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    You don't now enithing

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    Zira is the mother of kuvu

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    can you make the story of nuka pls

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    I love askari. Do who's vatani's parents

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    Uhhhhhhhhh ok

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    I would like it of Nala

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    i thought scar chose kovu cause he looks responsible and brave and he looks like scar's appearence

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    I will like to know nukas parents

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    Zira got what she wanted he became king

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    It could be possible that scar is the father and Nala the mom cause lionesses go for male lions with dark manes and they shar the same tested nala and scar have green eyes and scar has a dark coat she may have given kovu to Zira scar most likely tried to get a strong cud sines scar got a girl cub the first time and got nuka with zira.

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    Sara I,s

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    I have a question how did Vitani become the leader of the lion guard if Ciara already knew her brother Kion was the leader of the lion guard

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    Theory time! Nuka is Scar and Zira’s in my opinion. Scar wanted a new heir, and Zira was willing to fulfill his request. She mated with a lion named Roku, son of Chumvi (not from SNA) and Zara. Roku had heterochromia, one eye was green the other was blue. The two mated, creating 2 twins, Vitani and Kovu. Vitani was older, but Kovu was chosen as the heir due to his resemblence to the king and Scar not wanting a female heir. You may be wondering: What happened to Roku? I’ll answer for you. Zira tried to kill Roku, but he got away on time due to him being faster. He would fight back but he knew how strong a lioness could be. Eventually, Roku had a very long life and one day went to the Pridelands with his best friend, King Giza of the Grasslands. The two were both very old, Roku the older one. Kovu was the King, and the Lion Guard consisted of Kito (fiercest), Kiburi (strongest), Kutoka (bravest), Jicho (fastest) and Furaha (keenest of sight). Vitani and her guard went to the jungle to start their own pride with a lion named Bomani. Back to the part. The Lion Guard interacted with the older lions, asking who they were and why they were there. They explained they wanted to speak to the king, so King Kovu came, and seen his father who he’d never met before. Kiburi, an adolescent Lion who’s backstory I’ll explain another time recognized the mark on Giza’s head. The King of the Grasslands. It was his father. The two reunited, and Roku explained to Kovu who he was. Kovu let Roku into the pride and Kiburi continued to be the Prince of the Grasslands and Strongest in the Lion Guard. Roku eventually passed away a few months later.

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    He chose kovu becuse he look like him and like you say he look strong so many wil belive scar is kovu's fathere

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    I want a theory about askari the leader of the first lion guard

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    This popped up in my recommend as i was watching the movie

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    Kovu's mum is zira

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    I think scar and Zera must have killed covu parents and kidnapped covu when he was a baby not a cub

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    Zira killed kovu's parents

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    You made a mistake at 1:30 you nala instead of kiara

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    he looked likke a strog cub

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    I really wonder who his real parents are and I can’t wait to see this video!

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    Can you explain the life of kion

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    Can You Make a story of Nala?

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    I thing his parents are Ananda and Sahasi, until recently i thought the same that Kovus parents are Chumvi and Kula but i change my mind and think his parents are Ananda and Sahasi 😅❤️💕😂 This change my mind m.jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-pbS_z4vXwSs.html

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    I think that The outsiders killed his parents

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    Nu ka imean

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    Nu Kay’s parents are zira and Giza and vitani’s parents are asubuhi and terru

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    Uhhh: lion guard? Joking well honesty i dont know im just thinking about scar. Honesty hehehhehe

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    About Rani

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    hi who is nalal dad

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    scar told zira that nuka to be king but as you that zira is evil she told kovu to be king

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    Nukas story

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    I think because of his skin and mane

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    i think nuka is a loscer 😁


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    Please listen to my theory and it works better. You see Mtoto by hydracarina is kovu father and as for the mother it is zira. Mtoto is Scar and Naandas son. You will find it in the comic book decades of denial by hydracarina. Please accept it askari.

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    Who is sebi sebi

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    my theory: i think scar saw kovu and wanted him so zira killed kovu's parents but kovu was so little at the time to remember this and zira never told him the truth

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    I don't know why that's my theory

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    My Theory: I think that zira kidnapped kovu. And kovu think's that scar and zira trusted they were his real parent's.

