, then we can move onto a real hearing in the Senate with Republican witnesses.

  131. Beautiful Brown

    Beautiful Brown2 時間 前

    @Chris Jacobsen Nah, we NEED that whistleblower.The Whistleblower doesn't want to testifiy because if he does, the Republicans are goingt o smoke him like a loosie. He's compromised a million different ways, he was wrong about the facts in his original complaint and the narrative they planned to spin fell apart when Trump released the transcript. He pulled the rug out from under them with that and he finshed them by going live with the president of Ukraine the next day. ZELENSKY says there was no quid pro quo, so how the hell can anybody say there was???? He has to come take his medicine. At least Trump didn't lock his azz up like Obama did to Chelsea Manning.

  132. Chris Jacobsen

    Chris Jacobsen2 時間 前

    @Beautiful Brown What matters more, an investigation or a trial? The Republicans will get their witnesses. (Though no whistleblower)

  133. Beautiful Brown

    Beautiful Brown2 時間 前

    @Lana Bulmer You sound DUMB. Look at how Schiff is carrying himself, look at the rules they have governing this and go listen to Nunes statement about all of the damn lies Schiff has told - with impunity because the media lies and spin for him. This is a damn shame and you don't have to be a Republican ( I will NEVER be a Republican) to see that. The Democrats get to control who testifies, what questions can be asked, they don't even want the Whistelblower that set the whole thing off to testify now. WTF??? If I was Trump, I would have beeeeeeeeen told them to kiss my natural Black azz the day after I went live with the president of Ukraine and he said - NO QUID PRO QUO.

  134. THEEND123321

    THEEND1233212 時間 前

    Lana Bulmer and you believe your side is any better? Global warming B/S Nothing Russian Burger that went no were and the no sleeping with Porn Star gone and her own lawyer going to jail!

  135. Lana Bulmer

    Lana Bulmer3 時間 前

    The entire GOP are liars and like tRUMP cannot be trusted to tell the truth, hence their non-compliance with congressional subpoenas.

  136. Adan Castillo

    Adan Castillo3 時間 前

    You know you're a millennial when you're watching this on your Nintendo Switch

  137. THEEND123321

    THEEND123321時間 前

    No she lost because many Democrat didn't vote for her,.. a lot did but she lost in a lot of working farmers state ,.. David what state your from because all I can see it you know nothing more then the block you live on,.. or did you just get out of jail?

  138. David Schwab

    David Schwab時間 前

    @THEEND123321 She lost because people did not show up to vote for her, because they don't like her. Even the DNC knows this now and wouldn't risk trying her again. So chill out and forget her.

  139. THEEND123321

    THEEND123321時間 前

    david Schwab,… you realize only fools like you cant she that she going to enter the race again, just see kid,... I've been follow her longer then you and have a understand of what she is,. I'm a democrat yet I voted Trump over her, many also did the same,.. You seem to believe that no democrat is think about her,.. but if she enter and when she does, be pulling the level in 2020. Me I wont kid but think about that when you do and Trump wins again think about what I told you today!!

  140. David Schwab

    David Schwab2 時間 前

    @THEEND123321 You realize only silly Trumpers are talking about Hillary, right? No democrat ever spends time thinking about her anymore.

  141. THEEND123321

    THEEND1233212 時間 前

    Erick Vides, first of kids I'm a proud Blackman a democrat still living in NYC yet I voted for President Trump, that's very white of you kid, we have a word for you clowns, "closet racist!" President trump going to win again and its all because of clowns like you,.. Walkaway look it up son, more brothers and sisters are doing it,...

  142. Daylynne Starr

    Daylynne Starr3 時間 前

    Well this guy is testifying to HEAR-SAY! None of which is legal for evidence in a trial. This now becomes very boring -- Especially such questions as: "What did you THINK he MEANT by that saying?" This is like a bunch of little kids playing make-believe! Bring charges of TREASON against the Dems for this one.

  143. nicolasraage

    nicolasraage時間 前

    @Rich Torum a year and a half before the election???.... How can you seriously not call this a b.s. hit piece? They are accusing Trump of doing exactly what Joe biden bragged about doing... Do you not see the ironic hypocrisy???

  144. THEEND123321

    THEEND123321時間 前

    Rafo and your crying isn't going to Stop the President From being the president or so many that will still vote for him in 2020, but I'm enjoying that no evidence that this impeachment is showing so far!

