1. Henrique Reacts

    Henrique Reacts3 ヶ月 前

    HAPPY 2020! I'm so happy this video has OVER 1.6M views and you keep loving it on a daily basis! This was my first youtube "sucess" and you have no idea how thankful i am to all of you! YOU SAVED MY LIFE! 😍 to thank you for your hardwork and support i edited two videos this week to keep you busy during this coronavirus quarantine, enjoy! KPOP VIRAL MOMENTS | Boygroup Edition: KPOP VIRAL MOMENTS | Girlgroup Edition: LOVE YOU

  2. Zara Ahmed

    Zara Ahmedヶ月 前

    The one who fell on stage was sana not tzuyu

  3. Carlene Armstrong

    Carlene Armstrongヶ月 前

    how cum Henrique liked her self

  4. LaChimolalaJiminssi

    LaChimolalaJiminssi2 ヶ月 前


  5. Senti Pongen

    Senti Pongen日 前

    Black pink proved they can even sing without their track on..

  6. Cami Star

    Cami Star2 日 前


  7. Heyitsme Suhiii

    Heyitsme Suhiii3 日 前

    It was sana who fell

  8. Elizabeth BOOTH

    Elizabeth BOOTH3 日 前

    5:51 I think that was Sana not Tzuyu

  9. Gucci boy Army

    Gucci boy Army4 日 前

    BTS, Twice and blackpink is literally the CEO of THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!

  10. Borahae TaeTae

    Borahae TaeTae4 日 前

    Jennie went : No 🍒s for yall

  11. Sofia H.

    Sofia H.4 日 前

    For the mic drop part Yoongi's mic was working he did that to show haters that they don't lip sync

  12. here to avoid people

    here to avoid people5 日 前

    9:40 So Cute Kim Jennie

  13. Noni Rivera

    Noni Rivera6 日 前

    Did the guy singing you don’t know what to do while Jennie was confused was very rude and he still kept singing it

  14. Cherry berry

    Cherry berry7 日 前

    5:12 TWICE was just there waiting for there song standing still 😂💖

  15. Probo Asmoro

    Probo Asmoro9 日 前

    For Rosie,J-Hope & Momo I Only Have One Words Wow

  16. Xingxing Peijer

    Xingxing Peijer11 日 前

    1:00 they noticed so fast that Yoongi wasn’t able to rap his part because his earpiece wasn’t working😌

  17. ella micha

    ella micha11 日 前

    The blackpink is not confedens beacaste jennie wrong😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  18. Ky Ky

    Ky Ky11 日 前

    what song did bts dance in the first clip?

  19. Kawaii Neko Chan

    Kawaii Neko Chan12 日 前

    For those who hates Rośe and think she couldn't sing, well guess what she's the goddess of both singing and dancing she's so professional and a great leader.

  20. j a y

    j a y13 日 前

    9:52 rosé being professional again. she signaled to keep singing, but this is a jennie fancam so you can’t see it.

  21. adheena sajina

    adheena sajina13 日 前

    Am I the only one who laughed soo hard when they said don’t know what to do at 7:02

  22. ÑøťBØŤ

    ÑøťBØŤ14 日 前

    so the first rose problem was her top and her mic



    When you​ said tzuyu fell while performing heart​ shaker​ i​ think​ its​ not​ tzuyu​ its​ sana​ like​ this​ if​ you​ also​ think​ that​ is​ sana​

  24. Addiechim 23

    Addiechim 2314 日 前

    Sounds to me like blackpink just need a better company, they are so awesome and they need awesome people to back them

  25. Haneee o R ainiii

    Haneee o R ainiii15 日 前

    blackpink actuallg can t sing

  26. BTSARMY777 Kim

    BTSARMY777 Kim16 日 前

    Namjoon is the best leader ever

  27. Hai ley

    Hai ley18 日 前

    Black pink singing don’t know what to do me: hears a fan scream DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!! My face this to this 😯->😐->😂😂😂😂😂😂

