Learning How To Dance in 24 Hours


  1. Fishy WooWooh

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    Work girl yassss

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    That dance tho 😍😍👌👌

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    Megan looks so easy to work with, I love it!

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    That was more like 5 mins

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    Yes qeen

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    I unsubscribe to you


    ANZEELA AMIR15 時間 前

    Girl blend your concelar😩

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    lauren, why don't u post on laurdiy 2 anymore???

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    Your so gorgeous!!!!!

  14. Jul' Bae

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    I love how you are so nervous about dancing as if we don't already love you

  15. Macey_ Elle

    Macey_ Elle日 前

    that room is weird lighting so it gives off an orangey vibe.

  16. irene cole

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    my favorite asian girls

  17. Manar Alsharifi

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    Btw what song is that

  18. Manar Alsharifi

    Manar Alsharifi日 前

    I tried learning it... I see why u struggled

  19. Bear Bear

    Bear Bear日 前

    I love how her emotions change

  20. Veni Vidi Amavi

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    *And I love Megan so much!!! Just, my pinger sibling said I have Megan’s body type and I was so happy!* 😤🧐🐎🙏

  21. Veni Vidi Amavi

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    *sis looking a little orange but she did so well!! I love video experiments like this!* ☺️👌

  22. GISAWSOME Adventures2

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    No hate or anything I think that this dance was just walking No hate!!!

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    oof u got told

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    GISAWSOME Adventures2 can u dance

  25. Amaya Myers

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    OMG Meagan at 2:56 LOL

  26. DJ Shadow

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    4:27 and 8:09 Andrew is shook😆❤️ (only Shane watchers will understand)

  27. Katia Ramos

    Katia Ramos日 前

    You danced really good but your expressions weren’t 🥴

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    Is she talking with Andrew shane camera man

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  30. Jordyn Hughes

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    At 10:57 her face looked really orange

  31. Gigi Muscarella

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    Ok but what is the name of the song in the glossier ad cause WOW A BOP

  32. GAN NEW

    GAN NEW日 前

    I love your channel it's cool it's creative and I love your DIY

  33. Isha Apte

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    I'm sad that she's already dating someone else😞, but of course happy for her :))

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    What’s the song called

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    That was actually good 😊

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  38. FangirlLivy :

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    I live how enthusiastic she is

  39. Shleb and Bex

    Shleb and Bex2 日 前

    Welcome to the Dancer Club where we all love to danceee!!! It is made up of every dancer in the world,


    JULIA OLIVA2 日 前

    Was that dance really that hard... it was like three seconds long 😑😐

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  42. Christina Leanne

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    U almost look like star in the beginning

  43. Émily´s diy´s

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    is she no longer brunette

  44. Milk and Cookies

    Milk and Cookies2 日 前

    andrews date

  45. Charis Brown

    Charis Brown2 日 前

    All of us dancers go through the “idk what I’m doing” phase 😂 but you did amazing ❤️

  46. Pineapple 20

    Pineapple 202 日 前

    When she did the final dance it lasted like 2 Seconds😂😂😂love you Lauren and you did great

  47. Janet Lloyd

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    What is the song called?? I need to know

  48. UnicornLover 123

    UnicornLover 1232 日 前

    Do u guys know the next step I used to watch the same dance for like 5 mins then I used to dance it until I get it so yh I guess ik how to dance



    what song is that

  50. Holly Ann

    Holly Ann2 日 前

    What ended up happening with Andrew and Megan?

  51. Ellie Bobsxx

    Ellie Bobsxx2 日 前

    This was amazing😚I love you so so much and I want to be you your so pretty LaurDIY

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    Ahhhhh my two favourite in one video😍😍😍

  53. GCE

    GCE3 日 前

    On day 2 when she was in her blue fluffy thing, did anyone else think her face kinda looked orange

  54. The Vibe Tribe

    The Vibe Tribe3 日 前

    So good keep going #prettylittlelaurs🥳🦄

  55. Robert Kirby

    Robert Kirby3 日 前

    I did remember when you were dancing with D-trix.

