Lil XXEL - LMK (Official Music Video)


  1. Yo boy domi

    Yo boy domi5 ヶ月 前

    Fun fact: the girl is his best friend and he actually likes her

  2. Lemuel Kennedy

    Lemuel Kennedy3 日 前


  3. SundaeCookie I-

    SundaeCookie I-5 日 前


  4. -Ethereal Flower-

    -Ethereal Flower-11 日 前

    @Team_ axis no we arent,

  5. Family Netho

    Family Netho21 日 前

    They date no hate

  6. Best friends

    Best friendsヶ月 前

    Team_ axis yes

  7. Boost1n

    Boost1n時間 前

    Me still vibing to this in 2021

  8. volcanx zazify

    volcanx zazify6 時間 前

    How is teeth so white wtf

  9. Zain_topics Topics

    Zain_topics Topics9 時間 前

    Me abs. I talk to my crush oops wrong spelling lady’s

  10. Zain_topics Topics

    Zain_topics Topics9 時間 前

    Me when I talk to my crush aka Lacey 😎😎🤫🤫🔉

  11. yncwallby

    yncwallby10 時間 前


  12. Leandro Lora

    Leandro Lora11 時間 前

    No one saw Swag boy

  13. Colter Milan

    Colter Milan16 時間 前

    i have a girlfriend but she used to be my friend and now she is mine

  14. Noobz

    Noobz16 時間 前

    this song is hella fire🔥

  15. Stormy Georgia

    Stormy Georgia日 前

    I like how his style is way different from other singers.

  16. Furry Bounty hunter

    Furry Bounty hunter日 前

    You look gay as hell

  17. Rampage 27

    Rampage 27日 前

    If you’re sat wondering if this is what high school is like. It’s not: there’s more guns

  18. Erick Navas

    Erick Navas日 前

    His voice sounds like tea are Leo he sounds like it in my mind

  19. HottyToddy24

    HottyToddy24日 前

    This is what happens on the day I’m sick at home

  20. jessica laljf

    jessica laljf日 前

    never in asia u gon find this kinda high schools...

  21. jessica laljf

    jessica laljf日 前

    so damn catchy

  22. Nick

    Nick2 日 前

    Everybody sleeping on his jawline doh

  23. Ryan

    Ryan2 日 前

    Didnt know high school was full of 22 year olds with BMW’s

  24. Nur Azrinlyana Azman

    Nur Azrinlyana Azman2 日 前

    I suddenly thinking about mark

  25. Late.night.drive54 Late.night.cry34

    Late.night.drive54 Late.night.cry342 日 前

    Lucky Addison is your sister!

  26. cheesics

    cheesics2 日 前

    Fun fact: roblox is ruining this song

  27. Mason

    Mason2 日 前

    This is not the song I searched for

  28. N U M - N O M シ

    N U M - N O M シ2 日 前

    i came here for tiktok✌️

  29. Laneos

    Laneos2 日 前

    July was the last Norma month on 2020

  30. Edgar game Tv

    Edgar game Tv2 日 前

    Wenn man Adisonna auf Wish Bestellt

  31. Luzz Bightyear

    Luzz Bightyear2 日 前

    I didn't even come from tiktok but this song bangs🔥🔥🔥

  32. Cool Fish

    Cool Fish2 日 前

    addison doing tik toks 🤣

  33. Demarion Scales

    Demarion Scales2 日 前

    I mean I like my bff wht the problem

  34. Da Boss

    Da Boss2 日 前

    Damn I wish high school was really like dis... BUT sadly it’s NOT... btw I love his music and his whole vide I JUST LOVE IT🥰👉🏼👈🏼 he just makes me smile and all I do all day is play this song and my brother hates it lol... So keep up the good work, Happy new year’s and stay safe!!!!!

  35. Mobilez Mobliez

    Mobilez Mobliez3 日 前

    Offbrand lil mosey??

  36. Aaliyah's Random Videos And One Hour Loops

    Aaliyah's Random Videos And One Hour Loops3 日 前


  37. Grayson Jones

    Grayson Jones3 日 前

    Addsion Rae is his sister in acting

  38. maximus mancini

    maximus mancini3 日 前

    Thats not even addison

  39. Bonita Lia

    Bonita Lia3 日 前

    am i the only one who saw SwagboyQ

  40. Walt TNT

    Walt TNT3 日 前

    Who recognise the car r.i.p xxxtentacion

  41. Mars lights

    Mars lights3 日 前

    Imagine he pointed to Alabama

  42. Xxgoated Goated

    Xxgoated Goated4 日 前

    That’s not Addison

  43. TrulyDiamond

    TrulyDiamond4 日 前


  44. Pawhsee Eh

    Pawhsee Eh4 日 前


  45. BOHEE T.V

    BOHEE T.V4 日 前

    I love your songs and you

  46. Felipe Colato

    Felipe Colato4 日 前

    Going to school with 1.6k shoes and 148k car is see 👁👄👁

  47. Patrice parker

    Patrice parker4 日 前

    this song if so good even the roblox code to

  48. FaZe_ George floyd

    FaZe_ George floyd4 日 前

    A real life imvu character

  49. KidKombat

    KidKombat4 日 前

    BTW this is the Opposite of Highschool

  50. Adam Rozzayy

    Adam Rozzayy4 日 前

    Wtf did I come across auto tune way to much

  51. SundaeCookie I-

    SundaeCookie I-4 日 前

    0:49 i like how her brother exposes her but was that Addison Rae

  52. Hugh Brathwaite

    Hugh Brathwaite4 日 前

    If only class was this lit

  53. Oliver Elliott

    Oliver Elliott4 日 前

    lets jet appreciate no ads

  54. Aiden try’s to hard

    Aiden try’s to hard5 日 前

    nice song

  55. Demitri Miller

    Demitri Miller5 日 前

    Loved it

  56. Unicorn Dani Gaming

    Unicorn Dani Gaming5 日 前

    I used to watch this 24:7 when I came out 😜

  57. Robert Balan

    Robert Balan5 日 前

    Wait a minute did an electric i8 just rev???

