lightsabers = overpowered


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    I liked

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    McCreamy epic

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    How do I backflip?

  6. Franklin Austin

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  7. Mylo Schweer

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    Anybody else see the peels running when he killed skye?

  8. RJW3009

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    3:31 jumped out

  9. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper2 日 前

    These things were way too common

  10. Mohammad Salem

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    Lightsabers are overpowered

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    No one: Mcreamy: reooroeoroeoeoeoe

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    7:13 idk why but this is the best part of the video

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    Nobody: Guinea pigs: 0:03

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    The dark side of the force is a pathway that some consider unnatural

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    I was having a nice day then I saw the cat at 1:47 then I got sad. If you know, you know

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    I miss the lightsabers

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    may the fourth be with you

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    General McCreamy You are a bold one

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    To the people that see this God bless you and stay safe. My dream is to get 100 subscribers

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    1:56 what I do when I get a kill

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    1:57 rare footage of a stormtrooper beting a jedi

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    You play squads because it’s mostly bots

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    I like your videos

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    OK I l liked i where are my V bucks.

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    We're my v bucks 😠

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    they forgot my lightsaber

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    How has no fortnite JPreporterr tried to build a giant wall across the whole map??!!

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    87 K

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    Thumbnail:general grieves

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    mcCreamy is nederlands

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    whos watching in season 3?

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    The force is strong Plays halo theme

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    That thumb nail was badass

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    Did you put notice creamy 3 Rd partied?

  41. Franklin Austin

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    Travis Scott = gamer compared to creamy

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    You killed a fishy and now you’re my not favourite JPreporterre

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    This is when McCreamy was good at making KONTENT!

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    Is and always makes good content u noob

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    Stop the cap

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    What do I have against cap?

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    Hello there

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    i love the outro music Creamy makes

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    The most satisfying hit is the big 150

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  52. Maria Mizzi

    Maria Mizzi2 ヶ月 前

    Who else saw fresh and Lazar in a creative match on his screen

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    Did anyone see him mis reys lightsaber

  54. Cuyebuyefgweb Yhrfuyiehfue

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  55. Ewan Barny

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    He always imports memes into the first half of his videos then the second half is just gameplay and talking 😂

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    I have the high groud

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    omg whats wrong with u ree we ree

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    Darth cremmey

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    Nobody gonna comment about the 1:20 “I am the better lightsaber”

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    This would make for some good star was preqals

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    1:14 Be like "It's over Anakin I have the high ground"

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    May 4th is my birthday

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    Who would win? Like: lightsaber Comment: minigun

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    Are we not going to talk about how this video is late

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    It’s general creamy

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    Fortnite thinks it’s rays lightsaber

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    I like that thumbnail with the skull trooper with 4 arms

  70. rxvenge1_

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    My favourite youtuber by far, please give me a shoutout

  71. BIG brain

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    Mcreamy: We are the best jedi ever. Me: Did you even watch a movie. Jedi dont use red lightsabers

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    My birthday is on may 4th lol

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    My lightsaber

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    ooobe doobe doo

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    Mau: *hello there* Creamy: *general mau*

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    “A fine addition to my... collection.”

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    1:40 lol he got popped by that default for 150 😁🤣😅😆😂😏🤪😜😝😛😋😉🙃🙂🤗😊😄😃😗😙😚😘☺️😊🥰😍🤩

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    Mcreamy lightsabers are op right? Default:o really?

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  81. Dean Nevil

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    Mcreamy:the force is strong within Him two seconds later :rEeeeEeEEe

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    I love your vids creamy

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    i want 10,000 vbucks i will lik your every video

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    *General McCreamy* *You ane a bold one*

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    McCreamy should do an ultimate Fashion Show (Part 2) but instead of just mau, have Freshy

  87. Pyrce Ortmeyer

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    2:13 my fav part

  88. NewFireRock24

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    General Grievous, you're purpler than I expected

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    Roses are red Violets Are blue I’m bored and so are u I can’t think of a meme And you probably can’t too

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    Hello there

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    Can you add me my name is Doubledouds2

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    General Grievous? Is that u?

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    4:23 *Fortnite trying to avoid Travis Scots lawsuit*




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    General Creamous And Darth Mau

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    Selling replays! 6:14

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    I want my vbucks please I liked and add me im bananaboigames I want help to be like u

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    1:47 i couldn't stop playing it.😂

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    I got sad at that part bc the owner of that cat had a yt channel called the talking kitty cat series and the owner of that cat died.

  100. Matthew Castillo

    Matthew Castillo5 ヶ月 前

    I need another lightsaBRUH

  101. Matthew Castillo

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    McCreamy: The force is with REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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    I have a bad feeling about this. *DIES*

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    1:20 😂 IM the better lightsaber

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    1:42 just lazar and fresh doin dumbsh*t.

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    Me: eats *pizza* Creamy: so your just gonna eat pizza right in front of me

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    my frend wos loching

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    8.16 Is anyone gonna acknowledged the fact that this guys name was apexmaster?!?!?!?!!!!

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    mc.cremy can you add me too play creative

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