Last to Stop Swinging Wins $1,000,000 (Part 2)


  1. MrBeast

    MrBeast7 ヶ月 前

    WATCH PART 1 HERE! (watch the entire thing)

  2. Sophie Curtis

    Sophie Curtis5 日 前


  3. Rebi RBLX

    Rebi RBLX6 日 前

    Hi :D

  4. Gacha_love XxeditsxX

    Gacha_love XxeditsxX14 日 前


  5. Kyle Shipp

    Kyle Shipp14 日 前

    Last to stop running wins 4000

  6. Pizzale Gaming

    Pizzale Gamingヶ月 前

    @Mohamed Ali xd

  7. Trilby Lawrenson

    Trilby Lawrenson34 分 前

    Give challenge contestant let team Chandler win please

  8. Devin Playz

    Devin Playz時間 前

    1:16 is a Roblox oof

  9. Deshaun Dethman

    Deshaun Dethman時間 前

    Omar cheated

  10. Yo show

    Yo show2 時間 前

    I wanted Troy to win

  11. Bear Roberts

    Bear Roberts4 時間 前

    When he threw the marshmallows and they added Kobe

  12. Drippy Ray

    Drippy Ray5 時間 前

    Chandler was low key hurt 🤣

  13. Galuxius

    Galuxius6 時間 前

    Why does no contestant think of asking their coach to get them some ear plugs then to get the most nosy thing so they can annoy the competitors?

  14. Degenerated_weeb

    Degenerated_weeb6 時間 前

    Everyone suddenly shitting on Omar? That man wanted to repay his family and even offered Troy ten Grand, most of you peeps wouldn’t have gave him a single penny.

  15. nick velazquez

    nick velazquez6 時間 前

    Noooooo I wanted Nick to win 😂😣😵 (don't look at my name) Now also Chandler's contestant

  16. Gamer Gamer

    Gamer Gamer6 時間 前

    Why would they want a ps4 airpods speakers if they can buy it with theyre 1M of they win

  17. Sam Lees

    Sam Lees7 時間 前

    Omar be snorting to much g-fuel

  18. PLG RooZblu

    PLG RooZblu7 時間 前

    Mr Beast: Let me talk about honey. Me: Ah sh*t, he we go again.

  19. Glen Tamano

    Glen Tamano8 時間 前


  20. s00da Gaming

    s00da Gaming12 時間 前

    How many mixers r u gonna buy

  21. Dymond And Gaige

    Dymond And Gaige13 時間 前

    Super smash bros

  22. Dymond And Gaige

    Dymond And Gaige13 時間 前

    Wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo


    CHEESY FARTS13 時間 前


  24. Tyler Houston

    Tyler Houston15 時間 前

    i feel great! said every meth addict ever....

  25. ηαωω just a chillin kitty ηυη єlѕє

    ηαωω just a chillin kitty ηυη єlѕє16 時間 前

    Mrbeast: if you stay on earth you win 50,000 Chandler: *gets abducted by aliens*

  26. Sean abernethy

    Sean abernethy16 時間 前

    Who cares that it will help him let’s go Chris the K rool main wining smash bros 12:54

  27. keller gmbh

    keller gmbh19 時間 前

    At 5:48 Payton touched the ground a lil bit so normaly he had to get kicked out

  28. Qwazy

    Qwazy20 時間 前

    Does honey work on shop mrbeast

  29. cody juarez

    cody juarez21 時間 前

    Rip karl

  30. LlamaBOI

    LlamaBOI日 前

    Karl was a camera man?

  31. Shadowfalcon 14

    Shadowfalcon 14日 前

    Omar was a creepy weirdo

  32. Leighton Bellerby

    Leighton Bellerby日 前

    Get well Troy's dad

  33. Ven Nittala

    Ven Nittala日 前

    Mr.Beast is offering so much that they say no to 10grand so easily

  34. Lucas Stout

    Lucas Stout日 前


  35. Lucas Stout

    Lucas Stout日 前


  36. Dessert Eagle

    Dessert Eagle日 前

    if pewdiepie joins this challenge he would lose because he doesnt have legs😂

  37. Still not Named

    Still not Named日 前

    Jakes contestant is ghost

  38. Im a fan of TheGREATAce

    Im a fan of TheGREATAce日 前

    if I was there.I would be there for 10 days straight lol

  39. Mr Drawgons

    Mr Drawgons日 前

    You dont use any strength you just swing

  40. Jonah Leone

    Jonah Leone日 前

    karl’s first vid i think 2:11

  41. Delltive

    Delltive日 前

    there is no way saving money anytime on honey

  42. ACS Films

    ACS Films日 前

    We all know that chandler is waiting for the billion dollar challenge so he can buy that ostrich he’s been saying he’s going to get

  43. Hintz

    Hintz日 前

    Karl making an appearance months before he makes an official introduction

  44. Faizul Ikram

    Faizul Ikram日 前


  45. Ssilent

    Ssilent日 前

    omar a crack head

  46. malak bsoul

    malak bsoul日 前

    honestly i feel so bad, Omar just wanted to give back to his family which he could’ve done so many other ways, while Troy’s father was in the hospital and he actually NEEDED that money. this isn’t fair.

