1. Rayyan Mumin

    Rayyan Mumin44 分 前

    I got freaked out when I saw the tattoos but it was fake So me happy

  2. James Momsen

    James Momsen3 時間 前

    I think you look good with tattoos 🤗

  3. Arianna Graham

    Arianna Graham4 時間 前

    I smiled so much my mouth hurts

  4. CashPrizes

    CashPrizes4 時間 前

    Gorilla mask jump scaring friends is a pretty low bar for content, but rest of the video was good so thumbs up.

  5. Harsh raj

    Harsh raj4 時間 前


  6. Sanjivani Sabne

    Sanjivani Sabne4 時間 前

    It's a god on your arm persion

  7. Peachy Flora

    Peachy Flora6 時間 前

    well yes i saw god Ganesh's head

  8. Devakumar Swaminathan

    Devakumar Swaminathan6 時間 前

    Just like my kitten simba

  9. Queen nav

    Queen nav6 時間 前

    U had such a cute ganesh ji

  10. Ashlesha Gopal

    Ashlesha Gopal6 時間 前

    Dom:different ya different(damn nicest person ever)

  11. beronya daoud

    beronya daoud7 時間 前

    r u acully alirject to cats

  12. Bo Lynn

    Bo Lynn10 時間 前

    She should have done one so it is more believable

  13. Mayeli Espinoza

    Mayeli Espinoza11 時間 前

    When Pierson said she’s Elsa she let it go I was laughing so hard

  14. Imoni Ahmad

    Imoni Ahmad14 時間 前

    Most youtubers: hope your week was good Pierson: I hope your week was FRICKIN amazing Me: it was because I watch your videos every day

  15. Excited Emelia

    Excited Emelia15 時間 前

    Pierson: My Two favorite lexis Fans named Lexi: ... No hate to Pierson just I wanted to say that-

  16. Emily & Mia

    Emily & Mia15 時間 前

    3:14 Piersons other kindergarten BFF watching this: 👁💧👄💧👁 (No hate it’s a joke ❤️

  17. Aranza _3726

    Aranza _372616 時間 前

    “What if we got a giant ladder??” “Ok we’re not PhiNiEs AnD pHeRb” -Lexi Hensley 💀💀💀

  18. A H

    A H16 時間 前

    I didn’t have meh glasses on at 1:16 when Pierson’s dad was there and I thought it was Big Ed 🤦🏽‍♀️

  19. Anelda Smit

    Anelda Smit18 時間 前

    Jeremy has so mush at top but so little under0

  20. TheCanadianKitty

    TheCanadianKitty18 時間 前


  21. Timothy Ramlall

    Timothy Ramlall18 時間 前

    😎 Prison Pierson 😎 I like It

  22. Krish Kothari

    Krish Kothari19 時間 前


  23. Umaiya Ahmed

    Umaiya Ahmed19 時間 前

    Pierson: maybe she (Lexi H) is my favorite Lexi Lexi R: U KNOW WHAT MAYBE U SHOULD LEAVE!!!!!! Me: LMAF

  24. Game City Savior

    Game City Savior21 時間 前

    That is who she reminds me of... Brigit mendler ( probably most definitely misspelled) both cute.

  25. abbey cowan

    abbey cowan日 前


  26. Rimantas Zvirblis

    Rimantas Zvirblis日 前

    Wait... did Lexi Rivera break up with Ben?

  27. Aan Maazif Ahmed

    Aan Maazif Ahmed日 前

    Peirson ur so dramatic

  28. Kc Madurog

    Kc Madurog日 前

    Omg I can't believe Pierson is a cat lover so am I

  29. Sambida Wagle

    Sambida Wagle日 前

    Every serious discussion of the squad happens to be inside the car!!🤣

  30. Tenzin Bhuti

    Tenzin Bhuti日 前


  31. Alice Tran

    Alice Tran日 前

    when ben thought he was getting two hugs from the girls..

  32. Tersea Ruel

    Tersea Ruel日 前

    6:17get a blow dart gun

  33. The Legend Joshua

    The Legend Joshua日 前

    U can only like this if your a lexi that wants to be her favorite

  34. The Legend Joshua

    The Legend Joshua日 前

    Your so cute

  35. Kristine Hatcher

    Kristine Hatcher日 前

    Pierceton I love you go girl you got this girl so brand that you don’t care about him you care about prank Ing him put them in the next video because that would be Hossam wait what are you planning to play you should play hide and seek to big day for you so girl go prank him and then get to the video play hide and seek

  36. I be that Biotch Still that Biotch

    I be that Biotch Still that Biotch日 前

    GIRL POWER 😎😎🦄

  37. Addison Johansson

    Addison Johansson日 前

    Wait ok but Pierson reminds me of Hailee Steinfeld sometimes. But like better. ☺️

  38. Kendall Leggett

    Kendall Leggett日 前

    im not able to see breva all I over my FRICKEN EXPLORE PAGE all the time!😂😅😁

  39. Sybil Felix

    Sybil Felix日 前

    1:13 the man just shaded his kids😹😹😹

  40. James O Shea

    James O Shea2 日 前


  41. Shaunak Pathak

    Shaunak Pathak2 日 前

    Who saw lord Ganesha in her shoulder??

  42. Ria Vadiwala

    Ria Vadiwala2 日 前

    I am indian. And I don't know if anyone has noticed this but pierson's left shoulder, the tattoo was of lord Ganesha(indian god)......lol......love you pierson stay safe....💗

  43. David Rios

    David Rios2 日 前

    Love u all

  44. MaddiE McCombs

    MaddiE McCombs2 日 前

    I cried when you said you were leaving the squid when it was a joke

  45. Chirag Shantilal Jani

    Chirag Shantilal Jani2 日 前

    I was really waiting for ur channel. Don't ever put permanent tattoo. Ur dad looks like Indian finest actor Rishi Kapoor. Dom n Pierson r finest one of all.

  46. Sandeep Bagaria

    Sandeep Bagaria2 日 前

    I think girls don't know to prank look at stokes twins They take it to next level

  47. Fam Alcaraz

    Fam Alcaraz2 日 前

    My mom hates cats me and my older sister & me want a kitten but my mom hates cats so bad 😭😭😭😭😓😥😥😓😓😭

  48. Nyssa Odland

    Nyssa Odland2 日 前


  49. Saori Valencia

    Saori Valencia2 日 前

    Lexi got scared when she looks herself

  50. Jada Medina

    Jada Medina2 日 前

    lol l love these vids

  51. Kelly Molina

    Kelly Molina2 日 前

    7:45 his reaction was so pure, and his smile after he found out 🥺

  52. Meenal Jain

    Meenal Jain3 日 前


  53. Kristers Liepiņš

    Kristers Liepiņš3 日 前

    Hey piorson Please Kiss Brents

  54. Atasha The Explorer

    Atasha The Explorer3 日 前

    Pierson what if prank the guys with lixe hensler and lexi rivera and Ava

  55. Emma and Kate’s Channel

    Emma and Kate’s Channel3 日 前


  56. Jeniffer Guama

    Jeniffer Guama3 日 前

    Wait you did not update us on the keys

  57. Sci-fi wolf

    Sci-fi wolf3 日 前


  58. Pineapple Peach

    Pineapple Peach3 日 前


  59. Maria-Clara Mensah

    Maria-Clara Mensah3 日 前

    What about Dom and Lexi Rivera :Lexdom

  60. Claire Stegeman

    Claire Stegeman日 前

    NO just no BEXI FOREVER

  61. Paitlang Dkhar

    Paitlang Dkhar4 日 前

    Pierson is so funny 😄 she is everyones best friend