LG Wing Unboxing - This Thing is WILD


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  2. Reyes Yanez

    Reyes Yanez9 時間 前


  3. 나만의조물조물세상

    나만의조물조물세상12 時間 前

    There is another function when in self-portrait mode. When it falls, the sensor reacts and the camera goes back to normal.

  4. Michael S

    Michael S2 日 前

    This is just a modern play on LG VX9400 how is this a new innovation?

  5. yash

    yash2 日 前

    Please review the POCO F2 PRO

  6. Invento Potter

    Invento Potter3 日 前

    It was trending in INDIA lew

  7. kailash kumawat

    kailash kumawat28 秒 前

    Great technology

  8. Angel_of_ Darkness

    Angel_of_ Darkness20 分 前

    Huawei is gonna copie dis just like iphone

  9. arnel samson

    arnel samson23 分 前

    con= one accidental drop with the wings activated...kaput cant wait to see jerry get his hands on this...

  10. itsme

    itsme34 分 前

    This one is good for running windows RDP so downside we will have keyboard means fully handy desktop we can experience

  11. Jordan Tee

    Jordan Tee48 分 前

    camera Look like note 20

  12. Mr. Cee

    Mr. Cee48 分 前

    👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 whack

  13. A M

    A M48 分 前

    case manufacturers are having an aneurysm right now

  14. Daniel Zamora

    Daniel Zamora55 分 前

    Watching a JPreporter video and selecting another using the other screen? Oh wow hahaha you can do the same with a regular phone tho.

  15. Aseem Ali

    Aseem Ali時間 前

    Samsung: we have flip LG. : we have wings Apple. :we have logo Nokia. : Iam ur DAD

  16. Pedro Bontempo

    Pedro Bontempo時間 前

    And here I am one more year watching videos about new smartphones through my iPhone 6s. And for real, nothin makes me change to this day it just makes no sense for me to buy another phone there’s nothing new at all. I watch videos in full HD I record videos in 4K I don’t care about nothin and my phone has what.. 4..5 years? I don’t know... price is the only thing that takes my money this days.

  17. __xXQUIKSCOPE420Xx__

    __xXQUIKSCOPE420Xx__時間 前

    has a better form factor than folding phones, I honestly would choose this over folding phones

  18. Narayanarao billakurthy

    Narayanarao billakurthy時間 前

    Why don't you do. Home tour

  19. Connor C

    Connor C時間 前

    Appel sucks

  20. Æjin

    Æjin時間 前

    Basically the T-Mobile sidekick but modernized

  21. Frankene Limtangco

    Frankene Limtangco時間 前

    Shut up! And take my money!! Ohh wait, I'm broke 😩

  22. Michael De Guzman

    Michael De Guzman2 時間 前

    They basically made a vlogging phone

  23. Caffeinated Frostbite

    Caffeinated Frostbite3 時間 前

    so its not a complete gimmick

  24. ᴄʜɪᴇᴠᴇ ʟʟᴀᴠᴏʀᴇ

    ᴄʜɪᴇᴠᴇ ʟʟᴀᴠᴏʀᴇ3 時間 前

    Thor should advertise this phone.

  25. අශේන් සිල්වා

    අශේන් සිල්වා3 時間 前

    හුත්ත වැටුනොට් ඩිස්ප්ලේ ඉවරයි

  26. alex dimitri

    alex dimitri3 時間 前

    the 5.6k who desliked the video are apple fans

  27. Ryan Daly

    Ryan Daly3 時間 前

    You know, sometimes you really do gotta do 10+10 real quick mid-video just to make sure.

  28. NathANDres

    NathANDres3 時間 前

    I call it LG Glass Pickaxe

  29. jay_615

    jay_6153 時間 前

    If someone died you can used that as a cross ✝️

  30. Rayne Skoglund

    Rayne Skoglund4 時間 前

    Im curious what a case will be like for these.

  31. Random Things

    Random Things4 時間 前

    *LG gives you Wiiiiiiings*

  32. Julio Ortega

    Julio Ortega4 時間 前

    So what kind of case do we need?

