Lark Voorhies Discusses the Saved by the Bell Reboot


  1. Angela Palmer

    Angela Palmer6 時間 前

    You’ve got this Lark! We are all So proud of you for doing this interview and stepping forward in spite of the challenges you face and prayers to a Dustin Diamond and his family also. We love you 🙏🏾❤️

  2. Game ofThugs

    Game ofThugs7 時間 前

    I use to love Lisa Turtle....even now I would still Smash... Hope she gets Better!...We love u Lark!


    KASH MONEY10 時間 前

    We all have struggles of different kinds and levels. Glad this young lady has a good support system.

  4. John Ames

    John Ames日 前

    her voice got much deeper as she got old, one way you know a woman is "expired"

  5. Kimyata Williams

    Kimyata Williams日 前

    She was so refreshing for me to see as a young girl. I truly wish her the best.

  6. Phoenix Harvesters

    Phoenix Harvesters日 前

    As a Black man i can truly say. Now that is a strong sista! You inspire me to be more than the man i am! 💪👏

  7. Ll Gz

    Ll Gz日 前

    She should read Nathalie Sarraute's poetic novel, You Don't Love Yourself- competing selves talking, vying.

  8. NEW NEW

    NEW NEW日 前

    do all american talk show hosts ask intrusive questions about someone mental health issue? Seriously?!? Bless Lark such a 90s icon

  9. JoAnn Ragland

    JoAnn Ragland日 前

    I am so glad that Lark is getting the help she needs. Thank you Dr. for helping her. Lark looks great, she sassy, beautiful and on point! You go girl!!

  10. Tyler Graziano

    Tyler Graziano日 前

    I would get the same way in front of a million glad she went on :).. And shame on them for not inviting her to be on the show!I think she was the best actress on there!!! That's evil!!!*Diana*

  11. tim

    tim日 前

    Just because you have a disorder does not mean you cannot do your job she's been acting for years and I think that's a shame that other people don't talk to her because of her disability it doesn't matter how much money you have you're still a person inside she's an inspiration to everybody

  12. tim

    tim日 前

    Good to see her...

  13. Nelson Arce

    Nelson Arce2 日 前

    Bring her to my church... we would clean her out from all those eviiiiii/ sprtttt frommm hoolliwoood... words innn thheee stttreet she ggoooottt rappeeee anddd given legions of demons ...i have to type like this so my comment won’t get flaggg by big tekkkk

  14. Velvet Mistress

    Velvet Mistress2 日 前

    Shes so gorgeous. You can tell in her face she is distressed day and night. And she has to carry a cross on her back

  15. Linda Smith

    Linda Smith3 日 前

    She is gorgeous!

  16. Efi P

    Efi P3 日 前

    How can they call it a reunion without her? They acted very selfishly

  17. Efi P

    Efi P3 日 前

    She has that wonderful smile that makes everybody else happy just to see her smile!

  18. Sugar Belle

    Sugar Belle4 日 前

    I saw this interview a while back. It's not new. I still feel that she is being exploited and her mother is part of it. Is her mom that desperate for money? This is no one's business but Lark & her family. Sometimes it's difficult to be able to make the decision to share your personal information with the whole world when you are not well.

  19. Derek Mathews

    Derek Mathews5 日 前

    I was surprised at some of this! I had no idea and I’m not going to shun her for this. I didn’t know she had all those mental health and bi-polar problems. Glad to see she’s doing better but man her voice sounds different. I was in love with Lark Voorhies as Lisa Turtle; then I remember her in how to be a player, that’s when I remember her at her best,

  20. Cleopatra da3rd

    Cleopatra da3rd5 日 前

    So sad indeed. I don’t see screech

  21. selfie kroos

    selfie kroos6 日 前

    I commented on Lark three hours ago on the reboot and got recommended this.

  22. Herstory2020

    Herstory20207 日 前

    Thank God for Lark Voorhies succeeding the health matter and for Dr Oz genuinely caring and reaching out to help bring her back 🥺💕 #BLM

  23. Steven Dalloesingh

    Steven Dalloesingh7 日 前

    Racism is STILL very much still alive.

