1. FADE _CrazyWolf

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    Start fucking likeing the vid

  2. Shut Eye

    Shut Eye11 時間 前

    I feel like I could do that and not move😂 I think I would've been fine🤣 I'm kinda like Elton with snakes

  3. K

    K11 時間 前

    26:38 the mouse knows what's going on and is running for his life.....

  4. Mackenzie Waldo

    Mackenzie Waldo11 時間 前

    i would do that just to be with the snakes lol. i love snakes

  5. CheshieD

    CheshieD13 時間 前

    Oh, 100% Corey has ADD/ADHD.

  6. Sierra Carter

    Sierra Carter13 時間 前

    I think this will how guys act if they were giving birth... Sam: AH GET HIM OUT! ELTON!

  7. donald griffith

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    Find the difference 😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😸😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺

  8. Shannon Hewitt

    Shannon Hewitt16 時間 前

    Aw the looks on their faces. Elton I’m sorry I will jump off buildings, deal with ghosts but snakes hell fk no

  9. ElCompaYaquiBarbas

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    I guess no one wants to see Corey get pranked. As of 12:34AM on Monday June 24th, 2019 the Likes sit at 76K. *Spoke too soon, the next video was the prank haha. I thought they had to get 100K for him to start planning on the prank?

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    Gorgeous snakes

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  15. Hanna Johnston

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    I would so do this! I loveeee snakes

  16. Sydnee Musick

    Sydnee Musick2 日 前

    Snakessssssssssss im SO happy

  17. Vanessa Linnéa

    Vanessa Linnéa2 日 前

    Nah, i kinda don't like what the snakes has to be put through.

  18. Morgan Wucher

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  19. BIbbZ Ne

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    Elton take the snake off corey 18:27 There u go coreyyyy:)

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    take the snake off Corey

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    Am I the only one who would LOVE to sit in a pool of snakes?😅😂😂

  25. christina

    christina3 日 前

    What language is the camera man speaking?

  26. Rita Thapa

    Rita Thapa4 日 前

    Sam looks sooo squishy cutee😂😍😘

  27. A/C 616

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  28. Shyenne Courtois

    Shyenne Courtois4 日 前

    Did anyone notice that Elton kissed the snake that went up Sam's pants😐

  29. Xitlali Suarez-Caballero

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    Elton take the snake off corey

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    Elton plz take the snake off of corey

  31. EvolvedEeveeGirl 123

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    I heard when a snake poos it takes like all day because they poo like once a month and it's a huge huge pile of it...

  32. jazzy clem

    jazzy clem4 日 前

    I love snakes so I would be stoked and i'm getting a snake

  33. Tresa Patterson

    Tresa Patterson4 日 前

    Roses are red, Bees like to buzz, Road work ahead? I sure hope it does

  34. Makenzie Rose

    Makenzie Rose4 日 前

    It warms my heart to see Elton and Corey getting along

  35. Kitito Mochy

    Kitito Mochy4 日 前

    The wheel should have said touch the 🐍 SHIT 😁

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  39. Victoria Otero

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    Fun fact snakes can sense that your scared of them

  40. Victoria Otero

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  41. Jade Ann

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    I would've took the snakes home with me

  42. Warrior Queen

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  43. Bailey Conover

    Bailey Conover5 日 前

    Does anyone think that it's bad that a 7 year old has a pet snake and a 22 tear old man aka "Corey scherer" is terrified of snakes 💙 love you Corey💙

  44. Synnovea Dhanipersad

    Synnovea Dhanipersad5 日 前

    It doesn't matter how many times I watch this, it will always make my skin crawl and die of laughter.

  45. Amrett

    Amrett5 日 前

    There was way too much Scotty in this video. 💜

  46. Faith Leann

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    I wanna do this. Elton come do this with me lol

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  49. Sophie Kaas

    Sophie Kaas5 日 前

    why are they scared of snakes? snakes wont harm you (unless it has its food,or its babies near you.) Snakes are awesome! especially the big snakes!! i have held wild snakes,i own a 6 ft. snake,i've had poisonous snakes in my house,poisonous spiders (black widows) and much more. what dosent kill you makes ya stronger.

