Lauv - Modern Loneliness [Official Visualizer]


  1. Aminata Sissoko

    Aminata Sissoko21 時間 前

    loved this song

  2. Christine Mae Ylanan

    Christine Mae Ylanan日 前

    Lauv is better than lany🔥🤗

  3. Nysingle Jishing

    Nysingle Jishing日 前

    Lauv your voice make me feel so deep in your song😊😊

  4. Anil Kumar

    Anil Kumar2 日 前

    Who are here after Johnathan Morrison

  5. link hatchet

    link hatchet2 日 前

    Lol ya ok Eminem

  6. vedangi

    vedangi2 日 前


  7. Muhammad Chalid Fansury

    Muhammad Chalid Fansury3 日 前

    miss you annisa hgks

  8. irbax

    irbax3 日 前

    From ritvz

  9. DenosDino1004 :3

    DenosDino1004 :33 日 前

    He literally doesn't know how to produce a song that's bad... He just always straight up produces bops... Crazy dude ily

  10. Mehraj Hossain

    Mehraj Hossain3 日 前

    This song has a nice beat. I really like this song.

  11. 힣헿

    힣헿3 日 前

    어떻게 띵곡만 낼 수 있지? 진짜 라우브 노래는 믿고 듣는다,,, 아래 댓들 개공감이다...역시 날 실망시키지 않는 유일한 가수 라우브

  12. Anukarsh Raj

    Anukarsh Raj3 日 前

    Lauv never disappoints

  13. Luis Garcia

    Luis Garcia5 日 前

    100% me

  14. Eyad MOHAMMED

    Eyad MOHAMMED5 日 前

    Marwan paplo🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  15. kHan Daya

    kHan Daya5 日 前

    Lany and Lauv is always in my JPreporter History, well I can comfort myself while listening to their songs.

  16. joyy

    joyy5 日 前

    the fact that this is the exact feeling and thoughts a lot of us are having right now

  17. Kuni _07

    Kuni _075 日 前

    Lauv 🥺❤️❤️❤️🤗🇵🇭

  18. Peter Pan

    Peter Pan5 日 前

    Modern Loneliness this Pandemic Season:(

  19. Zac Joo

    Zac Joo6 日 前

    What a lovely song!

  20. Sunny Days

    Sunny Days6 日 前

    This song makes me cry every time cuz I’m depressed and have anxiety

  21. Abdo Adel

    Abdo Adel6 日 前

    احنا هنصنع انت تقلد دي المشكيييلة

  22. Abdo Adel

    Abdo Adel6 日 前

    نفس كليب سندباد يا حرامي

  23. Ahmed Salah

    Ahmed Salah6 日 前

    بابلو فوق ي ابنلمرا

  24. Army Girl

    Army Girl7 日 前

    Why does his mv have so little views. His songs are soo good.

  25. Moaz mo

    Moaz mo7 日 前

    كلو الا بابلو

  26. Yogi Supriyadi

    Yogi Supriyadi7 日 前

    Emng mantep ci boy

  27. Sari Suartari

    Sari Suartari7 日 前

    gblk wkwkwkwk

  28. Sarah Soly

    Sarah Soly7 日 前

    الواد دا مقلد مروان بابلو😢

  29. ajay singh

    ajay singh7 日 前

    I love him and this one's my favorite

  30. ajay singh

    ajay singh7 日 前

    Yes lauv doesn't get that much attention though his songs are so moving and excellent piece of work .

  31. James Montesino

    James Montesino8 日 前

    A reality that we always deny when we're surrounded by people but we feel it when we're alone

  32. sandy lee

    sandy lee8 日 前

    "you get what you give and give what you get"

  33. Denmark Dawan

    Denmark Dawan8 日 前

    Relate much!! this song so cool that,s why i like this song....

  34. Nita Yuniati

    Nita Yuniati8 日 前

    song so slowly

  35. Joorarut Pungsook

    Joorarut Pungsook9 日 前

    I watched Jimin's live. Jimin opened this song. I like it very much.

  36. Cynthia Young

    Cynthia Young9 日 前

    I love this! It's so true. Modern loneliness. You get what you give.