  24. Denise Melton

    Denise Melton9 日 前

    Dr. Oz is so damn condescending

  25. Miracle Fauli-Garibay

    Miracle Fauli-Garibay9 日 前

    He is a horrible interviewer and it's obvious he is making her feel uncomfortable.

  26. Brandon Jefferson

    Brandon Jefferson9 日 前

    She miss that money and that coke

  27. K J

    K J9 日 前

    Having mental disorder is like being a broken toy-they like you at first but put you back on the shelf when they realize there’s something wrong. It is incredibly lonesome. I laugh when I hear a married person say they wish they had money or other material things. They have what I want & I have what they want. I’m in my mid 30s, a fairly attractive female, make 6 figures, & am set for the future w a nest egg. But I have not 1 person to share my life with & very few friends. I come home to an empty place & am alone w my thoughts. Most ppl go home to a spouse of their choosing. No one wants to be w someone who has a mental illness. The stigma is damning.

  28. Brittania Kathleen Bullard

    Brittania Kathleen Bullard9 日 前

    God Bless Lark. I feel bad for her... I hope she is doing better...

  29. Coco Gimmelli

    Coco Gimmelli9 日 前


  30. Coco Gimmelli

    Coco Gimmelli9 日 前


  31. Queen Alika

    Queen Alika10 日 前

    She's still very beautiful

  32. elliot johnson

    elliot johnson11 日 前

    She is so beautiful fine!!!

  33. Noise Pollution

    Noise Pollution13 日 前

    She black!

  34. George Fuentes

    George Fuentes13 日 前

    I love her

  35. Jill Ruff

    Jill Ruff14 日 前

    I love Lisa, but this is triggering. _HE_ is triggering, & purposely too, which makes this so much worse. Lark deserves her redemption/comeback/ triumph story, but _THIS_ is not the way! Support those that are truly "praying for" (not preying on) her success!

  36. Mista O

    Mista O14 日 前

    she looks beautiful. may her transition comes. no doctor , no mama surrounding her. godbless her.

  37. Carlos Martinez

    Carlos Martinez14 日 前


  38. Its_R

    Its_R4 日 前

    Really? I’m so worried

  39. Christian Cisneros

    Christian Cisneros14 日 前

    Lark, you will always be in our memories as Lisa in saved by the bell !you do deserve a chance to be in all the reunions for saved by the bell !

  40. Becca Boo

    Becca Boo14 日 前

    She was trying so hard no to cry and it shows every second of this interview. Coming from the black sheep of my family because of my mental illness that’s how Lark feels by her cast mates. She claimed them as family, but they shunned her out because of her illness. I feel like she blamed herself in a way when she read that entry which was something she didn’t need to do. If anything her cast family should have been by her side all these years to love and support her. Not abandon her. You’re a strong beautiful soul Lark stay strong 💪🏻🥰😘

  41. Its_R

    Its_R4 日 前


  42. Teal Chastain

    Teal Chastain15 日 前

    Lark seems really over medicated. I'm concerned for her. 😐

  43. Its_R

    Its_R4 日 前

    They are doing something to her I wanna find out what tho

  44. Shawn Ross

    Shawn Ross16 日 前

    Im still in love with her lisa but remember God didnt make us perfect only he is we all have a problem even DR.OZ IS NOT PERFECT WE BORN WE LIVE WE DIE EVERYONE FALLS SICK FROM SOMETHING LISA/LARK YOU WILL GET BETTER I LOVE YOU DARLING♥️💋

  45. MarkB 1181

    MarkB 118116 日 前

    Damn Dr. OZ wasn't doing so good here. His demeanor questionable. It would be wonderful if Lisa Turtle aka Lark Voorhies made the reboot at some point though. Which she should as long as she's able, even for just an episode. Either way,, thankfully she's accepting and getting the help that she needs. 💞💞💯💯

  46. Its_R

    Its_R4 日 前

    @MarkB 1181 which episode?

