Lauv - El Tejano (feat. Sofía Reyes) [Official Video]


  1. Princess Kamora Lambert

    Princess Kamora Lambert10 時間 前

    I wonder if they did a voice over for the end

  2. Aman

    Aman日 前

    Many girls are fan of Lauv and have a crush on him..Now he got crush on the Waiter👀

  3. Noobmaster 69

    Noobmaster 692 日 前

    A alguien mas no le parece que tiene un cierto tono del “mariachi” de BTS ¿?


    PERRA EDITS •13 時間 前

    Perdón, pero yo no le encontré parecido a ninguna canción de BTS. No todo es de ellos. Sin ofender, soy ARMY.

  5. Cynthya Rubio

    Cynthya Rubio2 日 前

    Wow vi que decía: Lauv y Sofía Reyes y dije wtf?? Esto me va gustar

  6. Sanskriti Chokhani

    Sanskriti Chokhani2 日 前

    I'm guessing that wdw and lauv will have a song in wdw new album

  7. Zachy Heroin

    Zachy Heroin2 日 前

    Where ma limelight buds at ?!

  8. Zachy Heroin

    Zachy Heroin2 日 前

    also this is a sick song so honestly not just here to see the boys

  9. Darked Waves

    Darked Waves4 日 前

    Did anyone notice daniel seavey and corbyn besson in the music video.😶

  10. Javier Herrera

    Javier Herrera4 日 前


  11. Aline Madeolay

    Aline Madeolay5 日 前

    Sofia 💜👌

  12. Sofia Vidal

    Sofia Vidal5 日 前

    2:15 Una persona afro representando al mal y una rubia ultra blanca al bien 🤦🏼‍♀️

  13. Lilian Tejero

    Lilian Tejero5 日 前

    Temazoooo 🥴👌

  14. GAGAN dope

    GAGAN dope6 日 前

    Can any one tell me that what is that song in the background in the end?

  15. Edward Xu

    Edward Xu6 日 前

    I didn't know my chemistry teacher's son had such a smooth voice

  16. Alice Minde

    Alice Minde6 日 前

    1:53 WHO IS THAT MAN?🤤🤤🤤🤤😍

  17. Alice Minde

    Alice Minde6 日 前

    This is important I actually want to know :( 😂😆

  18. Howard Slaney

    Howard Slaney9 日 前

    Sta excelente! Loved it

  19. Ivo Santis

    Ivo Santis9 日 前

    amei demais vei

  20. Siraja tega

    Siraja tega9 日 前

    I like sofia part, excelent

  21. Amanie Tingle

    Amanie Tingle10 日 前

    I enjoyed this alot bye youtube.

  22. Danyelle Wilson

    Danyelle Wilson10 日 前

    Doesnt el tejano mean the texan

  23. Gabe Lazar

    Gabe Lazar11 日 前

    the ending lolololol

  24. Buzz Cooly

    Buzz Cooly12 日 前

    It sounds like Danna Paola so good

  25. Elizabeth Heather

    Elizabeth Heather12 日 前

    Guys , notice the song at 3:39 to 4:02.

  26. Chris Asies

    Chris Asies12 日 前

    Sofia is perfect😍😍😍

  27. MisterStitchy

    MisterStitchy13 日 前

    What is she saying?! For us English speaking fans!!

  28. harshi singh

    harshi singh14 日 前

    Just me that thinks this sounds like familiar

  29. harshi singh

    harshi singh13 日 前

    No the song familiar- by Liam Payne and J balvin

  30. haia

    haia13 日 前

    airplane pt 2 by BTS?

  31. Jerson Irinco

    Jerson Irinco14 日 前

    his songs are becoming more dark and like focus on bad side of religion.. im starting to hate his lyrics and music videos. i guess every western artists have that same cycle of becoming dark after some time of fame. shame.

  32. haia

    haia13 日 前

    its not that deep-

  33. Ale Gomez

    Ale Gomez14 日 前

    Esta canción es fantastica, no entiendo porque nadie habla de ella, de mi parte seguiré apoyandola, es ARTEEE.

  34. David Ledezma

    David Ledezma13 日 前

    Ya se :'(

  35. David LAPD Dasilva

    David LAPD Dasilva14 日 前

    I feel like dancing to this song no matter what , or where i am

  36. vishal sharma zone

    vishal sharma zone15 日 前

    sauda khara khara music copied by lauv... search sauda khara khara by sukhbir and listen to the music.. u know it😀

  37. Osama Al-Saadi

    Osama Al-Saadi15 日 前

    wait what he only have 3M views wtf I love this song

  38. Giselle Yanez

    Giselle Yanez15 日 前

    Oh he’s cute 😍

  39. noyoudontneedtodothat

    noyoudontneedtodothat15 日 前

    crazy how he just used the regular show clip when they drank those spicy drinks and called it his music video 😳😳

  40. David Baa

    David Baa15 日 前

    Make a heart broken or sad song please 😶😶😔😔😔😔

  41. haia

    haia13 日 前

    try Who (Feat.BTS) its a very sad song you also NEED to watch the music video


    BAHIATION2115 日 前

    I Lov Lauv uuuuh

  43. Breety S6 M9

    Breety S6 M916 日 前

    The girl looks like Ulrich's mom from Dark series

  44. Mayo lajos

    Mayo lajos16 日 前

    The beat is confusing HAHAHSHA

  45. Sặc Nước

    Sặc Nước16 日 前

    Sound way better at 1.25 playback speed

  46. a. r.

    a. r.17 日 前

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  47. Elizabeth Magno16

    Elizabeth Magno1617 日 前

    Corbyn dancing* Eben danced in front of him* Corbyn: MOVE EBEN!!

