LANY - if this is the last time (official video)


  1. Teacher Maria's Classroom

    Teacher Maria's Classroom3 時間 前

    I love you LANY 💕💕💕💕💕💕😭

  2. BD

    BD6 時間 前

    i like this song

  3. Christine P.

    Christine P.8 時間 前

    I literally cried while listening to this song.

  4. Jesslyn Faustina Marella

    Jesslyn Faustina Marella8 時間 前

    Ughhhhhh dats wet curly hair

  5. gulai bauka

    gulai bauka13 時間 前

    I love my parents a lot, i miss you mom, dad ❤❤❤, they're in mongolia now, i am in Kazakstan

  6. Mathew the great

    Mathew the great17 時間 前

    Taylor Swift and LANY saves us from quarantine!!!!

  7. Ruan Vital

    Ruan Vital18 時間 前

    como é o nome dessa musica? what is the name of this song

  8. Jackie C

    Jackie C日 前

    I miss my son..he's a Navy Sailor😢

  9. jesus santana

    jesus santana日 前

    Let's help this song cross borders

  10. น้องบีม _

    น้องบีม _日 前


  11. Jennifer Roberts

    Jennifer Roberts日 前

    Im feeling yoy

  12. mabel neo

    mabel neo日 前

    This song makes me cry

  13. Angelike Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

    Angelike Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ日 前


  14. BB Ayesha

    BB Ayesha2 日 前

    This is the first song I heard by them and I am on my tears already.

  15. Ash Shredder

    Ash Shredder2 日 前

    feeling a bit depressed so I came here to have a cry.

  16. Everlasting Lilis

    Everlasting Lilis2 日 前

    terima kasih Ih saya sudah subscribe like comment Tolong dong kembali script like Comment di channel saya yang masih baru terima kasih terima kasih Tuhan berkati

  17. Kim shavana paz

    Kim shavana paz2 日 前

    My father died almost 1 year ago of 5th of July he died in heart attack at the age of 57 he is a youth at the church all of us get shock and couldn't belive that happen especially family and his friends he died early my dad very strong Like strong of a horse and bravely

  18. Tenzin Gyem

    Tenzin Gyem2 日 前


  19. CrazyComedyKid

    CrazyComedyKid2 日 前

    This song actually made me cry the first time I heard it. EDIT: The second time as well.

  20. venusrocel robles

    venusrocel robles2 日 前


  21. Selva Permata

    Selva Permata2 日 前

    Talented 😭 thanks for the nice song ❤️

  22. beri beri

    beri beri3 日 前

    i just woke up and its now 12:51 am and i just want to thank u for making this song

  23. Safoora Shah

    Safoora Shah3 日 前


  24. rane late

    rane late3 日 前

    nakakainis ha masyadong mapanaket tama na ayawq na HAHAHAHA

  25. Susan Haynes

    Susan Haynes3 日 前

    A beautiful tribute to all parents. This should definitely have way more likes ,!

  26. george P

    george P3 日 前

    So much love in one song... after watched tell my mom how much a love her .. raising 3 children with no father my hero

  27. Bryan Rivera

    Bryan Rivera3 日 前

    Hey Mom, I know We're getting old And the lines on our hands have changed But you still look at me the same Hey Mom, guess what? You're really tough And I know you did all you could Just to make sure my life was good Sorry for the fights and the tone of my voice Sorry for the nights when I made the wrong choice Life is flying by and it's hitting me now I hope it's not but If this is the last time please come close I love you with all my heart, you know I don't wanna cry, I'm bad at goodbye If this is the last time Then let's do the things we always do Like go to the mall and buy some shoes I don't wanna cry, I'm bad at goodbye If this is the last time Hey Dad, what's up? Miss you so much Yeah, the shade of your hair is changed But I look up to you the same Taught me how to fish, taught me how to ride a bike Taught me how to love, how to treat a woman right Life is flying by and it's hitting me now I hope it's not but If this is the last time please come close I love you with all my heart, you know I don't wanna cry, I'm bad at goodbye If this is the last time Then let's do the things we always do Like go for a drive or watch the news I don't wanna cry, I'm bad at goodbye If this is the last time Hey you, sit back Don't go so fast If this is the last time please come close I love you with all my heart, you know I don't wanna cry, I'm bad at goodbye If this is the last time So let's do the things we always we do Or maybe we try something brand new I don't wanna cry, I'm bad at goodbye If this is the last time If this is the last time If this is the last time Oh If this is the last time If this is the last time If this is the last time Oh If this is the last time

  28. Yūta S.

    Yūta S.3 日 前

    Sounds like alternative rock.

  29. Chin Jaraifa Batuigas

    Chin Jaraifa Batuigas3 日 前

    Everysong of LANY made me cry as always

  30. Happiness Always

    Happiness Always3 日 前

    Thank you for this song💖

  31. Arden Enriquez

    Arden Enriquez3 日 前

    This song got me.

