Lauv & LANY - Mean It [Official Audio]


  1. Franz De Castro

    Franz De Castro6 時間 前

    This song deserves more views than shitty rap songs

  2. MYR FX

    MYR FX7 時間 前

    Lauv keeps impressing me each and every time he releases his new song. Keep writing new song, lookin forward for your next song!

  3. Susana Chargoy

    Susana Chargoy12 時間 前

    Song is great but video...

  4. Fitri Ariani

    Fitri Ariani12 時間 前

    I just wanna ride with him and sing along to this song thru those beautiful weather...dont think about any stressful kind of thing,just enjoy the piece.

  5. Alquin 17

    Alquin 1713 時間 前

    A low cost music video but is Great🎶😊♥️

  6. nautami panchal

    nautami panchal13 時間 前

    I am in Lauv with it 💛😉

  7. shochiki _94

    shochiki _9416 時間 前


  8. angel kate bascon

    angel kate bascon21 時間 前

    Love this songggg 💓

  9. MyVie TV

    MyVie TV日 前

    Woaaaahhhh..lany and lauv.. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍

  10. Paul Gumban

    Paul Gumban日 前


  11. peewee4346

    peewee4346日 前

    Lauv x LANY x joan = ultimate chiller! 🎧🎐🚞🌨❄🎧 🇵🇭

  12. Sparksfly El

    Sparksfly El日 前

    It would be so cool if there is a collaboration with LANY, Lauv, Jeremy and Troye Sivan.

  13. Judah Benhur

    Judah Benhur日 前

    this song make my day calm dan exited :)

  14. Julia Zoilo

    Julia Zoilo日 前

    Coz I'm ALL IN!

  15. Jasmine Regita

    Jasmine Regita日 前

    i don’t know why i loved lauv song’s so much and he is handsome too bhaks

  16. Jesryl Mariano

    Jesryl Mariano2 日 前


  17. Åīkå Tåīçhî

    Åīkå Tåīçhî2 日 前

    It's quite hard to tell if it's lauv or lanny's voice ebut still it was niceee💕

  18. park Thun1998

    park Thun19982 日 前


  19. P N

    P N2 日 前

    "Don't build me up just to let me down" Damn.

  20. Laticia Banda

    Laticia Banda2 日 前

    😔don’t mess with my heart

  21. Ira Bacali

    Ira Bacali3 日 前

    Totally playing this on my Xmas road trip.

  22. Floro Aldarite

    Floro Aldarite3 日 前

    Imagine bazzi, lauv and lany ❤

  23. Arunima Mehrotra

    Arunima Mehrotra3 日 前

    i thought this was a collab??? jk all the love, it a beautiful song

  24. Tstar007 Πas

    Tstar007 Πas3 日 前

    Who here after listening he is going to collab with Akshay Kumar 😌😍😍 #GoddNewzz

  25. sup nyan

    sup nyan3 日 前


  26. Karisma jati Pamungkas

    Karisma jati Pamungkas3 日 前


  27. Fly Boy

    Fly Boy3 日 前

    LANY is better solo. LAUV sounds gayshit nowadays.

  28. M.M.

    M.M.3 日 前

    Bro. Lauv are you ok?🤔

  29. squidwaRd -

    squidwaRd -4 日 前

    my eaRS are blessed wow

  30. Soloqueued

    Soloqueued4 日 前

    that shovel looking suspicious ngl.

  31. ryan ng

    ryan ng4 日 前

    Nothing add in effect, what kind of guitar, no delay and wah wah.

  32. ryan ng

    ryan ng4 日 前

    Forgotten keyboard is piano with effect, no such thing drum, guitar and piano, only have electric guitar.

  33. ryan ng

    ryan ng4 日 前

    Hairstyle, toy, decorate, lipstic, and bracelet, art included.

  34. devy devv

    devy devv4 日 前

    Okay but the beginning... who else have I heard that???

  35. Iam Diana

    Iam Diana4 日 前

    I love this song😍😍😍😍

  36. Kiel Augstin Sajulga

    Kiel Augstin Sajulga4 日 前

    Its a song for me but can you try with troye sivan for a triple✌

  37. Aziziah Mohammed

    Aziziah Mohammed4 日 前

    0.75 x try it 🤩

  38. Christopher Mead

    Christopher Mead4 日 前

    i love it!!!!!!!!!!

  39. devika nair

    devika nair4 日 前

    That is one big trunk.....the car is pretty amazing.but the song...its feels like a pool of elixir flowing through the body, when you listen to it on loud in headphones.AMAZING!!

  40. Đức Hoàng

    Đức Hoàng5 日 前

    LAUV always make my day

  41. Jessica K

    Jessica K5 日 前

    They sound amazing! I'm not even joking when I say that I listened to this song 30+ times

  42. Carina Callejas

    Carina Callejas5 日 前

    It says Dec 12 the 12th is when my bread expires

  43. Fhlakes

    Fhlakes5 日 前

    What if everytime they come out of the background that's them singing.

  44. jame Am Flash AM BABY

    jame Am Flash AM BABY5 日 前


  45. Cheziah Maning

    Cheziah Maning5 日 前

    Nag collaaaaab😍🥰

  46. Gian May Morgado

    Gian May Morgado5 日 前

    So is the car even real? it looks weird somehow. idk.

  47. Kimberly Alexis Andrade

    Kimberly Alexis Andrade5 日 前

    I lauv lany ❤️

  48. 신성욱

    신성욱5 日 前

    omg... ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽(ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू)

  49. jessica averilla

    jessica averilla5 日 前

    I love his voice I love this song =)

  50. Phichaya Jiruttitipong

    Phichaya Jiruttitipong6 日 前

    Throughout the song, walking carrying things to the car! Hello

  51. martin xd

    martin xd6 日 前

    Que buena cancionnn, siento que hubiese quedado biena también con esos toques como electricos(? que tiene lauv

  52. Mina Bel

    Mina Bel6 日 前

    They have same voice

  53. king size

    king size6 日 前

    Lany or lauv they both don't disappoints

  54. Ane ferris Taufani

    Ane ferris Taufani6 日 前

    Mean what?

  55. Bryan Anak Martin

    Bryan Anak Martin6 日 前

    Stupid MV

  56. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf6 日 前

    please make a video please. i beg you

  57. C.Airiana

    C.Airiana6 日 前

    Absolutely lovve this song why is it so perfect ❣️❣️❣️

  58. Raisya Shafira

    Raisya Shafira6 日 前

    lagu akhir tahun kuuu🖤😅🥰

  59. Jazmine Claire Mabansag

    Jazmine Claire Mabansag7 日 前

    Best collab, damn.

  60. Rjay PH

    Rjay PH7 日 前

    Marshmello x Lauv | Like if u agree