LANY - good guys (official video)


  1. Daisy Myint

    Daisy Myint4 時間 前

    So he's a good southern boy.

  2. Jorge E

    Jorge E12 時間 前

    LANY looks so hot with long hair, like, wow.

  3. Sebelum Tidur

    Sebelum Tidur日 前

    good guy never win they said potek hatiku, bang Paul big love from Indonesia

  4. Jonathan Wijanarko

    Jonathan Wijanarko日 前

    Udah 2 bulan yg lalu, gw baru suka lagu ini sekarang. Peace from Jogja

  5. kenzie yeng

    kenzie yeng2 日 前

    Come back to Cebu babe Paul Jason Klein 💕

  6. Ollie Evans

    Ollie Evans2 日 前

    Fact: You’re thinking about someone as you listen to this.

  7. nur hadirah

    nur hadirah2 日 前

    this is a perfect song for me to play in the background while i imagine fake heartbreaking scenarios before sleep

  8. Manolo Antonio

    Manolo Antonio3 日 前

    0.45 Nineteen but you act twenty-five now Knees weak, but you talk pretty proud, wow Ripped jeans and a cup that you just downed Take me where the music ain't too loud Trade drinks, but you don't even know her Save me 'till the party is over Kiss me in the seat of your Rover Real sweet, but I wish you were sober

  9. Sæth J

    Sæth J3 日 前

    Why are there so many Filipino fans?

  10. Mariang Ciexy

    Mariang Ciexy4 日 前

    Alegria series!!! #ItsAJonaxxThing 🧡

  11. Mary Ann Saporas

    Mary Ann Saporas4 日 前

    LANY is so underrated.

  12. Sasha Cold

    Sasha Cold4 日 前

    sorry, but I'm here for this beautiful horse but I like song too

  13. awesomepostagain

    awesomepostagain4 日 前

    There are many shows out there explaining the "good guy" trope. This mv is a classic example of a guy feeling like he did everything for a girl but got nothing in return. But doesn't that make you a not so good guy? Basically, "good" guys who expect something in return for their kindness never win, but guys who are just kind for the sake of being kind, no other motive, always win. Like, bringing a girl flowers because you know it will make her happy rather than bringing her flowers and gifts and fawning her with attention in order to get her to go out with you (or sleep with you). A real good guy would never expect a girl to go out with him just because he is nice to her. A real good guy would recognize the girl for who she is as a person and respect her decisions instead of whining about her not reciprocating his feelings. Same with girls, I guess. If you're not sincere with the people around you and you do everything for your own benefit, doesn't that make you a not so good person? Even if you are technically doing things that "good" people do?

  14. Guan Han

    Guan Han2 日 前

    That's just an excuse you girls use

  15. Jessica Niña Rolle

    Jessica Niña Rolle4 日 前

    kanta para sa mga taong abang 🤦‍♀️

  16. SW.Gaming

    SW.Gaming4 日 前


  17. Paula

    Paula4 日 前

    Only clicked for the horse.

  18. Vadlia QD

    Vadlia QD5 日 前

    Thank God I found your song.

  19. Really like food & music

    Really like food & music5 日 前

    Is he shy to making love? Good guy, be bad guy for your love

  20. Juevayne Gaguan

    Juevayne Gaguan5 日 前

    The song felt like he closed his heart.💔🤔

  21. ValenTina Plasaj

    ValenTina Plasaj5 日 前

    Man, you are outstanding. You’re a breath of fresh, clear-cool air. You have magic man. Something special. So glad I came across your music.

  22. Margie Rubante

    Margie Rubante5 日 前

    I'm a big fan of SCOTTY MCCREERY, and I didn't expect LANY would make me fall in love with their music, too. 💓😍🎶🎵

  23. Margie Rubante

    Margie Rubante5 日 前

    I'm a big fan of Scotty McCreery since high school, and I didn't expect LANY would make me fall in love with their music, too. 💓😍

  24. Ryan Cabauatan

    Ryan Cabauatan5 日 前

    When you’re in love with someone, but you hide your true feelings because you do not want to ruin a friendship.

  25. Kunal Singh

    Kunal Singh5 日 前

    ladies come to the good guys only at the end for settling down! No one wants a good guy but they are what everyone needs.

