Lamp Life | Official Trailer | Disney+


  1. Elvin Sanchez

    Elvin Sanchez3 日 前

    they really read our minds didn’t they

  2. Lyra Yoghi Aveiro Jr.

    Lyra Yoghi Aveiro Jr.3 日 前

    For real I'm really fallen for those two couple,that could end up together.... Woody & Boo Peep

  3. Antony Marquez

    Antony Marquez5 日 前

    Pero después que salga la serie de que hicieron después de toy story 4

  4. Gia Bảo Trần

    Gia Bảo Trần5 日 前

    Toy story 5 ? :))

  5. Agung Fadhlillah

    Agung Fadhlillah6 日 前

    Lamp life: The toy story Story

  6. NeptuneTV

    NeptuneTV10 日 前

    0:44 Wow, jim's panting noises are just as good as tom's, congratulations.

  7. Mai Metaprayoon

    Mai Metaprayoon12 日 前

    I wish to watch Bo’s story but Disney+ is not available in Thailand TT _ TT

  8. Thiago Oliveira

    Thiago Oliveira12 日 前

    I love how Bo still conserves a cute sweetness even after all she's been through, which isn't what we'd seen first time she met Woody again. That, my friends, is the power of true love. I want a girl like that in my life too 😊

  9. ada mba

    ada mba13 日 前

    Does anyone know what the jingle at the end is? Love the music!!!

  10. Zea Tech HD

    Zea Tech HD14 日 前

    Fans : I think toy story is end Walt Disney : No, we make untill Andy grand children grow up...

  11. Joshua Leonard

    Joshua Leonard14 日 前

    Full short: (c)2020 Disney/Pixar

  12. Leonardo Souza de Oliveira

    Leonardo Souza de Oliveira15 日 前

    NETFLIX: I'm Inevitable... DISNEY+: Whaaaaattt?

  13. Andy Yang

    Andy Yang15 日 前

    So much for Tom Hanks being done voicing woody. Lies Disney, LIES!

  14. Medmac2112

    Medmac211211 日 前

    Tom Hanks did not voice Woody in this short film.

  15. Dream Guardian

    Dream Guardian15 日 前

    I saw the short and it was good, but I feel like they could've added a little more to it. Like how Bo Peep met Giggle McDimples and how she came across Gabby Gabby.

  16. ÆÜGH

    ÆÜGH16 日 前

    Ye its ok

  17. tuta0026

    tuta002616 日 前

    when Disney+ in México !!!!????

  18. Hector Juarez

    Hector Juarez16 日 前

    Ya habiliten Disney plus en México!!!

  19. All Videos

    All Videos17 日 前

    Disney+ gonna have some unbelievable shows

  20. Logic Rules!

    Logic Rules!17 日 前

    No one has ever wondered about bow peep in any fashion. She is a wallflower character and should not be addressed. @&@& your agenda

  21. The Meanite

    The Meanite17 日 前

    Bit disappointed when it wasnt a movie about the Pixar lamp and the i about to have an epic show down but this works

  22. El Tío John

    El Tío John17 日 前

    The origin of Woody could be an amazing history How he knews about the kindergarden, so he didn't know about himself glory and how he met Andy ay first place Sorry for My English 🙆🏻‍♂️❤️

  23. Naveen Dhouchak

    Naveen Dhouchak17 日 前

    We wait toy story 5

  24. DavidFJ Vlogs

    DavidFJ Vlogs17 日 前

    Una secuela innecesaria solo lo hacen por explotar la franquicia

  25. REECE

    REECE18 日 前

    Bopeep getting her own spinoff I love toy story franchise...

  26. Sarc4sm

    Sarc4sm18 日 前

    Well that was fast lol

  27. Mr GoGs

    Mr GoGs18 日 前

    A film absolutely no one wanted what so ever. You couldn’t have picked a worse toy out of the bunch to give a spin off film...

  28. AddMan

    AddMan16 日 前

    Its a short...

  29. Wa Ku

    Wa Ku18 日 前

    That ending song sounds like what Melanie Martinez would do. 💕

  30. YamiBlood Duel Links

    YamiBlood Duel Links19 日 前

    Is this legit coming out as a movie?

