Lilly Singh?! #NotMyCarsonDaly


  1. TotallyRamish

    TotallyRamish時間 前

    Swap Michael scott give him a show and throw lily into diversity training

  2. Watermelon Ludmilla

    Watermelon Ludmilla5 時間 前

    We’ve lost her guys

  3. noirdesire

    noirdesire9 時間 前

    Jesus christ is her entire identity and comedy revolve around being a brown woman? Fucking terrible.

  4. Student

    Student11 時間 前

    I'm Indian-origin too and I think it was really rude of her to say seeing someone like me is terrifying for white people". Wow. Even if she thinks that, I can't believe she said it on TV. At the same time I was a bit offended when she said "it smells like brown people here cause it's free to attend". Its like she's trying to upset everybody. Ps And did she just compare Mindy Kaling to Michelle Obama?! Wow, can't believe she could be that stupid.

  5. James Domke

    James Domke17 時間 前

    I watched this for like one minute and heard about 15 different racist comments. None of them were funny at all. I dont care if you love pussy or are brown I couldn't give a shit like most of humanity, but are you trying to start a literal race war? Because that's all this mind numbing racist bullshit will achieve! Why do race and hate speech laws only protect non whites. I never owned a slave or said racist things so what is your problem?

  6. SpaceGlitter

    SpaceGlitter21 時間 前

    You guys know this is a monologue, right? Like, it's very normal for these things to have a theme. Jesus.




  8. TheSnoozeFox

    TheSnoozeFox日 前

    As a black person I am offended that people like this think they represent me

  9. GT FlashPoint

    GT FlashPoint日 前

    We get it! you’re a Bi brown and anti white.

  10. Kumari Selvi

    Kumari Selvi日 前

    Lilly I am your fan and really proud of you but you are being very rude and blindly passing racist comments about all white people. American media is a lot more better than Indian media. I am from Southern India. Indians have different skin colors but we only see very light skinned people in the media. Because you are an Indian woman of color it would be nice if you shed some light on our country’s issue first at least through your JPreporter videos instead of bashing white people who are also a part of your success. It’s really amazing to see an brown skinned Indian woman on a American late night show because this would be impossible in any kind of Indian media.

  11. Mr. Big Body

    Mr. Big Body日 前

    The media mentioned you were a bisexual woman of color? You have to remind everyone about that every 10 seconds.

  12. Dominic McPherson

    Dominic McPherson日 前

    It doesn’t scare me that your hosting a talk show your funny, and, awesome

  13. Sean K

    Sean K日 前

    horrible... I know alot of funny "women of color" she isnt one of them

  14. TheSarahLefaive

    TheSarahLefaive日 前

    Fuck this is so exhausting to watch

  15. Codemann2010

    Codemann2010日 前

    The only thing funny about this show is how unfunny it is



    ...and all this time I thought JPreporter was safe

  17. gang gang

    gang gang日 前

    im just about ready to end it all right here, right now

  18. Joshua Bautista

    Joshua Bautista日 前

    This is so bad

  19. D M

    D M日 前

    Bragging about being a pervert is disgraceful ! So sad for this woman.

  20. SpaceGlitter

    SpaceGlitter21 時間 前

    Where did she do that? What?

  21. Akkoy Dakkoy

    Akkoy Dakkoy日 前

    Now that's straight up racist.

  22. tamy

    tamy日 前

    I used to like her :l man.... what happened.

  23. Shaylas Adventure Art

    Shaylas Adventure Art2 日 前

    Look Lilly. No one can control the colour of there skin. You are so racist and that's disappointing. Only judge a person by there personality. Not the colour of there skin.

  24. ali walsh

    ali walsh2 日 前

    Wow so racist

  25. Stank frank

    Stank frank2 日 前

    If your a straight white male, just know that you shouldn't listen to people like this

  26. t b

    t b2 日 前

    Please for the sake of comedy somebody stop this shit

  27. Pal Cadaval

    Pal Cadaval2 日 前

    Can someone give this show to Ali Wong plssss

  28. Lucas Smith

    Lucas Smith3 日 前

    Next they'll give Genital Herpes its own show, & then Ass Cancer! Yes Lilly, you're more cancerous than Ass Cancer, & WAY less funny. Betcha when her show gets canceled for being pure-concentrated-cringe, she'll say it's because the audience is all Wasist Homophobe N@zi-Russian Troll-Bots.

  29. SwyftTrakk Media

    SwyftTrakk Media3 日 前

    ...she made it.

  30. Bec Smith

    Bec Smith3 日 前

    seems forced and badly scripted yikes

  31. Pigtoy

    Pigtoy3 日 前

    Guys I’m starting to think she might be a bisexual women of colour

  32. Grace VS

    Grace VS3 日 前

    I don't know why, but i hate this. Too many repetitive jokes and they're all making fun of white people. Sure, a few jokes are okay here and there, but Lilly's are allllll the same, when will you get that IT'S NOT FUNNY.

  33. Thomas Moreland

    Thomas Moreland3 日 前

    You are not funny or at all entertaining. Hire better writers. BTW they're probably going to be white males.