  32. Pamela Molina

    Pamela Molina3 日 前

    Hey mom ❤️hits me

  33. baesic vibes

    baesic vibes4 日 前

    Family is love. Show to your parents the love they much deserve as long as they're still alive. 😢

  34. Maret Ngo

    Maret Ngo4 日 前

    I litteraly cry...😭😭😭

  35. Stephan John

    Stephan John4 日 前

    Love and take care of ur parents before they are gone.Bcuz u can't take care and love when they're gone.U can only miss them'(.

  36. huan bui

    huan bui4 日 前

    tuyệt vời, rất cảm động!

  37. ꧁Talking Shit꧂

    ꧁Talking Shit꧂4 日 前

    *I LOVE U MOM*

  38. alana rebecca paizzano

    alana rebecca paizzano4 日 前

    i felt that

  39. Fazdli Mohamad

    Fazdli Mohamad4 日 前

    Tears rolls down my eyes whenever i hear this song. Remind me of the wonderful times being with my grandpa and ma May their soul are at piece..

  40. Abrar R Raharjo

    Abrar R Raharjo2 日 前

    At peace* bro

  41. Brylle Salem

    Brylle Salem4 日 前

    I didn't know that murr is part of LANY.


    FROST PRO5 日 前

    This song speaks much 🥺

  43. Ronavel Aquino

    Ronavel Aquino5 日 前

    This is one of my favorite songs of LANY. ❣️💕 This is one of the reminders that you should show love and respect to your parents every single day. Thank you for sharing your music and talent to us. Such a very good inspiration. 💕❣️

  44. Nadaa Rihhadatul

    Nadaa Rihhadatul5 日 前

    I cried hearing this song😭

  45. Asni Kesumaningrum

    Asni Kesumaningrum5 日 前

    love this song, makes me miss my parents and how much i love them

  46. jungshook

    jungshook5 日 前

    This makes me so sad but it also makes me want to appreciate everything so much more and be more grateful for everything/everyone I have..

  47. Daniella Manalo

    Daniella Manalo5 日 前

    Who's crying?😭

  48. Shubhra Tripathi

    Shubhra Tripathi5 日 前

    i'm not crying. you are.

  49. katherine perino

    katherine perino5 日 前

    This song brings nostalgia. A bittersweet memories

  50. riza mae albelda

    riza mae albelda5 日 前

    Paul 🥰🥰

  51. Sapana Maharjan

    Sapana Maharjan5 日 前

    This song deserves oscar 🏆🏆🏆

  52. _HeyItsEvander

    _HeyItsEvander6 日 前

    I lost my dad when I was 18 back in 2016 to heart failure during my first semester of college and I recently lost my oldest sister to Ovarian Cancer last month and now its only me, my mom and my middle sister. I'm graduating from my university with my bachelors this year and my sister is working and at the same time getting her Master's degree. Our goal is to make sure our mom retires and make her live her life without any stress. She's sacrificed almost everything to get us to where we are right now......She deserves everything the world has to offer and we'd do anything to fulfill our mother's happiness most especially going through the loss of our dad and sis. Hug and hold your family close, whether if they are blood related or not, we only have life with them. Make it count ❤️

  53. Rana Hossam

    Rana Hossam6 日 前

    This made me cry

  54. Aimee Sorreta

    Aimee Sorreta6 日 前

    during pandemic... tearjerker

  55. krishy9685

    krishy96856 日 前

    No wonder these guys are receiving so much RESPECT. They truly know what MUSIC is all about. ❤

  56. Stan Falcao

    Stan Falcao6 日 前

    Thank you so much for this song, will be an evergreen song for me.

  57. allen flores

    allen flores6 日 前

    im tearyeye now 😢😢😢 i miss my mama and papa 😢 thank you so much lany😘😘

  58. Tabassum Andalib

    Tabassum Andalib6 日 前

    No it’s hard for me to hear this song when I’m thousand miles away from her , in a different country. When most of the people are getting to spend their times with their parents in this new normal and I’m not , it tears me apart. 😔😔😔 I wanna go back home , hug my mom, see her in person rather than these FaceTime calls. Coz you only get one mom.

  59. N I G H T C O R E

    N I G H T C O R E6 日 前

    I'm crying a river😢😭😭😭love your parents ❤❤❤❤

  60. Dalis Lázaro *-*

    Dalis Lázaro *-*7 日 前

    Esta canción es muy hermosa, me hizo llorar!

  61. asmi ahirrao

    asmi ahirrao7 日 前

    this song deserves the world

  62. v wp

    v wp7 日 前

    아빠가 보고싶어지네 갑자기

  63. Moon Bae

    Moon Bae7 日 前

    Who is cutting onions in here ?

  64. erick arizo

    erick arizo7 日 前

    Ilove paul klein support lany para madaming fans tulad ko😊😊😊😊😊😍😍😍😍

  65. Leslie Pairo

    Leslie Pairo8 日 前

    Me parte el corazón😢😭😭

  66. LANY FAN

    LANY FAN8 日 前

    i feel like the majority of the fandom is from the philippines. they need to get bigger so we should do our best to promote them

  67. Palaypayon GamingP12

    Palaypayon GamingP128 日 前


  68. xxx marco

    xxx marco8 日 前


  69. Ken Ken

    Ken Ken8 日 前

    This is the most beautiful song of 2020. The lyrics, I can't help but cry. I just love this. ❤️

  70. allaaa a

    allaaa a9 日 前

    they say times supposed to heal u but it never does like really never does 💔

  71. Affifah R

    Affifah R9 日 前

    Omg! So Cryin for this song 😭

  72. Leno Luho

    Leno Luho9 日 前

    The best song I've heard in a while ... My parents are in a better place but I miss them... I wanna hear their voice hug them tight Just once...

