Coronavirus update February 27th, 2020: Death toll, infections and recoveries


  1. Artynx

    Artynx日 前

    January 27th 2020: 7000 - 7500 Cases? February 27th 2020: 82K Cases March 27th 2020: Nearly 500K cases

  2. N Lamusette

    N Lamusette12 日 前

    Bad info - USA has deaths but they don't test to confirm cause. In the nursing home in Washington State even though the staff have tested positive, and the patients die and they ship them out at 3am and they don't even call the family until 10am the next morning. Then they tell them the patient died in the night and no autopsy was done and that's it.

  3. Ro Ro

    Ro Ro19 日 前

    You have to Refresh Data

  4. Shubham Kshetre

    Shubham Kshetre20 日 前


  5. marsden

    marsden20 日 前

    Everyone add a 0

  6. siddeshwar jagtap

    siddeshwar jagtap20 日 前

    I am exciting when corona enter india in large no cases. it is very exciting moment to fight with corona

  7. Paul Evertsen

    Paul Evertsen27 日 前

    This is wrong more cases in Italy and other countries and 2 deaths in US

  8. Cute C

    Cute C27 日 前

    More than 1000 cases in Italy, so wrong informations

  9. Pleeka Blue

    Pleeka Blue28 日 前

    There has been at least 1 confirmed death in the U.S.

  10. Pleeka Blue

    Pleeka Blue27 日 前

    @Little Red Hen and more cases confirmed including a healthcare worker

  11. Little Red Hen

    Little Red Hen27 日 前

    Now 2.

  12. Ana Rivera

    Ana Rivera28 日 前

    What a bunch of lies, we know the number is way higher. Jesus first is the only one who can save us.

  13. Spencer •

    Spencer •28 日 前

    That's not even accurate 😂

  14. Thomas

    Thomas29 日 前

    CORONA VIRUS-I CAN BIND IT,I WILL DESTROY IT.(with English subtitles)...

  15. Rick van Rath

    Rick van Rath29 日 前

    i believe we have way above 1 million invected ww. 1 billion+ invected in 2-6 months.

  16. Ma M

    Ma M29 日 前

    Please stop lying 🤥 more than hundred thousand people died in China 🇨🇳, In More than 100,000 people been killed by Chinese police

  17. del ryo

    del ryo29 日 前

    Semoga di Indonesia gak ada .. Aamiin

  18. Stan Moon

    Stan Moon29 日 前

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="688">11:28</a> there is a 33206 recovered number, by the end of the video there is only 32756 recovered?



    GOOGLE JIM HUMBEL MMS. This Stuff Destroing all Desses in Minutes!

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    -- -29 日 前

    Gold bilion

  21. Khalil'S Vlogs

    Khalil'S Vlogs29 日 前

    Hing Kong part of China but not effected as Italy and Iran!!!!

  22. Beverly Tompkins

    Beverly Tompkinsヶ月 前

    Maybe the Hospital personnel should try some of Dr.Sebi formulas but no that would be wrong to consider his naturalistic medicine to cure this coronavirus once and for all. This virus is a mucus formulate disease that can be cured by cleaning out the mucus that is within the vital organs of your body , once you clear out all the germs from the body with Dr. Sebi formula then you will see a great improvement with the healing of the body because it will rid itself of the infections within the mucus membrane.

  23. fahr rurrozi

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  24. Damir Pandza

    Damir Pandzaヶ月 前

  25. Troy Keith

    Troy Keithヶ月 前

    Dude it's far from the black plauge 2.5 million deaths.

  26. Loe Clips

    Loe Clipsヶ月 前

    Bill gates and melissa foundation. This is 100 % something the zionist elites are working on together to get rid of the sick and poor.

  27. Tiffany Black

    Tiffany Black28 日 前

    Israel may have a vaccine ready in weeks... I heard. Israel. If that tells u anything

  28. Алекс Ckott

    Алекс Ckottヶ月 前

    COVID-19 has to be a man-made bio-weapon. It reinfects, stays alive for 9 days (maybe longer) on a surface, incubates for weeks (longest to date is 27 days) and is now a pandemic.

  29. Tiffany Black

    Tiffany Black28 日 前

    Don't forget is more deadly to one specific age and gender group...

