Letting The Person in FRONT of Me Decide What We Eat!


  1. Pop Stars

    Pop Stars4 分 前

    He is so nice to everyone that’s cool 😎

  2. panggop jio

    panggop jio23 分 前

    So this dude wants to be a female or is just gay?

  3. Aoife McCann

    Aoife McCann26 分 前

    The way he said butter at 8:50 killed me

  4. RJ Angus

    RJ Angus32 分 前

    Jeffree, come team up with your twin Earthling Ed. 😅😅😅

  5. Achsah Vionsée Nasiima

    Achsah Vionsée Nasiima時間 前

    There is no Wendys in the country where I live 🤷

  6. •Asmr• Aliya•

    •Asmr• Aliya•時間 前

    Why is Wendy's and in and out in the thumbnail?? Also I haven't watched the video yet

  7. Salma Hernández

    Salma Hernández時間 前

    they snapped their tounge so much while tasting the frosty uGH i’m triggered

  8. Jophis Cheese

    Jophis Cheese時間 前

    Hey buddy, go see a doctor or something .. you don't look healthy at all

  9. mary cooper

    mary cooper2 時間 前

    Jeffree i don't care what anybody says about you i still and always will love you

  10. Gabby

    Gabby5 時間 前

    Jeffree: I'm the worlds pickiest eater Me: no my brother is he doesn't like pizza he eats chicken nuggets and hot dogs for dinner every day

  11. Arie

    Arie5 時間 前

    Mitchell is actually v cute😂

  12. Alejandro David Dumas

    Alejandro David Dumas8 時間 前

    Mitchell is a cutie pie 😉 😍

  13. Bella Carson

    Bella Carson10 時間 前

    Oml pleasee come to Australia!!!

  14. Brisa and Alexa official

    Brisa and Alexa official12 時間 前

    20:44 my favorite part😂😂😂☝🏼☝🏼

  15. Wendy Zimmerman

    Wendy Zimmerman12 時間 前

    Love hearing you save my name...over and over...

  16. Wendy Zimmerman

    Wendy Zimmerman12 時間 前

    LOVE ❤️ you! You have no idea how much you have helped me with my physical and mental health...

  17. Melissa Danae

    Melissa Danae12 時間 前

    Love this video! ☺️

  18. hen ko

    hen ko13 時間 前

    I hate mayonnaise to big up 🇬🇧

  19. Random Sister

    Random Sister15 時間 前

    Yass Kween

  20. Connection Magazine

    Connection Magazine16 時間 前

    Evil USA promotes sexually perverted BELIEFS and attacks all who do NOT accept or embrace those BELIEFS.

  21. Rachel Rules Gacha

    Rachel Rules Gacha17 時間 前

    Jeffree: If the person in front of us does not order a frosty we're gonna have a problem. Also jeffree: *Gets a frosty* That's it?!

  22. TheSoy1313

    TheSoy131318 時間 前

    So this dude wants to be a female or is just gay?

  23. bigraviolees

    bigraviolees18 時間 前

    seven million assholes watch this stupid shit. Gee how many hits can let someone tell be how loud to fart video get? Try nova science or the DEmocracy now you fukn losers

  24. Alison Novoa

    Alison Novoa18 時間 前

    He is sooooo beautiful 😍😍😍

  25. Yinghui Yang

    Yinghui Yang19 時間 前

    imagine you just enter a random In-N-out, and the first person you see is Jefreestar. I will be shook and ask for pictures!! What will u do?

  26. Madison Hardaway

    Madison Hardaway19 時間 前

    This was a good video😂

  27. Hailey Brindle

    Hailey Brindle20 時間 前

    I like plain hamburgers. It's not boring itself called loving food as it really is. Food doesn't need makeup, it's tasty the way it is!

  28. jessica lendon

    jessica lendon20 時間 前

    why is it people don't do Belfast?

  29. Angie Gillespie

    Angie Gillespie20 時間 前

    I am the same with food boring as shit. I don't do sushi plain Jane all the way.

