Letting The Person In Front of Me Decide My Makeup Routine


  1. Alisha Saxby

    Alisha Saxby5 時間 前

    James your my fav you tuber xx love ya ignore the haters ur fab stay the way u are

  2. Luis Carmona

    Luis Carmona7 時間 前

    Can he please step into the line at Target while I’m standing there with 172 items that I didn’t plan to buy? Lol

  3. Carmen Glass

    Carmen Glass9 時間 前

    Can I be in that line please? 😂😂

  4. Brooke Yeick

    Brooke Yeick10 時間 前

    You make EVERYTHING look SOOOO GOOD❤️ luv u

  5. Shayla Beaver

    Shayla Beaver11 時間 前

    You're seriously so amazing you never fail to impress! xoxo

  6. Katie Naslund

    Katie Naslund11 時間 前

    You should do a video where your friends pick your makeup. And YOU don’t get to come to the store with them!

  7. Andrea molina

    Andrea molina13 時間 前

    I love your makeup sis 💕🔥😘🌸🌺🦋

  8. Preslee Skaar

    Preslee Skaar15 時間 前

    thank you for putting on the giveaway! you are seriously the best evaaaaaa. hope i win!

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  10. Catherine Bell

    Catherine Bell17 時間 前

    hi sIsErT love u c;

  11. Vimanna Stanton

    Vimanna Stanton17 時間 前

    James old hair😂🥺

  12. leah ami

    leah ami18 時間 前

    אתה חמוד

  13. Holly Richardson

    Holly Richardson18 時間 前

    oml ily James

  14. Zoey Cowling

    Zoey Cowling20 時間 前

    Imagine if someone wouldn't let him lay for there order. That would be rough😂💞

  15. Kayden Grovenburg

    Kayden Grovenburg20 時間 前

    Omg I really want the gift card eeeeeeeee

  16. Leanne Xx

    Leanne Xx21 時間 前

    13:25 anyone else wonder what that spells // h-o-e hmm 🤔 I don’t have a clue lol 😂

  17. Gacha potato

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  18. Ruby Rose

    Ruby Rose日 前

    Hi James I love u so much and I would be so great full for that the gift card😄and I already have your pallet! Anyways I hope u pick me❤️

  19. Dalia Khalil

    Dalia Khalil日 前

    Ly xxx

  20. Jennie Kinsey

    Jennie Kinsey日 前

    Ain’t no one gonna notice he had an orange weiner on the side f his face? 😂

  21. Jeffrey Smitth

    Jeffrey Smitth日 前

    You are the best and most giving person ever I luv you bisssshhhh my insta is jeffslayshair for that follow confirmation btw 😜👍🏻

  22. Valentina Ramirez

    Valentina Ramirez日 前

    Posted right on my birthday

  23. Clara-jane Myers

    Clara-jane Myers日 前

    Love your eye look!!!!! Also dying for your palette!!

  24. Summer Padgett

    Summer Padgett日 前

    he didn't even use any of the primers

  25. Meagan Caulfield

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  26. Bailee Nichols

    Bailee Nichols日 前

    I am not allowed to have Twitter but I am following you on everything else but love you james

  27. phoebe lee

    phoebe lee日 前

    I use the same moisturizer!!!!❤️

  28. Decca Simmons

    Decca Simmons日 前

    James in a sentence:"Definitely not my coulour, but-"



    I love james's hands and his voiceu(´;ω;`)ウッ…

  30. Jojo B

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  31. Katie Betts

    Katie Betts日 前

    I can not imagine having $1000 to spend on beauty. It would be the dream.

  32. Dzana Fehratovic

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  33. tayyaba maryam

    tayyaba maryam日 前

    Can someone help me. What kind of nails does James Charles get???????

  34. Annecherry

    Annecherry2 日 前

    Ok but imagine if I was in that line😂 (I’m Haitian-American🤚🏾👩🏾‍🦱🇭🇹)

  35. neave english

    neave english2 日 前

    he had instagram eyes looks stunning !!!!

  36. Julio Cespedes

    Julio Cespedes2 日 前

    In Ulta, he only had make up from his eyebrows down...

  37. Karen Luna

    Karen Luna2 日 前

    can you please use the adeline morin pallet

  38. Nonochenono

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  39. Im Okay

    Im Okay2 日 前

    Louis is a sister Savage 😂

  40. Im Okay

    Im Okay2 日 前

    5:23 I died 😂

  41. GachaHannah Productions

    GachaHannah Productions2 日 前

    Ummmmmm what do I comment for the giveaway I like a foundation the matches

  42. julestamra08 Collins

    julestamra08 Collins2 日 前

    You look amazing!

