Lil Durk - Watch Yo Homie (Official Music Video)


  1. Lil Durk

    Lil Durk5 ヶ月 前

    im just reminiscing bout my old life

  2. Matthew 2700

    Matthew 2700ヶ月 前


  3. Diaa O

    Diaa Oヶ月 前

    @sheed spazzin uuhh is hhbbhiiiiiiiio

  4. Rick stanio

    Rick stanioヶ月 前


  5. martha hudson

    martha hudsonヶ月 前


  6. Jaheim Augustine

    Jaheim Augustineヶ月 前

    Watch yo

  7. C official

    C official時間 前


  8. D K

    D K10 時間 前

    I have this on repeat. That’s why Durk the best rapper.

  9. edd calixte

    edd calixte15 時間 前

    Mansion on the hill steady going to kill😡😡

  10. Rebel King

    Rebel King22 時間 前

    Watch who you call your homie

  11. Keilyn Joa

    Keilyn Joa日 前

    The homely step-son assembly dislike because tax understandably risk plus a satisfying colombia. secret, untidy pan

  12. queen clara152

    queen clara152日 前

    Wanna see the family members who turnt up and shitted on me 💸💸💸

  13. king von

    king von日 前

    rip von

  14. HoustonmadeJay

    HoustonmadeJay2 日 前


  15. Joe Discher

    Joe Discher3 日 前

    We all here for one reason 🤣🤣

  16. Sirfredrick reed

    Sirfredrick reed3 日 前

    this song go crazy

  17. HABITZ

    HABITZ4 日 前

    2:05 Nigga too busy watching his homie instead of watching the road😭😭🤣

  18. dimitri

    dimitri4 日 前

    It be feelin you gon die! Certain shit ain't going right...

  19. M and t Channel

    M and t Channel4 日 前

    Jus to think 3 months after that happened rest in Paradise von💔💔🕊🕊

  20. TOONCHi

    TOONCHi4 日 前

    No cap this song being tears to my eyes, cant trust no one all you have is yourself.

  21. Lucy Kent

    Lucy Kent5 日 前

    A big thank you to FBvendor on telegram with his help I was able to pay up my debt and settle my bills

  22. youngbull 903

    youngbull 9035 日 前

    Trapstar- Ayd3n - JPreporter

  23. Janelle Monett

    Janelle Monett6 日 前


  24. Saucy Ocean

    Saucy Ocean6 日 前

    This make me wanna go slap all my friends 🙁

  25. Da Bxckend child

    Da Bxckend child6 日 前

    Am I da only one who saw dude fall off da 4 wheeler

  26. Liu Kang

    Liu Kang6 日 前

    stay blessed wiith positivity

  27. Crystal Cunningham

    Crystal Cunningham7 日 前

    Kjdtepe has to come get me

  28. TR1PP1E

    TR1PP1E7 日 前

    "Watch who you call yo homie"

  29. Cookie Cookie

    Cookie Cookie7 日 前

    My bro was playing this when I was sleep and I woke up like " jeez who that? Didn't know it was my durkiooo. But this song is hella lit. Plus the message

  30. Donte'

    Donte'7 日 前

    This ain't it..


    RISINGELOY !7 日 前

    2:04 check on yo homie

  32. MollyWater

    MollyWater7 日 前


  33. dis pater

    dis pater7 日 前


  34. Maxwell Ludecker

    Maxwell Ludecker7 日 前

    The camera man watched the homie... watched him crash😂😂😂

  35. Kenisha Davis

    Kenisha Davis7 日 前


  36. God YouTuberR

    God YouTuberR7 日 前

    this song for duck lmao

  37. I’m Huncho

    I’m Huncho8 日 前

    Y’all looking for 2:04 ain’t it 🤔

  38. G money

    G money8 日 前

    Listening to this song after your homie did you dirty behind your back just hurts 🐐😔

  39. kārrï

    kārrï8 日 前

    nahh bro watch yo homie 😂😂

  40. Ninos Youtube

    Ninos Youtube8 日 前


  41. Ya Boy

    Ya Boy8 日 前

    There’s a hidden meaning to this. lil durk is god and he can just choose what happens to someone. Don’t believe me? Notice how he says “you was chose” at 2:04. Stay woke y’all

  42. blink blink

    blink blink日 前

    yeah he did choose him, .. this man is the devil 👹.