  30. Runes

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  31. Young Maniacc

    Young Maniacc21 時間 前

    This is gay

  32. DonYourMomsFav

    DonYourMomsFav22 時間 前

    You look like an onion

  33. Lukeghost

    Lukeghost23 時間 前

    How can he make everything so normal or silly fabulous

  34. L.A. NATIVE TV

    L.A. NATIVE TV23 時間 前

    In n out is much healthier than Taco Bell cmooonn

  35. Refanov Constantin K.

    Refanov Constantin K.日 前

    18.35 is That Nate or Zack?...

  36. DreamingMomma 17

    DreamingMomma 17日 前

    Haha I live how he takes his pink Tesla to in-and-out and such lol. And I love how he is so fan-friendly :-)

  37. Malta Babe

    Malta Babe日 前

    The blue on his eyes is banging

  38. Malta Babe

    Malta Babe日 前

    I hate mayonnaise to big up 🇬🇧

  39. Herul Paturohman

    Herul Paturohman日 前

    I only order frosty too

  40. Dani San Martin

    Dani San Martin日 前

    *MITCHELL*: i hate in-and-out *ALSO MITCHELL*: eats half of a double double

  41. Katie B

    Katie B日 前

    All this did was make me want a frostier and some In & Out 😩😩 Damn intermittent fasting! Also, why would anyone get a plain burger there!? That makes my heart sad...😂

  42. fake subs i love i.o.i!

    fake subs i love i.o.i!日 前

    crazy how im gonna move to angland lol



    0:32 Jefree Sounded like a horse (when he laughed Lol)

  44. Jonathan Dixon

    Jonathan Dixon日 前

    Kid in the back ✌😁✌

  45. Jellah Minardo

    Jellah Minardo日 前

    Jeffree is soo Approachable ❤️

  46. Unicorn Faith

    Unicorn Faith日 前

    I never even realized he didn’t have eyebrows like wow

  47. Shirley Bailey

    Shirley Bailey日 前

    What a couple of complete fools.

  48. tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker日 前

    8:53 hi teeth

  49. ElizabethAnn Sharrock

    ElizabethAnn Sharrock日 前

    Im in Britain i hope i could see youxxxxc

  50. Payy Det

    Payy Det日 前

    @7:37 had me laughing. Mainly because 1. In Ohio. Well. At least where I live. Wendy’s doesn’t serve breakfast. 2 the Kim Kardashian audio had me crying with my bag of Cheetos at 5 AM😂😂😂

  51. Earth - Chan

    Earth - Chan日 前

    I live in Birmingham. That's so cool. I am soo coming!

  52. Samuel Oliva

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  53. Shania Gough

    Shania Gough日 前

    Mitchell is so cute 😩😍😍🤤

  54. Kay M

    Kay M日 前

    All the VIPs are sold out 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  55. Juliet Wynn

    Juliet Wynn日 前

    20:45 is such a cute exchange with that one stranger and i know its subtle but im living for that little "whats up?"

  56. Chanel Knight

    Chanel Knight日 前

    I love them together lol

  57. Kylee Arrington

    Kylee Arrington日 前

    Is anyone else wondering about the Milani contest

  58. omgXALYSSAXomg

    omgXALYSSAXomg日 前

    That part where they wouldn’t understand was hilarious! Love blue look!

  59. ItzCookie

    ItzCookie日 前

    Jeffree, hunny, I eat my burgers: cheese, meat, bun. Hotdog: bun, sausage, ketchup. Sushi: never had it. So guess what.., we’re so similar

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  61. Emiliano MG

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  62. Emiliano MG

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  63. Emiliano MG

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  64. Emiliano MG

    Emiliano MG日 前


  65. Emiliano MG

    Emiliano MG日 前


  66. Leia Holman

    Leia Holman日 前

    13:24 that’s wat he said ima shut up now

  67. meilany theresia

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  68. Luíza G

    Luíza G日 前

    8:53 hi teeth

  69. courtney hodder

    courtney hodder日 前

    OMG I LIVE IN THE UK!!!!!! 🤗🤗😊

  70. Sima Gancarčiková

    Sima Gancarčiková日 前

    hes driving only in socks?