  31. Beastie Boys USA

    Beastie Boys USA17 日 前

    YamiBlood Duel Links it’s a short

  32. Tiffany

    Tiffany19 日 前

    Just imagine what she has seen in a dorm room...

  33. Alejo

    Alejo19 日 前

    What happened to the car phone guy in toy story 3

  34. Dj Minaj Acapellas instrumetals

    Dj Minaj Acapellas instrumetals19 日 前

    Fake this just scenes from toy story 4

  35. Juan José Cabrera Moguel 2020

    Juan José Cabrera Moguel 202019 日 前

    Toy story vuelve!!!!

  36. Jey

    Jey19 日 前

    I need to rewatch Toy Story movies again, one of my fave Disney movies. (Is what I say to all Disney movies) 🤭🤣

  37. davedavedave

    davedavedave19 日 前

    Definitely this will make Netflix go bankrupt

  38. Onanto Roy

    Onanto Roy19 日 前

    মুভিটা আমার দারুন লেগেছে

  39. Life of Nikki & Chazz

    Life of Nikki & Chazz20 日 前

    I sold my children

  40. ClimacksMusic

    ClimacksMusic20 日 前

    Woody gettin some porcelain cheeks

  41. Sora w

    Sora w20 日 前

    I thought kh3 was canon

  42. Hitalo José

    Hitalo José20 日 前

    I thought it would be about the lamp that jumps on the "i" of Pixar. Disappointed

  43. Руфь Талипова

    Руфь Талипова8 日 前

    The same 😄

  44. Alex Yants

    Alex Yants17 日 前

    search Luxo, 1st pixar animation film

  45. Burak Blymz

    Burak Blymz20 日 前

    yes yes yes

  46. Johnny Casteel

    Johnny Casteel20 日 前

    Another use of an old story to make tons of money... Ahhhh the Disney empire reigns!

  47. MrZubber2580xy

    MrZubber2580xy20 日 前

    Spoilers This trailer basically shows the whole thing

  48. Chew Pacca

    Chew Pacca20 日 前

    Yo seriously when will disney+ available in asia?? I can't wait to watch all these

  49. wang Wenxiao

    wang Wenxiao21 日 前

    Indonesia disney+ plissss



    What is this "Disney+" thing....?? Can any of you HUMANS please explain..... Thank you..... Bsbsjw0i1msma

  51. Chicago Subie

    Chicago Subie21 日 前

    They used another voice for woody :/

  52. Ariel Rodriguez

    Ariel Rodriguez21 日 前

    Para de mamar Disney jajajaja

  53. Coouge

    Coouge21 日 前

    Lamp Life: How Bo Peep got her name? She peeps while Andy is stroking his toy.

  54. S Gals

    S Gals21 日 前

    This was a great surprise to find in Disney+! I loved it and wanted more.

  55. Ronald

    Ronald21 日 前

    “Bo Peep : A Toy Story Story”

  56. Pepe Lover

    Pepe Lover21 日 前

    I was hoping this would have been a film about the lamp in the Pixar logo.

  57. Adam Akmal

    Adam Akmal21 日 前

    SPOILERS Quite surprising that the antique store had lasers for security which unfortunately got blown up by Bo herself for her and her sheep to escape

  58. Stefan Rascio

    Stefan Rascio21 日 前

    Is it a series or just one short

  59. Bloost

    Bloost20 日 前

    One short

  60. wara wiri

    wara wiri22 日 前

    I tought it was short movie about pixar lamp in pixar welcome screen

  61. Corvus Delicti

    Corvus Delicti22 日 前

    That's so cute. I gotta buy me one of those.

  62. Josh Cole

    Josh Cole22 日 前

    Am I the only one who noticed that Woody is voiced by Tom Hanks brother Jim?

  63. Blossom

    Blossom22 日 前

    Toy story 4👎👎👎

  64. תומר פילו

    תומר פילו22 日 前

    Bo peep isn't a lamp

  65. Deks_123

    Deks_12322 日 前


  66. TTVrocki3

    TTVrocki322 日 前

    11 minutes 5 minute film 6 minutes credits