Leaving My Dog Alone with a Whole Chicken


  1. Eric Besaw

    Eric Besaw3 時間 前

    She doesn't understand dogs. There is no reason to throw the bits of chicken into his mouth. She can easily feed him the chicken by hand even with her fingertips. Either she's afraid of germs from dogs, which is also stupid, or she just doesn't understand dogs.

  2. Zaezae

    Zaezae4 時間 前

    Can't blame em. I woulda ate it the first time ngl.

  3. • LemonRose •

    • LemonRose •7 時間 前

    I question how she puts a camera in a hot oven-

  4. Audrey Young

    Audrey Young7 時間 前

    Showing my mom this That's it's we're getting a dog

  5. Sergio Arroyo

    Sergio Arroyo7 時間 前

    my golden, food makes her crazy! It is the only thing she has no self control She wouldn't even last 10 seconds in this video :P

  6. Porta

    Porta11 時間 前


  7. jamal Ham

    jamal Ham12 時間 前

    Beautiful dog.

  8. Alistair Struthers

    Alistair Struthers14 時間 前


  9. Alistair Struthers

    Alistair Struthers14 時間 前


  10. Duck Q.

    Duck Q.14 時間 前

    Left with a plate of bacon and pancakes on a high table my dog managed to push my chair close to it and climbed on it to eat away my breakfast. When people say min pins can climb, they absolutely mean it. Tucker did amazing though resisting the chicken for a bit.

  11. Nikolas Oliva

    Nikolas Oliva16 時間 前

    This video and her voice is so god dammed annoying

  12. The Full Metal Mike

    The Full Metal Mike16 時間 前

    *Thumbnail Caption* Haz bow tie. Mus jentlemun.

  13. TheLoneWandrer

    TheLoneWandrer17 時間 前

    Cutest dog on the internet.

  14. Kristin M

    Kristin M17 時間 前

    The end where Tucker ends up eating the chicken so politely... my Great Dane has no manners and would have had that thing down in three gulps

  15. Priya Dixit

    Priya Dixit18 時間 前

    My rambo wud nt resist he wud eat it in front of me... bt trucker z so adorable n was patient... sooo swt

  16. kwantsu dudes

    kwantsu dudes18 時間 前

    He looked like he was harnessing his chi with that stare after you left 😂

  17. ariston zaparita

    ariston zaparita21 時間 前

    The dog is so cute but... he ate some so...

  18. thartdesign

    thartdesign日 前

    Cute overload

  19. George Vreeland Hill

    George Vreeland Hill日 前

    Well edited. Good dog.

  20. Delta Printers

    Delta Printers日 前

    Lindas kinda cute.i like her

  21. Shawn 2017

    Shawn 2017日 前

    Omg! So freaking cute! What a good doggo! He didn't even take a glance, knowing he would be tempted to eat while she was gone. Amazing control!

  22. Jaco Anono

    Jaco Anono日 前

    That poor boi with his struggles

  23. Perla Cardenas

    Perla Cardenas日 前

    so cute and adorable

  24. madboyreadynow28

    madboyreadynow28日 前

    Good doggie

  25. Ariana Rose

    Ariana Rose日 前

    Editing skills on point😚😚🍒🍒

  26. Lee Clark

    Lee Clark日 前

    Another pet teasing video.

  27. Klipz—

    Klipz—日 前

    Wat typa iPhone is that

  28. Lance Cochran

    Lance Cochran日 前

    Good boi

  29. Florence

    Florence日 前

    He is so cute💛🐕🐶🌻🌺🧡🍀🦋🐶

  30. Factory of Doge

    Factory of Doge日 前

    My doggo would eat it in one millisecond. Never trust a Labrador with food XD

  31. Karla Edith

    Karla Edith日 前

    I love his flower crown

  32. Kellie C.

    Kellie C.日 前

    Resisting the urge was fine the first time, but after the first taste of "Chimken".. not deals or guarantees after that. That was too "woof" to resist! 😁😊😄😄

  33. drprasannasuru

    drprasannasuru日 前

    Tucker's expressions deserve Oscar award for best acting.

  34. Aditi kulkarni

    Aditi kulkarni日 前

    Awww tucker

  35. Li Pl

    Li Pl日 前

    Did you see tuckers face🙈

  36. TRD Riñ

    TRD Riñ日 前

    Diner is on the table.😄😁😆😀😃😄

  37. Merv Eleazar

    Merv Eleazar日 前

    Still shows more restraint than a lot of humans.

  38. Patrick Star

    Patrick Star日 前

    Anyone else notice how the phone at 0:39 rang had an iPhone ringtone but the phone is a Samsung?

  39. Corvin Sebastian D. PAYLANGCO

    Corvin Sebastian D. PAYLANGCO2 日 前

    Look at him commit resist against chimken, but he commit eat at the end

  40. Madhushree Senthilkumar

    Madhushree Senthilkumar2 日 前

    Tuckers is the best dog ever can't compare my dog to hers

  41. TJ Booker

    TJ Booker2 日 前

    Where can I get an oven camera?

