LILI's FILM #4 - LISA Dance Performance Video


  1. Lilith

    Lilith時間 前

    She's such a good dancer. She is just amazingly talented. With her it's not just about the choreography or her skills it's her energy her aura. When she dances she tells a story and transmits all sorts of feelings. Lisa is a true artist. 블랙핑크 리사

  2. F Viana

    F Viana時間 前

    Chris Brown nooo

  3. afroz unnisa

    afroz unnisa時間 前

    she does not only rule the city but also the world

  4. Noelia Sánchez

    Noelia Sánchez時間 前

    People that they put dislike they don't know anything about dance

  5. Natalia Kret

    Natalia Kret時間 前

    This choreo was made by Cheshir. Why nobody is commentig about her and appreciating her?! She is amazing!

  6. 태정태세비욘세

    태정태세비욘세2 時間 前

    리사언니 넘예뿌다..💖

  7. Rand 09

    Rand 092 時間 前

    MOMO from twice is also good.

  8. laura martinez

    laura martinez時間 前

    And what does that have to do?

  9. Pelin

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  10. Pelin

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  11. Pelin

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  12. Pelin

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  15. Supansa Chinabut

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  16. misscomment

    misscomment5 時間 前

    OLAF LISA!!!!

  17. Ken James

    Ken James5 時間 前

    Man what's next this was done so perfect it's going to be harder top this hands down she's the best love when you did the core- African dances more of that you're the best hands down👍👍👍

  18. Vee

    Vee5 時間 前

    This hits different after watching her being a crackhead in olaf onesie 😂

  19. พลอย ไอยรดา2550

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  20. Patty Yaya

    Patty Yaya6 時間 前

    She is a diamond of the world

  21. Sudarut Chaited

    Sudarut Chaited7 時間 前

    Love Lisa

  22. ณชยากานต์ เหลือล้น

    ณชยากานต์ เหลือล้น7 時間 前


  23. Sudarut Chaited

    Sudarut Chaited7 時間 前

    Love Lisa

  24. lalisa

    lalisa7 時間 前

    i love you lisa malabon proud blink here hehe

  25. Farheen Fatima

    Farheen Fatima7 時間 前

    Cheshir's very pretty

  26. Maria Ybañez

    Maria Ybañez8 時間 前


  27. Blu Cat

    Blu Cat9 時間 前


  28. Ray

    Ray9 時間 前

    Fc น้อง ป๊อกแป๊กครับ จะติดตามผลงานไปตลอดนะครับ น้องทำให้เมืองไทยมีชื่อเสียง!!!

  29. chae yeong

    chae yeong9 時間 前

    Excited for your solo♡

  30. chae yeong

    chae yeong9 時間 前

    Lisa♡Please perform this at the awards show or at the concert♡

  31. Katherine Di

    Katherine Di9 時間 前

    Какая же классная хореография!! Восторг

  32. papsi com

    papsi com9 時間 前


  33. ลิลิเอ็ม 1997

    ลิลิเอ็ม 19979 時間 前

    Dance Queen

  34. Donut Station

    Donut Station10 時間 前


  35. 劉子駒

    劉子駒10 時間 前

    OMG fall in love ❤

  36. Paola Santos

    Paola Santos10 時間 前

    I really really love this

  37. Paola Santos

    Paola Santos10 時間 前


  38. Bang Bang Bang

    Bang Bang Bang10 時間 前

    We didn't reach 15m today lilies I'm crying :

  39. rani zahzu

    rani zahzu10 時間 前

    Lisa your so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. Rose Films

    Rose Films11 時間 前

    She is savage in other ways of moves 🔥 👇tap this who loves lalisa

  41. yuri

    yuri11 時間 前

    리사 매력둥이...♡

  42. 𝐁𝐢𝐳𝐝𝐞𝐧 𝐘𝐨𝐤𝐤𝐢 .

    𝐁𝐢𝐳𝐝𝐞𝐧 𝐘𝐨𝐤𝐤𝐢 .11 時間 前


  43. yukima Hoyakashi

    yukima Hoyakashi11 時間 前

    very good!!!!!!

  44. Allan Ngudu

    Allan Ngudu12 時間 前


  45. Lapatradha Chaingthong

    Lapatradha Chaingthong12 時間 前

    Happy 4 years anniversary !!!!