  145. Rado Rafiringa

    Rado Rafiringa2 時間 前

    Yet, it seems the GOP argument of innocence and insistence that "nothing happened" rests on hearsay. "Have you heard president Zelensky say to the press he was being pressured?", "Have you heard president Trump... blah blah", as well as politically motivated rhetorical questions... and they premise the innocence of Trump on the fact that the aid was released after the Giuliani grenade has blown up in the media? Come on man... come on... Plus, Jordan certainly takes a lot of liberties in confidently stating what the president intentions were regarding Ukraine, while it is pretty clear the witnesses who were supposed to be the ones carrying official US policies in Ukraine were kept out of the loop? Should we suddenly call the GOP's explanations (read lame excuses) of president's Trump's actions "hearsay" if they turn out in the near future to be damaging to president Trump? The witnesses testified and made pretty clear that the president's shenanigans were not part of a well planned US policy of rooting out corruption. They testified under oath that they, the official team in Ukraine, simply could not explain what the president and his grim reaper (Giuliani) intended to do by witholding Ukrainian aid. The GOP made lots of statements, but have not proven a goddamn thing. The Dems on the other hands hit a political goldmine that keeps on giving. This whole focus on Biden is a diversion. None of the US folks in Ukraine was asked to take a look at Biden, although they sure could have if it was a problem to US policy. As Kent mentioned, when he learned of this, he brought up his concern of the appearance of conflict of interest to then VP Biden. The GOP did not dispute their depositions.

  146. THEEND123321

    THEEND1233212 時間 前

    Jeremy Carpenter typical closet racist,. left wing in the closet response to place those in jail without any real evidence, P/S the USA not Russian or China sonny.

  147. THEEND123321

    THEEND1233212 時間 前

    Rich Tom where is the evidence I haven't see it yet other then Adam saying it there, So what do you do for a living? I'm retired USARMY 21 years and Retired NYPD 25 have little more understand then most about court and it dealing and what it takes to go and then go to jail,.. But having a feeling or dislike doesn't mean its evidence,..

  148. Cagy McCorgeson

    Cagy McCorgeson3 時間 前

    Biden: “fire the prosecutor investigating the company that pays my son $50k / month.” Democrats: “that’s good foreign policy.” Trump: “Zalinaky, can you look into Burisma?” Democrats: “Whistleblower told Taylor told Sondland told Schiff’s assistant told Schiff ORANGE MAN BAD! IMPEACH!”

  149. cellonpot

    cellonpot3 時間 前

    In an ever-changing, incomprehensible world the masses had reached the point where they would, at the same time, believe everything and nothing, think that everything was possible and that nothing was true. [...] under such conditions, one could make people believe the most fantastic statements one day, and trust that if the next day they were given irrefutable proof of their falsehood, they would take refuge in cynicism; instead of deserting the leaders who had lied to them, they would protest that they had known all along that the statement was a lie and would admire the leaders for their superior tactical cleverness. Excerpt from the Origins of Totalitarianism by Hannah Arendt (1951) Defend the constitution and democracy from this neoliberal fascist president!

  150. kohl cooke

    kohl cooke2 時間 前

    Also: Obama had nothing to do with this (research a bit) and the presidential phone calls are monitored under rule of law, not illegally as you seem to claim (though you can be a little hard to understand).

  151. kohl cooke

    kohl cooke2 時間 前

    Sallys, let me explain this to you: the impeachment process is, in fact, a product of the constitution used to keep checks and balances for the presidential office. Drumpf has used foreign powers to personally aid his campaign and undermine American democracy and is doing it again, he has used the office to benefit himself above the American people, and he is getting away with it all. This is why the impeachment process was created, to prevent leaders from using the office for their own gain. Also, rhinos? Really? That's the best mean nickname you could come up with for us dems? Gimme a break pubby, you're just scared of these hearings. I'm only 15 so please mince your profanity when no doubt addressing me angrily later on.

  152. Sallys Fields

    Sallys Fields2 時間 前

    And I bet you are one of those liberal-minded indoctrinating professors at a university. If not, you're a wannabe that lives in your mom and dad's basement waiting for your next meal while playing Call of Duty.

  153. Sallys Fields

    Sallys Fields2 時間 前

    Exactly what our great President Trump is doing...preserving our Constitution and the Rule of Law. The deep state Dems/Rhinos are incredibly arrogant and ignorant to believe they're getting away with this. The ax is coming-- the indictments are coming and it's not going to be pretty for some in Obama's admin and beyond. You can't use government tools [NSA] to spy on the opposition in a political campaign. Gitmo is waiting.

  154. Horned One

    Horned One2 時間 前

    cellonpot People were wiser in ways that mattered, at the time those words were written. No doubt wiser than you, cellonpot. I wish we could transplant some of that wisdom to this century.

  155. Daniel Tucker

    Daniel Tucker3 時間 前


  156. Daniel Tucker

    Daniel Tucker2 時間 前


  157. Kimberly Bussey

    Kimberly Bussey2 時間 前

    @Daniel Tucker Whoa. Racist much? Your beloved Republicans had the control from 2012 to 2018. That's six years where they could've investigated Obama, and Biden. Instead, they investigated Hillary and produced zero outcome. No indictments, no charges, no arrests. Just six years of endless investigation where, in 2015, they changed the investigation rules so they could privately depose witnesses without Democrats present. With that, why are you screaming?

  158. Rado Rafiringa

    Rado Rafiringa2 時間 前

    Look, a screaming pussy!

  159. Daniel Tucker

    Daniel Tucker2 時間 前


  160. Mary Brawner

    Mary Brawner2 時間 前

    @Daniel Tucker Lol. Delusional much?