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    I think Kovu is scars dad but not Ziras mother and was lied to because Simba wanted to kill him because he kinda looks like scar

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    Do Kula theories

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    I like your channel

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    They look alike kovuparents

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    Honeslty just tell us

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    My Theory:

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    They're making a Lion King 2 in 2022

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    Yes please

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    Well I think kovu is son of the tree of life because in the lion guard we don't see a king 👑 so maby it is possible that scar killed the king of the tree 🎄 of life and took kovu back to the pride lands has his heir

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    *theory zira sees kovu and zira comes in and prtends sje hasnt eaten or drinked water for years when mom comes near zira kills her and steals kovu

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    My theory is ‘ zira adopted a cub but it was a female and scar wanted a male cub so zira found a family of lions she then killed the cub and ran away the cub was named kopa

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    Chumvi and Kula are Kovu's parents and Tama and Tojo are Vitani's parents , but who are Nuka's parents they probably be Scar and Zira's but thanks to Scar's annoying , Zira had to find another cub that is not too skinny and not look ill so Zira found a pride led by Tama and Tojo and killed them and stole their daughter , Vitani but Scar wanted a son so Zira found a pride led by Chumvi and Kula and killed them and stole their son , Kovu and Scar finally choosed him to be his heir.

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    mother: unknown father: zazu



    I wish I could hear the story of nuka

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    Kovu isn't Scar's son as we know, but, I wonder where he gets those familiar green eyes from?

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    Wait if kuvu’s parents were in a tribe and Sira came and killed the parents and kidnapped kuvu fro the tribe

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    That is not true you dummy

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    Oh I get it now

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    Acuttly do it

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    zira killed kovus real parents and took kovu and those are his real pparents scar wanted her to mate with other lions to get a strong and what ever else it said cub then she saw kovu killed his parents and then stole him

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    my teory is that scar finds kovu end zira finds vitani

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    Make Lukas orgin

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    Kovu's parents are Mtoto and Zira

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    who is kovu's grandfather

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    maybe this happend kula was with kovu but zira killed kula and took kovu

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    Zura killed kovu's mom i saw zira's story

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    Nuka is halarious I like to see it a theory of it

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    Does Nuka have a story

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    Theory:kovu is not ziras son

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    I know that Zara is kovu,s mother but what about scar?

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    I just think that Kovu (and Nuka and Vitani) are all cubs of Zira and some random outsider who probably died

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    I think kovus real mother is the sister of zira and it's (kula)

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    I thought kovu is nala and scars child bc the final fight Victini said were your pretty daughter nala and kovu and victini are siblings

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    scar can never be kovu's father as he is too old to be zira's mate even if she was his mother.If that was true kovu and kiara would never be mates as kovu would almost be simba's age

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    I don’t agree Kovu and scar look alike they both have green eyes and same colour fur

  91. Milica Jovanović

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    Yes,but if Zira is Scar's mate,then she would be Simba's aunt so Kovu and Simba would be cousins. And Scar is old enough to be Zira's father and also Kovu and Kiara wouldn't be together because 1. Kovu would be Simba's age and 2. They would be related

  92. Cynthia Ogbonna

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    Nkem Ogbonna Chumvi & Nula could be his parents

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    Can you make a video of why did simba’s grandfather 👴 died

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    Bro zira and scar kids are kovu and nuka not vitnai

  95. Milica Jovanović

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    Nuka,Vitani and Kovu are all Zira's cubs by canon story and Scar is not their father,just an random lion,Scar was supposed to be Kovu's father but then Kiara and Kovu would be related so no.

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    Kovu is the son of scar

  97. Milica Jovanović

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    1. Then Kovu and Kiara would be related and 2. Scar is old enough to be Zira's father as she is around Simba's age (maybe just LITTLE BIT older.)

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    Next vedio you have to make who is the parents of Queen Rani and named it from my mean Aaisha

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    I mean first leader of the lion guard

  100. Alia Alsaad

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    Askai you are the details rst liongurd

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    kula and chumvi are related because of their eyes

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    I. Tink. Zira's. Sister. Is. Kovu

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    Who's scars mom and dad

  104. Milica Jovanović

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    There's not canon story,but most popular opinion (and it's in the books) is that it's Ahadi and Uru as Mufasa and Scar are brothers

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    I think kovu's mother is Kula because she loves food and I think it's not possible that kovu is far more fat to the outlanders

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    Zira sister

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    Who is kovo

  108. Milica Jovanović

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    If you watched The Lion King II,you know. He is son of Zira and mate of Simba's daughter Kiara