Lawyer Responds: John Oliver SLAPPs Back? (Real Law Review)


  1. LegalEagle

    LegalEagle7 ヶ月 前

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  2. Marin3r

    Marin3r2 日 前

    You could stop being such greedy assholes and go pro bono. You wanted to be a lawyer and you are arguing for a better (British System). Sounds like bias to me.

  3. Laurence Chase

    Laurence Chase2 日 前

    @sw204me He probably doesn't deliver all of this in one take, so the subtle zoom cuts are a way of stitching different takes together. B-roll is often used to hide these cuts but its expensive and more labour intensive to use/produce b-roll, so subtle zoom cuts are the next best thing. It's either that or jump cuts, and I think they are arguably much worse. I guess you could use a second camera but he's delivering directly to camera and a second cam would probably be more distracting. Just my two cents.

  4. Ezmeralda Du Dortoka

    Ezmeralda Du Dortoka5 日 前

    @Benzaiten You're a complete waste of oxygen!

  5. Ezmeralda Du Dortoka

    Ezmeralda Du Dortoka5 日 前

    This is the most outrageous sleep fabricated story/sensationalized crap to get your own viewers that I have seen in a long time! He must have taken you days to rewrite the entire thing so that it would play out to your narrative. You're a complete joke!!😂😂🤦‍♂️

  6. doubledizzel

    doubledizzel6 日 前

    Why do you keep pronouncing prima facie incorrectly? I'm also a litigator, but I guess I'm more familiar with Latin. It is pronounced pree mah fack ee uh. Long a (ie. father) on prima, short a (ie. cat) on facia. Hard c.

  7. Jamie Carl

    Jamie Carl3 時間 前

    I just have to say, that segway into the advertisment was absolutely flawless. Well done. :D

  8. Keith Young

    Keith Young3 時間 前

    1 - layers in the us are very expensive - indeed 2 - the US has the most lawyers per head of capita. 3x more than the uk 3 - the law’s being explained here are designed to keep lawyer employed. 4 - result- the US represents 5% of world population and has 25% of the world’s prisoners. So bravo for lawyers.

  9. Jeffrey Tsao

    Jeffrey Tsao4 時間 前

    Objection; SLAPP suits are not arcane, especially not to any attorney involved in litigation.

  10. James Thompson

    James Thompson4 時間 前

    This guy looks like jim and andy from the office combined

  11. Hustle Union

    Hustle Union10 時間 前

    Bob Murrary? isn't that the guy who smells like zoo dirt?

  12. Michael Kurse

    Michael Kurse11 時間 前

    Close down 3/4' s of the Law schools in this country. We have an abundance of crappy, corrupt and plain incompetent lawyers in this country.

  13. Music Lover

    Music Lover11 時間 前

    Where does satire fit within the Slapp-suits?

  14. Michael Kurse

    Michael Kurse11 時間 前

    Murray is an infected pimple on the Ass of Humanity.

  15. keith robinson

    keith robinson11 時間 前

    They won because they were NOT MAKING FACTUAL STATEMENTS but merely opinions and therefore could not be done for defamation. That Oliver claims his 'fact lead' and unquestionable right, means nothing , his claims even if wrong were opinions not facts and should not be taken as such. Its like finding someone sold you sh*t rather than gold , but finding they get away with it because although what you showed you was gold 'looking' they never stated it was gold as a 'matter of fact' merely suggested it could be.

  16. Konkey

    Konkey17 時間 前

    For people who always complains about censorship: this is what an actual censorship of comedy looks like. Think of John Oliver what you will, but he was sued for telling jokes.

  17. John McCall

    John McCall日 前

    There are a lot of areas of law where you can get your attorney fees paid for if you win.

  18. moestietabarnak

    moestietabarnak日 前

    hmm ? bad star pattern on the flag at 4:45 ?

  19. Lcd Drmr

    Lcd Drmr日 前

    Bob Murray? Wasn't he perched on a bust of Pallas repeatedly harassing some guy who'd lost his love, with "Nevermore"? What a prick.

  20. Dale Marcell

    Dale Marcell日 前

    So as Canadian is closer the the UK. What does the Canadian courts say about this type of laws? Is the same as the British?

  21. Alfred Vazquez

    Alfred Vazquez日 前

    Bro you hair is flawless

  22. Charles Anderson

    Charles Anderson日 前

    Bob Murray? Isn’t he the guy that told Eve to eat the pomegranate.

  23. DJMattEmpathy

    DJMattEmpathy日 前

    I agree. I was shocked when I found out you have to pay for your defence win or lose in America

  24. Quintin Flower

    Quintin Flower日 前

    "I will see you... in court" is probably the best sign off for a legal channel ever.

  25. Peter Mazza

    Peter Mazza日 前

    Bob Murray? Isnt he the guy that shot Lincoln?

  26. P Carey

    P Carey日 前

    Bob Murray got my sister pregnant and they only had anal sex

  27. Michael H

    Michael H日 前

    John Oliver is a TV personality and wannabe comedian and they shield themselves under this guise of being the news media, kinda like watching CNN, so do not expect what you are hearing is factual. Just comedy central's take on the situation and also they have insurance coverage to help offset legal costs.

