1. Laura Min

    Laura Min日 前

    Omg Tati!!! The green eyeshadow + your eyes!!!! Sheesh! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  2. Elizabeth Southwell

    Elizabeth Southwell日 前

    Is the Lion King Collection available in Australia???

  3. wolfgurl88

    wolfgurl882 日 前

    My skin is really light too so I’ll probably just buy the eyeshadow and one of the neutral lip sticks.

  4. Yvonne Ramirez

    Yvonne Ramirez3 日 前

    The look at the end!!! 😍😍😍😍 Gorgeous!!! ❤️ Tutorial please!

  5. Alyssa Mulder

    Alyssa Mulder4 日 前

    About to go see the new lion king movie!! I’m so excited! Watching Tati’s video to get pumped lol :) love you Tati!!

  6. Pickles Osiris

    Pickles Osiris5 日 前

    Girl just film with the A/C on! I dont hear it at all!! The mic is probably too far from it to even hear it to the extent that it would interfere with audio

  7. BossLadyD 86

    BossLadyD 865 日 前

    You are a breath of fresh air! 😍

  8. Madison Scott

    Madison Scott6 日 前

    ur spirit animal is probs a lion :)

  9. Saima Akhter

    Saima Akhter6 日 前

    The evening eye look was so pretty!! I was hoping that you filmed your husband’s reaction after the transition from day to night look 😍😍😍

  10. Nichole Baxter

    Nichole Baxter6 日 前

    You eyes looked gorgeous with the green eyeshadow!! OMG😲

  11. Michaela Miller

    Michaela Miller7 日 前

    LOVE this Tati 😍🦁🥰 NEED this collection as a Leo and Lion King fan this collection is a MUST 🦁♌️🌟

  12. VintageDisneyBound

    VintageDisneyBound7 日 前

    The part where you are wearing your red lip, you definitely look like J Lo. You got that J Glow!!!

  13. Sophia Berger

    Sophia Berger8 日 前

    Also not only is Luminess an MLM but Scott Barnes is a MAGAt...

  14. Yarah Ferreira

    Yarah Ferreira8 日 前

    You are so beautiful i do not undedstand how it's humanly possible to look this good. Also be so talented, love you and your channel

  15. taylor nietsch

    taylor nietsch8 日 前

    What foundation did you use in this video? I’m playing around with the Laura mercier Luminous foundation.

  16. Heather Levine

    Heather Levine9 日 前

    Where did you get that ring? I want it!!!


    GABRIELLE B10 日 前

    Omg Tati looks so beautiful

  18. Laura Kirwan

    Laura Kirwan10 日 前

    "Scott Barnes" takes a drink!!

  19. Bri Walker

    Bri Walker10 日 前

    holy smokes tati you look so hot in that seccond look all of those colors suit you well

  20. Lush

    Lush10 日 前

    MLM company ..... noooo

  21. Mo D

    Mo D11 日 前

    That lipstick looks great.

  22. Lendy Irigoyen

    Lendy Irigoyen11 日 前

    Loved all the looks specially the last one

  23. xoKeakay

    xoKeakay11 日 前

    i feel like other beauty gurus change their features but tati just accentuates her features

  24. Noelle Perez

    Noelle Perez12 日 前

    Omg nothing I love more than when you use that big frayed out kind of brush to blend out your cream contour !!! Your makeup always looks sooo seemless when you use it !! 💜💜💜

  25. Radoslava Bodnárová

    Radoslava Bodnárová12 日 前

    "I am the colour of toilet paper".... have you actually seen a person who is so pale they can never find a foundation shade light enough for them? You are NOT that person :)

  26. Winter Hight

    Winter Hight12 日 前

    You should definitely start doin more looks like the second one you did, it was those shades were gorgeous!!

  27. Eu T

    Eu T13 日 前

    I'M 22 and I still watch movies on cassette

  28. Juno

    Juno14 日 前

    I agree the makeup looks great but Luminess is an MLM company! Please don't give them the screentime... It's basically a pyramid scheme. Watch the document about Herbalife on Netflix and you'll understand how these MLM companies work. They're ripping off poor people.

  29. sophie

    sophie14 日 前

    I love the lip color on u!

  30. Nicole Czerny

    Nicole Czerny14 日 前

    I'm a Leo

  31. ROMA Portugal

    ROMA Portugal15 日 前

    Well that’s nice it’s hot there, where’s the summer in Oregon? I love lion king

  32. TZE GOH

    TZE GOH15 日 前

    That is hakuna mafucking tata

  33. Tracie McBeth

    Tracie McBeth15 日 前

    Beautiful collection - contour palette, beautiful eyeshadows! Thanks for the review - was very curious about this one!

  34. a verone

    a verone15 日 前

    Ok... I need that mirror!! Where do I find it?!?

  35. Jackie Plantier

    Jackie Plantier15 日 前

    Sad to see all these beauty gurus jumping on this release without doing their homework to find out that luminess is a toxic mlm

  36. Jelly Frazier

    Jelly Frazier16 日 前

    I missed all of your videos!! 💕

  37. mollymax ly

    mollymax ly16 日 前

    I feel like this palette could be more diverse since africa is so inspirational and has so many colours....

  38. J H

    J H16 日 前

    Skip half the video to watch the makeup part of the makeup video

  39. Samantha Lubitz

    Samantha Lubitz16 日 前

    My dogs name is Blu 😭😭

  40. kosMos Gemini

    kosMos Gemini16 日 前

    Same I was 8 and I got lion king on vhs and I watched over and over. I can't wait to watch new lion king just watched toy story 4 I'm loving being a big kid in the theatre.


    ANGIE FOY17 日 前

    Your night glam is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  42. Amy Daniels

    Amy Daniels17 日 前

    The Lion King has been my childhood favorite and I screamed when I saw this!!!!!!

  43. Lamar Amazing games

    Lamar Amazing games17 日 前

    OMG.. the green eyeshadow made your eyes pop ..beautiful

  44. Janice Ng

    Janice Ng17 日 前

    Looks like I'm not the only one who watched Lion King VHS tape over and over. :D

  45. virgen virgen

    virgen virgen17 日 前

    Thay forehead ended up horrible

  46. Mitchell Griffith

    Mitchell Griffith17 日 前

    Really surprised you didn’t like “Pounce”... it looked great with that bit of lip crayon. Felt like it added a bit of depth and warmth but remain neutral

  47. Alyssa Contreras

    Alyssa Contreras17 日 前


  48. Deserie

    Deserie18 日 前

    9:30 I feel like I’ve heard the background music before

  49. Claudia Maldonado

    Claudia Maldonado17 日 前

    Deserie it sounds a little bit like the stranger things theme song

  50. caleb weetman

    caleb weetman18 日 前

    Yes Mama! That green with your eyes! Deceased!

  51. king k

    king k18 日 前

    I've never seen the lion king.😬