  28. Sophia Golingan

    Sophia Golingan19 日 前

    when rosé mic fell she also had a wardrobe malfunction in the first clip

  29. Yuna Lee

    Yuna Lee20 日 前

    5:53 *fanfic writers intensify.*

  30. Sharleen Atkinson

    Sharleen Atkinson20 日 前 කිසියම් ප්‍රවාහන ක්‍රමයක අන්තරාය ඔබ සැමවිටම උපරිම කළ යුතුද ඇය මගේ ඇනීම නොසලකා හරිමින් අසයි

  31. Sydney Cousins

    Sydney Cousins20 日 前

    distracted jennie is so cute

  32. therese bince

    therese bince20 日 前

    When you told tzuyu fell IT was acually sana not tzuyu

  33. Crusxherr

    Crusxherr20 日 前

    5:54 that is sana not tzuyu HAHAH

  34. 라만 누어알리아

    라만 누어알리아23 日 前

    Jennie is very unprofessional :') Rose is the most prominent, truly professional.

  35. Ski Jr

    Ski Jr23 日 前

    How do you accidentally rip off a shirt...

  36. Toca Boca Videos

    Toca Boca Videos23 日 前

    6:35 wait what happened?

  37. Cara_YT

    Cara_YT24 日 前

    That thumbnail tho.....

  38. Celeste Calais

    Celeste Calais24 日 前

    Rosé and Jhope tho!

  39. Zelena Olivia

    Zelena Olivia24 日 前

    5:47 its mot Tzuyu by the way thats Sana♡

  40. kristina zobelyah

    kristina zobelyah25 日 前

    Its not tzuyu who fell its sana

  41. Loveta G

    Loveta G26 日 前

    Rose's direction giving was smoother than butter

  42. Shanza Raheeman

    Shanza Raheeman26 日 前

    Bts are not 'being' professional koz they 'are' professional...

  43. Nabong Unnie

    Nabong Unnie27 日 前

    5:50 she is Sana not tzuyu

  44. Aubri Childs

    Aubri Childs28 日 前

    5:51 thats sana 😂

  45. ti nu

    ti nu28 日 前

    The micdrop performance tho... Yoomgi was doing it to prove a point to the ppl who said they don't sing live... As far as I know

  46. Yu Wei's Workshop

    Yu Wei's Workshop28 日 前

    5:47 its sana not tzuyu

  47. ànthonio ankoh

    ànthonio ankoh28 日 前

    Gila laki

  48. Ashok DDKH

    Ashok DDKH28 日 前

    YG Entertainment never take care about BLACKPINK...

  49. Ashok DDKH

    Ashok DDKH28 日 前

    BTS is always like a family who helps each other...

  50. Khang Ngor

    Khang Ngor28 日 前

    Jennie confuse in a song dont know wat to do

  51. Khang Ngor

    Khang Ngor28 日 前

    It proved that they aint train for 5-6 years for ❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰✊🏻

  52. Vereniki

    Vereniki29 日 前

    5:48 Sana*

  53. Gangishetti Snigdha

    Gangishetti Snigdha29 日 前

    When momo's top came off I was literally scared.But she handled it well. All of them are pros. I am proud that I Stan them.

  54. once twice

    once twiceヶ月 前

    Her spell name is dahyun not daehyun😭

  55. Derickson Lie

    Derickson Lieヶ月 前

    honestly bts fans have the weidest profile names And im not complaining

  56. Thi wahh

    Thi wahh28 日 前

    I mean you aint lying tho-😂😂i stg they have the weirdest of them all

  57. meteor garden 2018

    meteor garden 2018ヶ月 前

    Wish lisa or rose is blackpink leader

  58. Nanyo S

    Nanyo Sヶ月 前

    6:08 is for blinks

  59. francoisè

    francoisèヶ月 前

    1:10 *proves that lipsync isn't on their vocabulary*

  60. WOON JO LI Moe

    WOON JO LI Moeヶ月 前

    Wait what??I don't understand what happened to Jennie,can someone explain plzz:))?