  71. Ducati NYC Vlog

    Ducati NYC Vlog2 日 前

    Oh god 🤦‍♂️

  72. Winter Rose

    Winter Rose2 日 前

    2:32 why do people pronounce Birmingham as burning - ham it’s Burningm

  73. Eric Heeder

    Eric Heeder2 日 前

    Can we get a skincare video! No makeup just your skincare routine or favs?? Jeffeee Star skincare anytime soon????

  74. Samuel Unwin

    Samuel Unwin2 日 前

    Mitch and Jeffree have definitely fucked at some point

  75. Beckg g Mayores

    Beckg g Mayores2 日 前

    They kind cute together;)

  76. Derek Alexander Etter

    Derek Alexander Etter2 日 前

    I thought I was the only one who is petrified of and hated butter lmao

  77. Johanna Ashwood

    Johanna Ashwood2 日 前

    Watching ppl richer than me eat a frosty.... I love you.. SHARRE plz!!

  78. wuv cat

    wuv cat2 日 前

    YoU HaTe BuTtEr ?😂

  79. Shannon Vilandre

    Shannon Vilandre2 日 前

    Hi jeffree star have a wonderful day 🌞 love your blue blood palette 😍 someday I'll get my hands on one 😂 my favorite color is Blue 😍

  80. league invader

    league invader2 日 前

    Weirdly enough I just realized your face tattoo😂 but it looks really good

  81. Legacy.Vibes

    Legacy.Vibes2 日 前

    when he said he only liked plain cheeseburgers...... I felt that in my soul same babe

  82. Amirrah Hadley

    Amirrah Hadley2 日 前

    1900’s: There will be flying cars in the future 2019:

  83. Jocelyn Torre

    Jocelyn Torre2 日 前

    This is my first time seeing jeffree star using memes at the start lololil

  84. Poppy

    Poppy2 日 前

    Honestly dont care about the drama going on rn with James Charles. This was a quality video. Great content😊



    Ikr,I can't stand James

  86. Roberta Corral

    Roberta Corral2 日 前

    They’ve definitely hooked up before 😂

  87. yes thery

    yes thery2 日 前

    Gay boy stop

  88. Anime Freak2004

    Anime Freak20042 日 前

    do a flamenco makeup theme

  89. Lisha Zhu

    Lisha Zhu2 日 前

    Jeffree’s makeup looks very good!

  90. Shanga Mcnair

    Shanga Mcnair2 日 前

    Jefree when are you going to do more giveaways. I can't afford to buy your products often but when I can I love them..

  91. G G

    G G2 日 前

    You making me question my Sexuality

  92. Mackenzie Bailey

    Mackenzie Bailey2 日 前

    Jeffree you are a danger to society

  93. Melina Giannotti

    Melina Giannotti2 日 前

    I go to the same intermediate school that jefree went to (Alamitos intermediate) 👀😤💅🏻

  94. whoahotcowgirl01

    whoahotcowgirl012 日 前

    Liquid eyeliner yes please

  95. Ido Meyer

    Ido Meyer2 日 前

    God Mitchell is SO HOT 🔥 😍😍😍

  96. madlarkin8

    madlarkin82 日 前

    Internet pollution on the moral fabric of our species.

  97. Nenyytazz27

    Nenyytazz272 日 前

    Tanto tatuaje, luego que se va a pintar 😱🤯

  98. Some Thing

    Some Thing2 日 前

    Fucking creepy ass bitch

  99. Justin Cormier

    Justin Cormier2 日 前

    U are like my favorite JPreporter in the whole world I wound love to meet you ps my name is Shelby and I am 11❤❤❤❤❤

  100. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae2 日 前

    Lmao u n tati tried to pull that r Kelly bs on james but unlike r Kelly james did nun then he pulled out that reverse card with some screen shots n suddenly all jefree can say is he could expose but he isnt bc we know he cant u n tati are narcissistic

  101. Cassandra Runyon

    Cassandra Runyon2 日 前

    👏🏻Literally DIED 👏🏻 when JS yelled BUTTER ?! 😱😵💀 💕✨💕✨💕