Last To Leave Roller Coaster Wins $20,000 - Challenge


  1. MrBeast

    MrBeast日 前

    Subscribe or I’ll kick your face

  2. Hilal Alperen

    Hilal Alperen日 前

    mr beast sir your vids has stolen by one fool turkey guy. He is enes batur pls stop enes batur ( yep my english that bad )

  3. Maigo Bob

    Maigo Bob日 前


  4. Laila !

    Laila !日 前

    i would rather you kick my face:) but ima still subscribe


    MEME LORD日 前

    MrBeast Just bought some merch do it on X2!!!!!!! That would be hilarious to see chandlers face

  6. Willie Rojas Sandoval

    Willie Rojas Sandoval5 時間 前

    should of went to a higher roller coaster

  7. Jana

    Jana5 時間 前

    Mrbeast can I please be in a challenge can you make a fan challenge

  8. emo

    emo5 時間 前

    if anyone was wondering , no . he didn’t win . some know what i’m talking about

  9. Donald J. Trump

    Donald J. Trump5 時間 前

    Mr beast when he is in his 90’s should do last on to die get my will.

  10. Creeper 7512

    Creeper 75125 時間 前

    In the egg Olympics you got 10mill likes which was treason To pewdiepie

  11. Gianna Spalazzi

    Gianna Spalazzi5 時間 前

    I love roller coasters so much I would definitely win

  12. Jackson Sweeney

    Jackson Sweeney5 時間 前

    *THE SPEED LEMIT IS 30* I cracked up 😂

  13. Michael Cory

    Michael Cory5 時間 前

    Yeah chandler

  14. Amtul Noor Sabooh Mohammed

    Amtul Noor Sabooh Mohammed5 時間 前

    He is first on trending!!!!!! OMG!!! First time ever my favourite JPreporter has reached first on trending!! Did anyone notice the Area 51 sign??

  15. Sitwat Tahir

    Sitwat Tahir5 時間 前

    Pick up trash or I'll kick ur face

  16. Jo Anne Miller

    Jo Anne Miller5 時間 前

    Do this challenge again just with a bigger coaster

  17. Ali Ahmed

    Ali Ahmed5 時間 前

    Mrbeast does crazy challenges

  18. Lucas

    Lucas5 時間 前

    Do a picking up trash in the ocean challenge!

  19. Jamal Beydoun

    Jamal Beydoun5 時間 前

    What theme park was that at

  20. Sylar senthil

    Sylar senthil5 時間 前

    Petition for MrBeast and Crew to pick up trash from the ocean (re-comment so MrBeast can see this!)

  21. Esmeralda B

    Esmeralda B5 時間 前

    what ride is this? lol

  22. Maurice Eiland

    Maurice Eiland5 時間 前

    Please do a pick up trash in the ocean and I just voted for Chris because blue is mah favorite color.

  23. kelsey sewell

    kelsey sewell5 時間 前

    Do the picking up trash from the sea Challenge (re-comment so he can see)

  24. sarmad ali

    sarmad ali5 時間 前

    Do a picking up trash in the ocean. COPIED AFTER A BUNCH OF PEOPLE COPING THE SAME THING!........wut wusdat

  25. pia thompson

    pia thompson5 時間 前


  26. kelsey sewell

    kelsey sewell5 時間 前

    I saw someone in your merch a few days ago and I was sh00k

  27. peachymelody

    peachymelody5 時間 前

    Do a picking up trash in the ocean challenge! copied from weeb gaming

  28. Best Diamonds

    Best Diamonds5 時間 前

    Trust me the one in Europe is so fast I barely had any time to breathe and if you wanna go to it its in Ireland boooiiiiii

  29. Megomi

    Megomi5 時間 前

    Do a picking up trash in the ocean challenge

  30. Sombre Rose

    Sombre Rose5 時間 前

    New challenge, ‘last to leave the Minecraft game wins $10,000!’

  31. Ava Gauvreau

    Ava Gauvreau5 時間 前

    Do a picking up trash in an ocean (Re post so he sees it)

  32. Annika Virtanen

    Annika Virtanen5 時間 前

    I could be there all day long and wouldn't even feel bad

  33. Mariah Delanoy

    Mariah Delanoy5 時間 前

    Did Chris really just say gangster Mike instead of prison Mike?

  34. Caden Brust

    Caden Brust5 時間 前

    Everybody saying pick up trash from the ocean, what if the ocean just doesn’t have a lot of trash near them...

  35. Slimey Angel

    Slimey Angel5 時間 前

    Just imagine going to six flags just to ride your fav roller coaster and it’s closed bc of this 💀 😂

  36. Dustin

    Dustin5 時間 前

    Do a picking up trash from the ocean challenge! (copy so Mr Beast sees) Copied from Weep Gaming

  37. Zonies Coasters

    Zonies Coasters5 時間 前

    Should've done a real challenge and done Titan on an off day. Would be curious how long it takes for you all to black out.

  38. Maya K

    Maya K5 時間 前

    Did anyone else notice the Area 51 sign

  39. Best Diamonds

    Best Diamonds5 時間 前

    I have been on the biggest roller coaster in Europe 3 times and I almost lost meh voice😑😑😐😐😐T_T

  40. Carter Turnbull

    Carter Turnbull5 時間 前

    You should do first to stop breathing

  41. Oli W

    Oli W5 時間 前

    Do a picking up trash in the ocean challenge

  42. Vatsal Ahir

    Vatsal Ahir5 時間 前

    If mrbeast like's this comment he wins 10,000 dollars

  43. Joed De Ocampo

    Joed De Ocampo5 時間 前

    Try last to watch tv

  44. Bob Shamington

    Bob Shamington5 時間 前

    Sry Chris I beat u to it I've had no joy during a roller coater before u even thought of the idea

  45. highschooldaze

    highschooldaze5 時間 前

    Yo. Was this at Carowinds??