  73. September Maria

    September Maria9 日 前

    My mother died today it hurts so much So everyone who have parents cherish them cause today i just lost the most precious Woman in my life Mom i know I'm not your sweetest daughter but mom i don't know what I'm gonna do with my life anymore without you mom i love you so much mom it's been a 5 days of hell for me without you

  74. September Maria

    September Maria17 時間 前

    @Sophia Belletini thank you

  75. Sophia Belletini

    Sophia Belletini19 時間 前

    i’m so sorry. i lost my mom two years ago so unfortunately i know what you’re going through. it doesn’t seem like it now, but it does get more manageable. it’s definitely not easy but know there are so many people around you who love you and your momma is ALWAYS with you♥️

  76. Abrar R Raharjo

    Abrar R Raharjo2 日 前

    Stay strong sister

  77. James Julian Gonzales

    James Julian Gonzales4 日 前

    Stay strong men be tough❤️

  78. Rikky Jasper

    Rikky Jasper7 日 前

    hey, stay strong!



    ATM: C R Y I N G I'm married now I miss my mom and dad😢


    LUCUSINA9 日 前

    I hate my family :')

  81. Ophalyn Cruz

    Ophalyn Cruz9 日 前

    this song makes me feel like you need to capture all the memories with them and make a video that you can treasure forever, thank you for making me realize again and again and again how I love my parents so much ❤️❤️❤️

  82. Lala Lala

    Lala Lala9 日 前

    I don't want the last time come. I love you mom and dad. I love you. I love you. Nothing I can say besides you are my everything. Eventhough I cannot say it directly but i really love you with all of my heart.

  83. Louie Parker

    Louie Parker9 日 前

    I miss my mom. I hope that she's happy and at peace heaven. I love you Inay. ❤️💐

  84. Vidz Channel

    Vidz Channel9 日 前


  85. Lia Cartoon Lover

    Lia Cartoon Lover9 日 前

    This song literally makes me to cry.

  86. Kamisah Kangsar

    Kamisah Kangsar9 日 前

    Cry no matter how many time listen to this song

  87. Sj Miles

    Sj Miles9 日 前

    Love at first two words ♥️♥️♥️

  88. Watashiwa Nessui

    Watashiwa Nessui9 日 前

    I love you mom and dad. Even u both did separate ways.

  89. Niña18

    Niña189 日 前

    Ive noticed... Time is slipping away... 😢


    GLICERIO TV10 日 前

    I miss my Dad 😢😭 what an emotional song

  91. Apissara Khunchanthuek

    Apissara Khunchanthuek10 日 前

    Always Love you mommy an angel in heaven 💕

  92. Pra Nii

    Pra Nii10 日 前

    Wish you deserved this song💔

  93. Sukham Tuni Ningthouja

    Sukham Tuni Ningthouja10 日 前

    Lost my beautiful mom in 2017😭 Thanks Lany for this amazing song❤️

  94. Maitha Jasim

    Maitha Jasim10 日 前

    I’m reading the comments and crying will listen to this I keep repeating this over and over again ❤️😂😢

  95. Lawrence Cepe

    Lawrence Cepe10 日 前

    im loving your songs❤🌍

  96. The_Trolllz_Plays

    The_Trolllz_Plays10 日 前

    this is the best song ever

  97. kajelisabeth

    kajelisabeth10 日 前

    this song really makes me speechless 🥺

  98. Azis Maulana Akbar

    Azis Maulana Akbar10 日 前

    13 years ago my dad has passed away, and this song bring me back all my memories about my dad so much 😭 and now I'm going 23 this year and be gratefull still have my mom on my side 🙏

  99. Famela Maye Ymasa

    Famela Maye Ymasa10 日 前

    This is the first song I've ever heard from LANY and since then I became a fan of them.. I already started to listen and watch their other music videos from the past up to the latest.. ❤🎶 -New fan here

  100. Pawee Nut

    Pawee Nut10 日 前


  101. J NCBRNT

    J NCBRNT10 日 前

    i dont know but this song made me cry

  102. Raimund Kuppelwieser

    Raimund Kuppelwieser11 日 前

    Simply beautyful..... i feel it

  103. Cotton LPS

    Cotton LPS11 日 前

    My mom has done so much for me and my siblings, she had breast cancer in 2015, and so lucky that she’s still alive, her and my dad got divorced in 2018, lost so much, money, and her home, but she always put her children first 💞 I love this song and it deserves a lot of love ❤️❤️❤️

  104. jake pujeda

    jake pujeda11 日 前

    i cant relate to this

  105. christel salvadoe

    christel salvadoe11 日 前


  106. V

    V11 日 前

    'Sorry for the fights and the tone of my voice' 👏