  56. Hai Gurl

    Hai Gurl3 日 前

    0:02 I thought she was learning the choreo to BOOMBAYAH by Blackpink for a sec

  57. Wolf love

    Wolf love3 日 前

    I've been dancing for 7 years I do 9 dances

  58. Korr Mc

    Korr Mc3 日 前

    This looked like an amazingly fun time!!

  59. Tati Anna

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    Who else knows Megan Batoon from Team Edge?

  60. GraceAction

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    *I wish I didn't quit dancing in 5th grade*

  61. Anna Huynh

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    MEGAN I miss her opening Pokémon cards!

  62. Pancho Villa

    Pancho Villa3 日 前

    I love Asian women that look like her!

  63. elise cox

    elise cox3 日 前

    when during the routine the camera continuously cuts to different angles, you know they tryna create an illusion

  64. ItsTimeForSome Tae

    ItsTimeForSome Tae3 日 前

    Ok but she a little orange

  65. Anna Hendry élève

    Anna Hendry élève3 日 前

    the collab i never knew i needed until now

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    Oh no! Lauren why the orange? :(

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    1k views and 48k like umm 😐 JPreporter is high

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    a clever and witty username3 日 前

    Yo I might be like a little in love with Megan

  69. a clever and witty username

    a clever and witty username3 日 前

    Megan is so good at explaining like wow her analogies are on point

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    New subscriber here! Love love love from Dubai 🥰 By the way, the dance is soooo hot 😎😱😍

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    Lauren looks completely cool in 10:59 XD

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    Lollipop it’s black......

  73. Lexi Rollins

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    good job

  74. Heyits LY

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    Is this your first time dancing in a bra🤣🤣🤣

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  76. Dalesha's Life

    Dalesha's Life3 日 前

    I would’ve been so nervous, you did it way better than I could do LOL

  77. Dj smiles

    Dj smiles4 日 前

    Lauren looks so happy 😀

  78. Meira Starita

    Meira Starita4 日 前

    You killed that but it was like 15second long.

  79. Elissa Ward

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    Please collab with James Charles!!❤️#prettylittlelaurs

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    OMG that was amazing, so so so good! You go girl!!!!

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    Ok but... BODY GOALS! 💖

  82. Bittersweet Charity

    Bittersweet Charity4 日 前

    You did well! I think your movements could have been sharper, but that’s about it!

  83. Keirstin De Borja

    Keirstin De Borja4 日 前

    10:39 , she is looking a little more orange than usual

  84. Jordan Gerardy

    Jordan Gerardy4 日 前

    Why did I get Trisha paytus vibes from her performance at the end? Anyone else?

  85. Just Rose.

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  86. Emily Pollard

    Emily Pollard4 日 前

    Why can she dance better in 24 hours than me in 6 years😂😂

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    Omg this was amazing

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    Slay it gurrrrrllllll

  89. Keira Summers

    Keira Summers4 日 前

    seriously this is what you had to do to get attention on youtube dance around in your bra. You should just stop seriously because you have a younger audience and no one needs to see this ok thanks!

  90. iiSuper_Toxic 0623

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    she danced with her friend a lot though?'

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    She’s ORANGE 🍊

  92. Aislyn P.

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    What’s the song??

  93. stephentherarabear

    stephentherarabear4 日 前

    The teachers got all the cakes and the legs perfect shape

  94. Riya Patel

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    What is the song??

  95. Karemy Reyes

    Karemy Reyes4 日 前

    When I watch this after I learned the dance

  96. Sidney Keller

    Sidney Keller4 日 前

    Constructive criticism: this video was very interesting and Lauren is a good dancer but she was hyping up the end to much just for a silly, short, little 15 second video

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    Yassssssssssss Queen 👑

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    Queen 👑

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    Oh mah gaaawwwd!!! U can dance giiiiirrrll~~ those moves on fleek!

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    3:46 me too sis

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    Do another songs with her

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    I feel saaxxxyyyy 😂

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    11:04 Lauren looked like Donald Trump (cause she was orange)