  46. Bsmgt O

    Bsmgt O5 時間 前

    Chris didn’t do the first person to have no emotions on a roller coaster mr bean did

  47. Grace Higgins

    Grace Higgins5 時間 前

    Do a picking up trash in the water challenge recoment so mr beast see's this Copied by weep gaming

  48. TheStripedShirtGuy

    TheStripedShirtGuy5 時間 前

    I feel sorry for the cameraman loolll

  49. Cameron Gallagher

    Cameron Gallagher5 時間 前

    Do a last to stop starring at there favorite food without eating it wins 20,000$

  50. Salem Shamsul Alam

    Salem Shamsul Alam5 時間 前

    Hey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mrbeast I liked all 705 videos in your MrBeast channel will I get any giveaway ????????

  51. Isaiah Rylleic

    Isaiah Rylleic5 時間 前

    10:09 "here's the dildo"

  52. Anna Grear

    Anna Grear5 時間 前

    “Guys this looks kinda similar”

  53. Zach

    Zach5 時間 前

    Can't wait for penis batur to copy this

  54. Tiny Fart Bubbles

    Tiny Fart Bubbles5 時間 前

    Chandler first one to leave last one to win... 🤔


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  56. caddon k

    caddon k5 時間 前

    Some of them have hats on. Must be a shitty roller coaster.

  57. Angelica Earl

    Angelica Earl5 時間 前

    I watch these videos and think how many people can be helped, who aren't eating, who can't buy clothes... Then they say they're going bowling with $5k each which makes me feel even worse for the people living without.

  58. Grimoire Rose

    Grimoire Rose5 時間 前

    Do a picking up trash in the ocean challenge (Re-comment to get Mr.Beast to see this.)

  59. Chrissy Clark

    Chrissy Clark5 時間 前

    I mean shoot, we just had a baby. Can we have 10k!? 😂 jealous of all the people you give money away to 😭💔

  60. greyson carter

    greyson carter5 時間 前

    Doin this on one of the kid rides at six flags haha mine train

  61. افلام اباحيه

    افلام اباحيه5 時間 前

    اشتركو بقناتي 👄👄👄👄👄

  62. Alex Sheena

    Alex Sheena5 時間 前

    I have subscribed liked and enabled the notification Bell

  63. Chase Hawthorne

    Chase Hawthorne6 時間 前

    Mr beast VS Dude Perfect

  64. Joyza Zshanice

    Joyza Zshanice6 時間 前

    Do a picking up a trash in the beach or ocean -Recomment this to get Mr.Beast see it❤️

  65. Joyza Zshanice

    Joyza Zshanice5 時間 前

    So pls help us mr.beast notice this

  66. Joyza Zshanice

    Joyza Zshanice5 時間 前

    To help to save the Earth💜

  67. Connor The Savage

    Connor The Savage6 時間 前

    Why is everyone wanting this?

  68. love Hope

    love Hope6 時間 前

    Do picking up the trash from the ocean! Mr beast

  69. saskia trom

    saskia trom6 時間 前

    Do a picking up trash from the ocean contest (recomment so it gets seen) - copied from weep gaming

  70. OmNomStudios

    OmNomStudios6 時間 前

    Anyone noticed the warning area 51

  71. Connor The Savage

    Connor The Savage6 時間 前


  72. Unforseen

    Unforseen6 時間 前

    14m views in one day..... ujrbdjzjcnjcicjdndwuwhsjjfifhfhjsisieebehdididhdgeid

  73. YeezyVII

    YeezyVII6 時間 前

    fuck the turtles

  74. Dannielplayz playz

    Dannielplayz playz6 時間 前

    Thanks thag CHANDLER one

  75. Damage

    Damage6 時間 前

    How many laps was it?

  76. king ayat

    king ayat6 時間 前

    pick up plastic contest, MR BEAST SAVIOR OF DA TURTLE BOIS

  77. Kenzi

    Kenzi6 時間 前

    Were they at knobles?

  78. f l o r e n c e.

    f l o r e n c e.6 時間 前

    please do a picking up trash in the ocean challenge (recomment for mr beast to see this)

  79. Kaitlin Misslich

    Kaitlin Misslich6 時間 前

    Do a picking up trash in ocean challenge. (Repost so mr beast can see)

  80. Zach Tjader

    Zach Tjader6 時間 前

    It’s my birthday, could I get $20,000? Lol jk I know that wouldn’t happen. Great vids guys.



    Yo Mrbeast can I 1v1 all of yous for $10,000 on fortnite or any games.. yes or no

  82. yousef adil

    yousef adil6 時間 前

    Rost shadical

  83. GG_Pavlis CZ

    GG_Pavlis CZ6 時間 前

    Do a picking up trash in the ocean challenge (Re-comment to get Mr. Beast to see this)

  84. teo tac

    teo tac6 時間 前

    What if Chandler becomes amazing at challenges suddenly and he always wins them instead of losing them, he only quit now to give Jake leg room. He also could predict the others hand in rock paper scissors and won with ease

  85. TheLaughingSquirrel

    TheLaughingSquirrel6 時間 前

    The real winners are always the cameramans

  86. GG_Pavlis CZ

    GG_Pavlis CZ6 時間 前

    Do a picking up trash in the ocean challenge (Re-comment to get Mr. Beast to see this)

  87. GG_Pavlis CZ

    GG_Pavlis CZ6 時間 前

    Do a picking up trash in the ocean challenge (Re-comment to get Mr. Beast to see this)

  88. counterPoppy

    counterPoppy6 時間 前

    Picking up rubbish from the sea