  42. Cyn B.

    Cyn B.2 日 前

    It was cute the first time. But after that its just teasing and not cute anymore.

  43. Atul Chadha

    Atul Chadha2 日 前

    I can clearly understand dog’s facial expression

  44. Matthew Warner

    Matthew Warner2 日 前

    I was afraid he was going to eat the bones. i would have left him after cutting it and taking the bones away. They can splinter and cause intestinal occulation.

  45. Summer jewels

    Summer jewels2 日 前

    The first part I laughed so hard

  46. Marco L

    Marco L2 日 前

    That dog is so cute !

  47. Aaron Phelan

    Aaron Phelan2 日 前

    you burnt the shit out of that chicken the dog could have done a better job

  48. jayniel mag

    jayniel mag2 日 前

    sometimes i always feel that tucker says those things

  49. Tv1016503 Mmmm

    Tv1016503 Mmmm2 日 前

    Please take Care it us hot for him

  50. ZorX 08

    ZorX 082 日 前

    Bro can u like give this dog a haircut his knock is long asf

  51. Audrey Ferguson

    Audrey Ferguson2 日 前


  52. Yasmina Keyrouz

    Yasmina Keyrouz2 日 前

    If I left a whole chicken with my 2 months old cat she would probably eat it before i even put it on the table 😅🤣🤣

  53. Josh Jordan

    Josh Jordan2 日 前

    And all this while I thought you recorded these videos with your phone till mom called.


    PUBG INDIA2 日 前

    After eating it He is in great regret

  55. TabbyTheCat Little

    TabbyTheCat Little2 日 前

    My dogs would've been chewing before the words "don't touch the chicken" left my mouth.

  56. Jennifer Li

    Jennifer Li2 日 前

    If I did this with my dog he would be four pounds heavier when I get back

  57. Selina Melissa

    Selina Melissa2 日 前


  58. Pat Gray

    Pat Gray2 日 前

    He was set up. Lol

  59. Haley Smith

    Haley Smith2 日 前

    This dog is so freaking cute! I want one!!

  60. Emi Longbottom

    Emi Longbottom2 日 前

    Honestly that’s extremely impressive that he even waited the first time

  61. Carinne Lilac

    Carinne Lilac2 日 前

    Hello Tucker, I am Carinne, your new friend from Singapore on Instagram, how are you doing? 😊 You are so adorable, sweet & handsome, I love you so much 💜

  62. Paisley Hall

    Paisley Hall2 日 前

    Omg u have a channel what love your channel and tiki tok



    Well behaved but could not control his temptation

  64. Jagadeesh Vikram C

    Jagadeesh Vikram C3 日 前

    Toast for Tucker... So Good.. 👌👏👍❤️💐🙏

  65. Saraya N.

    Saraya N.3 日 前


  66. Ava Raley

    Ava Raley3 日 前

    “Must avoid eye contact wif chimken” MOOD

  67. Elliot Meyer

    Elliot Meyer3 日 前

    I left chicken for 30 seconds to grab something from the next room and returned to find my cat dragging it across the floor. This dog is a good listener lol both my goldens would have eaten the whole thing before I got back

  68. Banda Xy

    Banda Xy3 日 前

    اذا اكو عربي يحط لايك👍

  69. Pride909

    Pride9093 日 前

    Wow well trained and well mannered.. Wrote this before the end lol. But still really good dog

  70. The NTYR

    The NTYR3 日 前

    So people like dogs because you can control and torture them, and they still will love you?

  71. Bad Brad

    Bad Brad3 日 前

    I had a Labrador and when I pointed at something and said NO! He never touched it!

  72. Auntie L

    Auntie L3 日 前

    Great job!!!!

  73. Effans Gaming

    Effans Gaming3 日 前

    Did it bone in

  74. m Cave

    m Cave3 日 前

    so adorable. My adult Husky would of probably just looked at it also until I came back but our newest puppy female husky would of devoured it.

  75. TibyNate

    TibyNate3 日 前

    He honestly does a better job than me tho

  76. Diggz

    Diggz3 日 前

    Omfg that cute little face!!!! I want to kiss and squeeze him so bad!! He's so cute w that lil bow tie it hurts!! Pretty baby bear!! 🐻

  77. Colt O

    Colt O3 日 前

    im so glad you have a goldenretriever, with gsd or smthing that kinda puppy raising you would be screwed

  78. 1k subs with no content challenge

    1k subs with no content challenge3 日 前

    If I was him I would eat it up in one bite

  79. Brickbattle Boi

    Brickbattle Boi3 日 前


  80. Matthew Swain

    Matthew Swain3 日 前

    I have that same dish 😁 the one you pulled out of the oven.