  43. Ashley Worth

    Ashley Worth2 日 前

    This came out on my birthday and I didn’t see it till now /:

  44. Rachel D

    Rachel D2 日 前

    loved this eye look!

  45. Aribella Kinnunen

    Aribella Kinnunen2 日 前

    this is beautiful makeup

  46. Jennie DaWeirdo

    Jennie DaWeirdo2 日 前

    James Charles is basically Mr Beast as a beauty guru...

  47. Zoe Kirsh

    Zoe Kirsh2 日 前

    Love you sister

  48. Sophia Klump

    Sophia Klump2 日 前

    a sister is SNATCHEDDD

  49. Hannah the Cat

    Hannah the Cat2 日 前

    I actually don’t do makeup that much but I love watching makeup videos!I really hope that I get better at makeup tho :)

  50. Kpop_Trashpanda 2013

    Kpop_Trashpanda 20132 日 前

    Area 51 is comin' for y'all's asses! 😂 15:52 * literally every Seattle fan* BEAST MOOOOOOOOODE!!! 😂

  51. *PrettyTrash*

    *PrettyTrash*2 日 前

    without the yellow it would have been a bisexual flag

  52. Ghazal Bahaa

    Ghazal Bahaa2 日 前

    Your face is like a tomato 🍅

  53. MariaJose Vidal

    MariaJose Vidal2 日 前

    James can you please give me a make up box please!!!!, and i don't have instagram my parents doesnt leo me have instagram

  54. kristal lee broski

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  55. Brooke Harper

    Brooke Harper2 日 前

    Love this video sm 😍

  56. Jisselle_ JsForFun

    Jisselle_ JsForFun2 日 前

    Can sum 1 answer my question: do they actually go into public like this?💀

  57. Ybn_ Jay

    Ybn_ Jay2 日 前

    Giveaway ❤️❤️

  58. Abagail Seahorn

    Abagail Seahorn2 日 前

    Your eyeshadow matches your shirt

  59. Rebekah Buckels

    Rebekah Buckels2 日 前

    Omg James I would’ve fainted if I saw you😂😂😂

  60. Bardalis Sanchez

    Bardalis Sanchez2 日 前

    Hi sister!!!!!!

  61. Trinity Ingles

    Trinity Ingles2 日 前

    Ur face is adorable James🥴omgg I love u sister❤️

  62. Kate Ratliff

    Kate Ratliff2 日 前

    At 19:21 look at the makeup on the side of his nose like.....whoa.

  63. Will Crow

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  64. Serenity Dameron

    Serenity Dameron2 日 前

    THAT was a great look bye sisters

  65. Niki Agne

    Niki Agne3 日 前

    Honestly I knew you weren’t going to like that setting powder. It’s crap. I had a friend suggest that to me and let’s just say, weren’t not friends anymore. Love you sister 💋💕

  66. Sassypantschloe

    Sassypantschloe3 日 前

    Love the make up Look

  67. Javid Deghani

    Javid Deghani3 日 前

    Your life is not very good

  68. Thesplinterwasper plays

    Thesplinterwasper plays3 日 前

    Be a boy again big girl shut up ok be a boy again

  69. Anya Smith

    Anya Smith3 日 前

    Burp count 2 ahaha we stan James he’s amazing also though that look was amazing 😍

  70. Katy Bynum

    Katy Bynum3 日 前

    I will love you 5ever

  71. gab lane

    gab lane3 日 前

    OMG. i love you sooo sooo sooo much!! Im not very good at makeup, but i love watching your videos!! :)

  72. Rihanna Mederos

    Rihanna Mederos3 日 前

    Ok that foundation actually matches

  73. Lps Galactic

    Lps Galactic3 日 前

    My mom works at Sephora Mom: YOU ARE WATCHING ULTA VIDEOS? Me: Σ( ° △ °|||)︴

  74. Kelsey Farren

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  75. David Flores

    David Flores3 日 前

    18:27 would be a nice tattoo for you it's cool

  76. Erica Lacy

    Erica Lacy3 日 前

    That’s a beautiful look. That’s crazy that the customers were going to purchase a lot of this you could actually used and look good 😍😍

  77. scott ryan

    scott ryan3 日 前

    5:37 omgsomebodycdffdgijeffknfdkisdfidfvf ppppfffffhahahahahahaha Edit: what Area 51 language was that hahaha

  78. honeyy y

    honeyy y3 日 前

    is nobody gonna talk about how he literally did the bi flag on his eye + yellow

  79. Erin Price

    Erin Price3 日 前

    James can do this look with random makeup and I can’t even do a look as good as this with makeup that I actually choose😂😭 Also I’ve done all the steps💓

  80. lilly morlock

    lilly morlock3 日 前

    This is one of the best eye shadow videos you've made!