Lil Mosey - Blueberry Faygo (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)


  1. Shannan Foley

    Shannan Foley7 秒 前

    There is tony ❤and addisln

  2. Game Hub

    Game Hub18 秒 前

    I honestly came here from a csgo montage

  3. Mosed

    Mosed6 分 前

    Im surprised how he doesn't get erected while recording the video. lots of girls and butts lmao.

  4. Cursed Stray

    Cursed Stray8 分 前

    Mosey looks like an albino walter

  5. Vero Juarez

    Vero Juarez10 分 前

    Thats the hype house


    CallNON THATRIGHT10 分 前

    Hell o

  7. gamer OD

    gamer OD15 分 前

    Best song

  8. Maurice Rauhjers

    Maurice Rauhjers21 分 前

    I saw Lil Mosey in person performing live in 2019. It was a good time.

  9. Kolasha

    Kolasha25 分 前

    Я 1 тут русский? (p.s за лайкайте0)

  10. Jany Kimy Kimák

    Jany Kimy Kimák26 分 前

    soooo good

  11. Rodrigues Lucas

    Rodrigues Lucas26 分 前

    Isn't that Drew Dirksen at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="32">0:32</a>?

  12. maniya hardware

    maniya hardware40 分 前

    love it

  13. młody x

    młody x46 分 前

    only kids hate this music

  14. Aubree Jadyn

    Aubree Jadyn46 分 前

    That's the hype house cuz I saw addison and lil huddy

  15. Henry Gray

    Henry Gray33 分 前

    If u came from TikTok u need to get a life

  16. Aaron Lopez

    Aaron Lopez46 分 前

    Was gonna add this to my playlist until I saw lil huddy

  17. DIY Network

    DIY Network48 分 前

    Yo addison my cousin want to make out with u

  18. r3linqui5h23

    r3linqui5h2350 分 前

    Wait so is that big chick twerking meant to be sexy? I saw more ripples in her back than the pool...

  19. stepAside

    stepAside56 分 前

    This is not rap

  20. PUBGamers

    PUBGamers57 分 前

    Use me as "i hate tik tok" button

  21. gentechgamer 18

    gentechgamer 18時間 前

    if you see how long ago this videos was posted.... thats how long im jamming on this song😏😏😉😉

  22. Jay Boy

    Jay Boy時間 前

    Craig man jumping no I mean😀🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. Gaming Zone

    Gaming Zone時間 前

    So lil mosey is talking about the Money,Faygo which is a Company and He’s talking about a drink a Faygo

  24. Bobbie Candelario

    Bobbie Candelario時間 前

    Tony Lopez is in thereee😂😂

  25. Carlo Raphael Evardome

    Carlo Raphael Evardome時間 前

    The song is better on your first time hearing it

  26. jacob carson

    jacob carson時間 前

    Like for this song

  27. Milan Komen

    Milan Komen時間 前

    Lekker nummer

  28. Aalia Green

    Aalia Green時間 前

    Only ppl from TikTok can like this

  29. Scarlett McCall

    Scarlett McCall時間 前

    I saw tony Lopez in the vid ahhhhhh OML OMG

  30. Jean Franqui

    Jean Franqui時間 前

    OMG this video dude is incredible and the music😝

  31. Николай Галич

    Николай Галич時間 前

    Чуваки кто с России лайк

  32. NBZ Bank TV

    NBZ Bank TV時間 前


  33. Sasitorn Ruenprasert

    Sasitorn Ruenprasert時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="24">0:24</a>Catch what

  34. Vr Addict

    Vr Addict時間 前

    What I think when my cat listens to me

  35. Flav396 Dan

    Flav396 Dan時間 前

    I'm guessing he filmed this at the Hype House because he has a crush on Addison Rae ( in his tiktok he sang a song for her).

  36. Farcry

    Farcry2 時間 前

    The beat 🔥 he didn’t make it but it’s fire

  37. Anthonyrbx YT

    Anthonyrbx YT2 時間 前

    When you realize The Kid LAROI is probably getting it from Addison because he's at the hype house

  38. makaylah Garibaldi

    makaylah Garibaldi2 時間 前

    Only true people notices it was filmed at the hype house

  39. Giann fam

    Giann fam2 時間 前

    When you realise your at the hype house

  40. CJNasty PLaYzz

    CJNasty PLaYzz2 時間 前

    Was that addson

  41. Jax

    Jax2 時間 前

    Thanos let him borrow his infinite hoes

  42. Holden Pribula-Sanders

    Holden Pribula-Sanders2 時間 前

    Get off this shit song and listen to looking for a hero- Polo G

  43. ToshanGaming Unlocked

    ToshanGaming Unlocked2 時間 前

    I just realised some random dude broke into moseys house to do a weird dance

  44. Luke Luke

    Luke Luke2 時間 前

    I love this song

  45. ZFare

    ZFare2 時間 前

    lil mosey is the blackest white guy I have ever seen.

