1. josh brannon

    josh brannon8 時間 前

    OwO jay said my f#$&in hat is wet

  2. Adan Sebastian

    Adan Sebastian13 時間 前

    I got my tik tots

  3. Nate Zehe

    Nate Zehe15 時間 前

    Why is Jeddah so stupid

  4. ayhdx

    ayhdx15 時間 前

    Goomba was like: *just give me the money*

  5. blondy2

    blondy216 時間 前

    710 Jeda I’m just gonna eat my TickTock‘s in gonna be easy and 725 she says it’s gonna be harder than I expected

  6. Wendy Estrada

    Wendy Estrada17 時間 前

    8:55 jehdda says "my jat is fucking wet I can't do this "

  7. Wysteria5

    Wysteria521 時間 前

    why did your mother eat tick tacks under the water thats kinda stupid

  8. Jennifer Wakelin

    Jennifer Wakelin日 前

    I know what you can do so you get the Tic Tacs place it in your mouth. And drink the tic Tac juice.

  9. Jennifer Wakelin

    Jennifer Wakelin日 前

    My uncle is called Paul like you Paul

  10. Minecraft Vids

    Minecraft Vids日 前

    Goomba wearing a backpack: like or 10,000$ :comment

  11. Kickin’it With Khalif

    Kickin’it With Khalif日 前

    That is acchly Riley crash

  12. seba hapuku

    seba hapuku2 日 前

    Can I do all the challenges with you guys

  13. Kayleah Cumberlander

    Kayleah Cumberlander2 日 前

    Pauls best quote in this video "We gonna have"

  14. Vicky Marie

    Vicky Marie2 日 前

    Anyone notice that Jeddah said tik tok instead of tic tacs

  15. Dina N

    Dina N3 日 前

    If you like Paul subscribe to him

  16. Ashlyn Harmon

    Ashlyn Harmon3 日 前

    At 3:53 she said I got my tic tok

  17. Claudel ciaraDavid

    Claudel ciaraDavid4 日 前

    I hate you Paul

  18. Claudel ciaraDavid

    Claudel ciaraDavid4 日 前

    Ameerah is going to wine

  19. Bill Elwell

    Bill Elwell4 日 前

    In the title is says 1000 but it’s a actualy 3000

  20. Autumn Lee

    Autumn Lee5 日 前

    This is so fake. You just got out after you turned of the camera and when it was the morning you got back in and turned the camera on

  21. Samuel Zuniga

    Samuel Zuniga5 日 前

    Paul why do you like noodles I like music spider eats them every day if you like them every day OK Paul if you do I’m gonna be really mad and I won’t watch videos I will only watch a mirror‘s and your moms but if you don’t eat noodles anymore I’ll keep on watching your videos by Paul that’s what I could say for now

  22. Laurie Lovejoy

    Laurie Lovejoy5 日 前

    Can you please give me a shout I think that you deserve a lot of love and a lot of support for your challenges and all the things you do in life that you need support for and I hope that the slime a Tory is doing OK and OK fine and I hope that all your Saturday just as well and I think that you need so much support in your life and what you’re doing and I just love what you’re doing I want you to keep on doing it because you’re a priority and you don’t suck at it you’re the best girl I hope you have the best life every

  23. carolina gonzalez

    carolina gonzalez5 日 前

    Paul Ive always wonderd Isabel ameerah your Cousin BC Ive always thought of that sobre yeh

  24. Aide Munoz

    Aide Munoz6 日 前

    Gust want I eat tiktaks

  25. Maria Cervantes

    Maria Cervantes6 日 前

    Hi my name is Ayesia I am a huge fan I watch all your videos and they are cool

  26. Wanda Santana

    Wanda Santana6 日 前

    He’s eating his bar and something monster under The water

  27. Adilene Mendoza

    Adilene Mendoza7 日 前

    Paul always wants pasta

  28. Nicholas Boudreau

    Nicholas Boudreau7 日 前

    a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y and Z!!!!!!!!

  29. kevin jiang

    kevin jiang7 日 前

    Yo at 8:57 she curse

  30. kevin jiang

    kevin jiang7 日 前

    Sunburn from where

  31. Elizabeth Alva

    Elizabeth Alva7 日 前

    paul always eats noodles in every challenges

  32. Sophie Thomas

    Sophie Thomas8 日 前

    One like ameerahs mum is banned from the challenge for nearly drowning paul

  33. Unicorn Rainbows

    Unicorn Rainbows8 日 前

    There are lots of things Paul could of had instead of the protein bar

  34. yuanliang rong

    yuanliang rong8 日 前

    How much time Paul failed to make pasta

  35. Gladys Villanueva

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  36. Divija Kotkar

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  37. Yasir Yasini

    Yasir Yasini9 日 前

    Finally paul won

  38. blue Safari YT ROBLOX

    blue Safari YT ROBLOX9 日 前

    8:45 bad image

  39. Amy Dotie

    Amy Dotie9 日 前

    Paul you should get other food not just noodles in your challenges it will make you win

  40. lena huslin

    lena huslin9 日 前

    0:20 instead of Ameerah have chips underwater she could have went up and could have ate her chips

  41. CDonahue1958

    CDonahue19589 日 前

    This is how many times Jedda argued with someone or yelled at them 👇🏻

  42. Nicholas Boudreau

    Nicholas Boudreau7 日 前

    when i red this it had 3 likes

  43. Nicholas Boudreau

    Nicholas Boudreau7 日 前

    3 times

  44. brandy tallent

    brandy tallent9 日 前

    Poul beilving in your self you don't need them if thare going you be mean just say stop or I will prak you for a week so don't say that

  45. IamPrettyYsabelle Morales

    IamPrettyYsabelle Morales10 日 前

    Yeah is all I want to say

  46. Noemi Delgado

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    Can I have a shoutout pls love your vids😃

  47. Becky Sandula

    Becky Sandula10 日 前

    Who heard Jedda say Tik Tok instead of Tic Tacs

  48. Gacha_iceQueen

    Gacha_iceQueen10 日 前

    Jeddah: MY TIK TOKS Me: you mean tik taks

  49. Random Unicorns

    Random Unicorns10 日 前

    My bday is the day this was uploaded

  50. Chula cutie Mz

    Chula cutie Mz11 日 前

    I love goomaba's back pack

  51. lil girls

    lil girls11 日 前

    Hi I am ameerah hi I am Jeddah hi I and paul we are awesome

  52. Jimmy Taylor

    Jimmy Taylor11 日 前

    Jedda.I got some tiktok.

  53. Maggie Goddard

    Maggie Goddard12 日 前

    You know what surprised me, is that they forgot to get a thing that could of made them automatically win. A SNORKEL!!

  54. son pham

    son pham12 日 前

    Hi ameerah your so nice and I love your video

  55. LeAndra  Williams

    LeAndra Williams12 日 前

    Hay Paul maybe you should do l who can build a better house

  56. Gia Gallardo

    Gia Gallardo13 日 前

    Jay she can't work underwater but ameerah is smart Paul is stupid

  57. Yaya Chappel

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  58. Yaya Chappel

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    I killed me😭😭😭😭😭

  59. meleicia hines

    meleicia hines13 日 前

    Wet did she say my hair is f****** wet

  60. N D

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    Ameerah mom said the f word she was like my hat is f$*&*$* wet 😰😰😰

  61. Kinzley Roberts

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    They are tic tacs not tic tocs

  62. Kirsty Robson

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