1. IMLOCURAS De Isa y cami

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    That ok just stea

  2. IMLOCURAS De Isa y cami

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    Paul will luz

  3. Elliot Thomas

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  4. Elliot Thomas

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  5. Elliot Thomas

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    Jedda is a cheater

  6. Elliot Thomas

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    Playing with slime under water😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Shea Jones

    Shea Jones2 時間 前

    why would you go underwater with all your stuff because you're going to have to wash it and then y'all can't breathe and then y'all going to have to go to the restroom and then some people are going to if they're stupid enough they're going to be in the water and then you're going to have to be drinking the water why would you do that are you stupid but I mirror you're not stupid because you bring food but why would you bring fruit if you bring food or fruits or something it will get water inside

  8. Jenna Gardner

    Jenna Gardner4 時間 前

    While else hurd her say my hat is f wet!!!! When she comes up from the water in the waits

  9. Dominator 707

    Dominator 7074 時間 前

    I didn’t know this was Morgz

  10. princess blue

    princess blue6 時間 前

    Kid:papa were my ball? Dad:idk😓 Kid: *see video* Dad:run away Me: whats going on??? Video:Like for part 2

  11. Nonet Villaluna

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    This is how many times paul used pool water. I I \/

  12. Rhiana Chloie Bermudez

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    Jeddah said she's going to win but she's the one who loses hehehehhe

  13. Kelsi Slime

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    8:58 Jeddah said fuck

  14. Gacha Taki

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    Me at 14:19 : SAVE THE TURTLES!!!

  15. Militina Ulanova

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    A JPreporter Legend Said If You Say Their Name Your Pinned. { 3 times } Jean Paul Jean Paul Jean Paul

  16. Savage Gamers

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    I’ve heard if u say Paul’s name 3 times u get pinned Paul Paul Paul Did it work idk

  17. Albert pena suriel

    Albert pena suriel日 前

    Who likes food? Like if u like food

  18. Conejita Blanca

    Conejita Blanca日 前

    Tv he ate The

  19. Plushies and more

    Plushies and more日 前

    Click bait

  20. krystina gilbert

    krystina gilbert2 日 前

    Paul is litary playing his phone under water so his phone has to broken now he is stupid

  21. Edilee Torres

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    Press the like button if you love this video

  22. Solar_

    Solar_2 日 前

    Jeddah: Tiktoks Everyone else: tic tacs

  23. juliet gonzaLez

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    Mermaids live far from the sea if you're on the beach the mermaids live all the way in the in the sea mermaids do exist my mom said that mermaids actually exist they just hide and mermaids can also turn into humans

  24. Lyra Windley

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    I ship you and Paul Mira

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    Your mother is very weard

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  27. Maya Jenkins

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    Paul had his phone underwater it cold brak

  28. RobloxQueen 543215

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    Last one to stop eating pasta wins 10,000$

  29. Syeira Ramroop

    Syeira Ramroop3 日 前

    How can Paul play on his phone?

  30. Miray Legend

    Miray Legend3 日 前

    7:10 guys this is totally easy im just gonna eat my tic tacks *gets underwater * my tic tacks my hat this is harder than i expected

  31. Stormie Fossett

    Stormie Fossett3 日 前

    Prayers that you won't get sick

  32. coco catty

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    This is how many times they say you know what?! I I

  33. Hilda Sanchez

    Hilda Sanchez4 日 前

    Hey man

  34. Wallace Smith

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    Is Goomba a boy

  35. Wallace Smith

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    You guys should stay there for a month

  36. Owen Wegner

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    She said fucking after her exersises

  37. Christie Chapman

    Christie Chapman4 日 前

    Paul you can’t bring a phone in pool

  38. Match

    Match4 日 前

    The bed is lava! In 5 4 3 2 1 Did you move? No I didn’t think so...

  39. Jake2much Drip

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  40. Oscar Jimenez

    Oscar Jimenez4 日 前

    The money of all the challenges is fake if you think it is fake like

  41. Federico Landeros

    Federico Landeros4 日 前

    If you see Closely you can see ameerah she is not wearing Merch

  42. Adilen garcia

    Adilen garcia4 日 前

    Jeddah on the sack challenge she said she used to be a mermaid now what :)

  43. De Haifa

    De Haifa5 日 前

    The way Jeddah says Tik tak

  44. Giao Bui

    Giao Bui5 日 前

    Paul you are not The only one who love pasta I love pasta and noodles too

  45. ToyVisionTv

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    Your mom is annoying home poul

  46. Nadi Abad

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    Oooohhh Jeddah said the F word oooooohhgh she in trouble

  47. shukriyaw

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    This is how many times they did $10,000 dollor challenges I I I I I I I

  48. Rianne Villamor

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    8 times? More than 8!

  49. Obdulio Lopez

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    shukriyaw K 3 times?

  50. Michael YT

    Michael YT5 日 前

    So money is worth more than life

  51. Areli Valenzuela

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    4:23 VAT19

  52. ion CS

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    you should do a last to leave the house

  53. Lori Petryk

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    She said ticktock


    - AESTHETIC * TURKEY -6 日 前

    Seeing this makes me feel like I can’t breathe

  55. cnma7470

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    Mermaids are real Paul there ugly thow

  56. Karla Prado

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    The money is fake

  57. Jasmine Zachary

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    Is Paul’s eating fake

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  61. Olivia Lee

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    They should have gotten a snorkel....

  62. Shannon Gordon

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    12345 Paul: I all most drowned!

  63. Monkey_Lover_ Xx

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    I live underwater what’s the big deal

  64. Monkey_Lover_ Xx

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    GachaLifeAva 1 it’s called a joke girl

  65. GachaLifeAva 1

    GachaLifeAva 15 日 前

    Monkey_Lover_ Xx ....I’m pretty sure u don’t. And don’t say your a mermaid because they don’t exist..