  34. wallflower ·///

    wallflower ·///3 日 前

    This is literally just racism - Me, a Mexican

  35. Charlesa Thompson

    Charlesa Thompson3 日 前

    Actually be more than your color all these jokes are trapping you in the box

  36. M 6000

    M 60003 日 前

    I’m depressed. Lilly used to be so funny, really really funny. I used to watch her all the time when I was younger. This is just not funny at all. I’m sorry but this is just terrible, so so awful.

  37. M Renee

    M Renee3 日 前

    You are so unfunny it’s insulting lmao

  38. ashish hembrom

    ashish hembrom3 日 前

    Did she just rip off some Russell Peters jokes and make it 10 times unfunny??

  39. n4d3m4n

    n4d3m4n3 日 前

    As a mig 21 who commonly finds migself in paint schemes from bare metal gray to tan, dark brown, dark green and demo colors, I also find this race bating and gender pandering offensive. I prefer the dream by Martin Luther King Jr. where all types of aircraft can fly in harmony with each other and conquer the battle field. My pronouns are Mig, Migze, Migself, Mig the conqueror and destroyer, and Miglet.

  40. live free

    live free3 日 前

    What a racist cunt.

  41. The Trumpeter19

    The Trumpeter193 日 前

    Good job for doing it for a month

  42. Nikolananas

    Nikolananas3 日 前

    this is pretty racist

  43. Not your Business

    Not your Business3 日 前

    you suck

  44. Brooke Stone

    Brooke Stone3 日 前

    What an absolute shit show!

  45. Adam Tavares

    Adam Tavares3 日 前

    Well this show isn't going to last.

  46. Yassir Bek

    Yassir Bek3 日 前

    The world has been so anti-male and anti-white and this is coming from a space elf alien dragon lord

  47. Thales87 G

    Thales87 G4 日 前

    Im a middle class white liberal guy and i really like comedy, especially comedy that is subtly making an observation or speaking truth to power. Chapelle is a great example of this, he has a-lot of white people jokes, but as a white person you never feel attacked or like maybe deep down chapelle actually dislikes you, his jokes often convey a deeper message.... this clip didn't do those things.... this felt like an unfunny parody of bad talk show monologues and that maybe, deep down, lilly singh doesnt like white people very much.

  48. Vik

    Vik4 日 前

    henlo, i am brown and bi and you are white * laughter track * The comments are the better comedy here ;D

  49. Sam R

    Sam R4 日 前

    Unadulterated tripe, what a talentless moron

  50. a person

    a person4 日 前

    U should do a my parents react to my show video

  51. ryan

    ryan4 日 前

    Did she buy likes or something😂?

  52. CinnaBon Kittenz

    CinnaBon Kittenz4 日 前

    lmfao My name would be White Man, but he's gay. (In the future we'd change it to and he's gay for the laugh and for PR to get off our backs about it.)

  53. Rida Laamoumi

    Rida Laamoumi4 日 前

    White people are scarrrrrrrrrrred lol. She's killing it.

  54. Rat McGee

    Rat McGee4 日 前

    I lost it when she constantly mentioned bisexual woman of color- but then I literally got upset even more when she made a joke about the movie, “The Greenbook”- when it was actually based on a true story. First of all, I am a bisexual woman of color, but that does not take over any aspect of my personality, and I most certainly do not advertise that to every single person I see on the street. Secondly, I don’t even think she even watched that movie/understood what was happened in the movie to see that Tony Lip (“the white guy” apparently) was actually an Italian man who was hired by Don Shirley, an African American musician at the time, to drive him around the southern part of the USA so he can play his music in shows with audience that mostly consisted of white people. If anything, Tony didn’t care if Don was black or gay (it was revealed in the movie), he still stood up for him at multiple points in the movie. I’m sorry for going off about that, and I don’t mind if you agree or disagree with what I’m saying. I just felt that Lilly used that particular joke as a way to bash on Tony for “being a white character in a movie.”

  55. Roy Ch

    Roy Ch4 日 前

    lol terrible

  56. Kiera Clarke

    Kiera Clarke4 日 前

    I’m convinced the audience laughter was edited in after the show, because I don’t believe anyone actually laughed at her jokes

  57. Mike Anderson

    Mike Anderson4 日 前

    No one mentioned anything until you did, and stating your sexuality isn't a joke. Your career is though. Hooray for woke comedy...... If you can even call this shit comedy.

  58. Harsh Sinha

    Harsh Sinha4 日 前

    Why no one talking about the women she thanked??I mean what does oprah and others did wrong?

  59. Harsh Sinha

    Harsh Sinha4 日 前

    I am Indian and I have a question for white people....How do you tolerate this shit??

  60. Michael  Shreve

    Michael Shreve4 日 前

    This is horrendous

  61. Orlando Jefferson

    Orlando Jefferson5 日 前

    As a Native American/Mexican American I honestly dislike this garbage, if you have to trash on white people and continuously say you’re a “bisexual wahmen of color” then your shit sucks