  47. MarkB 1181

    MarkB 118116 日 前

    Just seen where she's in a episode. Very happy for her.

  48. Jesus Is Lord

    Jesus Is Lord17 日 前

    Probably had a break in her MK Ultra. They love to always slap a mental health disorder to cover it in Hollywood. And I find it suspicious that her mom and psychiatrist had to be there to watch her. Also, along with saying she has a mental disorder they love to put propaganda in reference to someone's life to make them look even worse. Like casually mentioning that her boyfriend was a "gang member." Their whole presentation looked very controlled.

  49. Christian Amlu Lopez

    Christian Amlu Lopez17 日 前

    She still has a beautiful smile.

  50. Jo ey

    Jo ey19 日 前

    GO LISA TURTLE !!! We want her back on Saved by the Bell !!!!

  51. Daniela M

    Daniela M19 日 前

    This was a horrible interview! The OZ guy did such a terrible job. Making it seem like he cares about her but asking very victimizing questions and putting her down

  52. RoseofMidwood Brooklyn

    RoseofMidwood Brooklyn20 日 前

    Having worked with schizoaffective clients, this totally fits. Writing thoughts out helps organize. She is so strong for going in front of the world. To see the struggle as she speaks, amazing person.

  53. VW Golf

    VW Golf20 日 前

    The network released a statement saying that Lark Voorhees would be a part of the SAVED BY THE BELL reboot! At least that's what Wikipedia has announced.

  54. Horrez Plater

    Horrez Plater21 日 前

    Something happened sexually to her and gave her a breakdown.

  55. Its_R

    Its_R4 日 前


  56. Dawntoya Thomason

    Dawntoya Thomason22 日 前

    Dr. Oz is really bugging me. This woman has done a brave thing to come out there and talk to them. You can tell at one point she has something to say and is trying to complete a thought but he closes it for her to go to commercial break. He keeps asking her about the reunion and showing photos of them hanging out... it’s so patronizing. This feels more harmful than helpful.

  57. G M

    G M23 日 前

    Its sad that she doesn't realize and maybe she does, that she's unable to work. I can understand why SBTB reboot didn't bring her back. She wouldn't have been able to do her part. Dr. Oz looks like a big time opportunist exploiting her on "his show." Why was Dr. Oz pressing Lark about Hollywood and working there again. Is he looking for "credit" for getting her a job in Hollywood when she clearly will have trouble and may get emotionally pushed over the edge. Its disturbing to see how much Dr. Oz loves the limelight. Lark's mom is a beautiful soul. She just wants her daughter to be well.

  58. The Inside Job

    The Inside Job23 日 前

    She was my favourite character💕

  59. Annointing of Fire

    Annointing of Fire23 日 前

    I really wish they would include her

  60. Christian Polychroniadis

    Christian Polychroniadis23 日 前

    My ex had a disorder and no matter how much I tried, I was unable to fix her, so it is just what it is no matter how sad it sounds, sometimes you can not carry with other persons daemons

  61. Laura Lynn

    Laura Lynn24 日 前

    Awesome Lark.

  62. terri binkley

    terri binkley25 日 前

    Lark and dustin should have at least been asked they made the show too. It should have been their choice if they wanted to participate.None of the rest of the cast are perfect i feel bad for her .

  63. Coco Gimmelli

    Coco Gimmelli25 日 前

    She is still loved no matter what!♡︎

  64. Coco Gimmelli

    Coco Gimmelli25 日 前


  65. Atarah K

    Atarah K26 日 前

    I loved Saved By The Bell as a kid and her...wanted her and Zach together...really hope she continues to heal and get better.