  50. Zoey Ferolito

    Zoey Ferolito5 日 前

    I woukd go in with all the snakes that they have there

  51. Cordell Knochenmus

    Cordell Knochenmus5 日 前

    I'd sit with snakes all day every y

  52. Gabby Blake

    Gabby Blake5 日 前

    I love how they are all wearing the same outfit 😂

  53. The Slayer

    The Slayer6 日 前

    Army of dildos what the hell Corey 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  54. Abby Swieczkowski

    Abby Swieczkowski6 日 前

    I love snakes, I think there so cute

  55. sloane b

    sloane b6 日 前

    How did you guys find the girls from my school and get them to agree to be in a cage with grown men????🐍🐍🐍🐍

  56. Xonoru Kin

    Xonoru Kin6 日 前

    Where all my Slytherins watching? 😅💚🐍

  57. spaceiscats

    spaceiscats6 日 前

    I LOVE snakes and I could probably stay in that pit for hours 🐍 Edit: all you need to do is keep the Burmese Pythons from wrapping around your neck and your all good lol


    DJ TRIXXX6 日 前


  59. Cuddle Wolf

    Cuddle Wolf6 日 前

    When the pizza man came I choked

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  61. Jessica Percin

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    Ummmm I’m eating this is disturbing ewww

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  63. Kiriay Troust

    Kiriay Troust7 日 前

    Elton. Next time you do a snake pit, invite me. Please. I love snakes

  64. Asheykinzz

    Asheykinzz7 日 前

    Little late to this party but I love snakes and its kinda sad and kinda funny to see the reactions to these beautiful slitthery snaaakes lmao

  65. cheyenne jade

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    elton get the snake off corey

  66. Flip king

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    People if you are happy that tfil is back then like this video and this comment.

  67. Swole Evans

    Swole Evans7 日 前

    I wouldn’t even have gone in there. I’m terrified of snakes

  68. Minxfoxfire 1

    Minxfoxfire 17 日 前

    There so cute!!!!

  69. Just Me

    Just Me7 日 前

    Elton, I like your outro song, but 99% of the days at home with my parents are unbearable. I can't move out because I don't get paid enough yet

  70. Gabby Blake

    Gabby Blake5 日 前

    Just Me I’m literally in the same situation lol.

  71. 《Moon Shadow》

    《Moon Shadow》7 日 前

    **sees snake video** Me: I LOVE SNAKES I HAVE ONE IN NY NECK RIGHT NOW!!! Also: Sam. I'm a girl, and I own. I OWN 10 snakes. I NEVER got bitten before and I've had them for 2 years now. I have a ball pithon.

  72. Lily Anderson

    Lily Anderson7 日 前

    I would chill in a snake pit, then again I like snakes

  73. Chelsey Snider

    Chelsey Snider7 日 前

    I love yall!

  74. agerding1111

    agerding11117 日 前

    We love Sam: “Colby Colby help help.” Colby: “...”

  75. Jordan Doolittle

    Jordan Doolittle7 日 前

    Those are some large but cute nope ropes

  76. Yeemo Trash

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  77. Midnight Starr

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    I want to touch one cause i love snakes

  78. Julie Dahlin

    Julie Dahlin8 日 前

    I love snakes soooo much they are my favorite animal

  79. GachaHalfwolf

    GachaHalfwolf8 日 前

    I could just imagine me in there “Oh hi my babies” I love reptiles 🐍🦎🐢😍❤️

  80. isabp 12

    isabp 128 日 前

    i fucking love snakes and i really want one but i would NEVER feed anything dead mice so i’m not gonna get one 😪

  81. Laura Carreno

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  82. Emma Goodman

    Emma Goodman8 日 前

    This video was epic :D Fav. Part: All of it! Especially when the snake went up Sam's pants 😂 😂 Also, this video was posted a few days after my birthday :D

  83. Emma Richter

    Emma Richter8 日 前

    can i be part of TFIL

  84. Mackenzie Hanna

    Mackenzie Hanna8 日 前

    i’m honestly jealous this would be so cool!

  85. Makaio Uchiha

    Makaio Uchiha8 日 前

    Literally 5 seconds into the real video Colby: I don’t like this

  86. Briana Britt

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    IWASLUVED8 日 前

    sam: is he sleeping or is he hissing?

  88. Brayden Hill

    Brayden Hill9 日 前

    Ah twister. The game uncle Elton tries to make you play naked in a pit of snakes

  89. Brayden Hill

    Brayden Hill9 日 前

    The snakes shit is bigger than mine!

  90. Dalena Sladek

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    Take the snake off coreu

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    I love this so much! wish I was there tooooo. I really love snakes

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    I though Corey would leave first

  95. Lililllily Visser

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    Why was Scotty there?

  96. Chasity Thrash

    Chasity Thrash10 日 前

    I love snakes. If it was me i would sleep with like all the snakes on me.😂

  97. Wolfie Draws Random!

    Wolfie Draws Random!10 日 前

    18:03 *that's a door opening*

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    Omg I love snakes

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    Sams my husband

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