  61. Jeon Kook

    Jeon Kookヶ月 前

    Rose is queen of profesional

  62. Meanie x BTS

    Meanie x BTSヶ月 前

    4:50 was so embarrassing for momo. But she still handle it while dancing. Applause to MoMo~~👏👏

  63. Universal Uni

    Universal Uniヶ月 前

    Reminder 5:51 it was not tyuzu but sana

  64. _Honey_Bear_

    _Honey_Bear_ヶ月 前

    Ok, but who was mad that RM and Jimin ripped there shirts?..I know I’m not. 👀😚

  65. Sinora Chettri

    Sinora Chettriヶ月 前

    Watched till 3.00 for obvious reason...thank u for putting BTS clips 1st

  66. Lavenia Gyshella

    Lavenia Gyshellaヶ月 前

    7:23 why ?

  67. 김수kimsoo

    김수kimsooヶ月 前

    I’m sorry but Jennie just walking around and then leaving was unprofessional.

  68. Toni Mason

    Toni Masonヶ月 前

    some of the staff were telling her to come back and there’s were telling her to stay.

  69. Lyliam Lucia

    Lyliam Luciaヶ月 前

    There the same people

  70. alec stark

    alec starkヶ月 前

    sbs really eat shit they are so bad and so many idols have accidants bcoz of them

  71. Ms Pisces

    Ms Piscesヶ月 前

    Thats why we call rosie as PROFESSIONALSÉ❣️ How i wish u add NCT 127 to this..Taeyong is also really professional

  72. Thi wahh

    Thi wahh28 日 前

    Especially kick it era

  73. Thi wahh

    Thi wahh28 日 前


  74. Tracy Marie Musca

    Tracy Marie Muscaヶ月 前

    Can you also do a content like this but GFRIEND and other groups edition?

  75. Lisa I want your Jisoo so bad

    Lisa I want your Jisoo so badヶ月 前

    I love seeing Rosie being THAT professional

  76. Indah Islamy

    Indah Islamyヶ月 前

    Quueen of professional Momo ✨🔥

  77. 💜SåkuraWølfiLåvëňđěř ÅŘMÝ💜

    💜SåkuraWølfiLåvëňđěř ÅŘMÝ💜ヶ月 前

    wait I think it's jimin who did not have the chair but that's what I heard

  78. -Lovlee -

    -Lovlee -ヶ月 前

    6:18 her shirt was also literally falling apart

  79. ártemis.

    ártemis.ヶ月 前

    yeah the whole video its abt idols being professional but when we talk abt jennie you guys just comment hate. fck you all that agree with subtitle that she puted on that thing, funny that when it comes to her she treats her as if she were not human.

  80. AwesomeBoyPower4 Channel

    AwesomeBoyPower4 Channelヶ月 前

    BTB Meaning= BTS And Twice And BlackPink

  81. Allan M. Hanson

    Allan M. Hansonヶ月 前

    That clip form Jennie is from her “lazy Jennie” era. She wasn’t distracted, she was rebelling against YG, that’s was she was performing so poorly for a couple of months. Sadly, YG is still being a crap towards Blackpink. I hope with the CEO replacement thing for better. Remember how he spent all Blackpink’s money gambling in Las Vegas? That’s one of the reasons, that was after the Lazy Jennie era, but that just show what the girls have been suffering YG 😡 and we all know they have been a terrible label.

  82. Heiwa

    Heiwaヶ月 前

    isn't Sana the one who fell?

  83. Tiff Durbin

    Tiff Durbinヶ月 前

    so they usually lip sync? I’m not against it.

  84. hiyam sayid

    hiyam sayidヶ月 前

    oop it was actually sana who fell

  85. fake picasso

    fake picassoヶ月 前

    twice the queen of proffesional and not being distracted ;)

  86. DAHMIN Shippers FOREVEr

    DAHMIN Shippers FOREVErヶ月 前

    Dahyun not daehyun and sana is the one who fell in heart shaker

  87. ItzRaven ._.

    ItzRaven ._.ヶ月 前

    9:19 cute shy Jisoo💕🥰🥺 Blink😏 Rosé signalled the staff tho. It was smooth asf. 🥴😳 THAT'S OUT GIRL! 💖Professional 👏