Little Mix - Black Magic (Official Video)


  1. Eu Maria,

    Eu Maria,48 分 前

    Im listening while im making homework because of school. I want a potion to stop school

  2. Marito Pinto

    Marito Pinto時間 前


  3. Clara Hudson

    Clara Hudson時間 前

    Little mix get back to gether

  4. Olivia Edwards

    Olivia Edwards3 時間 前

    On the masked singer me and my fam thought u we’re The bee x

  5. Fiona Covich

    Fiona Covich3 時間 前

    I think it would be very hard to make them look ugly because there already so beautiful.

  6. khaarai dorjpalam

    khaarai dorjpalam4 時間 前


  7. khaarai dorjpalam

    khaarai dorjpalam4 時間 前


  8. Maryam Aminu

    Maryam Aminu4 時間 前

    I love your songs so much

  9. Stephen Nidd

    Stephen Nidd4 時間 前

    The fuck?! I was searching for 80's Slayer.. 🤘

  10. Carijuan Rowe

    Carijuan Rowe7 時間 前

    The girl looks like Tiffany and I watch this all the time

  11. Shade -Kun

    Shade -Kun8 時間 前


  12. Doraliz Ramos

    Doraliz Ramos9 時間 前

    Bullying the bully doesn't help it makes you the same as her

  13. ČøČø Çhãrłí

    ČøČø Çhãrłí9 時間 前

    *Music made in 2015* Me : *still jamming out heart*

  14. Helen Corohua

    Helen Corohua9 時間 前

    La canción me encanto mucho

  15. Luz Córdova Valero

    Luz Córdova Valero10 時間 前

    No sé hablar inglés 😂

  16. Michelle Garcia

    Michelle Garcia10 時間 前

    Why be somebody you are not?Why change.I thought you guys looked great

  17. Daniela Garcias

    Daniela Garcias10 時間 前

    Me encanta su canción mil 👍👌💓💝💗💘💞💟💕💖

  18. Miguel Flores

    Miguel Flores11 時間 前

    La amo mi reina hermosa bella preciosa hermosa bella mi reina preciosa otra mujer hermosa bella hermosa encantadora linda maravillosa bella mi esposa amada y amada esposa

  19. Lilah and Addison Knoy

    Lilah and Addison Knoy11 時間 前

    I love your video

  20. Lina r

    Lina r12 時間 前


  21. Amber Subba

    Amber Subba14 時間 前

    but they all look pretty

  22. Madison Gentry

    Madison Gentry14 時間 前

    is there such thing as dress code in this school

  23. David Lucien

    David Lucien14 時間 前

    Y’all are nice and funny

  24. David Lucien

    David Lucien14 時間 前

    Love 👫

  25. Ola Balogun

    Ola Balogun14 時間 前

    How did you get magic powers,...

  26. billy greer

    billy greer14 時間 前

    Arianya you tell her to get her a gift card for her and

  27. Mcarol bergo

    Mcarol bergo16 時間 前

    I miss it!

  28. Sergo Fabre

    Sergo Fabre16 時間 前


  29. Amani Senpai

    Amani Senpai17 時間 前

    So where is this book at I must have it I want to be pretty

  30. Rigoberto Montaño

    Rigoberto Montaño17 時間 前

    Me gusta mucho 》》》》♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ ~《《《》》》》》》》

  31. Vero Leontfgg'

    Vero Leontfgg'17 時間 前

    Me gustó mucho yo de todas las chicas era la del pelo amariyo esa de remera roja esa me gusto

  32. Sahera Mohammad

    Sahera Mohammad18 時間 前

    Hi zahrah

  33. Cristina Jcbs

    Cristina Jcbs18 時間 前

    Love this song it's my favorite

  34. ennysanusii _

    ennysanusii _19 時間 前

    how to lose a boyfriend: *making a natural human function*

  35. Kiruthika Sampath

    Kiruthika Sampath20 時間 前

    Love them❤❤

  36. TeeT Mwenebungu

    TeeT Mwenebungu20 時間 前


  37. Brithany Soto

    Brithany Soto20 時間 前


  38. Ludmila Pacheco

    Ludmila Pacheco20 時間 前

    Eu só quero ver se a música é boa Parabéns

  39. Ronjai Burse

    Ronjai Burse21 時間 前

    Not prettier than fith harmony but definitely better

  40. Aquamarine22

    Aquamarine2221 時間 前


  41. im fine

    im fine21 時間 前


  42. Amelia Maciakiewicz

    Amelia Maciakiewicz21 時間 前

    Super 👍

  43. Lana Kelly

    Lana Kelly21 時間 前

    I like the blonde outfit not dirty blonde blonde

  44. cute kitten MMA

    cute kitten MMA22 時間 前


  45. willian dorantes

    willian dorantes22 時間 前

    Me encanta

  46. Avigail Fuentes

    Avigail Fuentes23 時間 前

    No paro de escucharla

  47. Maria Tarasiuk

    Maria Tarasiuk23 時間 前

    Jes super 🤩

  48. Jeremy Agan

    Jeremy Agan日 前


  49. Bleep Bloop

    Bleep Bloop日 前

    I remember fighting with my friends over who is who and which parts they get to sing

  50. Sieni Voorwinden

    Sieni Voorwinden日 前

    Bk Lo Bi o hi o io puu hi puoi hi b Ji vv is



    wait is it Hailey Bieber?

  52. Priscar Phakathi

    Priscar Phakathi日 前


  53. Blaise Winterhalter

    Blaise Winterhalter日 前

    They all look like they should be H&M models lmao. Also RIP Forever 21

  54. Danselle chloe Basabas

    Danselle chloe Basabas日 前

    I love you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  55. Alesandra maruquez

    Alesandra maruquez日 前

    Little mix VS fifth harmony.. Share fifth harmony Comment little mix

  56. Demonetized Boi

    Demonetized Boi日 前

    I hate to rain on the parade but.... Do they know all black magic have consequences?

  57. Coach Jaylo

    Coach Jaylo日 前

    Don't come to Philippines, I'm still broke 😭😭😭😍😍😍

  58. mahou shoujo

    mahou shoujo日 前

    Misery Business but Disney

  59. Harmony Plays

    Harmony Plays日 前

    Hi I,m melody and I known you should not like a girl for her looks you should like her for her personality.

  60. Bindu Varma

    Bindu Varma日 前

    they were cute earlier itself like if u agree

  61. My fortnight username:Gioxd11263 Arvizu

    My fortnight username:Gioxd11263 Arvizu日 前

    I love this song