  66. Brittany J

    Brittany J26 日 前

    She's a beautiful women and I'm happy for her however this was becoming less about getting to know her now and what she's been up to but mode of making her illness the focal point... I didn't like that

  67. Ricardo Burton

    Ricardo Burton27 日 前

    Lark is still my favorite celeb from my childhood! I can relate growing up JW as she did, but here to tell yall, the Kingdom Hall didnt screw her up!! No telling what Hollyweird did to her, mentally, physically, and spiritually, and its had an major effect on her she has a hard time talking simple words!! When she said "the show will go on" that wasn't cliche, something didnt stop until her career did 👀

  68. Steve Lee

    Steve Lee27 日 前

    I’ve been struggling myself this year. Always felt sad about her struggles. I empathize with her deeply.

  69. Jade Colbert

    Jade Colbert27 日 前

    I love her ❣️

  70. Stef Blanco

    Stef Blanco27 日 前

    She’s still and always will be just as gorgeous now as she was then, inside and out! For the record, Lark did not disappear right after Saved by the Bell. She went on to star in soap operas, movies, and sitcoms. She’s still LISA FREAKING TURTLE! She’s Lark Voorhies!!! She is an ICON and there simply is NO Saved by the Bell without her! Embed that in your brains 🧠💯 #teamLark4ever ❤️❣️❤️

  71. Vanessa Sahabi

    Vanessa Sahabi27 日 前

    She's one of my favorites!

  72. yodaslilsis

    yodaslilsis27 日 前

    you just never know...what lies beneath. be kind and gentle with yourselves, and one another. Love

  73. Alex L.

    Alex L.27 日 前

    She looks so beautiful! I wish her nothing but the best in life!

  74. Parker Lewis

    Parker Lewis27 日 前

    this is what happens when you put your kids in hollywood and on top of that try to raise them as Jehovah witnesses

  75. the man

    the man28 日 前

    She should be on the reboot (I didn't really know what had happened to her)

  76. HeDrew Joseph

    HeDrew Joseph28 日 前

    666 hand sign

  77. Its_R

    Its_R4 日 前


  78. Michelle and Jeff

    Michelle and Jeff28 日 前

    She deserves better!💕

  79. Brandi Windle

    Brandi Windle29 日 前

    I think they did the same thing to the actor who played screech as well. I just seen a video of him saying they didn’t ask him or something. Well let’s start it #bringlisaandscreechback

  80. katy k

    katy k29 日 前

    I always think of her.. She was such an icon to me.

  81. jessica stevie

    jessica stevie29 日 前

    this is so emotional to see I loved her she hasn't aged a bit

  82. Aquarius Storm

    Aquarius Storm29 日 前

    She always says nice things about he ex co-workers.

  83. Aquarius Storm

    Aquarius Storm29 日 前

    I still love my little turtle!

  84. Dara Conner

    Dara Conner29 日 前

    I miss seeing Lark. Wish she could have been in the reboot. Hopefully in the future we can see her with her SBTB cast.

  85. Miss V DIY

    Miss V DIY29 日 前

    God bless her . I wish her all the best. ❤

  86. Yolanda Allen

    Yolanda Allenヶ月 前

    She still beautiful. Love the blonde hair.

  87. Reign Supreme

    Reign Supremeヶ月 前

    It's no for me with the Negropean hair!

  88. Its_R

    Its_R4 日 前

    Watch the movie get out

  89. Flex Etiquette

    Flex Etiquetteヶ月 前

    Say what you want but Hollywood abuses women, children and even men. Yes men too. It’s a highly evil industry and I saw many succumb to it. There is NO doubt in my mind this girl was destroyed by very bad people and her mind just couldn’t take it. This interview was cringe, and Dr Oz is another establishment shill. For example he totally screwed over Dr Berg. Snaky moves. Don’t believe anything on TV.

  90. Its_R

    Its_R4 日 前


  91. Effie Hagan

    Effie Haganヶ月 前

    She 46 and they are talking and treating her like shes a kid. I dont know all the specifics of her condition but something seems a little off here.

  92. The Asshole

    The Assholeヶ月 前

    If they put too much pressure on what they say to her ir will trigger. That's why they speak slowly to her. Her thoughts are there but hard for her to speak it out. But also shes probably on medication too.

