Laminate Floor Installation for Beginners | 9 Clever Tips


  1. Home Repair Tutor

    Home Repair Tutor8 ヶ月 前

    Which tool would you want most: cordless nailer or cordless jigsaw?

  2. Rafael Santiago

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    Definitely Nailer.

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    nailer. Hands down

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    Jigsaw.. It looked like cutting into butter 😍🤤 But then again I haven't watched the rest of the video so I might be coming back to edit this comment..

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    @Dienekes just kikikkkkkI

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    m ph2 ヶ月 前

    I hardly ever use my jig saw BUT I just installed 1000 sq ft of laminate and it was quite handy. During the process I blew out my original saw and had to buy a new one. Bought a corded Dewalt. Reason being, I expect to have and use it as long as it works. Batteries change technology and will be outdated in short order. Not the corded jig saw.

  7. Fino Mali

    Fino Mali日 前

    Hi sir Can I tile over luminate water prof flooring, I will use schulter ditra

  8. Lord Terrabyte

    Lord Terrabyte2 日 前

    get a gillutine if your doing laminate flooring on a regular basis theres no dust on end cuts at all then and well you have no idea how to join the ends on correctly, they are designed to be folded also most of the time and the ones you are laying are also, bashing them closed on the end generally breaks the end clips and is teh biggest cause of ends opening up or sitting proud.

  9. Chet Hans

    Chet Hans3 日 前

    The only time I ran into a situation where backer rod would work is if the existing trim touches the floor and I've only ran into that once. Most trim is about 3/8" off of the floor and the sheetrock behind the trim is 1/2" off the floor. Also most manufacturers require that the peices you start and end with be a minimum length, that needs to be a consideration as well.

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    Good to know info. Thanks

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    good tip on saw blades and never knew about that poly foam backer rod great video thanks

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  13. Chris Brock

    Chris Brock3 日 前

    Beginner here. Why Did you not add the backer first? Would that have helped with spacing?

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    What amazing way to explain

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    Starts off begging to watch it all because the last tip will blow your mind... I quit. Cheap advertising bullshit. Don't do it again.

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    Never say you don't need a whole lot of tools! The wife might be listening too!

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    Jesus Cortes5 日 前

    I have curved stair case, what's the proper way on installing the last step when you have different color laminate on the upstairs then the stair case.



    Very informative. Thank you!

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    Veronica L6 日 前

    What did you do right after you install the backer rod?

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    Loved the video!!

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    thank you

  23. Lotus

    Lotus8 日 前

    I noticed you did not remove the baseboard, am I to assume that is not recommended?

  24. Angel Chan

    Angel Chan9 日 前

    What if I have a concrete floor and it’s not so level?

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    Walt Kowalski10 日 前

    The necessity of knee pads cannot be understated. Great video.

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    Bobbi Ogle10 日 前

    Thank you, so thorough.

  27. Torian Deane

    Torian Deane11 日 前

    If I'm looking to do this for an indoor basketball court, would I need a thicker slab of wood? And would insulation be a necessity?

  28. prince caspen

    prince caspen10 日 前

    5mm installation and about 10-12mm wood

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    Great video, I don't always watch ads, but I watched all yours for support, appreciate the tips, subscribed

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    @ 14:04 you can see he's missing a finger. Now I feel like paying someone to do this instead lol

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    I learnt from the tips .Good demonstration.

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    Best video of this kind! Thank you for taking the time to do this video. Cheers!

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    Loved it - especially that last tip! Great ork and thanks a lot!

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    Solid video. Thanks for making it.

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    This is the most informative vid I've watched in preparing for my floor work. Quick question for anyone ... by "groove side" is that the female side?

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    Great video professional job and fantastic explanation of laying flooring and why no staircasing....

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    thank you, the carpet on the stairs was in good shape

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    This is by FAR the most detailed and professional work i have seen on JPreporter

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    How far do I cut under the inner part of a door jamb? Thanks.

  51. Ken C

    Ken C17 日 前

    You cut all the way through the door jam. Make sure no debris is left under the jam

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    awesome clear and concise tips . love the 5/16" tip.

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    Are you guys from Pittsburgh? Just watching some videos before attempting to install my first floor and I noticed the accent. Haha

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    lol, yes

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    Amazing tips!!! i need to do my master BR

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    how much per sqm?m2

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    Cuantos se gana en ese trabajo por oras en estado unidos

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    We use a roofing tear off bar for removing old tac strip. Makes it a quick job

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    Best laminate tutorial I've watched! Thanks!