  58. MIchael Faladee

    MIchael Faladee5 日 前

    This sog is FIRE!!!!!!

  59. cxllum.dxvison

    cxllum.dxvison5 日 前

    Omg his voice is sooo nice

  60. Elliott Day

    Elliott Day5 日 前

    This got a dislike just because I heard the alarm sound😭😂

  61. Kiva Meme

    Kiva Meme5 日 前

    anyone else notice @swagboyq

  62. ꜱᴘᴇxɪꜰʏ ʟᴜʟ

    ꜱᴘᴇxɪꜰʏ ʟᴜʟ6 日 前

    I’m depressed but this low key helped a bit

  63. Brody Rae

    Brody Rae6 日 前

    Play this in 1.25 speed

  64. Brandon Mullins

    Brandon Mullins6 日 前

    Damn man I wish

  65. Ky Evans

    Ky Evans6 日 前

    Bro this video is so cool I'll tell you the song name even though I you already know it lmk

  66. Rebecca Smith

    Rebecca Smith6 日 前


  67. Chris Roman

    Chris Roman6 日 前

    L-let M-me K-know

  68. Daniel King

    Daniel King5 日 前

    No shit Sherlock

  69. Chris Roman

    Chris Roman6 日 前

    L-let M- me K- know

  70. Shamma Hilal

    Shamma Hilal6 日 前

    Why would people dislike this I will always like :) I hope you have a great day

  71. ATRKCBEAST A -above T- the R- rest

    ATRKCBEAST A -above T- the R- rest6 日 前

    Dollar tree Addison

  72. Eric Camacho

    Eric Camacho6 日 前

    is high school really like this? Because I'm in middle school

  73. Jj Tenney

    Jj Tenney6 日 前

    I love this song so much

  74. Jeceka Palmer

    Jeceka Palmer6 日 前

    you are cute

  75. Donovan Thomas

    Donovan Thomas6 日 前

    god damn you teeth am i in heven like dang

  76. Abigail Bellemare

    Abigail Bellemare6 日 前

    Is it just me or is this song *FIRE*

  77. Rubyplaysroblox020 ::::::

    Rubyplaysroblox020 ::::::7 日 前

    I really like it

  78. Rubyplaysroblox020 ::::::

    Rubyplaysroblox020 ::::::7 日 前

    This song is amazing

  79. Mason Pi

    Mason Pi7 日 前

    I like your music

  80. Emmanuel Badejo

    Emmanuel Badejo7 日 前

    4:16 covid: it's my time to shine

  81. Gxlwtf

    Gxlwtf7 日 前

    They still learning the states in high school

  82. Maw_jebrown

    Maw_jebrown7 日 前

    Dollar store Addison and dollar store did the sloth lmao just kidding

  83. Shatia Bentley

    Shatia Bentley7 日 前

    peep sway boy q

  84. Mateja Mihailovic

    Mateja Mihailovic7 日 前


  85. itsTiana

    itsTiana7 日 前

    my fav song

  86. Anthony Jaramillo

    Anthony Jaramillo7 日 前

    Bruh trust me put on headphones and put the volume at max bro this is fire😏😏😏

  87. s0CluM5y311

    s0CluM5y3117 日 前

    High school musical..? This you??

  88. Jungpeach

    Jungpeach7 日 前

    None of this would even start because someone is getting a dress code violation

  89. Oskar oskar

    Oskar oskar7 日 前

    So cringe

  90. :费尔南多 :

    :费尔南多 :7 日 前

    2021 ?

  91. Itz_ Haily

    Itz_ Haily8 日 前

    When people commented the boat emoji in Addison's post in Tiktok means Ship it-

  92. SxlD_ Cr

    SxlD_ Cr8 日 前


  93. Carolina plays Roblox

    Carolina plays Roblox8 日 前

    Sheesh that bmw tho 🤤 srry Im into cars not people

  94. GreenReaper Tgf

    GreenReaper Tgf8 日 前

    People watching in the future this guys music was amazing

  95. B. C. B.

    B. C. B.8 日 前

    Be there or be square- cringe

  96. B. C. B.

    B. C. B.8 日 前

    I don’t think that’s Addison

  97. Invalid Characters

    Invalid Characters8 日 前

    This whole school is ISS

  98. Kevin Lopez

    Kevin Lopez8 日 前

    Gay nigga

  99. Soul Sniper_ツ

    Soul Sniper_ツ8 日 前

    did you guys see swagboyq??? at 4:09

  100. Dominic Phillips

    Dominic Phillips8 日 前

    I loved it

  101. Donna Gibbon

    Donna Gibbon8 日 前


  102. Beatology

    Beatology8 日 前


  103. Megan Sariman

    Megan Sariman8 日 前

    I like this song a lot

  104. CoolCarlo

    CoolCarlo8 日 前

    Lil XXEL Should deserve 1mil subs for making this song

  105. Rubyplaysroblox020 ::::::

    Rubyplaysroblox020 ::::::9 日 前


  106. Rubyplaysroblox020 ::::::

    Rubyplaysroblox020 ::::::9 日 前

    Sooo cool

  107. Christian Abarca

    Christian Abarca9 日 前