Laying in a Box of Snakes | Overtime 9 | Dude Perfect


  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfectヶ月 前

    Coby here. Yikes that was rough 👊🏻🙇🏻‍♂️ 🚨 COME SEE US (no snakes) ON TOUR! 🎟

  2. Tommy Worth

    Tommy Worth15 日 前

    Wish you could come to London! Fantastic channel!

  3. 0 13

    0 1319 日 前

    Why do people keep watching these fake videos from this channel and have those videos trending?

  4. Patrick O’Brien

    Patrick O’Brien25 日 前

    Dude Perfect go to Seattle maybe I will

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    Edit -ヶ月 前


  6. Pranjal Saini

    Pranjal Saini4 時間 前

    Thst was really unfortunate. Love from India

  7. Ben WD Fortnite

    Ben WD Fortnite5 時間 前

    Why was Ned forester not at the pro am for fortnite

  8. Fatal DarkZ

    Fatal DarkZ8 時間 前

    There is no shows in Washington why you so mean

  9. Tyler Gaunt

    Tyler Gaunt9 時間 前

    I found pandas Instagram,in one of your videos it showed his name and I looked it up on Instagram and found pandas instagram

  10. ThePeperoniGamer &Cheese

    ThePeperoniGamer &Cheese9 時間 前

    I’m scared with coby with the snakes

  11. Marcos Vinícius santos

    Marcos Vinícius santos9 時間 前

    Alguém br

  12. Kayla Estes

    Kayla Estes9 時間 前

    Love ur vids

  13. Jack Flipz765

    Jack Flipz76510 時間 前

    Cant wait to see y’all in st louis

  14. jvicblack games

    jvicblack games10 時間 前

    No snakes or coby were harmed... Coby gets bit by a snake

  15. Master of Marbles

    Master of Marbles11 時間 前

    I have a punishment for the wheel - Drive 500 miles non-stop.

  16. Easton Haworth

    Easton Haworth11 時間 前

    DUDE to 888111

  17. feanboy

    feanboy11 時間 前

    The disclaimer😂😂😂😕 No snakes or coby’s were hurt

  18. Yannik Petullà

    Yannik Petullà11 時間 前

    Love smelly been

  19. Chip the Silkie Terrier

    Chip the Silkie Terrier11 時間 前


  20. Adolfina Rebollar

    Adolfina Rebollar11 時間 前

    I Heard a snap 7:22

  21. Adolfina Rebollar

    Adolfina Rebollar11 時間 前

    I Heard a snap 7:21


    EPIC GAMER12 時間 前

    The Hamster is so sweet

  23. Josh Paulk

    Josh Paulk13 時間 前

    Smelling be was created by gmm

  24. Brandon Haughney

    Brandon Haughney13 時間 前

    Do a show in England plz

  25. Chalin the cool one

    Chalin the cool one13 時間 前

    I live in Columbus OH

  26. /Cooldude/

    /Cooldude/14 時間 前

    Wonder what happens when ty gets picked

  27. Arya Balakosa

    Arya Balakosa15 時間 前


  28. Mason Schultz

    Mason Schultz16 時間 前

    do more overtime vids

  29. BenPlays 52

    BenPlays 5217 時間 前

    22:59... I thought it was a CORAL SNAKE!! But it was just a king snake

  30. Break

    Break17 時間 前

    Give 1000 dollars to one of the dudes for wheel unfortunate

  31. Erik Mattson

    Erik Mattson17 時間 前

    So you shot 556 blanks in the dphq2 for the grappling gun?

  32. Alex Barrera

    Alex Barrera17 時間 前

    At 19:27 listen closely you can hear someone saying ned ned ned

  33. XoSkeletron

    XoSkeletron17 時間 前


  34. Xturminator7

    Xturminator717 時間 前

    3:00 swaggersouls wants to know your location

  35. CaptainBurn

    CaptainBurn18 時間 前

    Next Thing You Know . . . They Are Doing Overtime For NBA 😂😂😂LOL😂😂😂

  36. Why it's happen ?????

    Why it's happen ?????19 時間 前

    You need to come Bangladesh 🥺🥺 Like Bangali fans

  37. Hechtometer Gaming

    Hechtometer Gaming20 時間 前

    On Wheel Unfortunate, who would replace Ned if Tyler gets picked?

