Lil Skies - Dead Broke [Official Music Video]


  1. xxXplankaXxx G

    xxXplankaXxx G3 時間 前

    This is a late night car ride song⛽️🔥

  2. JOICEX999 Topic

    JOICEX999 Topic3 時間 前

    This song is my new favorite

  3. Glenn Armstrong

    Glenn Armstrong4 時間 前





  5. Mohammed Arvis

    Mohammed Arvis10 時間 前

    I like Lil Skies

  6. Alwan Haikal

    Alwan Haikal13 時間 前

  7. Alwan Haikal

    Alwan Haikal13 時間 前

    Yes 👍

  8. pwewi

    pwewi日 前

    This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. trace mclaughlin

    trace mclaughlin日 前

    I think you know what I want for you

  10. Beterin Bebeyyy

    Beterin Bebeyyy日 前

    This is soooo good.

  11. Angiee Vargas

    Angiee Vargas日 前

    ®© car🏎️💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

  12. Cyber Mentor

    Cyber Mentor日 前

    thats so good

  13. Ian Hunter

    Ian Hunter日 前

    He do be hotboxing that attic tho

  14. János Pataki

    János Pataki日 前

    I Love Music

  15. Alasia Simpson

    Alasia Simpson日 前

    This is ✨beautiful ✨#Lilskies

  16. Very Rare

    Very Rare日 前


  17. Tai Hung

    Tai Hung日 前

    Lil skies is sharing more of his emotions.

  18. Blocked Blue

    Blocked Blue日 前

    I wish this was longer

  19. p0lxrrz

    p0lxrrz日 前

    Song makes me want to get this first slice of cake on someone else’s birthday

  20. Baby._.gurl_Nelly

    Baby._.gurl_Nelly日 前

    lil skies music will never be bad and never get old

  21. ronasia Mcneely

    ronasia Mcneely2 日 前

    love you music video Lil Skies

  22. Saúl Pasión

    Saúl Pasión2 日 前

    The king👏🏻🔥

  23. Tekashi 6ix9ine

    Tekashi 6ix9ine2 日 前

    I Love lil skies!!!

  24. Tekashi 6ix9ine

    Tekashi 6ix9ine日 前

    Dead broke

  25. Spongebuck

    Spongebuck2 日 前

    @Stylianos Georgiou you hating on lil skies with a lil skies picture?

  26. Stylianos Georgiou

    Stylianos Georgiou2 日 前

    why do u listen ? u should be deaf

  27. Spencer Wilson29

    Spencer Wilson292 日 前

    da king is back damn this is a banger

  28. Adam Contant

    Adam Contant2 日 前

    broke dead

  29. oltsu yt

    oltsu yt2 日 前

    Lets be honest we all want this lil skies

  30. MoonBoom v2.0

    MoonBoom v2.02 日 前

    Make Skies relevant again, he's still got it.

  31. Justixn Jr

    Justixn Jr2 日 前

    Crazy how it’s already been a mouth I remember watching this when it came out lil skies will forever be da 🐐

  32. Jonah Mackall

    Jonah Mackall2 日 前

    Nobody: Lil skies:mr stark I do feel so good


    JVAZX MUSIC2 日 前

    The best rapper nowdays

  34. DANNY

    DANNY3 日 前

    finally this old flow is back


    MEMES 2021WORLDSTAR3 日 前

  36. kaushion

    kaushion3 日 前

    I fs take up after lil skies for music i dont consider myself a good artist till i do a feature with lil skies no cap💯

  37. Iris Ramos

    Iris Ramos3 日 前

    Let's play a game again stupid! Alright another moment of truth OK so he's probably been on and off with jacey for a long time OK probably still is until he met a girl he's never seen before she seems sweet right? I don't think it was love at first sight but she had a lot of problems which made him depressed are you following me? OK good until he starts to miss jacey so he takes her back but then he starts to miss the other girl until she rejected him so he started treating her like crap then they devise an evil plan to humiliate degrade and hurt her for her to commit suicide they treat her like she's the devil when she is not one person got hurt over this several people died because of this because of how they mistreated her jacey and skies are the real serial killers they should be in jail for what they have done!

  38. Stylianos Georgiou

    Stylianos Georgiou2 日 前




    absolute BANGER

  40. _ Kstoney

    _ Kstoney3 日 前

    Those drone shots are fire

  41. Defenson Fanson

    Defenson Fanson3 日 前

    My favorite artist Lil & Xxx tentacion 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  42. Giovany Ospina

    Giovany Ospina3 日 前

    2021 is skies year

  43. Berlin Music Video Awards

    Berlin Music Video Awards3 日 前

    Cool video! 👏

  44. RiCh LoSeR

    RiCh LoSeR3 日 前

    weiland flow

  45. Amine BMS

    Amine BMS3 日 前


  46. Ļόνέ тяανєl

    Ļόνέ тяανєl3 日 前


  47. jeke haokip

    jeke haokip3 日 前


  48. Tennessee Harness

    Tennessee Harness3 日 前

    Dude doesn't have a bad song.

  49. Nona Marshall

    Nona Marshall3 日 前

    Rip king

  50. Stylianos Georgiou

    Stylianos Georgiou2 日 前


  51. NFA Trem

    NFA Trem3 日 前

    Brabo tem nome

  52. bax

    bax3 日 前

    Welcome to the Rodeo 🦋

  53. Jose Luis

    Jose Luis4 日 前

    Alguien de méxico?