  28. Joe Persch

    Joe Persch日 前

    Love the segue at the end 👍

  29. Frank Heuvelman

    Frank Heuvelman日 前


  30. Peace Kind

    Peace Kind2 日 前

    Money Trumps All.

  31. bymac3

    bymac32 日 前

    How in the hell do you allow Lawyers to advert a product?! I never understood the american legal system.. I'm from Portugal, and our legal system is based on the UK one. How can you attend to the integrity of a person of law, if any brand can buy his opinion? How can you trust in what he is saying, if at the end Bob Murrarys company can pay this guy to say good things about him? just one more way in where the law in the US its all about interests...

  32. Jalonnie Johnson

    Jalonnie Johnson2 日 前

    How is stormy daniels lawsuit wrong if she got paid off to keep quiet and they have the checks? Am I missing something? He was using his position and podium to trash her every chance he got on a National and worldwide level.

  33. O. B.

    O. B.2 日 前

    (11:17) What happened to these libel-laws? Huh, Donnie?

  34. Drew Taylor

    Drew Taylor2 日 前

    I’d love to see LegalEagle’s analysis of the Vic Mignogna case.

  35. Alex de Kruijff

    Alex de Kruijff2 日 前

    If you win a case in the Dutch system, the counterparty will be convicted in the legal costs. The legal costs are estimated on the basis of a points system. The value of a point is determined by the size of the requirement. However, if you abuse the right to sue, that is, if you have no interest and only do it to burden the other person, it is possible to get the actual costs reimbursed. The Netherlands has deliberately chosen not to reimburse the actual costs because this also has a deterrent effect. You can honestly believe that you are right, but you can still lose. This also creates a barrier.

  36. KStar

    KStar2 日 前

    Love the comments lmao

  37. Not Socrazy

    Not Socrazy2 日 前

    US law sucks

  38. Daylon Skaflestad

    Daylon Skaflestad2 日 前

    John Oliver is a pompous buffoon

  39. Michael Ward

    Michael Ward2 日 前

    Bob Murry, isn't he the guy that was smoking on the Hindenburg?

  40. Angry Bushnell

    Angry Bushnell2 日 前

    The American rule ensures the plebeans are compelled financially to remain powerless against the elite.

  41. mvvagner

    mvvagner3 日 前

    Isn't Bob Murray that guy who drowned all those puppies in a river?

  42. James Yakura

    James Yakura3 日 前

    A blog network I follow also recently fought off a SLAPP suit.

  43. Mitchel Evans

    Mitchel Evans3 日 前

    As a performing artist who occassionaly does some satirical material, these kind of suits make me nervous. The fact that the reason for these actions is to destroy the individual financially, is a a rich person’s weapon - whether they win or lose. John Oliver had his income, and HBO’s money cache to defend him, and artists like me most certainly don’t. I think the UK precedent sounds like a good idea.

  44. Marina S.

    Marina S.3 日 前

    Bob Murray? Didn’t he set off a bomb at a petsmart once?

  45. Beer and Chicken

    Beer and Chicken3 日 前

    Love this man.#EatShitBob

  46. Chackers

    Chackers3 日 前

    A cursory glance before watching the video led me to believe the Indochino post was an ad. While watching the video, I was thinking that his collar could fit better. Imagine my surprise when LegalEagle segued into his Indochino spiel. My guess is that the collar problem isn't the tailoring, but rather the fabric itself. Information well-presented.

  47. P Cat

    P Cat3 日 前

    I heard Bob Murrary was on the grassy knoll

  48. Patrick Naulty

    Patrick Naulty3 日 前

    'unmeritorious' euphemism for Illegal.

  49. Patrick Naulty

    Patrick Naulty3 日 前

    You always stop short of explaining that the whole practice is fraudulent. Is it because you 'have to make a living'?

  50. Iddo Naiss

    Iddo Naiss3 日 前

    Hilarious ending !!! I want a suit like yours

  51. Jacob Holz

    Jacob Holz3 日 前

    You know they make bank when they say, "only $359"

  52. Tim Z

    Tim Z3 日 前

    So I watched a 20 minute video just to get slapp suited by Indochino.

  53. Psyberklown

    Psyberklown4 日 前

    Because doing a dance routine in the middle of Times Square in regular street clothes would be insane.