  33. Julio Ortega

    Julio Ortega4 時間 前

    Sharp. Sidekick

  34. No name G

    No name G4 時間 前

    If I need to record something in a hurry now I gotta tell them to wait my phone is transforming right now

  35. thisguynamedbrian

    thisguynamedbrian5 時間 前

    Return the slab!!

  36. dejeros

    dejeros6 時間 前

    How could would it have been if the swipe is to the side to have a tablet

  37. J Lo

    J Lo6 時間 前

    Reminds me of the old Sidekick from TMobile

  38. Tout Flic

    Tout Flic6 時間 前

    Jerry rig everywings

  39. JJ

    JJ6 時間 前

    Jokes and memes aside, this phone is insane. It may actually be the best phone I've ever seen, this thing is absolutely stunning. I thought this swivel would be a gimmick but it has so many features, and unlike the Z Fold or whatever dual screen devices it won't be like having a brick in your pocket and it comes with very nice looking colors. Probably gonna pick this one up.

  40. Crispin Dorsett

    Crispin Dorsett7 時間 前

    Ok, an updated sidekick, wow 🙄

  41. AKi kadeem

    AKi kadeem7 時間 前

    The old dog leve 😳😳😳

  42. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy7 時間 前

    this is way better than a flip phone we need more innovation like this....

  43. Nick Galvani

    Nick Galvani7 時間 前

    They need a new version of the ENVY

  44. Nick Galvani

    Nick Galvani7 時間 前

    This is the new version of LG VX9400

  45. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy7 時間 前

    Give me this...but in Apple. Thx

  46. Anpw

    Anpw7 時間 前

    Back before Apple showed the way with design the entire mobile phone industry went through something like a Devonian evolution period. Looks like they are at it again. Oi vey.

  47. LINK ONE13

    LINK ONE137 時間 前

    These features are amazing but the look is quite odd

  48. xXBobbyXx86

    xXBobbyXx867 時間 前

    Yes, a wing and expandable storage. Because f'u samsung note 20!

  49. Nix

    Nix8 時間 前

    Many priests will love this.

  50. Jhazer Hernandez

    Jhazer Hernandez8 時間 前


  51. Jay Atkinson

    Jay Atkinson8 時間 前

    Just me? Or was the audio on those demo video recordings pretty awful?

  52. Dalbacami XD

    Dalbacami XD8 時間 前

    LG has a very bad marketing guys. The design is unique and unconventional. They have good ideas and we need this class of technology. I think we need to forget the brands and see good products.

  53. jin meng

    jin meng9 時間 前



    RAHIED KHAN9 時間 前

    What happen when LG drinks redbull?

  55. Brayni Semblan

    Brayni Semblan9 時間 前

    This is why i love Android more than iPhone.




  57. Clara Han

    Clara Han9 時間 前

    It's cool, different...but why...

  58. Rakshath G. Poojary

    Rakshath G. Poojary9 時間 前

    What about left-hand users it's a nightmare

  59. Truong Vuho

    Truong Vuho9 時間 前


  60. j.c. gloves

    j.c. gloves9 時間 前

    Give me this...but in Apple. Thx

  61. Irelia Stop Ks

    Irelia Stop Ks9 時間 前

    This phone is perfect for streaming



    This is simply bullshit ... Doesn't make sense.. who else thinks the same ?

  63. Marco Soliz

    Marco Soliz9 時間 前


  64. Harsh Soni

    Harsh Soni10 時間 前

    Wow.... Better then folding..

  65. juben john

    juben john10 時間 前

    If u need apple to bring out something like this ..pls wait till we get extinct


    ATULYA SAHOO10 時間 前

    Next generation phone😍😍

  67. Abduhacker007 yt binod

    Abduhacker007 yt binod10 時間 前

    Look like Tony starks phone from part one leave a like if u know

  68. Martin E

    Martin E10 時間 前

    This is a great phone for programming

  69. C.R.M Technology

    C.R.M Technology10 時間 前

    for me i cant see the meaning of made in that style

  70. Modern-Day Warrior

    Modern-Day Warrior11 時間 前

    She's dead... 0:47

  71. Sgt.NoPants

    Sgt.NoPants11 時間 前

    Before WWIII starts, I want to start another war. Iphone Sucks, why not call it ISuck?