  38. Emil Søby

    Emil Søby21 時間 前

    Go to Denmark and eat a Danish Hot dog

  39. Cazmanian Devil

    Cazmanian Devil21 時間 前

    My mans is SwaggerSouls

  40. Andrew Azzi

    Andrew Azzi22 時間 前

    How did coby survive ?

  41. Nitendo gamer Lee

    Nitendo gamer Lee22 時間 前

    I want singapore

  42. Tangodian

    Tangodian22 時間 前

    what will happen to Ned if ty gets picked for wheel unfortunate

  43. Andrew Azzi

    Andrew Azzi22 時間 前

    I knew dude perfect since he had 6 million sub now he has 43 million !.

  44. Sharon Su

    Sharon Su23 時間 前

    Hey when is over time10?

  45. Super Terrarian Zack

    Super Terrarian Zack日 前

    I love 🐍

  46. Carlos Solis

    Carlos Solis日 前

    Ty in the host costume looks like Jerome from gotham

  47. GG Lunar

    GG Lunar日 前

    21:12 i cant tell if tys nose looks like it was bleeding from the bottle or its just acne

  48. Lerry Zoleta

    Lerry Zoleta日 前

    I love ty

  49. GG Lunar

    GG Lunar日 前

    Not even close :\

  50. DaNoob147 [GD]

    DaNoob147 [GD]日 前

    Who watches all Overtime episodes just to see the "That's Unfortunate" segment ?

  51. Mounir Salha

    Mounir Salha日 前

    i don't know the difference between coby and cory. BTW began watching since dude got one mill

  52. jason keyes

    jason keyes日 前

    Lets give a nice warm welcome but a soft welcome.😂😂

  53. Elvis Saravia

    Elvis Saravia日 前


  54. Xavi The Legend

    Xavi The Legend日 前

    Who else thinks these guys are doing a great thing out there?

  55. Pixl_Shrek

    Pixl_Shrek日 前


  56. Ryan Cockerel

    Ryan Cockerel日 前

    Love dp it is great and always fun to watch.

  57. Jacob Wright

    Jacob Wright日 前

    If I had to be in a box full of snakes I would be screaming my lungs out. I am terrified of snakes!

  58. Gunran Huy Hoàng

    Gunran Huy Hoàng日 前

    I like music firts

  59. Kamil Bandurski

    Kamil Bandurski日 前

    10:08 the. Just playing with the human icecream everywhere and Michael just dressed in a tux and trying not to be apart of any of this

  60. shouto todoroki

    shouto todoroki日 前

    wheel unfortunate idea walk around with an anime body pillow

  61. Chris Spin

    Chris Spin日 前

    I wish coby was ok and I don’t think he got bit by a venamiss snake because he would die I wish he did die I’m just kidding

  62. Denz

    Denz日 前

    Where is panda

  63. Duck god Cruz

    Duck god Cruz日 前

    You guys should make a show in the TV because of your cool set and very fun show to watch in JPreporter. :D :)

  64. RC Poe

    RC Poe日 前

    I was going on tour but ran out because tickets

  65. RC Poe

    RC Poe日 前

    I am freaking out because I am taking to Coby cotton right!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Umar Ali

    Umar Ali日 前

    Snakes absolutely creeped the something bad outta me

  67. Catalina Hernandez

    Catalina Hernandez日 前

    Ty: what’s the first city you are going on tour Coby: California Me:California is not a city

  68. The Roo

    The Roo日 前

    Do camping stereotypes

  69. SomeRandomPerson 35

    SomeRandomPerson 35日 前

    Green on Wavy Tube Man

  70. SomeRandomPerson 35

    SomeRandomPerson 35日 前


  71. Kael Patterson YT

    Kael Patterson YT日 前

    Snakes are my worst fear, so

  72. mlg ninja hero

    mlg ninja hero日 前


  73. Brian Dillon

    Brian Dillon日 前

    hey, how about seattle?

