Light Balance FINALIST | ALL Performances | America's Got Talent 2017


  1. arturox3 marquez

    arturox3 marquez19 時間 前

    2:41 Boi she didn´t even press it

  2. ZambieSlayerYT

    ZambieSlayerYT22 時間 前

    how does this not win smh

  3. Bulkanizo Dark

    Bulkanizo Dark23 時間 前

    0:27 What's song name?

  4. Larissa baptistadarosa

    Larissa baptistadarosa日 前

    Que legal eu tô ainda com minha boca caida

  5. hajdu dani

    hajdu dani日 前

    Geci rossz

  6. Barni 5000000 Czene

    Barni 5000000 Czene日 前

    Te vagy a nice

  7. Barni 5000000 Czene

    Barni 5000000 Czene日 前

    omggggg de fos

  8. gabriellomar

    gabriellomar日 前

    what songs are in this video ?

  9. 를모

    를모日 前

    와우 귀눈 다즐겁게해주고있어 와완전뒤집어놓으셨다 역시최고의알바! 아~~~~하~~~~알바몬!!!!

  10. Unlucky KR

    Unlucky KR2 日 前

    who else love that guy's hat tip

  11. Hailey the duchie studios :3

    Hailey the duchie studios :32 日 前

    Second song: 5 more hours

  12. Dj Fifolo

    Dj Fifolo2 日 前

    6:24 What is the song

  13. Arthur Aquino

    Arthur Aquino2 日 前

    They won?

  14. GAMER TK

    GAMER TK2 日 前

    WHAT music?

  15. SansthePUNisher 4567

    SansthePUNisher 45672 日 前

    Something you’d see in a music video

  16. Guille Tapia

    Guille Tapia2 日 前


  17. Hilman Krisna Gumilar

    Hilman Krisna Gumilar2 日 前

    lawak ajg

  18. Рустем Альжанов

    Рустем Альжанов2 日 前


  19. Emre Dağtekin

    Emre Dağtekin3 日 前

    1:28 😎

  20. Lic. Jose Rodolfo Pineda Luna

    Lic. Jose Rodolfo Pineda Luna3 日 前


  21. KINI

    KINI3 日 前

    This is a very special live show and it is really great!

  22. Rosie Poirier

    Rosie Poirier3 日 前

    Am I the only one that my mind have bugggg wtf in my head is whattt

  23. pumpkin man

    pumpkin man3 日 前


  24. Nguyễn Bắc

    Nguyễn Bắc3 日 前

    Good 😂😂😂😂😂😍😘🤗🤓😎🤗😏😶😐😑😒🙄🤔😳😞😟😠🤔😔😕🙁☹️😣



    Did they won the championship?

  26. Laziz R

    Laziz R3 日 前

    its all cool until you get electricity bill

  27. Алекс Попов

    Алекс Попов3 日 前

    It's a jabbawokeez?

  28. aldebaran Caudillo Reyes

    aldebaran Caudillo Reyes3 日 前

    Ellos si que noooooo son humanos 😲😲😲

  29. ヴァネッサVanessa

    ヴァネッサVanessa4 日 前

    i think they didnt win because on the last one you can see them moving around a bit lol

  30. Memduh Efe Alaca

    Memduh Efe Alaca4 日 前

    sing ?

  31. the girl

    the girl4 日 前

    This is really awesome

  32. Nerd Level

    Nerd Level4 日 前


  33. chuột boiii

    chuột boiii4 日 前

    what is this music

  34. Cristian Sanchez

    Cristian Sanchez4 日 前

    I love the part 6:28

  35. Cristian Sanchez

    Cristian Sanchez4 日 前

    Bro this video is so good

  36. Jucivaldo Silva

    Jucivaldo Silva4 日 前

    Algum brasileiro

  37. tammy reep

    tammy reep4 日 前

    I met them 2 Halloween’s ago. I guess they were on tour and came to Orlando

  38. Hawk Host

    Hawk Host4 日 前

    Why. why am I intimidated? oh! maybe cause I can't dance and they're *FREAKING* amazing!

  39. Pete Pek

    Pete Pek4 日 前

    Music at 4:26 ?

  40. Лазурная Волчица

    Лазурная Волчица5 日 前

    5:30 что за трек

  41. Lightninng_Legend OOF

    Lightninng_Legend OOF5 日 前

    Music at 5:27

  42. SuperNova Player

    SuperNova Player5 日 前

    Lol she completely missed the golden button

  43. Екатерина Лаптева

    Екатерина Лаптева5 日 前

    Цє наші хлопці🇺🇦

  44. Shadowside Gacha life

    Shadowside Gacha life5 日 前

    Golden buzzer: *pressed* Janitor: *ahhh sh.., here we go again*

  45. King_Panda

    King_Panda5 日 前

    you could just see how much she enjoyed the first audition

  46. SL RUDY

    SL RUDY5 日 前

    plz reply

  47. SL RUDY

    SL RUDY5 日 前

    what is the first auditions first song

  48. Kobayashi Horikita

    Kobayashi Horikita5 日 前

    I love the songすぁっぁ

  49. Kobayashi Horikita

    Kobayashi Horikita5 日 前


  50. Art Dreams

    Art Dreams5 日 前

    Русские, топ 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  51. 4rtem _15,2019

    4rtem _15,20195 日 前

    It's a bomb.

  52. Lewis

    Lewis5 日 前

    Thank you youtube recommended. Also i actually think their first performance was best and that they gradually got worse, but that could also be because they have to repeat a lot of stuff /shrug. Still top notch tho

  53. Dextroyer !!

    Dextroyer !!5 日 前

    What's was the songs for 3rd performance

  54. KillerBean

    KillerBean5 日 前

    I cant help but notice she almost missed the button at 2:41

  55. rada greg

    rada greg6 日 前


  56. Ecrin Derin Öztürk

    Ecrin Derin Öztürk6 日 前

    Turkishss!! Im turkish

  57. muhammad arshad

    muhammad arshad6 日 前

    Amazing Amazing ❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏✨✨👌

  58. XiiXo

    XiiXo6 日 前

    Love it😍

  59. __のぞみ

    __のぞみ6 日 前

    The programer is the MVP✨

  60. ザキのしの

    ザキのしの6 日 前


  61. Hassangaming channel

    Hassangaming channel6 日 前

    What's the song called on 3:30