  54. Edward Low

    Edward Low4 日 前

    technically Oliver won.. but let's... I think you need to end at the point of technically Oliver one

  55. Shinobi 28

    Shinobi 284 日 前

    The fact that lawsuits are so expensive is horribly unjust. My landlord sent three thugs to beat me up, really my dad, but it was because he wanted us to move, we'd just paid our bill. Anyway the cops wouldn't prosecute him because he lived out of state, and the three thugs, got off because there was no evidence, aside from my bloody face, and since my landlord refused to give their names up, they work for him btw, papers and everything, nothing was done immediately. A month later they gave me ten year old dmv photos in a line up, but because they were extremely old photos, and because I only saw them for a few seconds before they started beating me, and because the cops waited so long to show them, despite finding them the day after the attack, I didn't pick the right guys. Anyway, I tried to see how I could Sue in a civil case, but it was so outrageously expensive I had to let my rights stay violated. Again, I want to emphasize, my landlord hired thugs to beat me up to frighten my family to move, they said so themselves before the beating, he had documents on them, they'd worked for him for years, the cops were completely incompetent and ineffective, and when I tried to get justice, money stopped me. That's the American legal system in a nutshell. Oh, btw, my landlord sells heroin, I know because I was awake Christmas Eve when he tried to sell it to my parents, I was listening because they were talking about the PS4 they'd bought me. I've no proof of course, so take it as my personal opinion, even though it's a fact.

  56. Mehmet Tas

    Mehmet Tas4 日 前

    I'm happy for him that hes finally clean and now is a talk show host instead of a prof. who was non stop drunk

  57. El Kiddo

    El Kiddo4 日 前

    Count me in, get rid of slapp.

  58. Fluffymiyster

    Fluffymiyster4 日 前

    Your Indochino stylist was too cute but I have a vague feeling he might not be into the female persuasion, lol.

  59. David Michael

    David Michael4 日 前

    So basically stormy Daniels got paid by trump to have sex. Then lost an anti slapp suit and basically gave that money back. So she slept with trump for free... that’s the biggest L I’ve ever heard. Edit: holy shit she only got paid 130k for sleeping with him which means she paid trump 70k to sleep with him...

  60. Jason Shen

    Jason Shen4 日 前

    Bob Murray? Oh the guy who directed the Star Wars sequels.

  61. Bourne Slippy

    Bourne Slippy4 日 前

    Bob Murray had his indochino suit made from Ewoks and kittens, with a matching hat made from Gizmo.(Gremlins)

  62. Julian Baxter

    Julian Baxter4 日 前

    Anti-slapp laws should recoup finances spent defending attacks against free speech. Especially factually accurate free speech.

  63. Julian Baxter

    Julian Baxter4 日 前

    Lots of people get defamed every single day in the media. The determining factors in successful suits seem to be money.

  64. Stehfree Jesseah

    Stehfree Jesseah4 日 前

    One thing about the American justice system is, It is for the rich. HAHA

  65. Maria Hammarström

    Maria Hammarström4 日 前

    On his 50th birthday, Bob Murray shot the archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, starting the first world war, and then blamed Gavrilo Princip for it.

  66. R.B. Ratieta

    R.B. Ratieta4 日 前

    What does a lawyer wear to court? His law suit.... I'll see myself out, thanks.

  67. Liz Ernst

    Liz Ernst4 日 前

    Also, Bob Murray kidnapped and murdered the Lindbergh baby.

  68. Tao

    Tao4 日 前

    Ok, nice video, but what's up with the zooming in and out between shots? It's a bit... weird i'd say?

  69. Liz Ernst

    Liz Ernst4 日 前

    Oliver created one of the greatest moments in television history based on this lawsuit -

  70. The man

    The man4 日 前

    Your an amazing JPreporterr, lawyer, and host. Very much enjoy what content you produce.

  71. generic embarrassing username

    generic embarrassing username4 日 前

    The amicus brief from the ACLU is hilarious

  72. Jacks Junk Drawer

    Jacks Junk Drawer5 日 前

    Bob Murray? He rigged the game from the start AND shot the messenger, right?

  73. M H Robbins

    M H Robbins5 日 前

    I like Ryan Reynolds better in more comic type roles.

  74. none

    none5 日 前

    Yes need a federal anti slapp law

  75. Yax

    Yax5 日 前

    I heard Bob Murray helped Carol Baskin kill her husband.

  76. Phil Weatherley

    Phil Weatherley5 日 前

    Weird usage here: Quote: ..."False facts". No such goddam thing. Think about it... There are facts and there are falsities. No wonder the Yanks can't think straight... confounded by misuse of language and verbal diarrhea.

  77. Michael Mullins

    Michael Mullins5 日 前

    Nice hair Howdy Dude-E!

  78. twiinapocalyp2e2

    twiinapocalyp2e25 日 前

    Bob Murray kicked me in the stomach, aborting my unborn child

  79. C Salyers

    C Salyers5 日 前

    Says a lot about lawyers.

  80. William Winberg

    William Winberg5 日 前

    Bob Murray? Isn't that the guy that hung himself in custody?

  81. Equnoxe

    Equnoxe5 日 前

    Want to hear a joke? Bob Murray is a good person.

  82. Equnoxe

    Equnoxe5 日 前

    I was trying to thing of something.. But then i saw the comments...

  83. Paisley Trash

    Paisley Trash5 日 前

    Bob Murray? He poisoned our water supply burned our crops and delivered a plague onto our houses!

  84. Uncle Jemima

    Uncle Jemima5 日 前

    Hey I recognize Bob Murray... he's the guy that farted on an infant child!

  85. Zakary Torres

    Zakary Torres5 日 前

    You need better book shelves