  30. Donny Marie

    Donny Marieヶ月 前

    this whole virus issue is making me so wet. we are nearing 3000

  31. Drea the Bandalore

    Drea the Bandaloreヶ月 前

    I hope you are been a troll

  32. nasusanus

    nasusanusヶ月 前

    canada have case also, why is not mentionned

  33. Jeremiah Lim

    Jeremiah Limヶ月 前

    Israeli scientists are on the cusp of developing the first vaccine against the novel coronavirus, according to Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis. If all goes as planned, the vaccine could be ready within a few weeks and available in 90 days, according to a release. “Congratulations to MIGAL [The Galilee Research Institute] on this exciting breakthrough,” Akunis said. “I am confident there will be further rapid progress, enabling us to provide a needed response to the grave global COVID-19 threat,” Akunis said, referring to the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Coronavirus outbreak likely caused by illegal pangolin trade, study shows For the past four years, a team of MIGAL scientists has been developing a vaccine against infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), which causes a bronchial disease affecting poultry. The effectiveness of the vaccine has been proven in preclinical trials carried out at the Veterinary Institute. MIGAL is located in the Galilee. “Our basic concept was to develop the technology and not specifically a vaccine for this kind or that kind of virus,” said Dr. Chen Katz, MIGAL’s biotechnology group leader. “The scientific framework for the vaccine is based on a new protein expression vector, which forms and secretes a chimeric soluble protein that delivers the viral antigen into mucosal tissues by self-activated endocytosis, causing the body to form antibodies against the virus.” Endocytosis is a cellular process in which substances are brought into a cell by surrounding the material with cell membrane, forming a vesicle containing the ingested material. In preclinical trials, the team demonstrated that the oral vaccination induces high levels of specific anti-IBV antibodies, Katz said. “Let’s call it pure luck,” he said. “We decided to choose coronavirus as a model for our system just as a proof of concept for our technology.” But after scientists sequenced the DNA of the novel coronavirus causing the current worldwide outbreak, the MIGAL researchers examined it and found that the poultry coronavirus has high genetic similarity to the human one, and that it uses the same infection mechanism, which increases the likelihood of achieving an effective human vaccine in a very short period of time, Katz said. “All we need to do is adjust the system to the new sequence,” he said. “We are in the middle of this process, and hopefully in a few weeks we will have the vaccine in our hands. Yes, in a few weeks, if it all works, we would have a vaccine to prevent coronavirus.” MIGAL would be responsible for developing the new vaccine, but it would then have to go through a regulatory process, including clinical trials and large-scale production, Katz said. Akunis said he has instructed his ministry’s director-general to fast-track all approval processes with the goal of bringing the human vaccine to market as quickly as possible. “Given the urgent global need for a human coronavirus vaccine, we are doing everything we can to accelerate development,” MIGAL CEO David Zigdon said. The vaccine could “achieve safety approval in 90 days,” he said. It will be an oral vaccine, making it particularly accessible to the general public, Zigdon said. “We are currently in intensive discussions with potential partners that can help accelerate the in-human trials phase and expedite completion of final-product development and regulatory activities,” he said.

  34. ด.ช.นัฒทวัฒน์ ถีระเดช

    ด.ช.นัฒทวัฒน์ ถีระเดชヶ月 前

    Diamond princess is ship in japan

  35. CSXRockford

    CSXRockfordヶ月 前

  36. Stars Like It

    Stars Like Itヶ月 前

    I don’t think the 2,805 deaths are only senior citizons 😐. So young people can also die. But that’s my opinion😬😂

  37. Aurora Rain

    Aurora Rainヶ月 前

    Government doesn't want to pay social security so there killing the seniors off

  38. Pindi Phobia

    Pindi Phobiaヶ月 前

    Homemade mask for coronavirus

  39. sel ect

    sel ectヶ月 前

    "FOR HUMANITY SAKE , if you are getting expensive coronavirus protection mask or no mask at all. Then must watch & help by sharing this"

  40. YoureTube #Subcribe

    YoureTube #Subcribeヶ月 前 coronavirus in HOLLAND

  41. MustardCupcakes

    MustardCupcakesヶ月 前

    guys i was infected but I got cured chill.

