Last To Miss Layup Wins $10,000


  1. Stephanie Finau

    Stephanie Finau13 時間 前

    Where mobi Is he brindles the sense

  2. Zorus

    Zorus14 時間 前

    Imagine if you missed your first layup 💀

  3. Sebastian Perez

    Sebastian Perez日 前

    Wild disrespect! He's with the boys but where's mopi?

  4. Khash Khashsuuri

    Khash Khashsuuri日 前

    Where is tjass

  5. Explosive Gamers

    Explosive Gamers日 前

    Jesser why did your parent name you jesser why not jester

  6. Lady Caca

    Lady Caca2 日 前

    Jesser is the type of friend to talk a lot

  7. MrPlayboiiJay

    MrPlayboiiJay2 日 前

    How does the closest one to the rim miss???

  8. Grant Duh God

    Grant Duh God4 日 前


  9. Jaeden Padilla

    Jaeden Padilla5 日 前

    Mitchel so kind

  10. ND Clan

    ND Clan5 日 前

    Tallest nigga on the court misses 😂😂

  11. Nate G

    Nate G5 日 前

    Zach ain’t a try hard James a tryhard

  12. Mitchell Kennedy

    Mitchell Kennedy6 日 前

    The rim is ŠŁÂÑTĒD 😁

  13. Eli Anderson

    Eli Anderson6 日 前

    Idk about you but any normal person would mess around when 2k is on the line

  14. MiloH4S

    MiloH4S6 日 前


  15. GamerTimeH Herbst

    GamerTimeH Herbst7 日 前

    Did it go on for 5 Minutes or 5 Hours

  16. Shiiqaash Fam

    Shiiqaash Fam7 日 前

    If mopi was here

  17. Moses

    Moses7 日 前

    The tallest person got out first 🤔

  18. Norma Tanwangco

    Norma Tanwangco7 日 前

    Hey whach

  19. hdurbon32

    hdurbon327 日 前

    Kris has enough money from digiorno

  20. Tyler Holland

    Tyler Holland7 日 前

    Love the jersey, Jesser

  21. Mr. M

    Mr. M8 日 前

    97% of the talking in this vid is done by Jesse

  22. Sean McKinley

    Sean McKinley8 日 前

    Jesser talk to much

  23. Donovan Rea

    Donovan Rea9 日 前

    7:08 jesser cant do anything cool without looking goofy

  24. Emily Cash

    Emily Cash10 日 前

    You are the best on your team

  25. Mahesa Suprobo

    Mahesa Suprobo10 日 前

    Funny how he does this with a bunch of other rich youtubers😂 jokes aside, funny videos keep it up

  26. Patrick Keegan

    Patrick Keegan10 日 前

    Imagine winning the money and buying lv shirts

  27. Uvuvuevuevwue Onyetnyetnyeosas

    Uvuvuevuevwue Onyetnyetnyeosas10 日 前

    Imagine thinking LSK was gonna win

  28. Samuel Metott

    Samuel Metott10 日 前

    Mitchell is REALY lazy

  29. Bill

    Bill13 日 前

    where tf is mopi

  30. Hoodie JaCoob

    Hoodie JaCoob13 日 前

    Did anyone else see in the thumbnail that Jesser Had 4 Fingers

  31. Kaleb Owens

    Kaleb Owens14 日 前

    If I would have competed against y'all on the free throw I might have win idk

  32. Mixedy R6

    Mixedy R614 日 前

    4:22 JOJO I HAVE FOUND YOU TIME TO know what we all know whats next ZA WARUDO OKI NO WA TOMARE

  33. luca veconi

    luca veconi15 日 前

    Is it just me or does 2hype look depressed

  34. Joshua Bahena

    Joshua Bahena15 日 前

    We couldn't even see the time at 9:28 because Kenny's face

  35. Diana Diana

    Diana Diana15 日 前

    Real money??

  36. Playboy Hector

    Playboy Hector15 日 前

    It’s It makes no sense😭, y’all dude cant make layups but makes 3’s

  37. Martin Madera

    Martin Madera15 日 前

    Why are they wearing black

  38. Ultimo Mist

    Ultimo Mist16 日 前

    Jesser take the mic away from your mouth😂

  39. ASsot77716 !!!!!!

    ASsot77716 !!!!!!16 日 前

    Jesser and zack were missing free throws at the match but making them now LOL

  40. Jahhloo

    Jahhloo16 日 前

    You can just tell lsk gonna win with the hight advantage


    DONUARY16 日 前

    what did mitchell have again ?

  42. darryl buchanan

    darryl buchanan16 日 前

    Where mopi

  43. SparkZ

    SparkZ17 日 前

    Yo u should’ve done a collab on this vid with t jass

  44. Audrick abigel

    Audrick abigel17 日 前

    Bring tjass there tho

  45. Alex Flores

    Alex Flores17 日 前

    Jesser: LSK do you look at the backboard or rim Looks at rim then misses Jesser: Noooo

  46. Mixedy R6

    Mixedy R614 日 前

    And he ORA’d

  47. Bladen

    Bladen17 日 前

    Should of had t jass in the vid lmao




  49. Jakeese Wilks

    Jakeese Wilks17 日 前

    Nipple juice

  50. HeyStopIt Ethan

    HeyStopIt Ethan17 日 前

    Loading.... insert valid

  51. Keaton Gadd

    Keaton Gadd17 日 前

    JSR I love your Jersey

  52. Jeff Nogs

    Jeff Nogs17 日 前

    Jesser 1v1 me on 2k20. My name is Chuck-_-YT

  53. TM xLives

    TM xLives18 日 前

    Y'all shouldve got Tristan for this

  54. Alex Quijada

    Alex Quijada18 日 前

    how did kris not miss any 3 pointers

  55. Ali Love

    Ali Love18 日 前

    Kenny underrated

  56. Mr. India Superstore-Grand Park

    Mr. India Superstore-Grand Park19 日 前

    You should’ve put cash in it I want to see what he does when he loses

  57. xd killerjason

    xd killerjason19 日 前

    Jesser should 1v1 Connor in a duel 1,000$ match

  58. xd killerjason

    xd killerjason19 日 前


  59. VioletHOOPS

    VioletHOOPS19 日 前

    If t jass was here he would either win if he plays safe or lose if he goes brazy

  60. Sad_Vibez

    Sad_Vibez19 日 前

    Where is mopi

  61. Sophie Geer

    Sophie Geer19 日 前

    Jesser never stops talking

  62. Sophie Geer

    Sophie Geer19 日 前

    And jessers word of the week is skeeted