    Welcome back 💪💪💪

  55. Leo Hefright

    Leo Hefright4 日 前

    he got dusted by thanos



    Você é a porra toda Skies❤️

  57. Lil Skies. -fanpage

    Lil Skies. -fanpage4 日 前

    Tik tok

  58. Lil Skies. -fanpage

    Lil Skies. -fanpage4 日 前

    If this vid gets 170k dowload

  59. Tumelo Muller

    Tumelo Muller4 日 前

    This gonna be a hit

  60. Astro_pickle 1422

    Astro_pickle 14224 日 前

    This man dropping bangers and is still underrated

  61. MJcat

    MJcat4 日 前

    this guy is still legendary, 13year old him would be proud

  62. Blandio

    Blandio4 日 前


  63. Kane Worley

    Kane Worley4 日 前


  64. Fade Zoubane

    Fade Zoubane4 日 前

    Shawty wasn't with me when i was death bro that's the reason i had to let her go🤣😂😂😂, so the girl who stayed down with is the one with whom you should spend your cash bro

  65. Fade Zoubane

    Fade Zoubane2 日 前

    @Stylianos Georgiou sorry bro i've forgotten broke, but it doesn't matter

  66. Stylianos Georgiou

    Stylianos Georgiou2 日 前

    when i was dead broke* and wtf r u sayin?

  67. TheStokeyProject

    TheStokeyProject4 日 前

    my guy!

  68. Claude Dusenge

    Claude Dusenge4 日 前


  69. ARHAAN 6a

    ARHAAN 6a4 日 前

    welcome back boi

  70. 1Diagramuel1

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  71. 19 LiLSAD

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  72. Jayleon -

    Jayleon -5 日 前

    King is back

  73. Fernando Sanchez

    Fernando Sanchez5 日 前

    Lil skies collab con travis sería una canción muy buena

  74. Jonathan France

    Jonathan France5 日 前


  75. Hydx_ Coopa

    Hydx_ Coopa5 日 前

    I word that comes out of lil skies mouth is better than 6ix9ines whole career

  76. Stylianos Georgiou

    Stylianos Georgiou2 日 前


  77. When they choose me Leaky

    When they choose me Leaky5 日 前

    Why Is everyone called "Lil..."

  78. Meat Ball

    Meat Ball3 日 前

    he was a little since he was 4

  79. Brayden Ruddick

    Brayden Ruddick5 日 前

    The king will be here for a long time

  80. KJ GamePlay Offical

    KJ GamePlay Offical5 日 前

    Because an artist/entertainer take a break to get there mind right and spent time with there family and take care of other business out of the entertainment business you people think a artist feel off what’s wrong with you people we just humans we all have problems

  81. Alexei Brewster

    Alexei Brewster5 日 前


  82. tuso jnr20

    tuso jnr205 日 前

    This dude is better than most rappers out there he raps the real no cap🔥🔥🔥🔥

  83. Daniel Medina

    Daniel Medina5 日 前


  84. Eli York

    Eli York5 日 前

    Stfu he isn’t coming back bc he never left

  85. Frances Gaines

    Frances Gaines5 日 前

    I watch you and cry 😢 I see my son. He gave a stranger a ride and I never seen him again that stranger is in jail for killing 2 and injuring 2 he’s awaiting trial Keenan Murphy Jackson Madison county jail he will talk to you. He is very intelligent he will open up to you he will tell you where my son is he is an artist loves music and artist now in jail he’ll never pursue his goal but you can get him to speak! Please! Same age as my son just a youngster 22 I’m momma Frances Gaines please help

  86. T0M

    T0M5 日 前


  87. N&HRadio

    N&HRadio5 日 前

    God Love Yall John 3:16

  88. beata blanda

    beata blanda5 日 前

    The poor fiberglass notably lick because women ophthalmoscopically groan absent a empty ease. psychedelic, mute humor

  89. The VibeGod

    The VibeGod5 日 前

    It's good, that's all I gotta say

  90. Nino Ferreras

    Nino Ferreras5 日 前

    Tracks hot

  91. Savio Gaggi

    Savio Gaggi6 日 前

    I still miss the old skies

  92. AdrianFT

    AdrianFT6 日 前

    This brings me back to 2017 for some reason

  93. Crazy CreeperYT

    Crazy CreeperYT6 日 前

    King skies

  94. Kristijan Junaković

    Kristijan Junaković6 日 前

    We needed this! welcome back Skies

  95. intergalactic television

    intergalactic television6 日 前

    remember when lil skies had dreads

  96. Aksel Axness

    Aksel Axness6 日 前

    i'm feelin this!👀

  97. Серьезный Пирожок

    Серьезный Пирожок6 日 前

    One month ago ((

  98. Luke Anderson

    Luke Anderson6 日 前

    Total trash

  99. Harry Ay лол

    Harry Ay лол6 日 前

    who been here since the start :) skies is underrated

  100. Non Ame

    Non Ame6 日 前


  101. Paul High

    Paul High6 日 前

    the king of stupid face tats

  102. Lsm Chris

    Lsm Chris5 日 前

    Ok and

  103. Carlos Aranda

    Carlos Aranda6 日 前

    song goes dummy

  104. Nona Marshall

    Nona Marshall6 日 前

    The legend is back

  105. tommy rk

    tommy rk6 日 前


  106. Key Glock

    Key Glock6 日 前

    This amazing on shrooms haha 😂😂😂 I needa find myself tho

  107. Hixup

    Hixup6 日 前

    sounds like NAV

  108. Adriano Grams

    Adriano Grams6 日 前

    Skies Brasil........



    3m only guys get this too 100m

  110. jonathan ponce

    jonathan ponce6 日 前

    Rise of a new beginning ✨