Last To Leave Roller Coaster Wins $20,000 - Challenge


  1. MrBeast

    MrBeast5 ヶ月 前

    Subscribe or I’ll kick your face

  2. Aleena Ortega

    Aleena Ortega4 日 前

    ok ok mrbeast jeez

  3. Jaidrian Martinez Jr 1st channel

    Jaidrian Martinez Jr 1st channel8 日 前

    MrBeast shut up don’t do that

  4. FrozenTurtles

    FrozenTurtles16 日 前

    MrBeast I am already

  5. Lily Gacha Studio

    Lily Gacha Studio2 ヶ月 前

    MrBeast ok... O.o

  6. Sterling Smith

    Sterling Smith40 分 前


  7. Lazy couch Potato

    Lazy couch Potato時間 前

    Does anyone see area 51

  8. Cha cha Real smooth

    Cha cha Real smooth6 時間 前

    Jimmy: chandler are you gonna win? Chandler: go team

  9. Temmie Village

    Temmie Village7 時間 前

    The next challenge: who ever picks up the most trash on a beach and the ocean wins 20k

  10. Samantha Brein

    Samantha Brein8 時間 前

    Ummm... gangster mike? MCSCUSE ME ITS PRISON MIKE

  11. super dog 1

    super dog 19 時間 前

    what coaster is this?

  12. katie endicott

    katie endicott11 時間 前

    Once chantler lost I went of the vid sorry beast

  13. Bom Sonyeon

    Bom Sonyeon17 時間 前

    9:04 when your crush wants to hangout with you

  14. Furat Haj Khalil

    Furat Haj Khalil日 前

    :( :(

  15. PeTRiFY Scythe [盟主]

    PeTRiFY Scythe [盟主]日 前

    do this on kingda ka

  16. sapna dubey

    sapna dubey日 前

    No u 🦜🦜

  17. Botchan Sama

    Botchan Sama日 前

    Lmao chen

  18. Rachel Dailey

    Rachel Dailey日 前

    They should have rode the beast at Kings island



    winner: we wonnn 20000$ yeahh camera man: we are still here



    Tythhjhthnhnmhgrtygugthtte Nih, O Khojhkjhkujb whau

  21. Jesse Bruynes

    Jesse Bruynes2 日 前


  22. Anika Haines

    Anika Haines2 日 前

    You are really good

  23. Tops Cross

    Tops Cross2 日 前

    Last to leave bouncy house/castle wins $$$ ? We really want chandler to win!

  24. The_Normal_Pisces

    The_Normal_Pisces3 日 前

    8:08 😂

  25. msgracie

    msgracie3 日 前

    yall guess what, the got cheeto popcorn!

  26. Jacob Riches

    Jacob Riches3 日 前

    Please donate to the fires in Australia

  27. GG(Great games)

    GG(Great games)3 日 前

    You should've done a bigger coaster

  28. melissa branning

    melissa branning3 日 前


  29. Noah Lazar

    Noah Lazar3 日 前


  30. MyNameIs Name

    MyNameIs Name3 日 前

    I thought the camera man in the roller coaster won

  31. xXGacha BrowniesxX

    xXGacha BrowniesxX4 日 前

    Lol its at sixflags!!!

  32. Gregorio jr Morales

    Gregorio jr Morales4 日 前

    Chandler is my farit mane dog. so if you dont win as long if you have fan shout out to Chandler

  33. Maris Gimpaya

    Maris Gimpaya4 日 前

    Team yellow you mean team trees but wait team trees never lose

  34. Anthony Dinh

    Anthony Dinh4 日 前

    That roller coaster ain’t intense.

  35. Sanjog Anand

    Sanjog Anand4 日 前

    Whoever plants most trees wins 50k

  36. Bob Lad69

    Bob Lad694 日 前

    The real winner is the camera man staying on there

  37. Mackenzillario

    Mackenzillario4 日 前

    10:09 here's a dildo?

  38. I am Angel Romero

    I am Angel Romero4 日 前

    I was in new York here

  39. Tanner Webb

    Tanner Webb5 日 前

    Imagine this on a hyper coaster

  40. Victor the owl

    Victor the owl5 日 前

    Did anyone notice there was a area 51 sign

  41. Cameron Fleming

    Cameron Fleming5 日 前

    You should do the wooden roller coaster in Vancouver at the PNE

  42. Juan Aguilar

    Juan Aguilar5 日 前

    They filmed this in Texas

  43. PugDoodle 1

    PugDoodle 15 日 前

    chan chan i sorry u da best

  44. PugDoodle 1

    PugDoodle 15 日 前

    oh and i subscribed to your awesomeness and chris you chandler viking and weddle and all the others ar awesome

  45. Base Baller

    Base Baller5 日 前

    Chandler was definitely getting it good from behind 1:32

  46. MrPineapplezz69

    MrPineapplezz695 日 前

    Chris” I’m about to be the first person to be joyless on a roller coaster” Me have you seen mr bean

  47. Danny Moore

    Danny Moore5 日 前

    Chandler where is ur ostrich!!!!

  48. The green blade

    The green blade5 日 前

    now he won 2

  49. InSaineTech

    InSaineTech5 日 前

    *Me watching this vid for the 5th time and still enjoying it*

  50. Wilfred Steiner

    Wilfred Steiner5 日 前

    chantler win

  51. Clark Cedric

    Clark Cedric5 日 前

    Lol it's says area 51

  52. Club Penguin Legend

    Club Penguin Legend5 日 前

    10:09 here’s the dildo

  53. Spaghet God

    Spaghet God6 日 前

    Teacher: How do you shake your head? Special Ed Kid: 4:15

  54. xXCookie MoonlightXx

    xXCookie MoonlightXx6 日 前

    Can someone please tell meh why Mr beast is literally the best you tuber in the world

  55. Liv Warren

    Liv Warren6 日 前

    I thought chandler in the beginning was going to get whiplash😂

  56. Manuel Bustos

    Manuel Bustos6 日 前

    0:46 me when I’m in a fast roller coaster

  57. Shylah Roddy

    Shylah Roddy6 日 前

    I lOvE Ty'S dAnCiNg!!!!!!

  58. Jairo Aguilar

    Jairo Aguilar6 日 前

    Did you see a area 51 sign?

  59. cheese curts man

    cheese curts man6 日 前


  60. Viraaj Kanstiya

    Viraaj Kanstiya6 日 前

    White team cheated

  61. Snickers

    Snickers6 日 前

    day 2 with chandler?no way

  62. Jillian weaver

    Jillian weaver6 日 前

    ya boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  63. Leishy _

    Leishy _7 日 前


  64. Madilyn Greschner

    Madilyn Greschner7 日 前

    They better wear diapers