  42. Tiffany Black

    Tiffany Black28 日 前

    There was only one person this happened with so far I think out of the thousands. So don't worry.

  43. Vikas Patil

    Vikas Patil28 日 前

    @MustardCupcakes im not joking few patients shown these type of fever kick back , i say at news channels from china , thats why china is feared

  44. MustardCupcakes

    MustardCupcakes29 日 前

    please tell me your joking

  45. MustardCupcakes

    MustardCupcakes29 日 前

    @Vikas Patil ur lying right.

  46. Vikas Patil

    Vikas Patilヶ月 前

    I heared it will come back after 2 weeks . U better check

  47. Happy Lucky

    Happy Luckyヶ月 前

    To the staffs of South China Morning Post We would like to forward our Worldly Spiritual Leader, The Ultimate Master Ching Hai's Letter to all the World Government Leaders, to all the Institutes' Leaders, to all the Scientists, to all the owners of the animal factory farms, and to all the Earth human inhabitants, to point you out that THE DEEP MAIN CAUSE of the Covid-19 is THE KILLING KARMA that people cruelly created on innocent animals for meat consume for thousands of years The Heaven is angry. The Nature is angry. And the Mother Earth is also angry and can no longer bear the barbarian actions of human people. The lesson of the Atlantic continent is coming back. Therefore the 2019-nCoV is cleansing out all the immoral human beings. The screening is happening now thru the pandemic all over the world. The only way to repent our sin before it's too late is every single one of us must be vegan, Scientists already warn us that we have only 6-7 years to U-turn. The famous Balkan Prophet Baba Vanga also predicted the 44th US President will be the last president when Sal Rachele also wrote in his book "Earth Awaken: 2012-2030" that population from nearly 8 billions people will be reduced to more than 2 billions in the next 10 years due to pandemic all over the world. Please use your power to ask every one be vegan, NOW, before it's too late. Supreme Master Ching Hai's letter Supreme Master Ching Hai’s URGENT Message to All Animal Meat Business & Livestock Factory Owners, February 22, 2020 Supreme Master Ching Hai's Urgent Call to Rescue our World and Pray for World Vegan Please join us for world praying every Sunday mornings for a powerful energy to help human inhabitants changing to vegan and world vegan for our Earth 5 AM -California time 8 AM -NY time We sincerely thanks for your precious time & consideration Respectfully yours

  48. Happy Lucky

    Happy Lucky28 日 前

    @Tiffany Black There are many people change to fruitarian and breatharian nowadays due to barbarian animal factory farms. Proofs: (1) Earthlings (2) (3)

  49. Tiffany Black

    Tiffany Black28 日 前

    I think you are right that mother Earth is cleansing and that we have no business eating these animals anymore. However companies need to make it more affordable to be vegetarian and vegan. Bc I personally cannot afford the meat supplements for y children and myself or I would not consume meat either.

  50. XxsnatcherxX

    XxsnatcherxXヶ月 前

    Im too young to die 😢😫

  51. Invader Jet

    Invader Jet29 日 前

    Stay strong amigo

  52. Vikas Patil

    Vikas Patilヶ月 前

    *No your too young to live*

  53. Shayan Asghar

    Shayan Asgharヶ月 前

    You hopefully wont. Amen 🙏

  54. Sara Sam

    Sara Samヶ月 前

    May Allah forgive and protect us... pray to Allah.. aamiinn

  55. Andre

    Andreヶ月 前

    its an inside job from the deep state . Rothchild. Illuminati or what ever because the planet has to much people

  56. Cute C

    Cute C27 日 前


  57. wendy lincoln

    wendy lincoln29 日 前

    China has too many people.🤔

  58. Brent Bingham

    Brent Binghamヶ月 前


  59. Stewart Professional Services

    Stewart Professional Servicesヶ月 前

    The thermometers used in some 'screening' stations can be off by 3 degrees. A commercial meat thermometer is sub standard equipment! Deployment of better screening protects all humanity.🧚

  60. Crazy Funny Cats

    Crazy Funny Catsヶ月 前

    Elevator music 🎶 please

  61. Michael Anderson

    Michael Andersonヶ月 前

    So around 0.0002% of Chinas population has died of this virus. And around 0.00003% of the worlds population.