  37. • kimmie

    • kimmie10 日 前

    I wanna thank Kim Taeyong for introducing me to this masterpiece ❤️

  38. Marie Aghayeva

    Marie Aghayeva10 日 前

    I wait for ft with Jeremy Zucker pls .Song is 🤤

  39. Prashansha malla malla

    Prashansha malla malla10 日 前

    Feel in love in this song 😍😍

  40. Ziad QLF

    Ziad QLF10 日 前

    WARNING! this is not just an official visualiser IT'S A BEAUTIFUL MUSIC VIDEO

  41. Dan Brown

    Dan Brown10 日 前

    I love this song but the guitar in the middle of the song really hurts it. Add some Cello or something jees, give it that Wonderwall vibe

  42. Siddharth Rathore

    Siddharth Rathore10 日 前

    Don't report my account if you see me commenting "He's Iike a Sasta Charlie Puth to me" I'm already sorry for that😅🙈

  43. Jessica Lyon

    Jessica Lyon10 日 前

    It only took me 1 minute to become a fan.

  44. Brian Siason

    Brian Siason11 日 前

    ok but did y'all see those eyes?

  45. Ainara Buzaubasova

    Ainara Buzaubasova11 日 前

    I need Kurt Schneider’s cover of this song so bad🥺

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    Healthy Food Recipe,Kitchen Tips11 日 前

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  47. siriyapushpam siriyapushpam

    siriyapushpam siriyapushpam11 日 前

    So cute voice.

  48. Max parker

    Max parker11 日 前

    His songs are felt in our hearts luav u man


    IBEMHMD12 日 前

    I cant stop watching this, i think i wanna make a video with this song ❤️

  50. Valentino Kertowidjojo

    Valentino Kertowidjojo12 日 前


  51. Lucia Stumreiter

    Lucia Stumreiter13 日 前

    I've lived it.

  52. Jane

    Jane13 日 前

    I've been trying to fill all of this empty, but fuck I'm still so empty :

  53. Dan Brown

    Dan Brown13 日 前

    Loop loop loop loop loop

  54. Kuni _07

    Kuni _0713 日 前

    Modern loneliness sigh 🌧😪🥺

  55. Abhigyan Chhetri

    Abhigyan Chhetri13 日 前

    Here after watching Ashley aka (best-dressed). ✨

  56. Armony 2020

    Armony 202013 日 前

    Like si vinistes por Jimin

  57. Dominik Johan

    Dominik Johan13 日 前

    inspire me


    CHIO ORLANDO13 日 前

    Spreading all my Lauv for his songs , he's underrated


    JOJO MAMA13 日 前

    depindot ka bay?

  60. rojan rijal

    rojan rijal13 日 前

    I lauv this song ❤️

  61. Kiana Romero-Weaver

    Kiana Romero-Weaver13 日 前

    Wow! He just described everything that crossed my head! Down to the point of thinking bout my dad and who i am. To loving my friends but never texting. I was just randomly scrolling thru his songs.... I have rlly come to appreciate not only his meaningful lyrics but soft voice.

  62. quennie the great

    quennie the great14 日 前


  63. Zayn Wolff

    Zayn Wolff14 日 前

    "Love my friends to death, but I never call, I never text" ... unbelievably relatable.

  64. Leslie Oon

    Leslie Oon14 日 前


  65. Christopher Brea

    Christopher Brea14 日 前

    Literally looking at my wall thinking bout my life and how I have so many "friends" but I just feel so alone all the damn time. I feel like if I'm not the one reaching out no one ever even bothers to even say hi. I give so much of myself to everyone because it's just in my nature and yet I don't feel appreciated. Sorry for my rant but I really need to vent because dark thought are in my head and I need to keep them at Bay. Thanks.

  66. Porawee Khiri

    Porawee Khiri15 日 前

    I love your eyes color and song so lovely!

  67. Sara of Isla

    Sara of Isla15 日 前

    *"modern loneliness,* *we're never alone* *but always depressed"* damn that still hits 💔 i made a cover of this song, would love for you to check it out if you have a minute

  68. Samantha Cabansag

    Samantha Cabansag15 日 前

    This song is for all the people who suffer from anxiety, depression and other mental health problems. You matter, please keep on fighting like me.