  74. CrazyChicken

    CrazyChicken日 前

    How did ty get the hook back??

  75. Andy Barker

    Andy Barker日 前

    I am going to your pound it noggin tour

  76. Noah Thunborg

    Noah Thunborg日 前

    Do OT10.

  77. Robert Mirsky

    Robert Mirsky日 前

    10:25 where is purple hoser?

  78. ZanZlanPlayz

    ZanZlanPlayz日 前

    8:41 peeking around the corner

  79. Andrew Davenport

    Andrew Davenport日 前

    Those were a lot of ball pythons and cornsnakes

  80. Frepzter

    Frepzter日 前

    i love the intro i dont know why. who sings the intro.

  81. Carter Holly

    Carter Holly日 前

    I’m getting mixed up with coby and his twin Like if u agree! 👇🏼

  82. Sakari Kottelin

    Sakari Kottelin日 前

    Onks joku muukin Suomesta. Koska jos on niin tykkää

  83. The awesome gamer

    The awesome gamer日 前

    What would happen if ty had to be on wheel unfortunate because also the host

  84. [ESA] DEW

    [ESA] DEW日 前

    You should do grappling hook trickshots

  85. The Gunner

    The Gunner日 前

    This man literally shot an AR-15 in a building I don’t care if they are blanks


    Gabriel TAMBAKOPOULOS2 日 前


  87. Helena Golubovic

    Helena Golubovic2 日 前

    I know the overtime intro by heart :) You DUDES are 100% one of the best JPreporterr’s on youtube 👇make it blue if you agree

  88. Srisuda Ngampanvetchakul

    Srisuda Ngampanvetchakul2 日 前

    3 House

  89. wao[rnfwojfl

    wao[rnfwojfl2 日 前

    Son of a biscuit my bottle broke in my pocket😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  90. venom toawsome

    venom toawsome2 日 前

    I love dude perfect

  91. David Cozzolino

    David Cozzolino2 日 前


  92. David Cozzolino

    David Cozzolino2 日 前


  93. Michael Stephenson

    Michael Stephenson2 日 前

    Overtime 10 plz plz plz plz?😊😊😥😥😥

  94. Rose-Anne Lafrance

    Rose-Anne Lafrance2 日 前

    Am I the only one who’s waiting for somebody to spin « own a cat » in the segment « wheel unfortunate »? 😂😅✌🏻

  95. Hayden Rempel

    Hayden Rempel2 日 前

    For Cool not Cool you guys should add a golden button and it would mean that it is the coolest item ever brought to the table

  96. Juan Peralta

    Juan Peralta2 日 前

    There last one is on my birthday

  97. Juan Peralta

    Juan Peralta2 日 前

    On tour

  98. Maren Bosley

    Maren Bosley2 日 前

    Hello, my name is Nathan. I was thinking of a Wheel Unfortunate idea. You should make one where you dunk someone into a dumpster full of spaghetti. Thank you!

  99. Chris Swartz

    Chris Swartz2 日 前

    Tyler is Ned Forester he has cross necklace so does tyler

  100. Lil P

    Lil P2 日 前

    You guys are great 👍 love you 🙃🙃🙃🙃

  101. Axel Pro Gaming

    Axel Pro Gaming2 日 前

    Dude 888111

  102. TheShep2.0

    TheShep2.02 日 前

    I would defiantly buy the mini wavy tube guy

  103. Andrew Kohl

    Andrew Kohl2 日 前

    Love those dudes

  104. Georgina Weidner

    Georgina Weidner2 日 前

    Cody B

  105. DooDooRecords

    DooDooRecords2 日 前


  106. Rejina Gurung

    Rejina Gurung2 日 前

    How do you sing this song I am Sarvesh

  107. Alison Ryan

    Alison Ryan2 日 前

    “Drive your car *unitil* it runs out of gas Great spelling

  108. Danger FAZE

    Danger FAZE8 時間 前

    It was on purpose you spelling teacher😂

  109. 30 Subscribers

    30 Subscribers18 時間 前

    I didnt notice that