Larry Bird and Bill Laimbeer have genuinely hated each other for over 30 years


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  2. Jason Edwards

    Jason Edwards2 日 前

    Bill Simmons isn't just a fan interviewing Bird. I thought that was a strange description of Bill otherwise I like the beef video.

  3. Cory Cybulski

    Cory Cybulski4 日 前

    Definitely keslowski vs edwards!!!

  4. 91bix 2Mont3

    91bix 2Mont36 日 前

    Thumbs up☝ good 1

  5. Jacob Davis

    Jacob Davis21 日 前

    can we get Brad Keselowski vs Carl Edwards, the most destructive beef in sports history?

  6. Train wreck Thomas

    Train wreck Thomas28 日 前

    BEEF episode Damien Lillard VS. Russell Westbrook it’s there and it’s all over Instagram and in the lockeroom Size and Hype Vs. Heart and taking souls with GM winners

  7. Armando Rodriguez

    Armando Rodriguez時間 前

    Bird is a still a Giant...the lamb,well whooooooo?

  8. mrg1911

    mrg19112 時間 前

    Robert Parish should have gouged that POS’s eyeballs out....

  9. Mike Hannigan

    Mike Hannigan3 時間 前

    Bird was my favorite when I was just a kid.His burns always make me laugh my ass off.

  10. Dennis King

    Dennis King3 時間 前

    It was fun watching that rivalry of the Pistons and the Celtics... Larry Bird hated Bill Laimbeer and and made us laugh in Detroit... But the only thing that we didn't like is when he got beat up by Larry Parrish... We all was pissed... But it was fun to watch.... They don't make them like them no more

  11. cooper

    cooper4 時間 前

    Birds mom was prolly like, "My Billy dropped 40 on you, son."

  12. Rafael Pinefa

    Rafael Pinefa5 時間 前

    I MISS the NBA !

  13. GameJonez

    GameJonez13 時間 前

    Subscribed. Been enjoying your videos for a while. Nice job!!

  14. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    Patrick Mundhenk-Koch16 時間 前

    Referring to today's NBA: Laimbeer would put so many players in the hospital the games would even be fun to watch.

  15. MrEnjoivolcom1

    MrEnjoivolcom116 時間 前

    I love to think of the NBA during the 80's era as players walking onto the court with chain-wrapped chests, fists adorned in brass knuckles, metal helmets and cleat shoes tipped with 3" spikes. It's most definitely a different NBA today.

  16. Rodney Herrington

    Rodney Herrington19 時間 前

    Laimbeer will never coach in the NBA wow what a surprise when your a great wnba coach yeah that says it all

  17. uncletaylorify

    uncletaylorify21 時間 前

    Grew up in the 80's as a Lakers fan. Couldn't stand Bird and the Celtics but had respect for them..........but I absolutely HATED the Pistons!!

  18. Jerry Bordadora

    Jerry Bordadora22 時間 前

    giannis can easily score if these two is guarding him.

  19. Jared Eichel

    Jared Eichel23 時間 前

    I hope one day that someone loves me as much as Seth loves the word dominate.

  20. Nathan Schiltz

    Nathan Schiltz日 前

    Do a beef history on Kelly Slater vs Andy Irons its a great rivalry and competitive surfing doesn’t get much love in the main stream but totally should. Also if you don’t have anyone at SB nation who knows competitive surfing pay me 20$ and a diet Pepsi I’ll make the video... or write the script... or consult on the script... or will just do it for free... or will maybe make the video and call it Old Beef or Beef Explained... just kidding. But also I’m not.

  21. Elias

    Elias日 前

    Back when basketball was filthy

  22. OhighO Skater

    OhighO Skater日 前

    That definitely ain’t tofu. That’s beef beef

  23. Joe Mazzari

    Joe Mazzari日 前

    Laimbeer was a piece of trash. Tried to injure people. Not just fool.

  24. Lynx Dominance

    Lynx Dominance日 前

    I like ‘em both...

  25. Nicolas Cuenca

    Nicolas Cuenca日 前

    "Insert any player's name from the 80s that wasn't on Detroit" and Bill Laimbeer genuinely hated each other - and it would would probably be right.

  26. Keystone State_Warrior

    Keystone State_Warrior日 前

    Lol. Everyone's gotta have a legacy.

  27. Frank White

    Frank White日 前

    These fairy ass nba players today give each other tugs after the game in their hotel rooms.

  28. Sean Felder

    Sean Felder日 前

    Larry Bird to this day still hates bill lambierr

  29. Samantha Nichole

    Samantha Nichole日 前

    I miss the days before the flagrant foul lol

  30. Matthew Rogers

    Matthew Rogers日 前

    Hated him but must respect him billy

  31. Matthew Rogers

    Matthew Rogers日 前

    Why every brawl starts with pistons

  32. Matthew Rogers

    Matthew Rogers日 前

    Yeah Larry.....whopppp whoop whoooop

  33. Guitars rcool

    Guitars rcool日 前

    These guy's really went at it back then. These days you see pro football players trading jerseys after the game. Lol

  34. Zamppa86

    Zamppa86日 前

    The highlight of Bill Laimbeer's career happened when Robert Parish punched him.