    Its NOTHING allDay Deiing 300000-800000 Children in the Poor regions of earth

  63. Aquarius N

    Aquarius Nヶ月 前

    These numbers and the untrustworthiness of corrupt governments makes this very hard to believe, especially china, iran, and italy.

  64. Ana Rivera

    Ana Rivera28 日 前

    You forgot the corrupt United States of America’s . We have a bunch incompetent evil doers.

  65. BungHoleCamper

    BungHoleCamperヶ月 前

    Iran's death rate is most likely more realistic. China has under reported the true number of deaths.

  66. George Louis

    George Louisヶ月 前

    What is the age range of the recovered?

  67. joe smith

    joe smithヶ月 前

    Most who die have a serious precondition or are elderly ppl... it's just the flu dude

  68. Hathairat Phochaeng

    Hathairat Phochaengヶ月 前

    เห้อออ ...... อยากให้โรคระบาดนี้หายไปไวไว

  69. Melanie Martinez is the best

    Melanie Martinez is the bestヶ月 前

    Think of how many people have died compared to recovered. See none of us will die

  70. Eris365

    Eris365ヶ月 前

    And almost all of them are in china

  71. khalid onea

    khalid oneaヶ月 前

    Stop haram food

  72. chemical engineer electronic engineer

    chemical engineer electronic engineer29 日 前

    Stop haram islam haramzada

  73. Drea the Bandalore

    Drea the Bandaloreヶ月 前

    We need to stop eating meat

  74. Kuska

    Kuskaヶ月 前

    im from poland. im scared to run coronavirus to poland. IM VERY SCAREDDD

  75. Jose alvis

    Jose alvisヶ月 前


  76. Jose alvis

    Jose alvis29 日 前

    @Matias LVelázquez

  77. Matias LVelázquez

    Matias LVelázquezヶ月 前


  78. MyVideos

    MyVideosヶ月 前

    False in Italy are more then 500 confirmed cases :(

  79. MyVideos

    MyVideos26 日 前

    ​@Cute C That's great, I really don't understand why are so many cases in Italy? more then 2000, and rises day by day, how is the health care system there?

  80. Cute C

    Cute C26 日 前

    @MyVideos Exactly, this world is sad

  81. MyVideos

    MyVideos26 日 前

    @Cute C I'm not from Italy, anyhow people would do the same I think, making money it was always a priority, I guess.

  82. Cute C

    Cute C26 日 前

    @MyVideos I escaped from Milano 3 weeks ago

  83. Cute C

    Cute C26 日 前

    @MyVideos Milano

  84. mark anderson

    mark andersonヶ月 前

    2/3% death that higher then the normal flu season death rate???old people, very young and people already sick from something else??? is the world panicking over the same ole same ole?

  85. Tiffany Black

    Tiffany Black27 日 前

    @mark anderson just didn't know if u knew that. I just thought it was strange how such few children have even contracted it. And. I don't think any have died

  86. mark anderson

    mark anderson27 日 前

    @Tiffany Black mine was just a general overall statement about most viruses...

  87. Tiffany Black

    Tiffany Black28 日 前

    Young ppl really aren't effected by this. Though. And it's mainly men in their 50s that have had the hardest time with it

  88. mark anderson

    mark andersonヶ月 前

    @Michael Anderson this year will probably be no different? that was my question...unusual panic over what is essentially the same thing that happens every year

  89. Michael Anderson

    Michael Andersonヶ月 前

    To put it into a better perspective, around 0.00003% of the worlds population have only died of the virus so far. Seasonal flu kills 291,000 to 646,000 people worldwide each year.

  90. KaPowProduction

    KaPowProductionヶ月 前

    Woah, US has jumped to 60.

  91. KaPowProduction

    KaPowProduction13 時間 前

    garrs p 123,750, 2,222 death

  92. KaPowProduction

    KaPowProduction2 日 前

    garrs p 85,268, 1,293 death No.1 in the world.