  47. Leonardo J2018

    Leonardo J2018日 前

    Omar sucks he is greedy

  48. Laiba Mariam

    Laiba Mariam日 前

    Imagine someone buys your merch and they get into the challenges and you don't know there a Shaolin monk R.I.P other people

  49. ssbbSephi

    ssbbSephi日 前

    Omar is my personal favorite

  50. Michael Douglas

    Michael Douglas日 前

    Markus's reactions are the funniest🤣

  51. R.I.P Yams lol

    R.I.P Yams lol日 前

    omar sister was hot af

  52. Westbrook Jr025

    Westbrook Jr025日 前

    Omer you bicth

  53. Barnster Boy

    Barnster Boy日 前

    Everyone:NOOO TROY! Me:Wait Karl used to be a camera man!

  54. Kobz 1

    Kobz 1日 前

    Back when karl was just a cameraman :0

  55. Fredikter T

    Fredikter T日 前

    5:53 nick touch the ground

  56. Sadee Ketcheside

    Sadee Ketcheside日 前


  57. A J

    A J日 前

    i personally don’t think weddle is a good dynamic to the team. i think jake should have stayed. he was good

  58. Tina's Vids

    Tina's Vids日 前

    Cameraman: *ohmaijgawdha*

  59. Lyza Mae

    Lyza Mae日 前

    Any work sir, please i want to study

  60. Chloe Nest

    Chloe Nest日 前

    I would've got really good momentum, then chilled until I slowed down, then pump up that momentum again.

  61. Bo Gaming

    Bo Gaming2 日 前

    How Karl Went From Camera-Man To Friend.

  62. oli minty

    oli minty2 日 前

    fuck omar

  63. Subscribe To A Chair

    Subscribe To A Chair2 日 前

    Am I the only one who wants to smack tf outta Omar?

  64. Subscribe To A Chair

    Subscribe To A Chair2 日 前

    Lebron James is so rude trynna take one mil from those people🤦🏽‍♂️

  65. TTS Bodyshot

    TTS Bodyshot2 日 前

    "Hope Troy's dad is still alive". Bruh he probs had Afib an they shocked it to stop the Afib lmfao

  66. subscribe or i'll take your dog

    subscribe or i'll take your dog2 日 前

    I felt bad for Troy cause his dad is in hospital

  67. Æ Œ

    Æ Œ2 日 前

    I wonder how he gets all this money

  68. Juliette Cole

    Juliette Cole2 日 前

    The 2nd to last guy should have won so much more he deserved the 1mil to help his family member with a heart problem.

  69. Gavin Elliott

    Gavin Elliott2 日 前

    Why is it called day 3

  70. I'm a dog

    I'm a dog2 日 前

    This was the first time we saw karl on Mrbeast channel : 2:08

  71. PaniniDude09

    PaniniDude092 日 前

    Bruh 2:09 😂

  72. Benjamin Bassett

    Benjamin Bassett2 日 前

    Smash bros ultimate in the background at end lol

  73. TheDerpyHenchmen

    TheDerpyHenchmen2 日 前


  74. I'm a dog

    I'm a dog2 日 前

    He the footage for people who see this comment 2:08

  75. Rhys Weaver

    Rhys Weaver2 日 前


  76. m. khawaja

    m. khawaja2 日 前


  77. m. khawaja

    m. khawaja2 日 前


  78. BrozBreakGaming

    BrozBreakGaming2 日 前

    6:59 touched the ground

  79. Emily Costa

    Emily Costa2 日 前

    I want the I pad

  80. ismail ashab

    ismail ashab2 日 前

    Last to leave space wins moon😂

  81. Julian Cruz

    Julian Cruz2 日 前

    Does honey support ultrasabers?

  82. Preston Kennedy

    Preston Kennedy2 日 前

    I actually thought Troy was going to win

  83. Kathern Goodloe

    Kathern Goodloe3 日 前

    Oh mar is selfish I would back out to help the dude in second place

  84. Keithxdpro0

    Keithxdpro03 日 前

    I fell bad for Troy☹️

  85. Nikira Moore

    Nikira Moore3 日 前

    Omar is a bitch

  86. Jayden Garcia

    Jayden Garcia3 日 前

    Who saw super smash bros