LAST TO LEAVE SQUARE WINS iPHONE Challenge - Hacker PZ9 vs CWC vs Daniel for 24 Hours in Backyard


  1. Chad Wild Clay

    Chad Wild Clay5 ヶ月 前

    We need to WIN Vy's iPhone back! Who do you think can stay in the Square the longest?

  2. Freddie Davis

    Freddie Davis15 日 前


  3. Michael Dolton

    Michael Dolton24 日 前


  4. suglug

    suglug26 日 前

    Halo Fauntleroy

  5. Alishba omar

    Alishba omar27 日 前


  6. hotmammy2008

    hotmammy2008ヶ月 前

    Hi there is it OK if I come tomorrow morning

  7. Razy Kim

    Razy Kim2 時間 前

    Pz9 is a bad guy

  8. Helen Swan

    Helen Swan3 時間 前


  9. Anne Logan

    Anne Logan6 時間 前

    Pz9 lie

  10. Billy Lannom

    Billy Lannom10 時間 前


  11. kmurthy2108

    kmurthy210814 時間 前

    Daniel your my fave

  12. Gelen Jickain

    Gelen Jickain19 時間 前

    more like pz9 the worst fighter

  13. Bts Lover

    Bts Lover日 前

    Itsnanay12 is nice

  14. Abdi Yousef

    Abdi Yousef日 前


  15. Eason Wang

    Eason Wang日 前

    You said you never cheat!!

  16. sparkle kitty Club vlogging channel

    sparkle kitty Club vlogging channel日 前


  17. Margaret Smith

    Margaret Smith日 前

    V is Betrayed the spy ninjas

  18. David Mansanarez

    David Mansanarez日 前

    I am a hacker




  20. Yukina Chan Sharef

    Yukina Chan Sharef2 日 前

    you should do Hip hop challenge

  21. Melissa Duck

    Melissa Duck2 日 前

    the passcode to the safe is `645279

  22. Ezequiel Casas

    Ezequiel Casas2 日 前


  23. Cool Gamer

    Cool Gamer3 日 前

    I subscribed to you Chad and vy and Regina and Daniel

  24. Deven Coulombe

    Deven Coulombe3 日 前


  25. Deven Coulombe

    Deven Coulombe3 日 前

    Pz 9

  26. Krystal Prescott

    Krystal Prescott3 日 前


  27. calecia cook

    calecia cook3 日 前


  28. Janie Tellez

    Janie Tellez3 日 前

    My sister loves 🤍❤️ur vid

  29. Madesta Bach

    Madesta Bach3 日 前


  30. Tale Griffith

    Tale Griffith4 日 前


  31. Bryan Graves

    Bryan Graves4 日 前

    cwc go

  32. Tuwuone Madison

    Tuwuone Madison4 日 前

    I saw someone in the safe 🏠

  33. Williams Jurado

    Williams Jurado4 日 前

    The Spy ninja are the best

  34. Paige Glazebrook

    Paige Glazebrook5 日 前

    You guys are better than Pz 9

  35. Ryan Brinkley

    Ryan Brinkley5 日 前

    The password for the safe is 2222

  36. Katy Arita

    Katy Arita3 日 前

    The password for the safe is 2222

  37. Jennifer Yuen

    Jennifer Yuen5 日 前

    Like this if you’re a real spy ninja

  38. Riza Kuatova

    Riza Kuatova5 日 前

    Cool 😎 about usabout us

  39. John Cung

    John Cung5 日 前


  40. Carmelita Tinoco

    Carmelita Tinoco5 日 前

    I. Love. You cwc .

  41. sandhu mahal

    sandhu mahal5 日 前

    I think Chad is going to win!!

  42. Hareem Plays

    Hareem Plays5 日 前


  43. Jayden Gao

    Jayden Gao5 日 前

    Chad why didn’t you push him when Pz9 threw Daniel

  44. Anand Narayanappa

    Anand Narayanappa5 日 前

    You guys are cheaters

  45. babak mortezai

    babak mortezai6 日 前

    i saw someone in the house!

  46. Madison Myers

    Madison Myers6 日 前

    You chad

  47. Cool Gamer

    Cool Gamer6 日 前

    I subscribe to you Chad and vy

  48. Kerstin Peacock

    Kerstin Peacock6 日 前

    I hope you guys get back vy phone 😍

  49. Katelyn Crawford

    Katelyn Crawford6 日 前

    Safe cod 1234567

  50. Katelyn Crawford

    Katelyn Crawford6 日 前

    Iv got a safe cod

  51. Mocha Mochi

    Mocha Mochi6 日 前

    15:26 u see someone in the house

  52. Cassandra Gostola

    Cassandra Gostola2 日 前

    Yayaya I saw it to

  53. Red pro

    Red pro3 日 前

    Ya 👍 how did you know that

  54. Heart kathleen Taguba

    Heart kathleen Taguba6 日 前

    Im not following pz9

  55. amy little

    amy little6 日 前

    Cas scuafccfzsda.

  56. shaheda hatia

    shaheda hatia6 日 前

    Chad while clay that picture that you showed to Daniel it was just a plan about Busy 9 pz4 was on the picture it was done your wife

  57. I will Not Reveal My Identity 3

    I will Not Reveal My Identity 36 日 前

    Pause at 5:49 lol pz9 has a tail

  58. OpstheDog axd

    OpstheDog axd6 日 前

    PZ9:hey I,m a project zorgo member and a youtuber Chad:uuu project zorgo kicked you out pz9 Pz9:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ME:haha

  59. Jake Dzierzyc

    Jake Dzierzyc6 日 前

    Forget the challenge NOW

  60. jake and naty

    jake and naty7 日 前

    Spy pen

  61. Kelli Marie

    Kelli Marie7 日 前

    I wish you could subscribe more then ones like if u do 😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  62. Francesco Khorami

    Francesco Khorami7 日 前

    No chad PZ9 is Tricking you

  63. Ruthann Benoit

    Ruthann Benoit7 日 前


  64. Ruthann Benoit

    Ruthann Benoit7 日 前


  65. Ruthann Benoit

    Ruthann Benoit7 日 前


  66. Dan Savage

    Dan Savage7 日 前

    No man

  67. Zaryah Wilbert

    Zaryah Wilbert7 日 前

    1920🤗🤔🤫. Don’t tell Peezy nine he watching your videos that’s why he has his own video so baby where he may be watching

  68. Anjelika Yates

    Anjelika Yates8 日 前

    Chad can you stay in the square for 28 hour