  43. Chris LarussoFrom301

    Chris LarussoFrom301日 前

    This is a big sin to comment

  44. Oodie Andrea

    Oodie Andrea2 日 前

    lmao tik tok have folks saying anything

  45. Imnot Ahacker

    Imnot Ahacker4 日 前

    @Krab2k- I'm not a durkio fanatic, I love his music still, I dont think he sacrificed king von 😅

  46. Krab2k-

    Krab2k-4 日 前

    @Imnot Ahacker I think he’s trying to say he sacrificed king von well he did

  47. Valen Rosciano

    Valen Rosciano8 日 前



    COURAGE TSG8 日 前

    2:04 He wasn't watching his homie

  49. mashaun harrell

    mashaun harrell8 日 前

    rip king von

  50. Rayan Ahmed

    Rayan Ahmed8 日 前

    The fancy cost paradoxically moan because plot coronally need on a majestic alibi. periodic, pathetic queen

  51. Mr Anthony Hill

    Mr Anthony Hill9 日 前

    2:04 I’m here cause if the meme

  52. Jsun McDaniel

    Jsun McDaniel9 日 前

    🗣️ solid

  53. [Deleted]

    [Deleted]9 日 前

    RIP VON😭

  54. Ej Roland

    Ej Roland9 日 前

    King Von should have watched you, but it’s too late you already sacrificing em👀😒

  55. Dennis

    Dennis9 日 前

    Melly bumping this in heaven

  56. The Original Brown Barbie

    The Original Brown Barbie10 日 前

    Was that a gender reveal

  57. Chris LarussoFrom301

    Chris LarussoFrom30110 日 前

    Wanna see the same niggas from back then who shitted on me.

  58. Jayden Bartenhagen

    Jayden Bartenhagen10 日 前

    damn bro lol

  59. Two Nasty

    Two Nasty10 日 前

    When you lose appeals You prolly Gon tell 🤦‍♂️🤫

  60. Bones Jones

    Bones Jones11 日 前

    Damn they done flipped the four wheeler and the big body shit. 🤣 Wildin. 😂

  61. Semaj Mims

    Semaj Mims11 日 前

    we not from 63rd

  62. Kailiana Cole

    Kailiana Cole11 日 前

    Love this video bro

  63. Braylen Freeman

    Braylen Freeman12 日 前

    Hi durk

  64. Trash check

    Trash check12 日 前


  65. tHouse

    tHouse12 日 前

    Shorty want a draco he don't want chanel 😤🤧‼️

  66. Jake Samuels

    Jake Samuels13 日 前

    2:04 watch the dude on the left side 🤣🤣🤣


    JV SAVAGE13 日 前

    Love ur music bro keep up the good work

  68. Wyatt Mackley

    Wyatt Mackley14 日 前

    I think we all know why we’re here💀

  69. Nino Brown

    Nino Brown日 前

    We were chose 🤣🤣

  70. young clip aka classic

    young clip aka classic日 前


  71. Dulla 3k

    Dulla 3k2 日 前


  72. trpsoulgotheat

    trpsoulgotheat2 日 前

    Most of us been here 💯

  73. HOTBOY_JB_

    HOTBOY_JB_2 日 前

    LMAOO onG tho

  74. dayna barry

    dayna barry14 日 前

    watch yo homie

  75. Shoto

    Shoto13 日 前

    He didnt

  76. Cool Kid

    Cool Kid15 日 前

    Did he diss von when he said nigga was dissing on my cousin now he all up in that wood huh bc king von was dissing on lil mister and that's his cousin



    I feel like durk sacrificed Von

  78. Azzaky SuryaPutra

    Azzaky SuryaPutra14 日 前

    No man,he diss krump,i mean idk non bout dis,dat i know is..that krum always diss nuski,but befo dat happen he was cool with durk.than dat happen,he diss nuski,after dat he krump died in 2018... Yall fix this if i made a mistake🙏🙏🙏🙏