  93. Sharon Pius

    Sharon Piusヶ月 前

    I think Dr. Oz is a disgrace for publicizing this for ratings, and it definitely wasn't in her interest to do so.

  94. BlueLizzyLove

    BlueLizzyLoveヶ月 前

    She’s such a strong person, and was such a great actress on the show! I’m sure she will do great, she clearly has a passion for acting. She’s still as beautiful as ever too 💕🤗

  95. Le'Mour Georgia

    Le'Mour Georgiaヶ月 前

    What the show name is

  96. The Asshole

    The Assholeヶ月 前

    Save By The Bell

  97. Brooke Gallegly

    Brooke Galleglyヶ月 前

    This brought me to tears. After my first child was born I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It is a very challenging mental illness(as they all are) as well as the stigma that follows it. I am a huge advocate for mental illness and very vocal about it. Great job Lark!!!!!!!!

  98. allen

    allenヶ月 前

    It’s very sad .. Lisa was there since the beginning of saved by the bell, and she was incredible as well as beautiful. She definitely should have been there in the reunion . It’s a damn shame

  99. Discover Motivation

    Discover Motivationヶ月 前

    The reason people get like this is because they have been shunned, I guarantee all the others are not perfect. It's terrible to be left out on purpose

  100. fhjmjf

    fhjmjfヶ月 前

    It is great to see her but this makes me cry😢

  101. Chuck Gunter

    Chuck Gunterヶ月 前

    The doc seems so legit and genuin .

  102. Rosalind Powell

    Rosalind Powellヶ月 前

    Miss Lisa I want to save by the bell I love you so much you’re strange give me lotta wisdom you are strong and you could make this all happen love you God in your heart they are losers you are a winner how are you I feel my heart so much love for you all of my 30 years of watching your growing up on saved by the bell I did never knew your sickness until now I thought on the show everybody was happy devil on the luxe but now I see you are strong you got your mom and dad Jehovah and Jesus Christ on your side

  103. Anarchy Television

    Anarchy Televisionヶ月 前

    What do you expect? Racism is real in Hollywood. That is the underline not lark's illness. She is standing against the tide and she looks empowered. She brought alot to that show and she deserves her place in the reboot. To not to include her is preposterous. I am just glad she is doing well and it's their loss not hers. You go girl ( martin Lawrence voice).

  104. whoisyapawpaw

    whoisyapawpawヶ月 前

    She still fine God bless her

  105. Radical Honesty

    Radical Honestyヶ月 前

  106. john Gavin

    john Gavinヶ月 前

    I'd like to see her and Screech return. Screw it, we are only here for so long so let's make the best of it.

  107. noemistephanie93

    noemistephanie9326 日 前

    Nah Screech was so annoying and useless

  108. The Asshole

    The Assholeヶ月 前

    The guy who played screech had his own issues and brought problems over the years. That's why mario lopez saved and confronted him in an interview. Also his rep was bad.

  109. Paloma Vega

    Paloma Vegaヶ月 前

    Wow, her mom is gorgeous. I see where she got her looks. I wish you the best Lark.

  110. Rainbow Dash

    Rainbow Dashヶ月 前

    I don’t like some of the behavior of Doctor Oz.... his questions and requests seems like he’s purposely trying to get a reaction from her...

  111. Rainbow Dash

    Rainbow Dash時間 前

    @Christine Evans 18 years is short. The concept of time is different for everyone. Some view it as long others view it as short. Time moves faster for others and being older sure as hell doesn’t guarantee you’re wiser. I said he was close to death which is true just because you think 20 years is a good time frame doesn’t make it any less short. You see it was long. Not really. You most likely have experienced a well-defined concept of time on earth. You’re point in replying is you have no point. He’s near the end. Compared to your 21 year old he’s closer to death. You say my point is wrong. But not all people see 20 years actually 18 years as a long time. Trying to boost ratings at the expense of others isn’t my idea of wise. My previous comment stands. You’d think people would try to be better when they are close to death. You are obviously naive or view the world differently than most. But don’t claim me not to know the concept of time. To say who long the planet has lived 70 years is short. To say how long people 1000s of years ago lived, 70 years is short. Your concept of time is different cause you’re use to the normal ages in 80’s or 90’s being when people die. 20 years is short. We were meant to live longer than how long we last now. My concept of time is fine. Oz isn’t wise neither are you or me. Just knowledgeable or ignorant or negligent in certain subjects. But for me this isn’t one of them. I probably seem young cause I haven’t changed this profile picture in years but you’d be surprised how old I am

