Let Me Love You | DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber | KJ [Freestyle Dance]


  1. U tube mania

    U tube mania9 時間 前


  2. Syaidan SM Chanel

    Syaidan SM Chanel12 時間 前

    Coba dong pake lagu entah apa 😅

  3. Анель Мукашева

    Анель Мукашева16 時間 前


  4. Анель Мукашева

    Анель Мукашева16 時間 前

    I like this dance and music very much

  5. Анель Мукашева

    Анель Мукашева16 時間 前


  6. Md Parvez

    Md Parvez日 前

    Very eksaitent dance......wow lobw

  7. Md Parvez

    Md Parvez日 前


  8. Delfin Wijaya

    Delfin Wijaya日 前

    October? 2019? Don't let me alone

  9. Jadu Das

    Jadu Das2 日 前

    som dance and song

  10. devakanta gogoi

    devakanta gogoi2 日 前

    Too good



    Nice song 👍👍👌👌😊😊

  12. Jashanpreet Singh

    Jashanpreet Singh3 日 前

    This is superhero

  13. N Mahesh

    N Mahesh3 日 前

    🇮🇳 hello INDIA anybody there 🇮🇳

  14. Sumeet kumar Gope

    Sumeet kumar Gope3 日 前


  15. Niva Parmar

    Niva Parmar3 日 前

    That person on cycle start making a video

  16. Surendra Singha

    Surendra Singha3 日 前

    Wow unbelievable really you are father of all the dancers. wish you all the best INDIA

  17. Veeru Singh

    Veeru Singh4 日 前

    Superb bro

  18. Sudeep Pawar

    Sudeep Pawar4 日 前


  19. Sudeep Pawar

    Sudeep Pawar4 日 前


  20. Sudeep Pawar

    Sudeep Pawar4 日 前


  21. Shoba C

    Shoba C4 日 前

    Wow nice song dance superb..

  22. Aryan Pandey

    Aryan Pandey4 日 前


  23. bhawna singh

    bhawna singh4 日 前

    Tiger se bhi mast hai ye dance

  24. Dennis Alford way of the little dragon

    Dennis Alford way of the little dragon4 日 前

    That dancing is class two dance there without my Welsh nightmare blazing sun no way as way

  25. Purendra Rawat

    Purendra Rawat5 日 前

    So beautiful song

  26. i-fahad 90

    i-fahad 905 日 前

    Waw ❤️🥺👏🏻

  27. D k D k

    D k D k5 日 前

    Baby song is very amazing and you coooooool guy me your big fan

  28. Shambhu Santra

    Shambhu Santra5 日 前

    This song is awesome 😍❤️😍❤️

  29. MD JAHID

    MD JAHID6 日 前

    Mdjahid like

  30. Prathik Salian

    Prathik Salian6 日 前


  31. Dhanunjay Paswan

    Dhanunjay Paswan6 日 前


  32. manoj kushwaha

    manoj kushwaha6 日 前


  33. Think different

    Think different7 日 前

    That's why you people are cooool,if you try to perform dance in public place you will be considered as mad😂😂but in foreign countries people appreciate your performance,you people are really cool ....

  34. Akkied

    Akkied7 日 前

    amazing bro

  35. Dennis Alford way of the little dragon

    Dennis Alford way of the little dragon7 日 前

    I had evil forces chasing me and this tune was playing they were getting in taxi miles up in front so I'd walk into them I came round in a hospital then a jail wired

  36. abhishek padwar

    abhishek padwar7 日 前

    wow! best dance forever

  37. Piyush Sati

    Piyush Sati7 日 前

    nice confidence

  38. Subhaprakash Pradhan

    Subhaprakash Pradhan8 日 前

    NYC song

  39. Ruby Yadav

    Ruby Yadav8 日 前

    The best , i mean the extremely best dance i have ever seen on this song

  40. Rupasree Talukdar

    Rupasree Talukdar8 日 前


  41. kajal Tomar

    kajal Tomar8 日 前

    Amazing 😍

  42. Sada Ahmed

    Sada Ahmed9 日 前

    I knew you were going to make it big one day bro, been watching since it was 2000 views.

  43. الازهار الحزينة

    الازهار الحزينة9 日 前

    روووووووعة بجنننننننن💓💓💓💓💓💓💕💕

  44. Naithok Jamatia

    Naithok Jamatia9 日 前

    Very beautiful dance

  45. Bchandrayudu.Uwjsisj G

    Bchandrayudu.Uwjsisj G10 日 前

    I love u justin

  46. Kaptan Rock

    Kaptan Rock10 日 前

    Good brother nice song

  47. Farhad X

    Farhad X11 日 前

    This is country

  48. Jayanta Barmon

    Jayanta Barmon11 日 前


  49. Anand Raj

    Anand Raj11 日 前

    I have no any words to tell about this its amazing you

  50. Kalpana Sahil

    Kalpana Sahil11 日 前

    Chakash dance ha bhai good nice

  51. Manjunatha s m Manjunatha s m

    Manjunatha s m Manjunatha s m11 日 前

    super and amazing dance

  52. Stogfim Gaming

    Stogfim Gaming11 日 前

    Who Watching This On October 4 ?

  53. Arun Sarma

    Arun Sarma12 日 前

    are you best dancer

  54. Tulikukka

    Tulikukka12 日 前

    U can get this good at anything if u practise enough. It's awesome seeing people with passion for dancing


    BABIES LAND13 日 前

    Your dancing awesome love u bro

  56. dragon woria

    dragon woria13 日 前

    October 2019

  57. Riko Kardo

    Riko Kardo13 日 前

    Ooo meysing

  58. Mani Lama

    Mani Lama13 日 前

    Do u like to justin like here👍👍👍

  59. Mani Lama

    Mani Lama13 日 前

    Those who like the voice of justin loke here👍👍👍👍👍

  60. Mani Lama

    Mani Lama13 日 前

    Plz don't give up