Letting a Monkey Decide which Country we Fly to...


  1. gas planet

    gas planet日 前

    That guy is awesome for being so down to face his fear w them!

  2. Ben Knollenberg

    Ben Knollenberg2 日 前

    How’d you fly Spirit in Europe?

  3. Dixie Cadiva

    Dixie Cadiva3 日 前

    That's not monkey, but Orang Utan

  4. NameFehlt Trash

    NameFehlt Trash3 日 前

    Why does every person that not speaks english allways go to germany. Austria in 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 better. lol

  5. Len Jaeger

    Len Jaeger3 日 前

    I were at the same Time at the same Spot as you guys in Berlin now i‘m Maaaaaad 😪

  6. Sadewa Gts

    Sadewa Gts4 日 前

    Come to Bali Indonesia

  7. Deesh

    Deesh5 日 前

    did anyone else notice that the footage of the airplane they showed was from spirit airlines, an airline that only operates out of the US? no? just me? the avgeek

  8. Moon_Cherries

    Moon_Cherries5 日 前

    10:00 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Grxtchbuilx I

    Grxtchbuilx I6 日 前

    You guys are my favourite channel on youtube

  10. my everything

    my everything7 日 前

    These guys warm my heart

  11. Louise Ahazia

    Louise Ahazia7 日 前

    "I don't need your money" 🙂

  12. Louise Ahazia

    Louise Ahazia7 日 前

    I freaking thought he was Indian 😂🙈

  13. Muhammad Ahmed Khan Marwat

    Muhammad Ahmed Khan Marwat9 日 前

    Music at 7:20?

  14. Julian Sheldon

    Julian Sheldon10 日 前

    I realized I've been smiling from start to finish... really awesome video guys #SouthAfricaNeedsSomeYesTheoryMedicine

  15. ErklaerMirDieWelt

    ErklaerMirDieWelt11 日 前

    The guy who was surprised you snuck into the fashion week party was KekseTV, a pretty big German JPreporterr and model :D

  16. Mandy

    Mandy11 日 前

    The merch add was the best

  17. sparky riot

    sparky riot12 日 前

    You guys should randomly pick a place but also randomly pick an airline to go to the place. No matter how many planes you need to fly.

  18. Mara Denissa

    Mara Denissa13 日 前

    Heard Romania and it melted my heart

  19. Anil Kindo

    Anil Kindo15 日 前

    The merch add - thomas u killed it..

  20. Soviet Union’s Most Notorious KGB Agent

    Soviet Union’s Most Notorious KGB Agent16 日 前

    The first challenge would go better in Canada...

  21. Soviet Union’s Most Notorious KGB Agent

    Soviet Union’s Most Notorious KGB Agent16 日 前

    Wait.. why does the wing of the plane say Howdy? Only Spirit Airlines has those in the wings And Spirit Airlines only works in the U.S. ...

  22. Johanna Mark

    Johanna Mark17 日 前

    13:10 You just randomly met the German JPreporterr ‘KekseTV’ 😂

  23. Serena Monteverdi

    Serena Monteverdi18 日 前

    ayye Enrico hai il supporto di un'altra italiana introversa

  24. Kaya Hrysko

    Kaya Hrysko18 日 前

    Thomas can wear anything and look hot

  25. zuverlaessig • Bedwars

    zuverlaessig • Bedwars19 日 前

    13:11 Krass Klassenfahrt :D

  26. Maria Thalian

    Maria Thalian19 日 前

    didnt realise this video exactly one year old

  27. Maria Thalian

    Maria Thalian19 日 前

    I skipped the part with the monkey and I was so confused when ther whole background was written in German

  28. ghassen jabri

    ghassen jabri19 日 前

    So sneaking in to a fashion show is way way easier than talking to a stranger.

  29. Turtle Not Tortoise

    Turtle Not Tortoise19 日 前

    "The more I think about it the more I die inside"-Words of a very wise man.

  30. Fizzy

    Fizzy20 日 前

    I lives in hungary now i live in abu dhabi

  31. chltt y

    chltt y20 日 前

    Guys you need to come to Berlin again!

  32. Akshay kumar

    Akshay kumar20 日 前

    Let the monkey drive you to your destination it would be crazy trust the monkey

  33. teo tigar

    teo tigar24 日 前

    I wish you come to croatia

  34. Jiří Hlaváč

    Jiří Hlaváč25 日 前

    that It' always sunny intro... GOLD :D :D :D :D

  35. Roy Linker

    Roy Linker25 日 前

    OMG an orangutan, LOL

  36. Philly J

    Philly J28 日 前

    fucking love that mid-way ad xD hahahah

  37. Devin Zevallos

    Devin Zevallos29 日 前

    thomas always with the Joker references😂

  38. Maheshwari Ashwin

    Maheshwari Ashwinヶ月 前

    You guys are crazy

  39. Paulo Abreu

    Paulo Abreuヶ月 前

    So weird to see you guys running past my house ( not irl just in the video)

  40. Sinegugu Ntsele

    Sinegugu Ntseleヶ月 前

    This video's first challenge was so relatable. I shed a tear ❤

  41. Amelia

    Ameliaヶ月 前

    Oh, guys, I envy you so much! My life is such a mess right now.

  42. One Two

    One Two29 日 前

    i wish you all the best ♥ i feel you and i send you positive vibes dear, be you, take a deep breath , believe in yourself and everything will fall into place i promise

  43. Lucano s

    Lucano sヶ月 前

    9:58 look at me ! LOOK AT ME ! ! !

  44. KelpyG Shakes

    KelpyG Shakesヶ月 前

    Enrich overcoming his fear was so wholesome. I love it :,)

  45. Hope

    Hopeヶ月 前

    3:07 Did Thomas just call Ammar "Matt"

  46. Rob Garry

    Rob Garryヶ月 前

    1:03 sunny in Philadelphia

  47. Astalavista Baby

    Astalavista Babyヶ月 前

    Thats actually an Orang Utan

  48. STEVE

    STEVEヶ月 前

    By the end of these videos, I end up smiling or even laughing without even realizing it. You guys are just the best.

  49. noah el

    noah elヶ月 前

    Omg your advertisement was soo funny 😂😂😂

  50. rekthahalolxd

    rekthahalolxdヶ月 前

    0:56 r/thathappened

  51. Verónica

    Verónicaヶ月 前

    That commercial break was the best thing in this video😂❤️

  52. Mats Frederickx

    Mats Frederickxヶ月 前

    i say this every video but everytime i watch your videos i have a smile on my face

  53. Špela

    Špelaヶ月 前

    I can feel that guy who is overcoming talking to strangers! Gave me so much anxiety🙄

  54. AYL

    AYLヶ月 前

    reverse clickbait

  55. Skει

    Skειヶ月 前

    Да теория❤️

  56. Vman

    Vmanヶ月 前

    I was at that city at the same time as you on holiday!

  57. autisti poika

    autisti poikaヶ月 前


  58. autisti poika

    autisti poikaヶ月 前

    oh my fucking god!! Thomas would be an awesome actor that little comercial brake was the funniest thing ever when Thomas was angry

  59. ANNIEL Channel

    ANNIEL Channelヶ月 前

    I love these guys but hey I challenge you, YES THEORY to visit the Philippines... if you like the best adventure... WOOOOhaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  60. Zrubavella Portermacher

    Zrubavella Portermacherヶ月 前

    what is the song in the fashion show???/

  61. Elias Stark

    Elias Starkヶ月 前

    MORE of Asshole Director Thomas, p l s 😆😆😂😂