  26. gween bee

    gween bee5 日 前

    This is why i have "second lead syndrome" to most of romcom/drama series i've watched.




  28. SkyDragonbeast M

    SkyDragonbeast M5 日 前

    I love how some girls complain about how a guy is a mamas boy but girls you gotta remember she took care of us. Ofc we gonna be a mamas boy also those mamas boys are the boys who actually have a heart and would care for you the most just as they do for their mother. THATS A REAL MAN

  29. Nutan Singh

    Nutan Singh6 日 前

    In love with this song 😍😍❤️❤️

  30. P: peach

    P: peach6 日 前


  31. LysSDC

    LysSDC6 日 前

    Most underrated band by far! Everyone needs to know who they are. I fucking love every single song they’ve ever put out 😍

  32. France Anne

    France Anne6 日 前

    I can sense like he is a main character in a historical romance. ☺️

  33. Hannah Lacsamana

    Hannah Lacsamana6 日 前

    it hurts 😪🤦‍♂️

  34. Ghea Samara

    Ghea Samara6 日 前

    omg im cryingg!!😭❤

  35. Little Purorot

    Little Purorot6 日 前

    Good girls -2017 Good guys-2020

  36. Ashley Antonio

    Ashley Antonio6 日 前

    good guys never really do win.

  37. Kaylo Uchiha

    Kaylo Uchiha7 日 前

    Good guys never win im done with love thanks for making this song

  38. Kaylo Uchiha

    Kaylo Uchiha7 日 前

    Hes right

  39. Claire Sedano

    Claire Sedano7 日 前

    Does LANY even know the definition of “Disappointment” ? No no they DONT

  40. Lovely Lojoya

    Lovely Lojoya7 日 前

    This is my nth times of streaming Good Guys. A full support to LANY from the Philippines xx

  41. xiongmao kimpoy

    xiongmao kimpoy7 日 前

    It makes me happy but why am I crying

  42. Ahjumma’s Playlist

    Ahjumma’s Playlist8 日 前

    Theme song for the second lead.

  43. Nicole Turco

    Nicole Turco8 日 前

    These lyrics are my life

  44. Julius Manansala

    Julius Manansala8 日 前

    Now I know my worth. ☹️

  45. Aesthetic As Vintage

    Aesthetic As Vintage9 日 前

    Hi fanbase! I just want you to know that let's still support Lany on their beautuful journey,5.3M views just in 1month W.O.W RIGHT? i'm happy for them and for you 'cuase we discover this kind of lovable band that always give us mesmerizing and melodic songs,meaningful lyrics and infinite love let's hope for the best! Me,myself i know i can't afford meetong them in person by attending their concerts and such as,purchasing some merchs and albums,but i promise that i will support them no matter what Frankly They are my motivation Lany is one of the reason why im active in school,beacuse i dreamt that when i grow up..i will attend every concert they have,buying freely of their merchs and albums. As a 14 yrs old girl,grade 9 student that's my dream Hope God will make a path for me to go through that Swear if your not a fan of Lany,you better will Love lots from Philippines🌹

  46. MONROW

    MONROW9 日 前

  47. Aulya Eka Putri

    Aulya Eka Putri9 日 前


  48. Charlotte Niza

    Charlotte Niza10 日 前

    I love this band so much.

  49. Twist Panda

    Twist Panda10 日 前

    why did he post this is the backround edited? or there somewhere is cause boii its corona time!

  50. Gladys Ariella

    Gladys Ariella10 日 前

    Paul ❤️ ily!

  51. Mason Jacobs

    Mason Jacobs10 日 前

    This is fr how I feel :( I'm such a good guy and a goofball and really romantic and real and I guess it scares girls away it's sad a good guy like me doesn't get a chance

  52. 生万

    生万10 日 前

    I learn that lesson long time ago...good guy will never win

  53. BOBO

    BOBO10 日 前

    LANY and Ben&Ben collab

  54. Ewa Portas

    Ewa Portas11 日 前

    Ogień 🔥

  55. Pixel Smile

    Pixel Smile11 日 前

    Love the truth in the message

  56. Kayne Domingo

    Kayne Domingo11 日 前

    I just love LANY, specially paul

  57. kennedy Manalo

    kennedy Manalo11 日 前

    I'm not gonna lie, this hits me different than malibu nights.