  35. Jason Wilmot Band

    Jason Wilmot Band日 前

    Nobody likes a lame beer, period!

  36. WootTootZoot

    WootTootZoot日 前

    I was court-side, right behind one of the basket stanchions, at a Blazers v Pistons game one time. During the game, Bill Laimbeer would cuss profusely at Dennis Rodman, his own teammate, calling him lazy and stupid. One time Rodman fell into the crowd and there was Laimbeer yelling at him with a string of insults even have made my Drill Sargent blush. He was definitely, "different".

  37. randy rysdale

    randy rysdale2 日 前

    bird cultivated controversy all the way through his career, one of the greatest in the game

  38. randy rysdale

    randy rysdale2 日 前

    larry was the ty cobb of the nba

  39. Frank Castle

    Frank Castle2 日 前

    Laimbeer was a piece of s***

  40. Evan Hachiya

    Evan Hachiya2 日 前

    oh my god. The fight of '87

  41. LAVIN20

    LAVIN202 日 前

    Aww remember when nba teams had mediocre white people playing

  42. Johnny ScareCrow

    Johnny ScareCrow2 日 前

    Bill Laimbeer was a total scumbag he tried to hurt people all the time one of his famous moves was putting his foot underneath a player's foot as they jumped for a shot or rebound so they would come down step on his foot and roll your ankle badly!

  43. ExT Nfrasier

    ExT Nfrasier2 日 前

    Ngl the bad boys era of Detroit sports is probably the biggest moments of basketball history; they wanna talk about changing the game, bill did that

  44. Free Brain Surgery

    Free Brain Surgery2 日 前

    I heard the fan that interviewed Larry Bird sold his website to Spotify for 8 figures. If a lowly fan can do that, the superior journalists of SDNation should have no trouble making names for themselves.

  45. Alex-B23

    Alex-B233 日 前

    If you can find enough facts pls talk about when kg told melo that Lala tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios

  46. Alex Hastings

    Alex Hastings3 日 前

    LB and BL

  47. AxelLaw

    AxelLaw3 日 前

    Laimbeer will always be a thug to me.

  48. ORagnar

    ORagnar3 日 前

    14:50 That "fan" who interviewed him is BIll Simmons, a professional sports writer.

  49. Ken Adams

    Ken Adams3 日 前

    I miss this version of the NBA. todays NBA is full of cry babies. and I thank Reggie Miller for that and his art of the flop and whine.

  50. bastardjustice

    bastardjustice3 日 前

    Bird is awesome Lamebeer is just a thug who does psychological warfare with harsh play. No one enjoys it.

  51. Bonzi Buddy

    Bonzi Buddy3 日 前

    Bill Laimbeer was a dirty player. The Pistons were a classless team of turds.

  52. Robb Noble

    Robb Noble3 日 前

    Lol, Laimbeer was an O.G. troll.

  53. Sean Roche

    Sean Roche3 日 前

    One guy is a top five player of all time and the other guy is a hockey goon.

  54. Mario & Luigi

    Mario & Luigi3 日 前

    Imagine if this happened now days.......PC culture would want to cancel basketball 😉😉

  55. bad berries

    bad berries3 日 前

    my nga BILLY BEER

  56. Shotgun Arms

    Shotgun Arms3 日 前

    Laimbeer was probably extremely jealous of Bird, considering Larry had real skill...and lots of it.

  57. tikogto

    tikogto21 時間 前

    Laimbeer accomplished what he wanted, getting into their heads. He just did it too well. So who won? Think about it.

  58. Bullet Toof Tony

    Bullet Toof Tony3 日 前

    Damn Celtics 18-2 when playoff series are tied at 2 going into game 5 in Boston. Make that 19-2 after that steal. Keep in mind that’s 1987 not 2020

  59. sostareci

    sostareci4 日 前

    Bill Lambier was a top ass hole. Dirtiest player ever. Intentionally hurting players.

  60. David R

    David R4 日 前


  61. Giorgio didie Kouassi

    Giorgio didie Kouassi4 日 前

    Seth u are very great for telling story for real u are funny too

  62. don wilson

    don wilson4 日 前

    Does anyone name Bill Laimbeer as one of the top 5 players of all time? No one would ever take him over Bird. No more talk.

  63. Vinayak Pande

    Vinayak Pande4 日 前

    Everyone should hate Bill Laimbeer. Hate that guy.

  64. Calbenmike

    Calbenmike4 日 前

    Laimbeer is the biggest scumbag to ever play in the NBA.

  65. Mark Sheppard

    Mark Sheppard4 日 前

    Everyone gives the Celtics a pass for walking off the court , before the game was over, but they sure do remember the Isaiah and the Pistons doing it against the Bulls. Kept Isaiah off the Dream Team because of it, but Larry was there! Total hypocrisy.

  66. Striker92

    Striker924 日 前

    I own Combat basketball for the snes 😂