  112. Christine Evans

    Christine Evans2 時間 前

    @Rainbow Dash My point of replying is you are obviously young and/or have not experienced a lot of life to have a well-defined concept of time on earth. Dr. Oz is about a good 20 years away from death. That is like saying a 21 yr old is near birth. He is obviously closer to death than you are but you are closer to birth than he is. He obviously developed more wisdom than you and you have a right to your opinion. That is fine. But I am just trying to wake you up to the fact that 50 something is not near death and If you don’t change your thinking on that you will be in for a rude awakening when you reach that age. I am not trying to argue your opinion. Because that is all it is-not a fact.

  113. Lori Crowley

    Lori Crowley9 時間 前

    @Rainbow Dash Oh.. I definitely agree with that. I was just saying it's the producers that make it that way. He has to follow along with it if he still wants a show..🤷‍♀️😅

  114. Rainbow Dash

    Rainbow Dash10 時間 前

    @Lori Crowley Let’s Just agree to disagree. Regardless if you truly met him or not doesn’t falter my mind set of him. This whole video reeks of manipulation and foul play.

  115. Lori Crowley

    Lori Crowley12 時間 前

    @Rainbow Dash I only have 3 subscribers because I only use JPreporter for entertainment purposes. I'm not a JPreporterr, so no need to have subscribers... And so what if I only have 3 subscribers. I just looked at your profile... you only have 7... 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I have no clue who Shane Dawson is, but whatever. I was on an episode back in Nov 2014.. I think it was Nov 5th.. can't really remember. The episode was taped on Oct. 24th. I was on there with another girl because of our weights. The other girl was anorexic & I was the large girl. They sent us both to a place in Buffalo Gap, Texas called Shades of Hope. I ended up leaving there after a week because they were assuming stuff about my life that wasn't correct and it pissed me off enough to want to leave.. that and the fact that it was a drug & alcohol rehabilitation center. I honestly don't think that weight disorders should be grouped with drug & alcohol addiction, but that's just my opinion. I can't find video of that episode, I'm assuming, since I wasn't a "success story". You could probably do some investigating by calling that Shades of Hope place to see if I was really there & all. They might actually give you some info but I have no clue... I left there spewing obscenities. They're lucky that was the only thing I was doing...😅😂 Also, I could show you the pic I took with Dr. Oz after the show in the green room...🤷‍♀️ But, still, you can assume whatever you want. Makes no difference to me. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  116. str8ight hoggin

    str8ight hogginヶ月 前

    GOD BLESS HER!!!!she looks really nice after all she has been through keep pushing MS.LARK im ROOTING for ya


    AWESOMEDUCK 29ヶ月 前

    Awww, Lark, you look amazing. Thanks for doing this interview. You're not alone with how you feel. I suffer from similar things like that too. Please just know, you are beautiful, you are brave, you are amazing, and you are adored. Sending much love to you...I'll always be a fan ❤❤❤


    AWESOMEDUCK 29ヶ月 前

    Lisa was my favorite on the show!

  119. Rey’s Coins

    Rey’s Coinsヶ月 前

    That’s not her real disorder you can tell by her body language and the way she is she has PTSD and she’s been hurt and abused

  120. Its_R

    Its_R4 日 前

    She was abused in hollywood

  121. Jason Burns

    Jason Burnsヶ月 前

    I had such a crush on Lisa Turtle (Lark) when I was a teen in the 90's.