  69. • Miriam Mazuecos

    • Miriam Mazuecos15 日 前

    When he said: we are never alone but always depressed, I FELT THAT

  70. The_Godson10

    The_Godson1015 日 前

    So so relatable lyrics..!! Oh Lauv, you are really something above and beyond..!! 💯💯

  71. Vijeth Revankar

    Vijeth Revankar15 日 前 Well, this version is better than the original!

  72. Lonely Duck

    Lonely Duck16 日 前

    POV: You were rotating your phone

  73. Aman Rana

    Aman Rana16 日 前

    Y is this song soooo underrated..... Feeling sad for lauv .....

  74. Whit

    Whit16 日 前

    I’ve had this song on major repeat all summer!!!! The lyrics and melody are great!

  75. amlndz

    amlndz16 日 前


  76. Lander Cruz

    Lander Cruz17 日 前

    Owwww the lyrics!!! ❤️😍

  77. Christiane Singh

    Christiane Singh17 日 前

    Such an honor song❤️

  78. Trina Aira Cabrera

    Trina Aira Cabrera17 日 前

    So fucking good and hurts....

  79. Maricel Pabustan

    Maricel Pabustan17 日 前

    his songs have so much feeling and i feel it :)

  80. Emily Valde

    Emily Valde18 日 前

    Mordern Lonely ness

  81. Emily Valde

    Emily Valde18 日 前


  82. Iris Salgareno

    Iris Salgareno18 日 前

    Every Songs that Lauv makes has a lot of meanings and only a few people knew that...

  83. Constanza Castro

    Constanza Castro19 日 前

    Tus canciones me hacen pensar mucho y tu voz me ayuda a tranquilizarme, me encantas

  84. Ayllice Jeon

    Ayllice Jeon19 日 前

    Lauv, did u know??... Hosi of SEVENTEEN luv this song... I hope u can meet him

  85. shambhavi singh

    shambhavi singh19 日 前

    This person is just so amazing, I don't understand why he's sometimes underrated. The music, the voice, the lyrics, everything is just so unique. Let's spread this man's work and make him get the recognition he deserves!

  86. Rahmah Maulida

    Rahmah Maulida19 日 前

    Come here cuz hoshi's recommendation (´ε` )♡

  87. Nurfarliyana Fauzi

    Nurfarliyana Fauzi19 日 前

    Im here cause seventeen hoshi suggest me 😂, but this song really suits me haha

  88. Grace Lee

    Grace Lee19 日 前

    Have been listening to this song on repeat and I have recently realized the meaning behind this song and how it is a perfect explanation for my life rn...

  89. moon_ dk_

    moon_ dk_19 日 前

    Im i the only person that hear this song because of hoshi from seventeen mention this on weverse

  90. dailyleo

    dailyleo19 日 前

    anyone here after hoshi"s recommendation ? carats risee

  91. XiATp Chin

    XiATp Chin19 日 前


  92. elii xxx

    elii xxx20 日 前

    I love this 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️💖

  93. Joshua Schmidt

    Joshua Schmidt20 日 前

    I am almost in awe of how talented this guy is. How is not HUGE?

  94. Connie

    Connie20 日 前

    hoshi recommended this song 😊

  95. A Spartan

    A Spartan20 日 前

    Thank you, Lauv. I just called my friend who I haven't seen for six months.

  96. Tarati Tukaki

    Tarati Tukaki20 日 前

    Who's here cause Hoshi suggested it?

  97. Kasia.singing

    Kasia.singing20 日 前

    He is so true

  98. Patrecia Simanjuntak

    Patrecia Simanjuntak20 日 前

    here after hoshi’s of seventeen comment in wvs, the lyrics is so 🥺

  99. Iva Mijoč

    Iva Mijoč20 日 前

    hoshi from seventeen brought me here,he really listens this song a lot and love you lauv

  100. Anishka _7teen

    Anishka _7teen18 日 前

    .me too

  101. 木。

    木。20 日 前

    I came here because Hoshi mentioned it on weverse HAHA

  102. 이름

    이름20 日 前

    영이 이거 들으면서 자니?~? 덕분에 좋은 노래 알구간다

  103. Sukika Zatie

    Sukika Zatie20 日 前

    I know this song because of Hoshi