  93. KaPowProduction

    KaPowProduction5 日 前

    garrs p 46,274, 588 deaths

  94. KaPowProduction

    KaPowProduction7 日 前

    garrs p 26,685, 340 deaths

  95. garrs p

    garrs p16 日 前

    @KaPowProduction 12,000 people have died from influenza between Oct. 1, 2019 through Feb. 1, 2020

  96. Raheel Rajput

    Raheel Rajputヶ月 前

    Thi is Pakistan 🇵🇰 2 man 👨 virus 🦠 😰😓

  97. niceguy

    niceguyヶ月 前

    the medic company made this virus so that they can make money from it, just like the computer virus!

  98. khalid onea

    khalid oneaヶ月 前


  99. Rahedanesh

    Rahedaneshヶ月 前


  100. Rahedanesh

    Rahedaneshヶ月 前

    ISLAMIC IRAN & China are Mafia

  101. Hans Hansen

    Hans Hansenヶ月 前

    sombi apokolips

  102. Hans Hansen

    Hans Hansenヶ月 前

    looks like they ar leing vith the numers in corea and china

  103. Bohemian Embrace

    Bohemian Embraceヶ月 前


  104. Sunny Aung

    Sunny Aungヶ月 前

    Why high dead % at Iran & Italy ?

  105. Tiffany Black

    Tiffany Black28 日 前

    Italy wasn't prepared and Iran has terrible healthcare system

  106. xdBox

    xdBoxヶ月 前

    @Hussain Ahmad Khan I would assume all countries are under reporting.

  107. Hussain Ahmad Khan

    Hussain Ahmad Khanヶ月 前

    Because they are telling us the truth unlike china

  108. Joseph DiPierno

    Joseph DiPiernoヶ月 前

    They are likely underreporting the number of infected; it's harder to hide (or not detect) the dead victims.

  109. Goku Godly

    Goku Godlyヶ月 前

    Because they are weak they can't handle to avoid it

  110. megha singh

    megha singhヶ月 前

    What about India

  111. MyVideos

    MyVideosヶ月 前

    @கசட தபர Well , I really hope you're right, it might be the climate as you said .Wish you the best!

  112. கசட தபர

    கசட தபரヶ月 前

    @MyVideos nope! The reality is corona is not spreading in India.. My cousins and friends work in healthcare and I live in kerala border(the place where corona was confirmed) and they said there were no further cases as of now. May be our climate favours us!

  113. MyVideos

    MyVideosヶ月 前

    In countries with poor health care system (Romania, Iran, Pakistan,India, etc) the numbers won't tell the reality :(

  114. Amit Jain

    Amit Jainヶ月 前

    @dhaher 03 No way could censorship in India be worse than it is in China. its hard to believe that since first case got reported a long while back and not heard anything since then.

  115. sbrazwell42

    sbrazwell42ヶ月 前

    I hope they stay well.. Everyone..

  116. trap4dafu2k0fit

    trap4dafu2k0fitヶ月 前

    That them there virus is a bio weapon, I tell you what.

  117. Pennycountry200

    Pennycountry20029 日 前

    It is a bio weapon

  118. Aurora Rain

    Aurora Rainヶ月 前

    coronavirus was made in the lab, there is actually a patent on it, I believe they use a secret element to activate it to make it deadly, and only attacks certain DNA types, Sounds like some New World Order Agenda

  119. georgoudixxx

    georgoudixxxヶ月 前

    There are three confirmed cases in Greece as well

  120. x__ Sk3ptik0s __x

    x__ Sk3ptik0s __xヶ月 前

    Google "H1N1 Wolfgang Wodard vaccines" to understand how they manufacture "pandemics" to sell vaccines and perhaps something worse.



    Iran is clearly fudging the numbers of infected. They have a 14% death rate, everywhere else its 2.5 or lower.

  122. Jose alvis

    Jose alvisヶ月 前

  123. Jose alvis

    Jose alvisヶ月 前

  124. Fabrica de Oglinzi

    Fabrica de Oglinziヶ月 前

    @林子倫 Ok. let's wait untill this is over, then will come back for a reply :) I am sure it will not be more than 3%. Soon this nightmare will end. I wish heath to all!