  46. Allyza Gabuna

    Allyza Gabuna12 時間 前

    She have great taste of music

  47. army_ btshaesu

    army_ btshaesu12 時間 前

    I'm speechless she is the best dancer I had ever seen Lisa deserve more

  48. VadaRose

    VadaRose13 時間 前

    This video shows just how naturally gifted she is as a dancer and performer. The other dancers here at times felt kinda stiff and like their moves were too exaggerated or hard but Lisa was really smooth and knew how to control her body. I love these films!! And she’s also the reason I got into Bp 🤧

  49. Mr. Professional

    Mr. Professional13 時間 前

    Her body is too thin and due to which her arms look awkwardly long . Just let her eat properly yg , not to be rude but korean people have weird beauty standards . lisa would look much more beautiful if she a little thick than this

  50. Mr. Professional

    Mr. Professional8 時間 前

    @ninsabs ok i didn't knew about that

  51. ninsabs

    ninsabs9 時間 前

    girl she was always thin like that go look at her liitle picture and she don't do diet so she is natu rly like that

  52. Megha Rai

    Megha Rai13 時間 前

    My thai queen you Are best and most important thing always dance with sawag and cool cute to dance always like a 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  53. creatrixND

    creatrixND14 時間 前

    can't believe this the same girls as Olaf Lisa... lol. Her duality amazes me always.

  54. samayra Agarwal

    samayra Agarwal11 時間 前

    Can't agree more 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  55. Marlin O

    Marlin O14 時間 前

    I've never wanted to be a cute boy so badly! GOD how I wish I could be her lover 😍 💞💕💘❤️💓💗❣️💖 the dude who's gonna be with her is gonna the LUCKIEST MAN ON THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!!!!!

  56. DR

    DR15 時間 前

    How to like a video more that once 😭

  57. Archs Angels

    Archs Angels15 時間 前

    Ahh my Goddess Lalisa Manoban ITS 14.2M VIEWS, 1.6M LIKES AND 3.77M SUBSCRIBERS YOU ARE SOO PERFECTLY GORGEOUS AND ADORABLY PERFECT!!! TRULY A GODDESS!!! I LOVE YOU SOO MAX!!! i wish u more blessings a happy and to the fullest life, have fun, take care, plss be safe and be healthy always i

  58. Nevyan Pringgo

    Nevyan Pringgo16 時間 前


  59. Andrea Karina Chirinos Aliaga

    Andrea Karina Chirinos Aliaga16 時間 前

    Quiero bailar haciiii !!!

  60. Eka Putry

    Eka Putry16 時間 前

    Love you LISA

  61. Syuhada Abdullah

    Syuhada Abdullah16 時間 前


  62. Nur Fitriliah Hani

    Nur Fitriliah Hani17 時間 前

    Would loveeeee to see Lisa & Jackson Got 7 doing dance collab. It's gonna be lit!

  63. Talisay Zfa

    Talisay Zfa18 時間 前

    lisa and bambam dance together again someday

  64. kookiechipmonkscheeks

    kookiechipmonkscheeks18 時間 前

    - That scarf kinda looks like a durag. i loveee lisa shes really talented and she worked really hard for her spot. But those moves got me choking on ma tongue.she a real dancer:)))

  65. kookiechipmonkscheeks

    kookiechipmonkscheeks2 時間 前

    SHEA J how am i making drama but u do u

  66. kookiechipmonkscheeks

    kookiechipmonkscheeks2 時間 前

    creatrixND I have been listening to these girls for a long time ,read the comment again i went and did research and all i said was that the scarf looks like a Durag ,now dont be saying i want to pulll them down when i always support them

  67. creatrixND

    creatrixND8 時間 前

    @kookiechipmonkscheeks you said, it doesn't matter when a black person himself said it's not? You will disregard what an actual black person said to push your agenda. You are not a fan of BLACKPINK

  68. SHEA J

    SHEA J11 時間 前

    @kookiechipmonkscheeks i stated truth after confirming the fact that she wore a scarf.. Not DURAG.. don't make a drama of it

  69. SHEA J

    SHEA J11 時間 前

    @kookiechipmonkscheeks spreading false rumors and having opinion on it is Wrong... If you need peace and atand for your opinion.. FIRST confirm about the rumor then come to say about it... Peace