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    I had laminate installed in my LR & DR. The man had to repair the sub floor first due to damage of some kind. This is a 40 yo manufactured home. Six weeks after he "finished", the floor began to buckle and it's getting worse. He refused to lay down the quarter round without more money and claimed he was finished. I disagreed but who am I? Although I've called, he has not returned to fix the issue. Now what do I do?

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    Based on the video, and based on the comments, it sounds like I really don't need to watch another video. I think I am good to go. Great job, man, from one teacher to another....

  64. sambo

    samboヶ月 前

    backer rod is unnecessary. and theres nothing wrong w staircasing. random is fine but not required. & i always run 16" not 6" seams

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    As I am only 35. I need them too..." No knee pad he gon' be mad. Oh and sore" 🤣

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    great guy ,very intelligent , he shows u step by step very great video

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    Stephanie Jヶ月 前

    Too many technical terms for a beginner. It would have been good to show us what certain construction items you’re talking about. For example: putting the laminate perpendicular to what???? Show me what you’re talking about.

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    Nice job, you are very professional!

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    Will using the silicone allow the floor to still be free floating?

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    Legend - how much does this guy charge. No way would I attempt that - would end up a mess. These guys have a "sixth sense" that only comes with laying hundreds of floors.

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    Thanks. This was sooooo darn good, it solved a problem I was having. Thanks a million.

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    Excellent! Hope I can do it!

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    Just installed my first laminate floor today thanks to this video.... Great explanation!

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    Ben Morrisヶ月 前

    Brilliant video, the best I've seen! Would you recommend using wood glue at all to stick the click system laminate?

  75. Michael Litty

    Michael Litty20 日 前

    Wood glue on laminate that doesn't require it will cause serious issue when the floor expands and contracts. The click system slides to allow for material expansion and contraction in various temperatures and humidities. I've done a floor that required an adhesive in the tongue and groove. I don't recommend it. The process was very messy and the manufacturer's glue was too thick. It was a nightmare. I'm sticking with the snap together systems that DON'T use glue.

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    I love the oscillating tool

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    Great video. I have a quick question. I was looking at some of your tools used and checking on prices. When I clicked on the link for the 6' level, a 48 inch level came up??

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    What's laminate? is that Chinese?

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    I am a flooring contractor as well ...Nice work !!

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    Wow this is beautiful,am an installer from Nigeria please can you list out the recommended tools needed for installation because I want to opt up my game over here. Thanks this tips really will help me Am Emmanuel Francis

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    Very good video, thanks a lot! 👍🏻 But you really should upgrade to the metric system like the rest of the world ^^ 5/16th of an inch is hurting brains all over the planet 🤯🤷

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    to bad you are not a pro all the pro's that i know will remove the baseboards for a clean look not a sloppy cheep look from using baseshoe or 1/4 round please go back to school!

  86. David Heymann

    David Heymannヶ月 前

    When installing vinyl planks, does the allow for expansion principle still apply ?

  87. David Heymann

    David Heymann20 日 前

    Michael Litty Thank you.

  88. Michael Litty

    Michael Litty20 日 前

    Typically, yes, but read the manufacturer's installation instructions for your particular brand to know how much expansion is needed.

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    This vid could also be titled "Watch How a Total Pro Uses a Jigsaw Like a Boss." Thanks for the tips guys. Subbed form the UK :)

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    Is the process different for a concert slab floor?

  91. Leo Nardo

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    What is the remedy if the wall is bowed?

  92. Will

    Willヶ月 前

    Tip No. 10 Replace skirting boards with 3/4" deep boards so expansion gap is under the skirting board. Looks so much better than the trim.

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    Do you have a laminate blade on your table saw also? Very informative video. Thanks

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    yes, highly recommended getting one 👍🏼

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    Do you leave the baseboard on and make room underneath it, for the laminate, with the oscillating tool?

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    You can avoid several of these issues by running diagonally. Granted, there's more waste and the cuts aren't as easy but your walls can be completely out of square and it doesn't matter how your joists run. Plus, it looks great when it's done.

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    Christina Emanisヶ月 前

    Wonderful. going to get the backer rod. My install was not the best last year and I have used these videos to make my installer's oversights correct. Excellent help. Any suggestion on how to correct float on a cement floor beneath the floating wood floor.

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    Home Owner Tip #10 - you can build your first 2 or 3 rows away from the wall (it will be much easier) and then push the assembly against the wall. Also, you can use a box of planks to add weight and keep everything in its place as you start.

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