  58. Raquel Gomez

    Raquel Gomez11 日 前

    Paul, I want you to find a wonderful lady who treats you right. Lowkey that girl can be me. Just sayin’.

  59. Raquel Gomez

    Raquel Gomez11 日 前

    I seriously love this song so much. It warms my heart every time yet gives me chills. It’s also a good reminder to keep my cool with my crush until I know if he feels the same way?? Lol

  60. Sam Well Del Rosario

    Sam Well Del Rosario11 日 前

    Feel you Man

  61. Mattia Toni

    Mattia Toni11 日 前

    I love the song and the video so much! Everything perfect to me ❤️

  62. Yssa Collins

    Yssa Collins11 日 前

    Im gonna die lol

  63. Aprille Mangcoy

    Aprille Mangcoy12 日 前



    Prit SAMARNPAISIT12 日 前

    nice song

  65. Kyla Jewelle Ogdiman

    Kyla Jewelle Ogdiman12 日 前

    No one: Lany: Good girls don't exist Other Lany: Good guys never win

  66. SkyDragonbeast M

    SkyDragonbeast M3 日 前

    @Ann P not all guys are like that, he just acted nice. There is a different

  67. uwu owo

    uwu owo4 日 前

    Ann P You shouldn’t base an entire community over one person. There will always be bad men, but there’s also good ones - if you’re willing to find ‘em

  68. Ann P

    Ann P7 日 前

    Good guys don’t exist. He just pretended to be nice so he could sleep w me and left once he got some from another girl on the low behind my back. Then he turned extremely rude all of a sudden, when his games were found out. He seemed so nice it’s crazy how deceptive men can be...

  69. lauren aimee

    lauren aimee12 日 前

    there’s something about this song that makes me cry hysterically

  70. Oyel Depatilla

    Oyel Depatilla3 日 前


  71. kai dr

    kai dr5 日 前

    all LANY songs :(

  72. chim chim

    chim chim5 日 前

    I mean like every single song

  73. Patti Euans

    Patti Euans7 日 前

    Its because good guys are rare.




  75. Namina Snack

    Namina Snack12 日 前

    He deserves someone who loves him sincerely.

  76. Kubra Senturk

    Kubra Senturk13 日 前

    Back rhtymn could put forward more.

  77. Arn Dela Cruz

    Arn Dela Cruz13 日 前

    idk who's interested here, but I made a cover of this song... -

  78. Jeni Indriani

    Jeni Indriani14 日 前


  79. Jeni Indriani

    Jeni Indriani14 日 前


  80. Karl Alcantara

    Karl Alcantara14 日 前

    Waaaa! Oh the pain from the songs you sing from the day you were with her! (Dua)... I'm now a fan of yours! Xoxo much love #PaulKlein ❤❤❤

  81. FRS Records

    FRS Records14 日 前

    The intro sounds like a sample of Cindy Lauper - True colors... nothing is original in 2020 :(

  82. Rot Cris

    Rot Cris13 日 前

    Yah i agree! I search for it right away and you're definitely correct

  83. Jeff T

    Jeff T14 日 前

    Realizing this song doesn't mention the sex of the opposite person. Could be intentional or not, but great for any sex or gender interacting with someone that would call themselves a "good guy" or "southern gentleman".

  84. Kulove P.

    Kulove P.14 日 前

    i haven't let myself to be with someone or even having the interest of being into relationship but fuck imma be honest, I CRIED WHILE LISTENING AND READING THE LYRICS! 😭

  85. Eric Elm

    Eric Elm14 日 前

    Saved the finger guns for the best part of the song. Respect

  86. 양그리

    양그리14 日 前

    🙏 Thx from Korea 🙏

  87. Kurome DBerry

    Kurome DBerry15 日 前

    my hector dela merced,,

  88. it's_meh urqueen

    it's_meh urqueen15 日 前

    kahit ako na lang yung kabayo, okay na ako :>

  89. Mg Cl

    Mg Cl15 日 前

    The only song of Lany I relate myself in every other word.

  90. Daniela Cruz

    Daniela Cruz15 日 前

    I just wanna give you everything