  72. Nilesh Kumar

    Nilesh Kumar11 時間 前

    I guess, I don't have to buy JPreporter premium now to avail that background playback features

  73. Joshua Lopez

    Joshua Lopez11 時間 前

    Reminds me of Tony Starks phone in 2008 Iron Man. It is an LG

  74. Avakin Playlist

    Avakin Playlist11 時間 前

    One question Why?

  75. Axos Rain

    Axos Rain12 時間 前

    My brain is shook!

  76. Ali Sami

    Ali Sami12 時間 前

    price : 9999999999999999$

  77. Srg K

    Srg K12 時間 前

    I'd love to see a drop test when the screen is turned.

  78. gaetano mallia

    gaetano mallia13 時間 前

    or if you want to catch the Ghost .....ghostbusters.....

  79. gaetano mallia

    gaetano mallia13 時間 前

    E se vuoi ci pianti i chiodi sul muro If you want, It's also good for driving nails into the wall. LG black and decker🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  80. BenThuGeek

    BenThuGeek13 時間 前

    you seriously need to make your homescreen a Minecraft pickaxe

  81. Not A Good Gamer

    Not A Good Gamer13 時間 前

    Where is jerry rig everything????

  82. Mega Kazuki

    Mega Kazuki13 時間 前

    "Have you heard of Nicaea yet?"

  83. Game Play

    Game Play13 時間 前

    This is tony Stark’s LG phone that’s shown in 2008 and now this is 2020 edition😱 that’s cool.

  84. David On

    David On13 時間 前

    I thought he said lg Wang

  85. David On

    David On13 時間 前

    You will be a little get in the end if you get this phone...

  86. Im Elvira

    Im Elvira13 時間 前

    If i had this phone i would swivel it millions of times a day

  87. Jagruti Jadhav

    Jagruti Jadhav14 時間 前

    I wonder how many centuries will apple require to reach this level of innovation

  88. Aman

    Aman14 時間 前

    What the fck is that?! Is what I thought at the beginning of the video.

  89. Sinister_ ChillX

    Sinister_ ChillX14 時間 前

    i really wanna see how the back cover of the phone would look like.

  90. Erick Roldán

    Erick Roldán14 時間 前

    I can imagine gaming on this phone as the return of the Nintendo DS experience

  91. David On

    David On14 時間 前

    Fail...just like Mercedes rear wheel steering angle

  92. Maisonier

    Maisonier14 時間 前

    I'm still waiting a motorized sim tray ... to remove the sim only when the smartphone it's unlocked by the owner.

  93. Jay Daily

    Jay Daily15 時間 前

    does anyone realize that the phone resembles the stark phone from ironman 1

  94. Navjot singh

    Navjot singh15 時間 前

    Battery is too small for 2 displays.

  95. Pancho Nasif

    Pancho Nasif15 時間 前

    I just went to the LG Official website for the Wing and they have Lews voice there showing you a virtual unboxing on the phone

  96. Works In Game

    Works In Game15 時間 前

    Does it have a DAC like my G7? , if so i am upgrading :).

  97. gusto80

    gusto8015 時間 前

    I'm impressed!

  98. Baharul Islam

    Baharul Islam16 時間 前

    Redbull: Gives you wings LG: Hold my beer

  99. DuppyKing

    DuppyKing16 時間 前

    All buyers of this pos will lament on the tree of woe. SMH. Such a waste.

  100. Tsynami

    Tsynami16 時間 前

    Gotta love how smartphones aren't just a brick with a screen now

  101. Oneplay GAME

    Oneplay GAME16 時間 前

    Phone for multimedia


    PATEL BHAI16 時間 前

    👎phone is looking garbage 🤐 worst concept 🤫

  103. Venkat Joshi

    Venkat Joshi16 時間 前

    Another device which I can’t afford 😂 Lol

  104. Tiktok Compilation

    Tiktok Compilation17 時間 前

    This smartphone is good for all the vloggers


    NAGACHILI17 時間 前

    Useless innovation that makes the phone hard to use as a daily companion.

  106. Prince Dahiya

    Prince Dahiya17 時間 前

    Now they could make a better foldable phone to like imagine instead of rotating u hold ur phone and then just slide the screen to the left to get another screen under to show up cause that would really be better becz foldable phone would be easy to fold