  46. Yøkø

    Yøkø2 時間 前

    Ngl like song is fire

  47. Alex h

    Alex h2 時間 前

    Follow me on tik tok at @useralex722 plzzz

  48. Estrella Venegas

    Estrella Venegas2 時間 前

    U at the hype house

  49. Goutham T Girish

    Goutham T Girish2 時間 前

    Anyone from india 🖤🔥💯

  50. Manny

    Manny2 時間 前


  51. Manny

    Manny2 時間 前

    The girl in the blue bikini is begging mosey to touch he butt

  52. azia_ YT

    azia_ YT2 時間 前

    Him and Addison are will be a cute couple!

  53. Cum Chalice

    Cum Chalice2 時間 前

    I typed bagel in the search bar just to find this, I dont think think this is my type of bagel

  54. jivia Louis

    jivia Louis2 時間 前

    duh hype house

  55. KO KHANT

    KO KHANT2 時間 前

    HOw to get famous Other singers: With pretty little bitches Lil Mosey: Addison rae and lil hubby

  56. Princess Zamier

    Princess Zamier2 時間 前

    I just see that was the hype house like if u new that was the hype house

  57. Ashley Regan

    Ashley Regan2 時間 前

    Where is charli

  58. 沈祖和

    沈祖和2 時間 前


  59. • S t r a w b e r r y M i l k •

    • S t r a w b e r r y M i l k •2 時間 前

    me just noticing this is in the hype house-

  60. MitparFilms

    MitparFilms3 時間 前

    69,000,000 nice

  61. ashly paz

    ashly paz3 時間 前

    Ondreaz was at the song two you can see him by the pool with tony tony have a black shirt and blue shorts and ondre was with a black shirt and and yellow shorts

  62. kaitlyn cervantes

    kaitlyn cervantes3 時間 前

    om gim a fan i love this song and the hype house yoall guys give m an ispiration

  63. Gewdae

    Gewdae3 時間 前

    I was here From the premier

  64. Jacko N

    Jacko N3 時間 前

    Funny how Addison was featured multiple times but Lil huddy was in there once🤣

  65. Stacia Sladek

    Stacia Sladek3 時間 前

    Siliver teeth wow wow cool. My dad go gold teeth

  66. xo dxvii.

    xo dxvii.3 時間 前

    Are they at the hype house? And damn y’all really crawling all over addison



    This wants to be black so much

  68. SimplyGRINDING

    SimplyGRINDING3 時間 前

    Who’s that guy dancing in the mirror

  69. Ian Norwood

    Ian Norwood3 時間 前

    This mans barely holdin on to his nword pass

  70. Lianna Matias

    Lianna Matias3 時間 前

    Tonnyyy is in the backkrouuuunnndddd 😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 that’s my booo

  71. Jax Adeva

    Jax Adeva3 時間 前

    Let’s be honest, most of us actually liked bc of Addison Rae

  72. Boe Plays roblox

    Boe Plays roblox3 時間 前

    Like if the hype house should be back together😔 Old days 👇🏾

  73. Cat DaBest

    Cat DaBest3 時間 前

    This my jam, his lil cute self!!

  74. Secret Semintary

    Secret Semintary3 時間 前

    Use me as a "I didn't come from tik tok" button.

  75. VoidZiscoolZ

    VoidZiscoolZ3 時間 前

    Lol I typed Mouse and this came up

  76. Kevin Martin

    Kevin Martin3 時間 前

    Hi Chase and addi

  77. VoidZiscoolZ

    VoidZiscoolZ3 時間 前

    Lol came from too tok

  78. Mariam Barry

    Mariam Barry3 時間 前

    Isn't this the hype house?

  79. MR backwards

    MR backwards3 時間 前

    Lil huddy

  80. ImBlu

    ImBlu3 時間 前

    Yas daddy

  81. Traci olmedo

    Traci olmedo3 時間 前

    It’s cool that they filmed this at the hype house😁