  79. London sheperd

    London sheperd15 日 前

    How you doing bro

  80. Piru EvinMade

    Piru EvinMade15 日 前

    Lil durk is so fucking under rated ima shoot anybody who don't like durk fr

  81. Ca'Juan Bryant

    Ca'Juan Bryant15 日 前

    watch yo homie

  82. Lucio Moreira

    Lucio Moreira16 日 前


  83. Rose Velazquez

    Rose Velazquez16 日 前

    Make more songs im a kid and i like ut

  84. ClixzfrmdaO

    ClixzfrmdaO16 日 前

    This sad asl I should’ve listened to Durk👎🏽

  85. Zero Oppz

    Zero Oppz16 日 前

    I wish there was no beef in the streets and we could all enjoy the Collaborations that are impossible because of bullshit #RipFBGDuck #RipKingVon #YoungPappy

  86. Tedros Alemshet5

    Tedros Alemshet516 日 前

    Aster aweke voice on the first


    IAM MADAE16 日 前

    Shoulda watched yo homie fall off that four wheeler gang😭

  88. Cyviathic

    Cyviathic17 日 前

    that nigga really crashed

  89. Moyuh

    Moyuh17 日 前


  90. Revamped with Pleasure

    Revamped with Pleasure18 日 前

    Why you keep sneak dissing him in these songs!? 🐍 🐍

  91. psycho bandit

    psycho bandit18 日 前

    You can hear some pain in his voice when he’s talking about his old life

  92. Judge CashoWitness

    Judge CashoWitness18 日 前

    Same old st Nick

  93. Marylene Hall

    Marylene Hall19 日 前

    I'm a female and I so trip over his music...He has matured so much personally and music wise.Praying blessings on him.

  94. saynomore 974 .2

    saynomore 974 .219 日 前

    What to do durkio

  95. Marvin Swearinger

    Marvin Swearinger19 日 前


  96. Dyl Rbrus

    Dyl Rbrus19 日 前

    2:02 - 2:04 gettt uppp craiggggg

  97. Kana Beats

    Kana Beats20 日 前

    watch who you call your brodie

  98. B B

    B B20 日 前

    Dang ig dirk wasn’t watching his homie 2:03😂😂😂😂

  99. Rudy Tarde

    Rudy Tarde21 日 前

    200k shows let’s get it!

  100. Emir Onile

    Emir Onile21 日 前

    Durk u made this song a day before my bday can u fav fan get a shout out

  101. Najey Green

    Najey Green22 日 前

    Know dat shit💯💰❄️ Boii still here this shit never going old big facts.

  102. Cory Blessu

    Cory Blessu22 日 前

    This dude a blank he good yeah but remember doe

  103. Jaren Jackson

    Jaren Jackson22 日 前

    Bike dude:what kinda of blue you want Durk n nem:gender reveal

  104. Thomas Chimutunga

    Thomas Chimutunga23 日 前

    this song hits different Lil durk really the GOAT


    XDNOPES YT23 日 前

    This my fav song no cap

  106. Mikal Haneef

    Mikal Haneef23 日 前

    Von bought o block chains right? Then durk come out wit a song called backdoor. I'm putting the pieces together



    I thought I was the only one he always talking about someone snaking him what if he’s talking in 3rd person about him snaking people

  108. Nasir Garner Sewell

    Nasir Garner Sewell23 日 前

    ¨ It Be Feeling You Gon Die, Certain Shit Aint Going Right ¨ that hit home different

  109. Charles Jr Ndombasi

    Charles Jr Ndombasi24 日 前


  110. Fl Luke

    Fl Luke24 日 前

    Felt that🚶🏿‍♂️

  111. Liam Gagné

    Liam Gagné24 日 前

    Poor man 2:03

  112. Jimmy wailer 125

    Jimmy wailer 12525 日 前

    Whatch who u call ur homie💯💯💯

  113. Estavious Braswell

    Estavious Braswell25 日 前

    Amen with this one ! 🔥🌎✈️ All Day 👍👍

  114. Chevy KoKe

    Chevy KoKe25 日 前

    Durkio the GOAT

  115. OBG swerv0

    OBG swerv026 日 前

  116. Daniel Dang

    Daniel Dang26 日 前

    I would watchout for my homie too after he crashes an ATV LOL

  117. Lil Durk

    Lil Durk26 日 前


  118. Mula 4L

    Mula 4L26 日 前

    You chose the Wright road

  119. Jacob Ramage

    Jacob Ramage27 日 前

    Man now that I heard it this really could have been to duck...

  120. Princekivory Stimpson

    Princekivory Stimpson27 日 前

    What’s the name of that blue stuff in the video