  48. Elizabeth Magno16

    Elizabeth Magno1614 日 前

    @Mahi Rathod lol HAHAHAHA

  49. Elizabeth Magno16

    Elizabeth Magno1614 日 前

    @Mahi Rathod lol HAHAHAHA

  50. Mahi Rathod

    Mahi Rathod15 日 前

    Elizabeth Magno16 😂😂

  51. NIK HIL

    NIK HIL17 日 前

    Modern loneliness playing in background in the end LOL

  52. AL

    AL18 日 前

    Who's the guy behind Lauv at 0:12?

  53. alexandre linhares

    alexandre linhares18 日 前

    show l like very nice

  54. Shady Makaveli

    Shady Makaveli18 日 前

    0:07 girl name

  55. haia

    haia13 日 前

    sofia reyes

  56. Kenan Soltan

    Kenan Soltan19 日 前

    This is the Best Song I’ve Heard Right Now.



    Oh this eyes at the beginning🤣🤣💅❤

  58. Great Ramp

    Great Ramp19 日 前

    Idk why but there is something about his sunglasses that still bothers me to this day

  59. Great Ramp

    Great Ramp19 日 前

    Did anyone else notice modern loneliness at the end

  60. Studio Krohn

    Studio Krohn19 日 前


  61. JonasKYAnimates

    JonasKYAnimates19 日 前

    The 1k dislike are people that are jealous that he is famous

  62. Scease If

    Scease If19 日 前

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  63. Eduardo Santamaria

    Eduardo Santamaria20 日 前

    Someone knows the name of the model/dancer? (Jess in the video)

  64. Rodrigo Santos Hopekins

    Rodrigo Santos Hopekins20 日 前

    Achei que era o Surskity

  65. uwu Vane uwu

    uwu Vane uwu22 日 前

    Wa a poner esta rola en la peda de mi familia 🌚

  66. merryxreni

    merryxreni22 日 前

    i just realized this song is in season 3 ep 20 of swat in the background of the beginning

  67. No one Asked

    No one Asked23 日 前

    Anyone else come from Nickelodeon

  68. David Ledezma

    David Ledezma23 日 前

    Vallan a reproducir "Cuando estas tu" Sofia Reyes ft Piso21

  69. Aiti Bahana

    Aiti Bahana23 日 前

    1 pur son j'Adore 😁👍

  70. 방탄 소년단

    방탄 소년단24 日 前

    Algun fanatico del kpop ??

  71. David Ledezma

    David Ledezma24 日 前

    Diosa Sofía Reyes ❣️🤤👸🇲🇽

  72. Katie Coon

    Katie Coon24 日 前

    is it just me or did that look like an okra :/

  73. Toshi Stylo

    Toshi Stylo24 日 前

    Copy music of BTS 😒😒

  74. Daniel Massengill

    Daniel Massengill25 日 前

    Wow. He isn't even up there with Peter the Pepper Eater.

  75. bloo whale

    bloo whale25 日 前

    3:38 okay he is so cute I-

  76. M Evin Yazid

    M Evin Yazid25 日 前

    This song remind me of BTS airplane pt.2

  77. karla rose

    karla rose25 日 前

    Lauv and Sofía's voices sound so good together🤤

  78. Om M15

    Om M1525 日 前

    This song is literally so groooooooovy!!💚🤘🏻

  79. BrainyTorch 7039

    BrainyTorch 703925 日 前

    Most people: the four people dancing Others: how funny the ending was Other others: talking about the song Me: oh a furry

  80. Be friendly

    Be friendly25 日 前

    I love Lauv. You understand I LOVE LAUV. Im so funny!😋

  81. Animesh Kumar

    Animesh Kumar26 日 前

    Love From India ❤️

  82. Maria Giuliano

    Maria Giuliano26 日 前

    This artist is amazing. Love from Italy!❤️🇮🇹

  83. tony padilla

    tony padilla26 日 前

    Racist wtf

  84. Kris Murray

    Kris Murray26 日 前

    DANIEL, CORBYN, EBEN AND CHRISTIAN R HERE OMG! And w Sofia Reyes, oh hell yes, one of the latina qweens! Donde estan mis latinas y latinos? Yo aqui mitad latina y europenia;)

  85. Isaac Liz

    Isaac Liz26 日 前

    Sofía’s Part Translated: And first I said "no", but I did want For you to go I made up any nonsense But after drink five I shook your hand and I liked how bad you were dancing Let me show you that cumbia is mine When this song is over we go, who would say? See that I don't go alone, but I arrive alone, that I'm better alone, but We’re going to my place tonight

  86. Mo JA

    Mo JA27 日 前

    Who here before 100m?

  87. Isaac Liz

    Isaac Liz27 日 前

    0:02 f, im lonely starts playing at the background

  88. Jose Yourdaddy

    Jose Yourdaddy27 日 前


  89. Nadya Carrico

    Nadya Carrico27 日 前

    This man need to make a song with Camila Cabello!

  90. Angeles Ponton Ayala

    Angeles Ponton Ayala27 日 前

    me encantaaaa

  91. Kay Wade

    Kay Wade27 日 前

    The end tho

  92. proadam YT33

    proadam YT3327 日 前

    türkler burda mı ?

  93. Hüseyin Özdemir

    Hüseyin Özdemir27 日 前

    Buradan Çıkmıyorumki Kardeşim xD