  125. 林子倫

    林子倫ヶ月 前

    @Fabrica de Oglinzi Nope. Cases with outcome: 9.1% dead. Cases still waiting for outcome: 20% in critical condition. Which means, even if we manage to save half of all still in critical condition, that's 10% fatality rate for all current active cases. Deaths: 2,814 Recovered: 33,345 Critical/Severe: 8,471 Mild: 37,958 Total: 82,588



    We cant infect each other if we are dead Also the government has removed masks and sanitizers

  127. Meliodas The seven deadly sins

    Meliodas The seven deadly sinsヶ月 前


  128. Jay

    Jayヶ月 前

    Is Diamond princess independent country? They are mostly Japanese but as I heard from media.

  129. Syed Hyder

    Syed Hyderヶ月 前

    Diamond princess is a ship

  130. The sky_is_moving

    The sky_is_movingヶ月 前

    No, its the cruise ship called diamond princess..

  131. Trinh Nguyen

    Trinh Nguyenヶ月 前

    I am shocked that Italy has 12 deaths as I thought they had a great health care system over there. But then again, it truly varies. I just hope this virus gets contained so no more lives are lost and no more people suffer.

  132. Zed Red

    Zed Redヶ月 前

    Matteo MCMLXXXIV we won’t. Coronavirus is going to be everywhere

  133. Matteo MCMLXXXIV

    Matteo MCMLXXXIVヶ月 前

    14 died in Italy, healthcare is very efficient, unfortunately the virus attacks the elderly killing them Northern Italy is in quarantine we will win this war

  134. FqllenOut

    FqllenOutヶ月 前

    USA safest in the world 0 deaths and its gonna stay that way mark my words

  135. Tiffany Black

    Tiffany Black28 日 前

    We had one die today

  136. Håkon Kvande

    Håkon Kvandeヶ月 前

    Over 300 million people and less than 500 tests. What makes you think USA is safe?

  137. TuaBehBeh Cocoon

    TuaBehBeh Cocoonヶ月 前

    @FqllenOut Why do we have to "mark" your words? What hidden message are you trying to say?

  138. L

    Lヶ月 前

    FqllenOut Imagine being so young you dont know about the outbreak that happend in the Usa were the vaccin killed more then the virus did.

  139. 林子倫

    林子倫ヶ月 前

    No. This is fifty-fold more deadly than influenza. At least. The only way U.S. can maintain 0 deaths is to keep it outside of U.S.

  140. Hamad Ullah Baqi

    Hamad Ullah Baqiヶ月 前

    Diamond princess ? Is it Taiwan ?

  141. Xiana

    Xianaヶ月 前

    diamond princess is the cruiseship in Japan

  142. Jae Hong Kwon

    Jae Hong Kwonヶ月 前

    It's the name of Cruise ship

  143. antoinesu

    antoinesuヶ月 前

    no, Taiwan is not on the list. The country currently has 32 cases with one death.

  144. One Gamers

    One Gamersヶ月 前

    So we can recover? From the virus ?

  145. Ann WasHere

    Ann WasHereヶ月 前

    @wendy lincoln Yes. You actually do. N95 have to be fitted. Lord, everyone is a Dr., nurse, lawyer, microbiologist, and knows everything. It's this that makes it more difficult to work in health care, especially when everyone gives false information to mislead the public. Sigh.

  146. wendy lincoln

    wendy lincolnヶ月 前

    @Ann WasHere You don't need to go to the doctor's to get fitted for a mask,,,,just go buy some .

  147. Ann WasHere

    Ann WasHereヶ月 前

    @Hairyfire games 1 Ya. I am not surprised. We were told it's possibly mutating.

  148. Hairyfire games 1

    Hairyfire games 1ヶ月 前

    Ann WasHere is 24 days now

  149. Ann WasHere

    Ann WasHereヶ月 前

    @Tabula Smaragdina Hi Tabula. No antibiotics are used to treat infections or bacteria. This is a virus, with multiple viruses. Most of the victims that have died, have been men over 60. This is primarily because they were smokers, had ongoing illnesses, weak immune systems, and so forth. Other victims included diabetes, cancer patients, weak immune systems, etc The best thing to do is see your Dr. and get Mask Fit Tested, this means a nurse or OC Health worker can test the proper N95 mask. Do not waste money getting the other surgical masks, as they are not affective. Wash your hands constantly and thoroughly, and if you get sick drink tons of water and electrolytes, and remain incubated for 14 days. Otherwise, my heart goes out to those that have not survived

  150. n325aej

    n325aejヶ月 前